This is my first fanfic for Casualty, I loveee reading them so I thought I would try & write one!

It is set around 2 years after Nick left in 'Life Goes On'. [I don't own any characters etc.]

Nick Jordan stood looking up at the entrance sign 'Emergency Department'

"Some things never change" he thought.

All around him things were happening; ambulances were arriving, the entrance was bustling with people going in and out and then there was the worried look of the distressed relative pacing outside.

It had been 2 years since he had left, 2 years since he had been in Holby and 2 years since he had seen her..

It had been a long 2 years, he had been working in Michigan with Anton Meyer, things had been hard since Yvonne's death, they had had so little time together yet it seemed as though a lifetime had passed. He had been working on a clinical trial in Michigan, researching new and hopefully more effective ways to treat cancer, something he knew all too much about. They had made good progress in the research which gave Nick a huge sense of achievement but if anything, going to Michigan, being reunited with his old friend Meyer and the loss of Yvonne had made him realise... life is short. He missed Holby, yes it was full of too many memories but memories are precious and so are the people who make them, he missed the ED, his colleagues but most of all, he missed her.

He started to walk towards the entrance when suddenly the back doors of an ambulance swung open, he stopped in his tracks and listened, and sure enough the rapid 'clip clop' of heels walking towards the ambulance confirmed it. It was Zoe.

Hope it wasn't too bad! This is literally my 1st actual fanfic that I'm actually going to work on so any ideas on how to move on from now would be appreciated :)