Jack sat alone inside his cold, icy room that was on the left side of North's palace; unresided until now. With his staff, Jack drew lazy fern-like displays of frost on one of the walls. For three months now, the only secenery that Jack has seen is the palace, and the one around the North Pole. It was too hot for him to go anywhere else, with it being the middle of summer. The thing Jack missed the most was human interaction, and he found himself wondering how he managed to go three hundred years without a single soul seeing him..

Suddenly there was a knock on his door, the sound bouncing off the icy walls, "Come in." Jack said, and put his staff down. The door opened, and North stood there in the doorway with a look of amazment on his face.

"Jack.. What did you do to the room?" North asked. Everything, save for the bed, was coated in ice and snow. The tempature in the room had to be that of it outside.

Jack chuckled and shrugged, "I like it better this way."

North sighed, and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger, "Anyway, " North put his hand down, trying to forget about the room being completely covered in cold, "This came in the mail for you."

Jack looked taken aback, "For me?"

"I was surprised too. It's from Burgess, Penslyvannia."

Jack's face lit up. He ran up to North and ripped it from his hands, "It has to be Jamie!"

North laughed, "That kid.."

Jack opened the envelpoe and took out the page of paper, cruely torn from a notebook. North stoof on his tip toes, trying to read the letter. Jack noticed North and drew the letter away, laughing. He stepped farther into his room, "It says, 'Dear Jack, It's Jamie Bennett! It's summer, and I miss you and you're snow.. I've heard that it snows sometimes in the summer! Do you think you could make that happen here?! Okay, well I gotta go! Love, Jamie."

"No." North said before Jack barely had time to take the note away from his face.

"No what?" Jack asked, smirking.

"You're not going to Penslyvannia in the middle of the summer! It'd be hell for you!" North said, crossing his arms.

Jack pouted like a little kid, "I'll only be there for a minute, North.."


"I'll be fine!"


"Fine." Jack crossed his arms and turned around, facing the wall instead of North.

North's eyes widened. It wasn't like Jack to just give up on something like this. Maybe he finally realized that he would never win! Usually the two would aruge for hours over something like this, "Really?"


North chuckled and laughed, "Glad you see it my way, Jack." And witht hat, he left, closing the door behind him.

Jack turned back around, and grabbed his staff, "Like hell I'm staying here." Jack snorted, and walked over to his window. When he threw it open, he stood there for a while letting the cold, snow filled wind hit his face. It would be the last cold air he felt in a while... Jack jumped out the window, letting the wind catch him, "Wind! Take me to Jamie's!"

-Two Hours Later-

Jack had finallly reached Burgess, and he was already feeling the effects of the heat. His snowy white hair stuck to his forehead with sweat, and every breath felt like a wheeze. The sun was really attracted to his dark blue sweatshirt, melting all the frost from it. Ignoring his feeling of exhaustion, he started to fly in slow lazy circles in the air, casting snow down into the city. Even thought the snow would make it through the air okay, once it his something on the surface it would instantly melt. Still, kids and adults were looking up at the snow, smiling. Some kids noticed Jack and waved; and of course he waved back.

"Oh, yeah! Jamie!" Jack was having so much fun watching everyone else, that he forgot about the little boy who invited him here in the first place.

Jack rode the wind a little farther east until he could see Jamie's house. Outside, Jamie and Sophie were outside in the front yard with their mouths hanging open, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Jack floated down, and landed on a low branch of a tree in their yard. When landing, Jack stumbled a bit, finding it hard to keep up his weight. His legs felt weak and numb.

"Jack!" Jamie looked up at the winter spirit, "You came!"

"Of course I did, kiddo." Jack smiled, wipping sweat from his brow.

Jamie's smile faulted a bit, "Are you okay, Jack?"

Jack chuckled lightly, "Of course I am."

Jamie still looked unsure, "You look really pale.."

"I'm always pale!" Jake still smiled, not letting Jamie see how weak he really was.

Jamie just shrugged it off, "I guess so." Jamie smiled again, "We missed you, Jack."

"I missed you guys too." Jack jumped down from the branch. As soon as his legs touched the ground though, they gave out, and Jack was sent down to his knees. He tried to get back up, but his head was spinning too much, and he fell back down. He laid his palms on the ground in front of him to keep his body from falling all together. Suddenly, Jack's stomach muscles tightened, making him gasp out in pain.

"Jack!" Jamie yelled, he leaned down next to Jack, placing a hand on his back, unsure of what to do.

"I'm...okay." Jack said, breathing in deeply. It felt like he had a blazing fire in his stomach, the pain was searing, "Jamie, too..hot..." And then all Jack saw was black.