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Harry yawned widely as he stretched, his sleep-fogged brain taking a moment to process the grunt that came from his pillow as he moved. The Submissive blearily forced open his eyes, and then promptly apologized when he realized that his stretching must have disturbed Rodolphus, who had somehow managed to sleep with Harry's knee on his abs, and that mop of black hair pressing against his cheek.

"S'all right, Harte. I've grown used to your abuse."

"Abuse?! Seriously, Doll, I don't think a little elbow in the chest and knee in the abs constitutes as abuse."

"Tell that to my abs. They are seriously considering a lawsuit right now."

Giggling, Harry flopped off of Rodolphus and onto the mattress, then turned himself around to rest his chin on the man's stomach. From there, he leant forward, and pressed a kiss to the spot he had previously injured. "I'm deeply sorry, Rodolphus' abs. Please don't sue me." The Submissive talked in a serious, calm tone of voice, and the older man rumbled a laugh that caused his stomach muscles to flex, almost dislodging Harry.

Harry looked up. "If you're still unhappy, I have a great way to make it up to you." He winked.

Rodolphus nodded solemnly. "I was fine, but with an offer like that, I think I'm gonna pull a Malfoy. 'Oh, oh, I'm so hurt, Harte. Make it better!'"

Harry giggled, then began kissing his way downwards. He rubbed his cheek against the man's thick wiry dark hair, just brushing the man's erection as he moved. Rodolphus shifted, moving his hips slightly as Harry mapped his way across the man's flesh.

Harry licked the head of Rodolphus' prick, lapping lightly over the tip. Then, suddenly, his mouth engulfed the organ right down to the base, with his nose buried in the dark curls as he swallowed delicately around the man's prick.

"God, Harte!" Rodolphus' voice had raised an octave as Harry squeezed his balls, then bought his mouth back up the length to release the head with an audible pop. He tentatively tongued the man's slit, and listened carefully for the pitch of the man's moans. When the man issued a squeak of discomfort, Harry moved his tongue back to swallow the length down again, humming around the prick in his mouth as he felt Rodolphus begin to shudder.

Harry swallowed twice, and then Rodolphus was coming, shooting come straight down Harry's throat. The boy swallowed quickly, over and over again to keep up with the liquid filling his mouth and throat.

Rodolphus collapsed back, boneless, and Harry released the softening organ from his mouth, then crawled up to the end of the bed.

"Hey, Harte, where are you going?"

"Off to find Remus. Since you so inconsiderately just came, your usefulness has vanished for at least an hour." Harry grinned, his face teasing despite his serious tone.

"Fine. Be that way, slut. Go get some big werewolf cock." Rodolphus grumbled back, his own face showing the falseness of his voice of offence.

"I will. See you later, Doll." Harry kissed the man's cheek, then pulled on a pair of shorts and sauntered over to the door.

Rodolphus waved lazily, his eyes already drifting shut.


Harry moaned, sated at the feel of the werewolf's prick. Bill massaged Harry's lower back as the older of the three came, knowing it was a strain on the muscles to take a werewolf all the way through sex. Remus was thick normally, but as the years wore on and useful, possessive traits made their way through, he was very thick and quite long, and the length thickened when the man came; to stop anyone else from taking his partner once he was finished. Harry liked the burn, and knew better than to remove the older man's organ before the man wanted to. A possessive werewolf wasn't someone to brush off as soon as he was tired and sated.

And covered in come. Bill had come all over the submissive's chest as soon as the boy had screamed at the force on his prostate, and Harry's own come had spread across his stomach to overlap not long after.

He was thoroughly filthy, entwined with two very attractive men, and was loving the feel of the aftermath. But he didn't want to cuddle with the couple, it was too intimate, too domestic, too equal. And he wasn't a part of their loving, normal relationship. Harry forced himself to stay completely awake, waiting for Remus to pull out so he could escape.

He felt himself almost fading out, when the door opened with a bang, slamming back against the wall to snap back almost closed, the man standing in the doorway being the only thing to stop it from closing again.

Lucius stood there, his face contorted with a fury that none of the occupants of the bed could understand. His glare faced all three, but his staff was pointed at Harry, who was so trapped between the two men that he couldn't even turn to hide his face from Lucius' stare.

"Master?" He enquired warily, lowering his neck as far forward as he could as a sign of submission.

"Don't try that now, you little whore!" The staff came down on the back of Harry's neck , and the submissive cried out in pure pain as agony laced through his neck and down his back. He felt ashamed, though he didn't know why. He didn't think he'd done anything wrong.

"Yes, Master. I'm a pathetic little whore." Harry's tone was empty. He had known it would happen eventually, that his Master's would stop pretending to care. "I've always been a pathetic little whore, here for the Master's amusement and enjoyment. You may punish me as you see fit."

And Lucius did. He ripped Harry away from Remus, jolting the werewolf's cock out of his submissive's raw hole, and struck him across the face. Hard.

It wasn't too soon after, that the whole world went black.


Poppy Pomfrey had known that it was only a matter of time before Harry Potter was back in the wards. The D/S ward was normally full of bar-flies, Submissives who put their trust in strangers for the thrill of not knowing whether the Dominant deserved their trust. There were the regulars, a combination of Masochism boarding on the suicidal, and those Submissives who mistakenly believed that the actions of their Dominants proved that they loved them so much that they couldn't control themselves. Those were delusional.

But Harry was different. He had been there twelve times in total, and he didn't think any of his Master's had ever loved him. Nor was he suicidal. No, Harry was the most defeated Submissive that Poppy had ever seen. He was resigned to a life of being used, so much so that he refused the comfort or affection of his Dominants.

The condition he had arrived in was dreadful. Seven men had turned up in the ward, surrounding the boy's tiny frame. A shattered cheek-bone, spin damage, ruined tissues in the neck, a broken nose, two cracked ribs, anal damage both inside and out, and several bite and claw marks, the only ones she was definitely sure came from the werewolf of the group.

All seven men had stayed in the small room as Harry was treated, and they all stayed sat together on the spare bad in the room as the waited for the boy to awake. Three of the men looked rather guilty, and she fixed those with her most disapproving stare whenever one caught her eye. The blonde looked most guilty, and judging by the state of his knuckles and the scratches covering his own face and neck, she guessed that this man had been responsible for much of the damage. The sandy-haired man who was being held by a younger man who was most definitely a Weasley was clearly the werewolf, as Molly had told her before that her son was seeing a lycanthrope, and the man had a golden glint in his eye as he struggled to calm down.

The third guilty-looking man was sat slightly away from all of the others, as far as was possible on the crowded bed. His eyes were watery, and the occasional stray tear made its way down the man's sallow cheeks. He was hunched over, depressed, and his hands were shaking. There were no marks on the man, so Poppy was unsure whether he had been part of the scuffle or not. The guilty blonde had tried to hold him in the beginning, but the black-haired, pale man brushed him off quite seriously, and had pushed the man off with such force that he had almost unbalanced himself.

Seven of them, and the boy wasn't being looked after properly. She didn't understand how some of these people viewed their 'pets'. Sure, you smack a puppy on the nose to teach it right and wrong, but that didn't translate to a full beating on a pet Submissive. A spanking would surely be more equivocal.

She knew Harry was masochistic, but the wounds themselves were not of the sexual kind; whipping, flogging, wax-play, the superficial damage of knife-play, she was trained to notice those kinds of injuries, but there was no chance that this was a play session gone wrong. The wounds were wrong, and those that could have been play were too deep, the angles to far from those used in any session.

She cast a silencing charm over the submissive's bed, then looked over at the other one, and folded her arms disapprovingly.

"You all live together, is that correct." The men nodded in unison, and the eldest of the lot, who held a young blonde boy in his lap, murmured a polite 'yes ma'am'.

"So there are eight of you together. Six dominants?" She enquired lightly, not wanting offend the boy who was about the same age as Harry. From the way the boy was wearing leather shorts and a far too large shirt, she had assumed automatically that he belonged to the man who was holding him.

"Yes, ma'am."

"And how many submissives do you keep? Between all of you, that is."

"Just Draco and Harte." The dark-haired man answered. This one had reached across to hold Harry's hand, though it was quite a stretch from where he was sat. Poppy decided that she liked him the best, as he seemed more concerned with Harry's health than how the situation reflected on him as a dominant.

"Two, between six of you?" Her tone was surprised, and they all looked up at that.

"Well, it's more like one between five. Draco belongs to me. He pleasures the other occupants using only his mouth and hands if they desire his company at all. I allow them to punish him if they want, and allow him to climax if they think he deserves it, but none of the other's all allowed to penetrate him. And, of course, Lucius never touches him. As Severus and Lucius are in a relationship, Severus rarely does either. So All five of them have Harry."

Poppy assumed from the resemblance that the guilty blonde was Lucius, then looked over the others. Five, healthy men, none over the age of forty-five, all Dominating one boy? It was a wonder he was able to function normally, if she were to assume all of them had an average sexual appetite.

"I would say you need to consider acquiring at least one more submissive for balance, but clearly, you are all incapable of looking after the ones you've got. Does Safe, Sane and consensual ring a bell? Clearly, this wasn't play, but whichever of you were involved in this incident was clearly working on failed mental faculties. If you keep a 24 hour sex-slave, they are under your care at all times. Do any of you understand that?"

Two of the guilty turned sheepish, but the other, the dark-haired man, just looked sad.

"That's what this was about. I'm not making excuses for Remus or Lucius, or their behavior, because quite frankly, I'm disgusted. Lucius went to find Harry because I told him I was unhappy with the current arrangement. Harry belongs to Lucius and I, and yet we don't even know where he sleeps. He won't let me hold him, he won't cuddle, he won't allow me to pet him, or even feed him unless Rodolphus refuses to do so. He gets those things from other people, but he won't accept it from his Masters. I was upset, and it made Lucius angry, and he found Harry cuddled up with Bill and Remus, and it span out of control."

"Out of control. Yes, that is most definitely an issue, boys. Dominants are supposed to be in control. You are all supposed to tell right from wrong, and know when you need to call a time out."

She shook her head, and finally breathed in some air.

"Have you all been trained properly?"

Rodolphus and Tom nodded immediately. "Myself and Rodolphus took the full two-year live-in at Hogwarts castle. Remus took the one year in control; due to his werewolf nature and the way his mind processes control and possessiveness, they didn't think he'd want or need the second year. Severus and Lucius only have basic toy training, on whips, bondage and sadomasochism. Bill has no training at all, but he tends to be a voyeur for Remus and whichever submissive he's with."

"And you all think you live in a healthy, safe, caring environment?" The woman shook her head.

"When Harry wakes up, he can decide whether he wants to stay with his current Masters or not. If he does, you have a very forgiving and possibly foolish Submissive. If that is the case, every last one of you will be sent to Hogwarts for the remedial course in Dominance and Submission. If Harry chooses to leave your home- and it is quite understandable if he does- then you will be forced to stay away from Harry unless he contacts one of you first. Is that understood?"

They all nodded meekly, feeling two inches tall in front of the angry giant.


Harry woke up, and ten minutes later, Tom was handed eight sets of forms for Hogwarts.

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