Oh wow! It's been a while. ^^' Too long I know and I'm sorry. A lot of stuff came up and yeah. So I didn't get to write a chapter for a long time. But I'm back! So for what I missed, Happy Christmas (or whatever you celibrate) And the New Year! Without further delay, for what you have been waiting for! Chapter 17! ~MissTreeCat

Kurloz did as he was told taking a 'day off', it wasn't the same with Kankri at work, he had no idea what to do. After taking a bath, cooking a meal, and cleaning the house three times over, he just laid in bed. What was he supposed to do? What to normal people do on a day off? He sighed for probably the twelfth time that day. He got up again, looking around, his eyes wandered to his closet.

Kurloz got up, crossing the room to the door. Sliding it open with ease, he stared down at a box marked 'Mituna'. It had been a while since he opened it, it had sat and collected dust for at least six months now. He stood there a moment, staring at it before reaching for it. He brushed the top layer of dust off.

"Kurloz are you home?" Kurloz's eyes snapped up at the voice that could only belong to Kankri Vantas.

The sound of keys and a bag being set down caused Kurloz to pull away from the closet. He made his way back out to the kitchen with a small smile, how late had it gotten?

"Ah, I thought you might have stepped out, the house looks spotless, did you have a day off?"

Kurloz nodded before taking a seat at the table. 'What time is it?' He signed.

"It is almost four thirty." Kankri loosened his tie and took a seat next to him.

Had time really gone by so fast? He nodded, 'I didn't notice.'

"Have you eaten yet? I could make you something before dinner."

'You look tired, rest, I'll make something.' Kurloz got up, walking to the cupboard to find something.

Kankri took his leave to his room, most likely to change and relax. Kurloz made a quick snack before going to Kankri's room, knocking at the door. "Come in." Was the only reply before he pushed open the door. Kankri was back in his sweater, much to Kurloz's disappointment, he liked the other clothes, it didn't drown Kankri in fabric. But he came in anyway, setting the plate on Kankri's side table.

"Thank you Kurloz." He smiled up at the taller man.

'It's alright. I still have the kitchen to clean so don't go out there.' With that, Kankri gave a nod and Kurloz walked back out and to the kitchen.

Kurloz didn't have much to do in the kitchen, just put the dishes away and mop the floor before he sat down, smiling to himself with an all but sparkling apartment. It really did look nicer like that anyway. A few minutes later, Kankri walked out of his room, apparently forgetting not to go to the kitchen, he stepped on the slick floor and let out a squeak, but within seconds, Kurloz caught him, of course he didn't count on Kankri reaching out and pulling him so they both fell. When Kurloz opened his eyes, he was surprised to see Kankri's face barely an inch from him. Quickly, he became highly aware just how close they were. They had both fallen on the floor, one of Kurloz's hands was on Kankri's shoulder, the other right next to the smaller's head.

Kurloz quickly scrambled to get up, not so easy due to the floor being wet and his cheeks burning making his hands shake. Kankri's eyes slowly opened as well and he looked up at Kurloz with slight embarrassment, and of course, with Kurloz moving so quickly away, that made Kankri's sweater slide up his stomach a bit, to which Kankri blushed and quickly slid it back down and sit up. And that wasn't the best idea either because when he sat up, their faces were once again an inch apart, neither man could move.

The two sat in silence, just staring at each other for a while, the tension building between them. Kurloz found himself leaning closer to Kankri, to which Kankri moved a bit closer as well. Just before their lips met, the door quickly swung open, "Yo my brothers what is-" Gamzee stood in the doorway, grin wide when he saw the two, making Kankri immediately hide his face in his hands and Kurloz shoot a small glare, "Oh Im interruptin' aren't I? Aiight carry on, no clow here to disturb. Don't make any messes you can't clean up." And the door shut, leaving the two in an awkward silence.