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Bill and Remus were away from the group far longer than Rodolphus had been. They were gone so long that they almost missed the coming of the apocalypse. Well, almost missed a spectacular argument.

They had all greeted Hermione with such enthusiasm, and the whole atmosphere had clearly relaxed with her arrival. The tension in the room had diffused completely, and the group had accepted the new submissive with the same happiness and excitability that any other family would have.

But the second Rodolphus and Hermione had sat down, Severus had shot up to pull Harry back into his arms. Harry pushed back.

"Harry, sit with me. Now."

"No." The brunette pouted stubbornly, digging his feet into the carpet as if it would keep him glued to where he stood.

"Harry, do as you're told. Sit down now." Severus ground his teeth together, glaring.

Harry did, sitting back on the corner of the chair with his eyes fixed sullenly on the wall opposite him.

"You know that wasn't what I meant, Harry." The tall man wrapped both arms around his submissive's shoulders, though he didn't try to actually move him. Harry slumped forward, his posture defeated, not relaxed.

"Yes, I know, Master. I'm sorry."

Harry slid onto the carpet, then crawled forward to pillow his head in Severus' lap, rubbing his cheek against his Dominant's crotch.

He came into contact with a very minor bulge; the man was completely flaccid, and most of the lump was the zipper on his trousers.

Can't even arouse Master anymore…

Harry blinked up at Severus, bewildered. Why did Master Severus want him there if he wasn't hard?

"No, Harry. Silly sub, I actually wanted you to cuddle with me and luc."

"Why?" Harry was even more confused. Before, Severus holding him had been retaliation, proving that he could behave just the same as Amycus. There were far less people in the room now, and most of the dominants had gone to either drink, to look at the available subs, or simply moved into the great hall, where dinner was to be served in about an hour. The small pairs and groups left didn't seem to be interested in their family at all.

They had sat together for a sufficiently long time to prove a point, and beyond that, there was little point in snuggling like honeymooners.

"Because we're here to work on our relationship, so that is what we are going to do. And working on you being comfortable with normal physical intimacies is a step in the right direction."

Harry lifted his chin smoothly, one eyebrow raised to punctuate his next remark. "I think we both know that I'm well acquainted with physical intimacy, Master Severus."

Severus' eyebrow mirrored his pets. "Oh really, Mr Potter? The way I see it pet, you are well acquainted with fucking any man in sight. I fail to see how that constitutes as physical intimacy."

Severus watched as his pet's eyes became impossibly wide, the green color shining as Harry fixed the man with a watery stare.

"You mean that you didn't want me to pleasure Master Rodolphus, or Master Remus or-"

He was cut off by Severus' enraged snarl.

"No I did not! Who on earth would want a submissive who treats the home he was offered as a brothel? You were not meant to be a whore! No man would want something belonging to them-for their use - to be used more by everyone else!"

"I thought, I, I, I thought I was following your orders." Harry stuttered out. With a sniff, he turned and ran.

"Severus Tobias Snape! How dare you treat Harry like that! It's ridiculous being with you, Severus. You just don't think. You act upset when Harry does as told, you get properly angry if he dares question an order and you have not an ounce of patience! Everything is either acceptance or punishment with you! One step forward and five back, in the space of an afternoon!" Lucius loudly reprimanded his partner.

"Oh do shut up, Lucius. No need to play the nice Dominant; I know you hate it too."

"You forget that that was what he did from the second his entered our house! He's used to his behaviors now, and as far as he can see, we never had a problem with it before. In fact, there were times where we actively encouraged his seeking attentions elsewhere." Lucius frowned at his own mentioning of their failure.

Severus stared, his face frozen. Before he had even come to his senses, Draco shot up from his place in Tom's lap, a scowl firmly etched onto his sharp features.

"Master Severus, how could you? You just told Harry that he can't do his job properly! You insulted him, and shouted at him in front of strangers, and made him feel useless. He's already got suspected sub-burnout, and you go and upset him! I would be without any sense of purpose if Master Tom said that to me!" Severus looked at his lover and his lover's son, then turned and stalked from the room, slamming the heavy wooden door behind him.

The angry blonde turned to his Master, who had a proud look in his eye as he looked at his small submissive. "Master, may I go and find Harry?"

Tom nodded. "Off you go, sweetie. Give Harry a good cuddle, okay? He'll need a hug."

Draco smiled. "Of course, Master."

He turned to Hermione, the only other submissive in the room. "Would you like to come with me? You are a part of the family, so I think you should be included right from the start." He gave her a surprisingly innocent smile. He smiled back, and offered his elbow to her in a formal gesture.

The brunette turned to her new Master, her eyes gazing questioningly at the Dominant.

"Sure thing, honey. Give Harry a hug from me, would you?" Rodolphus looked understandably concerned about the nineteen-year-old Submissive. His new pet stepped up onto her tiptoes, and she pressed a light kiss on his stubbly jaw.

Then, Hermione placed one dainty hand in the crook of Draco's elbow, and the two moved to the door that Harry had exited through.

The second they were through the door, the Dominants heard noise that sounded a lot like two people running.


Hermione and Draco didn't have a hope in hell of finding Harry, because the boy did not want to be found. The Raven Submissive had heard the other two coming, and having panicked, had ducked into a dark, cold alcove until the noise died down.

They had both ran directly past him, without even appearing the notice the little dip in the wall.

The space was cold, but compact, and it warmed a little from the boy's body heat. Harry slid down the wall to sit on the ground, his arms around his knees. It was oddly comforting. He felt boxed in and away from everyone, but with an exit should he need to run. He leant against the wall, closed his eyes, and tried to blend in with the stone behind him.

Severus Snape had stormed off through several corridors before he realized that he actually had no desire to wander around unfamiliar territory on his own. He wanted to find Harry.

The man had far too much pride to walk back through the comfortable room in which the introductions had been made, so he walked back past the room, and walked around the long entry hall until he could see into the room from where Harry must have left. He carried on forward, looking for noticeable marks, objects or paintings to help him find his way back, lest he get lost.

Stalking down the dark hallway as he was, his careful observing was the only reason that he was able to find his young Submissive at all.

He had noted down the alcove, the third along the large stretch of hallway, and was about to continue onward, when Harry's crisp white shirt stood out in the dark. The dim candle in the small square hole above the alcove provided very little light, but it was enough to bring out all the white that was there; Harry's skin and his too-white new shirt.

He crept very quietly towards the small space, noting that due to Harry's closed eyes, the young man had yet to notice his Master's presence. Harry always looked young with his eyes closed, and this moment was no exception.

The difference was the emotions shaping his young features. Normally, he was relaxed, either lethargic after sex, deep in his serving sub-space, or fast asleep. Leant against the dirty ancient wall, he was none of those things.

His face was creased up in pain, the different aspects of his facial structure screaming the emotion now he thought there was no-one there to see.

Severus knelt down in front of his boy, and lightly tapped Harry's shoulder. The way the Submissive jumped at the touch would ordinarily have made the man force back a smile. This time, it just upset him further.


Harry's head snapped up, stopping a mere millimeter from banging against the wall.

"Master." The boy acknowledged, flinching back into himself, curling into a 'C' shape. "I'm sorry Master."

Severus wondered why on earth he had ever liked hearing his Pet apologizing. Or begging. Now it just seemed sad.

"You shouldn't be. You haven't done anything, Harry."

Harry just looked at him blankly.

Severus sat back on his heels, trying to ignore the dirt he was practically sitting in.

"What do you want, Harry? What would make you feel better?"

Harry stared at his Master. Oh, there were plenty of things he wanted, but none he thought he would get. Something that would make him feel better –at least temporarily- would have to suffice.

"I want to feel useful, Master. I want something to do." He looked up shyly, locking eyes with the dark-haired, pale Master. "Do you even still want me?" He blurted without thinking.


"Oh! Oh fuck, Master, that's so good!" A male voice moaned loudly. It was followed immediately by what seemed like a choir of aroused boys, all moaning and panting in overlapping exclamations.

"You like that Pet?" A deep voice growled, and ten men followed, addressing their Pets.

"Oh God yes! You are amazing!"

"You like that dick, Baby? Can you feel how much I want you?"

"You have me. Oh, harder!"

Remus turned to Bill. "That sounds an awful lot like Harry."

"Yeah. I'd recognize that noise anywhere. Do you think he's being fucked, or just enticing someone to come play?"

"I'd say that's Severus. He's quite vocal you know. Not much of a groaner, but definitely a talker."

Bill looked at his lover. "You've slept with Snape?"

Remus chuckled lightly and shook his head. "No, sweetheart. Werewolf hearing, remember?"

Bill nodded.

They walked along to where the sounds were emanating from at a leisurely pace, both rather liking the prospect of seeing Severus Snape with his trousers down.

They reached the couple rather quickly. Harry was facing a wall, literally as his head actually touched the stone, with one hand on the rough surface to brace himself, and the other behind him, wrapped around his Master's arse in a bid to push the man deeper inside him.

Severus was thrusting in at a rather slow pace, making his young partner squirm in frustration as he was pushed to the edge, but unable to climax.

The Dominant had one arm around Harry's slim hips, his hand stroking the Submissive's cock whilst the weight on the boy's hipbone helped to balance the man doing the fucking.

The people in the hallway watched as the speed and tempo increased, right up to when the couple both came.

Eventually, both the Dominant and his Pet collapsed on the hard floor.

"Well well, starting shows already? You've been a bit remiss Severus, it is customary to introduce your Pet to the audience before you screw him into the wall." Bill chided in mock-seriousness.

"Weasley." Severus grumbled. Both him and Harry looked up at the people gathered in the hallway.

Bill and Remus were there, accompanied by a tall, thin girl in a lacy Lolita dress, accented by chunky heeled shoes, odd socks, and a yellow whip.

Severus frowned at the object in confusion.

"Oh, are you looking at my whip? Unusual color, isn't it?" Severus nodded mutely, though the girl continued as if he hadn't moved a muscle. "It's safer than black. The yellow coloring scares away the odiosas creaturae that make the wounds get infected and leak pus."

"Oh. That's good." Harry responded, smiling lightly at the girl. She studied the boy on the floor, looking for any signs of mockery. When she found none, she smiled, and offered her hand to pull Harry off of the floor. He accepted happily, his lethargic body grateful for the surprising strength in the slender girl's arms.

"I'm Luna, it's nice to meet you. You moan really rather sexily, by the way." Harry glanced at Severus, who gave him a minute nod.

"Urm, thank you? I'm Harry. It's nice to meet you, too."


She offered her hand to help Severus up too, smiling brightly at the man who eyed her with entire distrust and confusion.

It was this motion that alerted Harry to a long strip of leather connecting to Luna's wrist. It reached behind her, at just over her hip level the entire time, and when Harry's eyes followed the length of the cord, they met another, shy pair.

There was a boy on the end of the lead, the leather wrapped all of the way around his waist, and he was shifting somewhat uncomfortably, as if looking for someone to hide. The boy had a rather round face, but an athletic body of a build rather noticeable despite his knitted woolen jumper.

Harry smiled reassuringly at the boy, and the boy smiled back, albeit a little hesitantly.

"Hello." Harry said softly to the rather obviously Submissive teenager.

"Hi. I'm Neville. Neville Longbottom."

"It's nice to meet you, Neville."

"You too, Harry."

"Lupin, I know you find basic thought a challenge, but weren't you told that you were to pick a Submissive? Unless that leash is careful transfiguration to hide the fact that these two are conjoined twins- and therefore cannot be separated- you have come back with double the number of Submissives you were supposed to." Severus looked between the group of four, noting the satisfied smirk on the Weasley's face.

"Actually, we only have one Submissive."

Severus snorted, and Bill's smirk grew into a full-blown grin. "Are you delusional, Weasley. I can see two new people, a Male and a Female."

"So can the rest of us, Severus." Bill gestured between the two people.

"Do explain, Weasley."

"This is Neville. He is indeed a Submissive, and an utterly adorable one at that. And Remus thinks he smells a bit like Harry, but that is neither here nor there." He looked at his blonde companion. "And this is Luna. She is a switch."

Harry nodded in immediate acceptance, but Severus still frowned.

"Her and Neville came here as a couple. Luna needs a Dominant, but Neville doesn't wish to fulfill that role even in a hour's play. Natural sex-slave, that boy is. Nothing would make him change. Luna has Neville as her slave, but also needs to be someone's pet. So me and Remus picked up a two-in-one deal."

"Oh, right."

"Of course, we're going to have to train them separately while we're here in order to attend all of the necessary courses. Remy is going to look after Neville, and I'm going to be guiding blondie here in the art of Submission." Bill grinned.

"I wouldn't call her blondie, Bill. Draco may feel threatened that there's a new hot blonde in the house."

Bill laughed. A deep long chuckle. Harry noted the way that Luna's arms broke out in goosebumps. Interesting.

Severus placed his arm on Harry's waist, presenting them as a couple to the new additions; after what they had seen, it was hardly necessary, and the motion made Harry feel sick to his stomach.

A couple .Oh, really. That was incorrect in more ways than one.


When the group found their way back to Tom, it was time for dinner. Everyone else was sat at one of the long tables, waiting for the food to appear.

Hermione and Draco weren't there; they were still searching for Harry.

They approached Tom, who appeared to be murmuring to a concerned Lucius, one arm on the other Dominant's shoulder.

He looked up when the group were a mere three strides away, a look of relief on his face.

"Oh, Harry. It's good to see you, honey. Did you run into Draco and Hermione?" Tom asked as Lucius rose to give both his lover and his pet a hug.

"No, Master Tom. Why?"

"They went to look for you."

Harry looked down at the floor. "Oh. Do you think I should go find them?"

"No, that will just get everyone more lost, and it's time for dinner. It's no matter, I have a tracking and summoning charm on the boy. It's a precaution, in case he decides to…wander off."

"Okay." Harry nodded, though both Severus and Lucius gave the older Dominant a look of confusion.

Tom shook himself lightly, then raised one hand to his ear and concentrated. A moment later, his eyes blinked twice rapidly, and he smiled at the newcomers.

"Now, that's sorted, why don't you introduce me to these two gorgeous honeys?" Tom smirked at Luna.

Remus stepped forward, taking the girl's elbow in his hand. "This darling is Luna, and the hottie there is Neville, her boyfriend."

Tom ran assessing eyes over the couple, then nodded as if it all made sense.

"Okay then. Welcome, you two. I'm Tom, the head of this group, as I'm sure you've already heard. I swear it's not normally this hectic."

"That's quite okay, Mr Tom. I can feel lots of red fuzzies making everyone's tempers short. They feed on your patience, you know." Luna smiled, swaying lightly on her feet.

"Oh, okay then. That sounds plausible."

"No it doesn't. That's because it's true. All facts seem strange at first, you know."

Tom nodded. He liked this girl, even if she was a bit weird.

"Okay guys, we'll head in to eat in a minute. Normally, you will eat off of your Dominant's plate, but I guess you four can find an arrangement that suits all of you, okay?"

They nodded happily, separating out to stand in the two pre-organized pairs.

Draco and Hermione took that moment to show up, both red-faced from running, their clothing slightly rumpled and Hermione's tights laddered.

Rodolphus laughed at his new Pet. "Oh sweetie, if Draco weren't so gay, I'd have thought that you'd gone for a quickie."

She pouted in response, but her eyes bellied her own amusement as they all headed into the hall.

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