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Severus eyed the room with complete and utter distaste. There wasn't any 'equipment' out, not even a naughty book. It was like being at an actual school again, and it certainly hadn't been like that on the toys course. There were desks in pairs, with boards and board pens in front of every chair. Surprisingly, Amycus was sat at the large desk at the front, facing out into the room.

Severus had assumed that they'd all be getting the verbal lashing from Alecto, not her milder, softer brother. Lucius touched Severus' shoulder lightly, questioning. With a shrug, Severus walked into the room, his lover following behind, and together they sat at the nearest available pair of desks.

There were three other Dominants already present, and they all sat in complete silence as they waited for the rest to arrive. Which happened rather rapidly, as none wanted to be the last into the room.

When Rodolphus came in, he sat next to Severus, on the desk to the left, looking thoroughly chastised. Severus frowned at him, and Rodolphus looked back before he picked up his pen and wipe-board, and wrote something down.

I've gotten a warning. Apparently 'Mione was abusing a loophole in their instructions, and I should have known better than to allow her to exploit it. She got a warning too, but their primarily blaming me.

Severus rolled his eyes, but still looked confused. What could possibly have happened between them that was her action, but his fault? Rodolphus wiped off the board with the sleeve of his black leather jacket.

B. J.

He held up the board with only those two letters written (in rather huge handwriting), and Severus choked back a laugh.

"Mr Lestrange, I suggest you stop playing with that board immediately." Amycus stated absently as he crossed his ankles on top of his desk. Rodolphus flushed lightly and cleared the board off again, this time placing it as far away from himself as was possible.

Tom rolled his eyes and placed it on top of his own. Amycus nodded at Tom, then clapped twice.

"Good morning, everyone. As you are my remedial group, there are no toys for you to play with. As some of you may already know, you will start this particular course by doing a little… relationship… analysis, if you all accept that term will cover it. And yes, that does mean that certain parts of your relationships will be under scrutiny. You had all better prepare yourselves for confession."

Lucius spotted two men in pink shirt copying down everything Amycus and snorted.

"Is something amusing you, Mr Malfoy?"

Lucius smiled. "Why yes, there is, but it's not really relevant."

"Then I advise you stay entirely silent, and keep it to yourself."

Lucius nodded mock seriously. Amycus glared and turned slightly to face a different portion of the 'class'.

"First of all, I want each of you to write one word on your boards. Any one word that you think best describes your current relationship with your submissive. Or submissives, if you have more than one."

Severus and Lucius looked at each other. One word? Almost everyone else had started writing, and even Rodolphus had managed to scrawl the word new onto his board.

"When you are finished, hold your boards up so I can see them."

It was like being at primary school. Severus glanced around like a small child, telling himself that peeking wasn't really cheating. The two men in the pink shirts had held up their boards, both stating the word PERFECT in block capitals.

Severus snorted, and Lucius gave a refined sniff.

"Really, Perfect? If your relationships were perfect, then why would you be here?" He drawled, swinging his blonde hair over one shoulder.

"We signed up to every class. Me and Mark-" here the stouter of the two nodded to the man next to him "- met at an agency, but we really think things will work. So long as we are prepared for any situation."

Severus growled. "This class is for people with problems, not vanilla swats. I bet you two are planning to buy a little pet dog, which you can walk together in the evenings. You probably even take it turns on a day by day plan saying who the bitch is."

The guy stood his ground. His chin stuck out defiantly, he smiled smugly. "Yes, actually. Because it works. If you're here because you've got problems, don't you think it best to listen to those who don't?"

"No. Because that would never work in the long run. For god's sake, that's not a dynamic that any of us would ever live with. If you just want to play little games together, get a 'Beginner's Safety Set' from the adult section at the back of Zonko's."

"That is quite enough Mr Snape. You and Mr Malfoy have just earned yourselves a warning apiece. As I understand it, that will be your second, wouldn't it, Mr Snape?"


"Then advise you behave in a slightly more accepting manner for the remainder of your stay."

Severus nodded.

"Both of you, think of a word. Now."

"Mr Malfoy, what is your word?"

Lucius jumped slightly. "Oh, urm… detrimental."

Amycus bit his lip, frowning. "And you, Mr Snape?"

"Non-existent." He murmured.

Amycus nodded, his expression softening.

"I think you'll find that you're not the only one to have thought that, Mr Snape."

Indeed, two others had written that same one word, and several Dominants had indicated the lack of communication between themselves and their partner.

"Okay, I think we've established that there is something wrong with your relationships at this point. Now, we have to work out why."

He walked over to the large chalkboard at the front.

"Now, this exercise is very, very simple. Just think of the term of …endearment-" Amycus' tone suggested the opposite of the actual word, "-that you call your submissive the most. And I don't mean during a session."

"You." He pointed at a Dominatrix is a leather corset. She shrugged in a very masculine motion. "Usually Sweet, if we're not playing."

"Is your submissive male or female?" Amycus enquired lightly.

"Female, but I don't see how that's any of your business."

"Don't be insolent, Miss Andrews."

"Next along. Basically, go along each desk then back, then down the next line until you've all answered." The teacher instructed, writing the word 'Sweet' in white chalk.

"Baby. But only because he hates it."




"Goddess." Severus and Lucius looked at Tom in surprise. Really?




"Slut." Severus stated quietly.

"Whore." Lucius followed afterwards.




The rest were variations of what had already been said, and there was a clear divide between the slightly less aggressive people (who happened to have given the more appropriate answers) and those who knew that their response was probably going to be picked up on.

"Right. It is very obvious that some of you are either very nasty, or simply cannot distinguish between play and what it not."

"But it's never play." The man who'd said 'cock-tease' piped up. "My girl's my slave 24/7, and that's what we both agreed when we entered into the contract. She needs to be told what to do at all times; she's shy and socially awkward and doesn't feel comfortable with any sort of responsibility or choice that would be given if we were only playing."

"That sounds idyllic rather than safe, Mr Dickinson. You can have a permanent lifestyle without removing any sorts of discussions. You can control her in everyday life, but that should have no impact on how you would wish to treat her. And she obviously needs to be able to talk to you, in case something happens that she doesn't want."

The man nodded, looking slightly guilty. Amycus continued anyway.

"I doubt there was any sort of clause indicating that you do whatever you wish, and call her anything you like. If there was, then you've both been very foolish. If you're in a relationship where the Dominant has absolute control, then the limits need to be hashed out in huge amounts of detail. Most people wouldn't choose to drop any safe-words and hand over all control unless they'd already been in a length, trusting relationship with the person." He glared at the man. "And I'm sure you can differentiate between what's always erotic, what sometimes can be, and what's just offensive."

"She likes it."

"But not all of the time, I bet."

The man finally gave up, and looked down at his desk in shame.

"Every Submissive will eventually tire of any sort of dirty name, should it be used too often. I suggest you all try out different pet names, and see if any suit your particular Submissive."


Leaving the room, they all felt thoroughly told off. Remus and Bill both groaned, leaning against each other as they dragged themselves with the other Dominants off towards the hall.

"Urgh." Remus stated loudly.

"Urgh is not a word, Remus." Tom commented idly. "What is 'urgh' anyway?"

"Me and Bill both have to 'teach' Luna now; she won't believe that we just got told off for an hour."

"Oh. Have fun, then."


The submissives had been given the task of listing the things that their Master(s) most liked them to do, and after half an hour of sitting in a corner with some new Submissives, he realised that every single Submissive with his level of experience knew what to say.

Alecto seemed to instantly dislike him, ignoring him entirely even as she moved around to help those who didn't know to get their thoughts on track.

He was thoroughly morose, sitting in his corner, all of the way through those activities.

She ended the lesson after only forty-five minutes, saying that they had a chance in the time gap to, if they wished, prepare something for their Master's that they thought he or she would like.

Harry prepared to follow through the door after a slightly put-out Hermione when Alecto's sharp voice hit him.

"Not you, Mr Potter. As you so clearly gained nothing from today's class, you will stay behind until you can successfully carry out your part of the lesson."

With a sigh, Harry sat down at the desk Alecto pointed at, trying to look her in the eye and failing miserably.

"Why did you not answer the questions? They were not particularly difficult ones. Unless my source was incorrect, you've been a part of this lifestyle for years, not days like some of the others in this class. They are here because their first choice in partner was obviously entirely unwise. You are here with your Dominants as a family group. This class should not have been a taxing one."

She stood up straight, her heel clicking against the ground along with her whip, and glared at Harry.

"Due to this, I am left with only one conclusion. You did not participate in this class because you think that you are above it. The Great Harry Potter, queen of the Subs, seems to think that he knows all the answers. Well, Mr Potter. You are not leaving until you share them."

Harry looked up to see the woman's eyes shooting daggers at him. She was so, so angry, and he hadn't even done anything.

The small Submissive was completely overwhelmed. First being ignored, then Severus wanting sex, then being cuddled, and now being yelled at by an angry woman for being incompetent. It was too much. Harry stared at the dirty floor, sniffling. He was determined not to cry, and was actually succeeding. Mostly.

"Don't sniffle at me, Boy." Alecto ordered, but her tone was slightly gentler than before.


"Come on, talk to me. I think we both want to be out of here sometime today."

"I don't know how to answer your questions." Harry answered pathetically.

She sighed loudly.

"What usually happens between you and your Dominants, on a typical day?"

"Urm, I wake up, get dressed. Me and Draco go find the Master's for breakfast. Usually Rodolphus feeds me, because he's nice and I like him, and he knows how to feed me properly, and then I usually get Doll to shag me before I go find Master Severus and Master Lucius. When they're finished with me I entertain myself until dinner, and we all hang out in the evening. Usually I sleep with Rodolphus at night –he's really warm and cuddly- but I suppose I'm not allowed to do that anymore-"

"Stop." Alecto held her hand out upright in front of Harry's face.

"It sounds to me that you're only intimate with a man who isn't one of your Masters, and you behave like a sex toy rather than a Submissive. Is there anything you do just because you think it will please your Masters?"

Harry shook his head. "Other than making sure that I don't come near them when they're working? No."

"You really don't know? There's your problem then. You cannot expect them to take care of you, if you do not make the effort to look after them."

Harry sniffled slightly louder. He was a bad pet. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do anything wrong."

"I know you didn't, Harry. But effort makes up for incompetence most of the time. You need to make any problems known, or you just seem to be acting impertinent.

"Yes, Mistress Alecto."

She nodded, then flicked her hand in the direction of the door. "Out, now."

Harry scampered out.

He met up with the group in the large hall, and was surprised to be immediately picked up by Lucius, who gently snuggled the boy between himself and Severus. "Alright, Pet? Why are you late?" His tone was light rather than accusatory, but Harry still hung his head.

"Alecto thought I wasn't trying. I was, honestly! I just didn't know what to do."

"That's alright, Pet. Just try and do your best."

"Pet?" Harry asked, so quiet that Lucius only just heard him.

"It's an improvement on what we usually call you, is it not?"

Harry smiled brightly. "Yes, Master."

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