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The plane landed with a small jolt onto the runway, waking up the two sleeping Italians. Lovino blinked several times as he tried to make sense of what was happening, sitting up straight and rubbing his eyes. Feliciano did the same next to him, although the younger yawned loudly and stretched, nearly hitting a flight attendant, who glared at him.

"Oops, mi scusi," Feliciano giggled, giving the man an innocent look before he turned away to beam at his brother. "We're home!" He cheered.

The little vacation had turned out to be a lot better for both of them then Lovino could have ever thought. They both seemed more relaxed and, well, happy after going to Italy. Feliciano was happily gushing in fluent Italian about stupid things that Lovino really didn't give a crap about, his caramel colored eyes sparkling happily as he grasped onto his brother's hand. The younger Italian hadn't seemed this happy since they had first moved to America.

As for Lovino, his skin had tanned to a nice bronze color and his hair had lightened enough for someone to see the naturally red highlights in them. His scowl seemed half hearted and didn't touch the obviously content look his golden eyes reflected. He looked like he had finally gotten the break he deserved.

"No shit," Lovino said, finishing rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he peered out the window. They had both missed the pilot's little speech about the weather and what not, but one look outside told Lovino all he needed to know. It was rainy and crappy and gray outside. Wonderful.

Lovino found that he was able to shrug off the bad weather, however. It didn't matter that a mass of concrete colored clouds had blocked the sun and were currently spitting rain down onto everyone, because his mind was still full of images of soft sand beaches and turquoise waters and yellow suns that hit brightly colored umbrellas. Italy had been just as wonderful as it had been when the brothers had left.

Feliciano grasped his cane and sat up straighter, glancing over at his brother. "Hey Lovino...?"


"Um... What were your plans on getting home from the airport?" Feliciano asked hesitantly and in a tone of voice that told Lovino his brother did something that would not make him happy.

"Well," Lovino said as he shooed his brother out of their cramped seat and grabbed their suitcases and bags. "I was going to call a taxi or something... Why?" He asked with narrowed eyes.

Feliciano smiled a little nervously, shuffling off the plane and waiting a minute to respond. "Well... I know you don't like him, fratello, but, I, um, kind of asked Ludwig to pick us up?" He said, his voice dipping in the end so it sounded like a question, as if he was questioning himself on whether or not asking Ludwig to drive was a good decision or not.

Lovino froze in dragging the suitcases and glared at his brother, his eyes flashing. "What? The potato bastard?" He snapped, his displeasure evident.

"Fratello! We needed a ride and he said yes and it was nice of him!" Feliciano whined, looking down at his feet. "Besides, why potatoes?" He asked after.

"We've been over this," Lovino sighed as he resumed his struggling with the bags. "He's fucking German, so that means he likes potatoes, so that means he's a potato bastard," he said firmly. Fuck. He didn't want to spend a whole car ride with the annoying as fuck therapist who Feliciano would no doubt start to talk to about their trip, and once his brother started chatting about something he was passionate about, he would never shut up.

Feliciano nodded hesitantly, although he still seemed slightly confused by his elder brother's choice of a nickname. "Alright... But you can't complain! Now we don't have to pay for a taxi, Si?" He said with a sunny smile, as he headed towards the gate.

True... Now they wouldn't have to pay for a taxi... But still. Lovino puffed his cheeks out in annoyance. "He's probably already here, isn't he?" He asked flatly.

In response Feliciano let out a hesitant laugh. "Luddy always liked being on time, so..." He trailed off as they approached the gate only to see a familiar head of slicked back hair accompanied by, to Lovino's surprise, an all too familiar looking albino.

"What the fuck is Gilbert doing here...?" He mumbled under his breath. Feliciano turned to respond, but before he could a loud voice cut him off.

"Hey! Hey! Lovi! Feli! Ch-check it out! We c-came to pick you up!" Gilbert shouted loudly, waving a sign over his head. Although it was hard to read it when Gilbert was waving it around like he was having a fucking seizure, he could tell it read 'Vargas Brothers' in a very straight, formal looking handwriting, that lost its formal appearance due to the small, crudely drawn yellow birds someone had doodled all over the sign.

Lovino let out a groan as he walked closer, watching as Ludwig came forwards to help with the bags. Lovino normally would have protested, but he was sick and tired of carrying those things. "What the hell is Gilbert doing here?" He asked him in annoyance, only to receive a perfectly arched blonde eyebrow.

"You didn't know Gilbert was my brother...?"

Lovino was saved answering by Feliciano practically throwing himself at Ludwig in a hug, squealing happily as he began to talk about how much he missed him. Lovino rolled his eyes and turned away from the scene only to be faced with two red eyes happily looking into his own.

"What the fuck!" Lovino yelped, stepping away from the albino in surprise, getting a loud and amused laugh in response.

"Hello, l-little Lovi!" Gilbert grinned, ignoring the Italian's protest on how he was not little, dammit. "I didn't know the p-patient mein bruder had been going o-on about was your bruder! Small world!" He said as he threw an arm around Lovino's shoulder. Despite his annoyance, Lovino couldn't help but notice how much better Gilbert's speech was getting. He honestly wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

The Italian let out a groan as he tried to shrug off the other's arm while following Ludwig and Feliciano out of the airport. "Get off," he groaned. "The last thing I fucking want is a whole car ride with you and the other potato bastard."

Gilbert grinned and shook his head, refusing to move his arm. "Come on! T-this is great! I w-was gonna tease West the whole t-trip about his little b-boyfriend-"

"-they are not fucking boyfriends-"

"-but now I-I can tease you!"

Lovino rolled his eyes as he finally managed to elbow the other in the stomach hard enough for him to drop his arm as clutch his gut instead, whining as they stepped out into the damp air, rain pouring down on them. After a short jog to the car (Ludwig gave Feliciano a piggy back ride, which Lovino was not too happy about) the four of them piled into a very large, very German looking car.

Much to his disdain, Lovino found himself sitting next to a certain albino, who kept on leering at him for some reason as if he knew something Lovino didn't. Finally, as they began to drive away from the airport and Ludwig and Feliciano seemed too wrapped up in their own conversation to give a shit about the two in the back Lovino snapped.

"Why the hell do you keep looking at me like that?" He demanded, golden eyes narrowed as he glared at the other.

"I don't k-know what you're t-talking about!" Gilbert said with a snicker. "I'm j-just thinking about Toni," he added in a sing song voice.

Right. Antonio. Lovino would be lying through his teeth if he said he didn't miss the idiota. Little things kept on reminding him of his patient while he was away. A flash of green eyes, a head of chocolate curls, a tomato, a sunny smile. It drove Lovino crazy. Why was he thinking about Antonio so much? Sure, he would think about patients from time to time outside the hospital, but dammit not like this! It was driving him crazy.

"What about him?" Lovino asked in what he hoped was a bored sounding voice.

"Oh, y-you know, just thinking a-about how he w-was while you w-were away," Gilbert responded as he inspected his nails, obviously wanting Lovino to ask for more information.

Lovino let out a loud, dramatic groan. "Just fucking tell me what it is already, will you?" He said as he crossed his arms and puffed his cheeks out in a pout.

Gilbert laughed at his expression and leaned over to ruffle his hair, earning an annoyed slap from the Italian. "A-alright, alright, the awesome m-me will tell you," he said, then paused. "W-well, I'll tell you a-a little."

Gilbert leaned back in his seat and ran a hand through his silvery locks. "Antonio was a m-mess without you," he said in an uncharacteristically serious voice. When he turned to see a disbelieving look on Lovino's face he pressed on. "I-I'm serious! It was s-so unawesome. Anyways, w-we finally got him to g-get his ass up and do stuff b-but you know, it was all for you."

Lovino blinked a few times in surprise, trying to ignore the blush that was currently heating his cheeks up. "Oh," he finally got out.

Gilbert nodded. "Ja, I-I know. Anyways, he has a s-special surprise for you," the albino said with a shit eating grin, waggling his eyebrows at the Italian.

"What the fuck do you mean by that?" Lovino said with a suspicious look, and Gilbert just shrugged and refused to say more on the topic for the rest of the ride home.

-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Time skip -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-

Lovino adjusted the sleeves on his uniform as he looked up at the hospital doors. It was his first day back, and for some stupid fucking reason he was feeling nervous. Sure, Gilbert had said Antonio was a mess without him, but still... What if Antonio eventually decided that he really didn't like Lovino? What if he decided he liked Francis more? Or Bella? Or even that weird Polish nurse? The Italian sighed as he pushed the door open, stepping in.

To his surprise, the first thing he saw was an all too familiar French doctor who looked like he was waiting for something. And by the way his eyes landed on Lovino and a predatory grin slipped over his lips, Lovino had a feeling that something was him.

"Lovino! Mon ami!" Francis cooed as he walked closer and scooped the squirming Italian up in a hug.

"Put. Me. Down."

Francis ignored him and twirled him around in a circle much to the nurse's distaste before putting him down. As soon as Lovino's feet touched he floor he scrambled back a few feet, glaring warily at the other.

"I am so glad you're back!" Francis gushed. "It was so hard taking care of pauvre petit Antonio while you were gone. He really likes you and he wouldn't do anything at first and he was relapsing and it was terrible!" Francis said dramatically as he walked towards the elevators, pressing the button for the fourth floor.

Lovino cautiously edged forwards, obviously scared of another hug attack. "By the way, mon petit Italien, you are looking lovely," Francis purred, earning an annoyed eye roll in response. "The Italian sun has done you good," Francis mused. "But... You also look happier," he added in a more sincere voice as he smiled at the other.

"Right... Anyways, what the hell do you mean Antonio was relapsing?" Lovino questioned as the doors slid open on the second floor to let some doctors in.

Francis moved closer to Lovino as the newly arrived passengers began to talk loudly. "He wouldn't do anything! It was terrible! It wasn't until we mentioned you did he get up and work." Francis smiled faintly. "And he did work very hard," he added, looking away as if thinking of some memories.

Lovino raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to say something, but by the time he did they had reached the fourth floor and Francis had grabbed his wrist, set on dragging him out of the crowded elevator.

"We must not keep our lovely Spaniard waiting! Come o-" Francis stopped talking for a moment as he heard the thump of something hitting the floor and Lovino swearing under his breath in Italian.

"What's that?"

A small, brown package had fallen from one of Lovino's loose pockets onto the floor. It didn't looked damaged in any way, but Lovino did look embarrassed.

"I-it's... It's just..." He paused, his cheeks turning a soft red. "I-I got the stupid tomato bastard a gift," he finally mumbled, picking up the small package and cradling it to his chest as he refused to make eye contact with the now smirking Frenchman.

"Oh really?" He sang as he peered at the package trying to see what it was, but Lovino had quickly tucked it back into his pocket. "That's so adorable! Oh, Lovino, he'll be so happy!"

Lovino could feel his cheeks turning a darker hue of red as Francis rambled on about him getting a gift. He knew that normally someone getting someone else a gift from their vacation wouldn't be a big deal, but for him, it was. After all, Lovino hardly ever got anyone gifts, even around the holidays (except for his brother, of course). Birthdays? Forget it. You'll be fucking lucky if he got you a card. Any promotion or party or celebration that usually required a gift would be brushed off by the Italian.

But to get someone a gift for no reason?

Well... That was unheard of.

He couldn't fucking help it though! He kept on thinking about Antonio and then he saw this stupid little bracelet- it wasn't anything special, really, just a brown leather strap with a small little turtle charm and for some fucking reason Lovino was reminded of Antonio and how he had so little possessions and how stupidly happy he would be if Lovino got this for him and... Well, he got it for him.

Damn Spaniard.

"Alright, alright, I got him a fucking gift, now get over it!" Lovino huffed, looking away but not missing the leer on Francis' face.

"Oh but of course, mon ami," he said as he pinched Lovino's cheek and avoided the kick to the shins afterwards. "I'll keep quiet about it, I'll let it be a surprise," he added with a wink.

"Whatever, just shut up."

Francis just smiled knowingly as they began to walk down towards Antonio's room. 483...484... 485. Lovino hesitated, staring at the small white numbers next to the door. Antonio had missed him. He had relapsed for him. He worked hard for him.

Antonio cared for him.

Lovino took a deep breath, the realization hitting him. He had a small amount of people in his life that actually gave a shit about him, and the fact that Antonio had worked his way onto that list surprised the Italian. It was... A new feeling entirely. A new, but welcome feeling.

Because Lovino was pretty damn sure he cared for the Spaniard as well.

It wasn't until Francis gave him a gentle nudge on the side did Lovino give a huge sigh and open the door. Francis smiled and turned around to walk away. "Where the hell are you going?" Lovino asked in confusion.

Francis shrugged. "I have work to do, mon ami, beside..." He gave Lovino a grin and an exaggerated wink. "I think it's best if you two have this little reunion by yourselves."

"What the fuck is that supposed to m-"

"Au revoir!" Francis sang before skipping away, looking way too fucking happy and gay for his own good. That bastardo.

Lovino frowned, his hand reaching down to his pocket as he pushed the door open more and glanced around the room. It seemed... Empty. The bed was poorly made, the food cart was pushed to the corner of the room with the food half eaten. No sign of anyone. No sign of Antonio.

Lovino frowned in confusion, turning to leave when he heard a soft voice. "L-Lovi?"

The Italian jumped slightly and turned towards the voice, blinking as he watched Antonio pulling down on a red button up shirt, one of the nicer shirts Francis had gotten him. He realized the other must have just put it on, since the Spaniard was just rolling out of the bathroom.

For a moment their was silence, as golden eyes stared at Antonio and emerald eyes stared at Lovino. Then suddenly Antonio spoke again. "Lovi!" A grin spread across his face widely as he shakily used his hands to hit the wheels in a jerky fashion, causing the wheelchair to move closer to Lovino. "I-I missed youuu s-ssso m-much!" Antonio cried.

"I missed you too, bastard," Lovino said softly, resulting in a squeal of joy from the other.

He really did look happy. His eyes were sparkling, his lips pulled up into a wide smile, his legs bouncing. "I ha-ave a sssu-surprise!" He said as he looked at the other.

Before Lovino could even ask what it was Antonio put on a determined expression, his hands gripping the sides of the wheelchair so tightly his knuckles turned white. "Antonio...?"

For once, the patient ignored Lovino. Instead of responding the man took a deep breath and shakily started to push himself up.

"A-Antonio! What the hell are you doing?"

Antonio gave him a reassuring smile, shaking his head and shushing him as he gripped onto the wall, his legs shaking as he took several more deep breaths, his brows furrowed in concentration.

Finally, he managed to straighten his knees, and when he was done he beamed at Lovino, who was gaping at him.

Antonio. Antonio was... Standing. He blinked a couple of times. Holy fuck. The other was taller than him, which he expected, but he looked so different from this point of view. He wasn't laying in a bed or sitting in a chair. He was standing. In front of Lovino.

A smile broke out on the Italian's face. He couldn't fucking believe it. For the first time he glanced down and noticed metal braces around the Spaniard's legs.

"Antonio..." The Spaniard grinned and held up a shaky hand as if signaling he wasn't done. He looked at the distance between the two of them, his green eyes calculating. There were probably about two, maybe three steps.

With another deep breath Antonio let go of the wall, hesitated, then shuffled forwards.

He wasn't exactly walking. He was shoving his weight forwards and catching himself on the wall. But still. Holy fuck. Antonio... The patient that people thought would never move from a bed again was moving. He was moving. On his own!

Before Lovino could register what was happening he felt a warm weight on his chest and a pair of lean, strong arms around him. "I m-missed youuu, m-my li-ittle Toma," Antonio murmured in his ear as he tightened his grip.

And now a hug. Antonio was now hugging him.

Now, let's get one thing straight. Lovino didn't like hugs. He was not a hug kind of person. That was his brother's thing.

But this?

This felt... Different.

Sure, Antonio was practically putting all of his weight on him and he couldn't stop trembling and his arms were a little too tight around him, but it felt fucking perfect. It felt nice and warm and amazing to have the Spaniard pressed against him like this, with his forehead on Lovino's and those emerald eye watching him and those lips so close and...

Holy shit, what?

Lovino blinked and turned his head to the side, causing Antonio's head to slide down so his cheek was resting on Lovino's shoulder. The Italian could feel his cheeks burning brightly. Why was he thinking those things? He didn't like Antonio, at least not in that way!

"...ovi? L-Lovi?"

The Italian jerked out of his daze, shaking his head before giving a rather uncharacteristic grin. "I'm proud of you, bastard," he said, watching as Antonio's whole face lit up before he squeezed Lovino tighter.

Lovino let them stay like that for a moment before squirming slightly. "Alright, come on, idiota, lets sit you back down." All he got in response was a grumble of no as Antonio buried his face in Lovino's neck. "Come on," Lovino urged with an annoyed huff.

"I-I dooon-n't wanna let g-gooo," Antonio whined. "T-Toma hasss to st-stay cl-lose," he mumbled.

Fuck. This wasn't helping his blush go away. Lovino let out a groan of annoyance. "Fine, bastard, I'll sit with you. Now come on, you're heavy as fuck." The Italian let them both to the bed, carefully sitting Antonio down. The patient was quick to tug Lovino down after, his arms firmly wrapped around him as he landed on Antonio's lap with a surprised yelp.

"Antonio," Lovino hissed, squirming around to face him. The Spaniard smirked crookedly at him and tightened his grip. When had his arms gotten around his waist?

Lovino tried to get off his lap for a little while but it was becoming increasingly clear from Antonio's continually tightening grip and annoyed grumbles that he wasn't going to be letting Lovino get away so easily.

With a sigh Lovino accepted his fate and instead focused his energy on working the package that had Antonio's gift in it out of his pocket. When he finally managed to, he nudged Antonio with his elbow to get his attention since for some fucking reason the idiot was content with nuzzling his nose in Lovino's hair, his eyes closed and a stupidly soft smile on his face.

Antonio let out a confused hum, opening his eyes and looking down at the Italian in his arms. "H-here bastard. I got you this," Lovino mumbled shyly, placing the brown package in one of Antonio's hands, avoiding

eye contact.

Antonio hesitated before letting Lovino slide out of his lap while his fingers shakily curled around the small package. He sent a soft smile in Lovino's direction before he started to clumsily unwrap the gift, his fingers fumbling as he attempted to control his actions.

It wasn't long before the brown cover had been shed away and Antonio was holding the bracelet in the palm of one of his hands. He was silent as he turned it over, inspecting the charm and stroking the leather. Lovino watched nervously, biting his lip and twisting his hands together.

Finally Antonio looked up, a bright smile on his face. "I-I loooov-ve it, Lovi," he said, holding out a trembling wrist in a silent question for help. Lovino blushed and nodded, taking the bracelet and tying it onto the Spaniard's wrist. When he was done, Antonio threw his arms around him and buried his face in his hair.

"G-gracias, m-miii Toma," he cooed softly, squeezing Lovino right and holding him to his chest. "I missssed y-yoooou."

"I missed you too."

They stayed like that for a while, until Francis came in. Antonio had pulled Lovino back onto his lap (much to Lovino's horror) and flaunted his new bracelet off in front of Francis. They both squealed about how cute it was and how adorable it was for Lovino to get a gift and how much better Lovino looked now after the vacation, causing Lovino to blush and swear loudly at them both.

Antonio didn't let go of Lovino for the rest of the day. And for some odd reason, Lovino found that he really didn't mind.