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Three words.

That's all it took to destroy a lifetime of loyalty and servitude. She expected to feel some sort of regret, or perhaps fear at what that lie might bring her.

But she felt nothing.

It had been building. For months and months her frustration and desperation had been mounting to climactic proportions. All because he had taken everything away.

First it had been her husband. This she did not mind so much. Lucius had never really been hers, he had always been his. She had married Lucius not due to love and happiness but for prestige and power. She hadn't ever really wanted him, losing him had not been so bad.

Then it was her son. That she could not take. She could not allow him to take her only child, her bright spot in a dismal existence. So she had fought. She had secretly gone against him. But she did not hurt the cause. She still made sure it all got done. Because she knew what loyalty was. And at the time, she had not seen a different choice.

Next it was her house, her home, the place where she held court and ruled. A place that no one was ever supposed to lay claim to other than herself. She had been bred to keep house and keep it perfectly. But once again he took it as though it were his.

Finally it was her dignity. As he held court in her dining room and taunted her family and carelessly used her possessions, she became nothing. She was but a pawn, just as the rest of them were. The name of Malfoy, which once had brought status and power, meant little. The Malfoys: the failures of the Dark Lord. A husband who could not complete a mission, a son who could not finish his task, and a wife who meant nothing.

But he forgets that she is not nothing. She is a strong woman who has seen enough to know where his weaknesses lie. Quiet and unassuming, her nature has taught her much about how the world works and she knows more than she ought. And she is a mother.

A mother whose child is in danger, all at the fault of one man. And as any mother would, she will make that man pay.

Funny how she never had to lift a wand to accomplish her purpose. She never had to act at all, for the opportunity was handed to her on a silver platter. She didn't need magic or force. She only needed three words.

"He is dead."