A/N- This is my new story! Tada! IMPORTANT this story takes place in an alternate universe where Harry, Draco, Severus, Lucius, Remus, Bill, Rodolphus and Tom all live together in Riddle Manor, a large house bought with money honestly earned by Tom Riddle, a.k.a Lord Voldemort.

Harry and Draco are both submissives, and the house sluts. They both sleep with almost everyone else in the house. They do not sleep with each other, and because incest makes me squicky, Draco will never take part in any sexual activity with Lucius. End of. It is also a romantic story, so long as one can accept romance existing beyond the realms of your average two person couple. I would issue warnings, but if you are unaware of the connotations of being a submissive or a slut, you should probably have clicked back already. I am going to try to post everyday, no matter how much I write. Unless it is less than 1,000 words, then it will roll over to the next day.

Feel free to offer critique, but if you simply dislike the concept, or can't stand any of the kinks, read something else.

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Multiple Masters

Introductory chapter

Harry smoothed down a rigid crease in his leather shorts, that stubborn little flaw that appeared each and every time he donned the garment. This small piece of material was completely skin-tight, and yet one small centimeter of it always found a way to peak upwards like a miniature range of mountains.

It was so annoying. It would not lie flat, not without the aid of an ironing charm. Which Harry could not do. Ever. Growling in aggravation, Harry slapped his own thigh, then winced as his irritated action directly provoked a gash he'd forgotten adorned his upper thigh.

Lucius. Vicious bastard.

"Harry, are you ready for breakfast?" Draco called out from the hallway. He sounded nervous, which probably meant that someone was in a very bad mood. And Harry was making it worse by being late.

"Yes, Draco, just a minute."

He heard a tut as Draco entered the room to stand next to him. "Aequabis." The blond stated in a bored tone, watching as the crinkle vanished.

" You should just come find me when you get dressed. I think you just like making us both late." Draco grumbled, grabbing Harry's wrist to pull him from the room. Together, they jogged across three hallways, then nearly tripped down two flights of stairs before landing themselves at the entrance to the dining room.

Everybody else was already sat for breakfast. Rodolphus, Severus, Lucius, Remus and Bill filled the five normal dining chairs in the room, and Tom occupied the only other chair in the room, a comfortable one with ten little multi-colored, home-stitched cushions pilled upon it.

"Good morning." Draco stated clearly and politely, whilst Harry just grunted "mornin'" in the general direction of the occupants of the room.

They both waited until they had been greeted by everyone, standing completely still until each man had returned to his breakfast. Then, Harry rushed over to Rodolphus, and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

Rodolphus smiled brightly, and retuned the gesture, before scraping his chair back enough to pull the teenager onto his lap. Severus and Lucius glared darkly at the pair. Draco rolled his hips as he moved slowly towards the seat of Tom Riddle, smirking. The man growled before grabbing the blonde, forcing him to mirror the position of Harry and Rodolphus. When both leather-clad boys were settled, everything returned to normal, with their chosen men fixing them bowls of fruit and pancakes whilst the general conversation started up again, with Severus and Remus arguing over the importance of healing spells when one lived with a potions master.

It was dull, so Harry tuned out, automatically eating whenever food was offered up to his lips whilst he simply took in expressions on people's faces. He did it a lot, and it was from his morning's observations that he noticed many things about his housemates.

Remus kept shooting half-upset, half-resigned looks at Tom and Draco, and whenever he did, Bill would stroke his hand soothingly. That was surprising. Bill didn't seem even remotely annoyed that his partner's attention was focused entirely upon the young Slytherin. He himself looked a little depressed, though the cause of that was less obvious.

As for Severus and Lucius, both looked proud, though they both glared at Rodolphus unnecessarily often, and whilst Lucius studiously avoided eye contact with his scantily-clad son, Severus kept sending heated stares across the table.

This was normal for all of them. The mornings were always more hostile than any other part of the day, and Harry knew it was because him and Draco both chose someone to sit with, rather than the man choosing them, or simply being with one person at one time. Breakfast involved sitting like a family, and there was something very intimate about being fed early in the morning. Far more so than at any other meal of the day.

If they were slightly more fair, they would both split their attentions to close the rift in the group. Harry however, he had his favorite, as did Draco.

When all had finished, Harry and Draco, who hadn't served any of the food, nor helped in preparing it, cleared everything away, Harry scraping remaining food off of each plate for Draco to wash, and then collecting them all at the other end to dry and put away. They didn't possess house-elf magic, and the average four-year-old knew that using magic to pile very breakable objects into a confined space was a very bad idea. So they did it by hand. It was part of their routine, and Harry liked the companionship he had every morning with Draco, the only person in the same position as he was.

There was also the fact that the other boy was the only person in the house he hadn't slept with. The knowledge gave them both a sense of being on the same side, of being friends and only friends. They both had limited numbers of those.

Smiling to himself, Harry wrapped both arms around the Slytherin in a gentle hug, squeezing the boy gently before returning to drying the plates. Draco didn't respond, his arms being covered in soapy water, but he sent a slightly shy smile over his shoulder at the brunette, tossing his hair over one shoulder in embarrassment.

Draco was strange like that. Completely outrageous in bed, insulting to visitors, and proud like a Malfoy when family visited, and yet, when not in a clearly defined situation, he was very shy. Harry wondered if any of the men in their house had bothered to learn that.

Probably not.

Harry felt like he was being watched. Slowly, he turned around to see Severus, standing leaning against the doorway. His gaze was fixed firmly on Harry, who gulped. Severus only loitered if he wanted something, and it annoyed Lucius if that thing was Draco. Which meant it was him.

It was far too bloody early to deal with Severus Tobias Snape. Usually, he saw Rodolphus first, to get him started for the day.

Damned Severus Snape.

The man caught Harry's eyes and smirked, before strolling over to Draco. The man wrapped one arm around the blonde's torso, then lowered his hand to the edge of Draco's luminous pink leather shorts, his fingers skimming the line of fabric.

"Draco, darling, would you mind finishing the dishes on your own? I have a use for Harry." Then, without waiting for Draco to reply, he licked the boy's ear, then kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you. That's a good boy."

Draco frowned slightly at Harry, just a crease of his eyebrows, and it made Harry feel slightly guilty, despite knowing that Draco was fully aware he'd rather do dishes than start his morning with Severus.

The man was rough. Nowhere near as rough as a few of the others, but he also had the thickest prick of the lot. Not a factor the dark Slytherin could really change, but Harry's arse definitely felt it.

Harry walked up to Draco, and kissed his cheek in apology, the opposite side to where Severus' lips had previously been, then turned to follow the stern man from the room.

He only dragged them to the dining room, but Harry was surprised that Severus had thought to move at all.

"Strip." The deep voice ordered crisply, and Harry hastened to obey. He was wearing only a black collar along with the leather shorts, and there was no tease in that little clothing. Not really. Anticipation came from what was yet to come, and no more would follow the removal of the shorts.

He peeled the material off, his eyes locked on the older man.

"Where do you want me, Master?"

"Over the table. Now."

Harry leant over the dining table, kicking up his feet to lift himself higher, so the edge dug into his lower abdomen, putting his arse at what he'd judge Severus' waist level to be.

"Is this satisfactory?" He just couldn't resist asking, even though he knew what the result-


-would be.

The man's large hand slapped across one buttock, then the other. Hard. "Don't be cheeky."

"Yes, sir. Sorry sir." They both knew he wasn't.

Harry heard a zipper, and imagined the man pulling his thick cock from the confines of that dark robe. That image was always a turn on. The man have always been harsh and rough, but he was still attractive and skilled.

The Slytherin slapped his arse again, harder than last time, before pinching the center of the red patch that had spread across a large section of Harry's left buttock.

Harry groaned. Loudly. "You really are a slut, aren't you? Everything turns you on." Harry wriggled on the table, trying to get comfortable. Severus clearly took that as an invitation.

The Gryffindor felt the rounded end of the man's prick press against him, deceptively soft as it trailed down the crack of his arse to his puckered hole.

It held for a second, before the man thrust his hips forward. Hard. Harry screeched as the man entered him, and it was only partly in pain. It hurt. A lot. But pain wasn't something Harry's body seemed completely averse to. He hated that Severus thought it acceptable to enter him with no preparation, but his cock jumped at the sensations coursing through him.

Traitorous cock.

Severus pulled out almost all the way, just to slam back in, his pubic hair tickling the sore skin of Harry's buttocks.

His arse had been raw already. The man had punished him for being late to dinner the night before, and twenty strokes of a paddle was nothing to scoff at. Harry thrust back against Severus, knowing the man's slightly curved prick well enough to predict the correct angle. And, sure enough, the next thrust hit his prostate dead on, causing Harry to moan loudly.

The noises encouraged the Slytherin, as they always did. Severus moved harder, and faster, his thrusts causing pain to equal the sensation of Harry's prostate being pounded, his nails digging in to the boy's hips almost unbearably harshly.

It hurt, so much, and yet Harry was so close to coming.

" Come then, you little slut. I know you want to."

Harry bucked back against the man wildly, teetering on the edge of release before the man bit down on his neck. Hard. Harry could feel the blood slowly slipping down his neck to his did it. Harry screamed at the pleasure, and the pain, and the dizziness as he came with an enormous force, coating himself and the dining room table in his seed.

Severus emptied his load into the small body beneath him.

When Harry opened his eyes, Severus, for some bizarre reason, had hold of him, and they were both sat in 'Tom's chair'.

Wow, Harry, you must have looked spectacularly injured if he's holding you. Are you sure your arse is intact?

Severus was not a nice man. Harry saw how he treated other random shags. They left covered in insults and bruises, sometimes without being allowed to dress first. The only person Severus treated with respect was Lucius. Severus Snape certainly did not hold a submissive in the aftermath.

Harry pushed the man away and stumbled to his feet, scanning the room for his shorts, which he pulled on hurriedly.

Then, with a shy smile followed by a saucy wink –which he hoped would appease the man- Harry rushed from the room.