I've wanted to make a fic like this for a while (before I even started writing fics XD). I don't own One piece, and plz enjoy.

I wish I could touch him. Just one more time would be fine. I want him to know that he wont be alone. I'm still here.

Even though he can't hear me, and can't see me, I'll watch him. I have to. He's just so reckless. In my mind, I could compare him to a tornado, and he'd still be the one to do more damage.

But that's who Luffy is. That's what makes all the people around him unable to take their eyes of him. Of course, he does some kinda cool things too. I'm still amazed at how strong he is.

At first, he was just an annoying crybaby that followed me around. But then he bacame one of us. A brother to me and Sabo.

I can't help but feel guilty about breaking my promise. I promised I'd never die, that I'd never leave him. But that is what I did.

First Sabo was gone, and we both felt the sadness from that. I can only imagine how he feels now that I am gone too.

We both met as kids who'd had nothing from the beginning, and we made something. A family among friends. From that family was a promise. And from that promise was a dream.

I have to watch him become pirate king. It was what we promised, the three of us. And I can only pray he knows me and Sabo are with him every step of the way.

"Here he goes again," Sabo said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked over at Luffy, who had began a fight over a cherry pie. It was so like him.

"His talent for finding trouble hasn't left him," I said. Sabo grinned at me.

"I wonder where he learned that from?" he asked. I shared his grin now.

"Maybe from his brothers?"