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Zoro had been working out, as usual. Luffy had stopped by and had started to watch him. He was used to it, though. Luffy liked to bug him. Well, not just him. But everyone else had gone into a town to find supplies. There was no one else to bug.

"Hey, Zoro, isn't that boring?" Luffy asked. Zoro didn't stop working out, but did distract himself long enough to answer.

"No," he said. "I want to get stronger."

"So?" Luffy asked. He stretched out on the floor, still watching Zoro. "Can't you have fun ever once in a while?" Zoro laughed. Did Luffy think everyone had a talent of becoming stronger so quickly?

"Keeping up with you is hard, Pirate King," Zoro said. "If I want to remain by your side, I have to become stronger."

"No you don't," Luffy said. He sat up, his brow crooked in confusion. "You're Zoro. I'd take you with me even if you were weak."

"I'm not going to ride on your strength to the top, Luffy," Zoro argued. He put down his weights and looked at the smaller boy now. No doubt someone who just met him would think he was just a tiny shrimp with big dreams. "I want to protect you."

Luffy smiled. The feeling of wanting to protect someone was a feeling he knew well. His entire crew was his family, the people he wanted to protect.

"Hey, Zoro?" Luffy said. The green haired man looked over to Luffy again. "Kiss me."

Blushing slightly, Zoro got up and made his way to the captain. He sat down again in front of him, and pulled him in. Luffy grined as he met his first mate half way.

Zoro had no idea why Luffy sometimes asked Zoro for such close contact. At first, it had shocked him. But now he took comfort in it. He felt like Luffy was being... well, defenceless.

It had actually started when Luffy had misunderstood something and thought Zoro had hurt lots of innocent people. When that happened, Luffy would sometimes lower all his guard and let Zoro in.

Luffy parted from Zoro's mouth, out of breath, but still grinning. He hugged his first mate and snuggled into his neck. "Hey, Zoro?"

Zoro sighed. "What?"

"Thanks for protecting me."

Zoro blushed and hugged Luffy back. "Sure."

"But that means I get to return the favor," Luffy added.

Zoro grinned and kissed Luffy's forehead. "I'd expect no less from the Pirate King."