This formatting makes me want to paint walls with babies.

Every four lines is a stanza. Fanfiction won't let me fix the spacing, for whatever reason, so we're all stuck with this. I apologize.


It has been a year or two,

But here—I am safe now.

Everything is over; and

Yet, I know not how.

I watch, for I can hear the

King, crying out for me.

He chokes back a dying

Prayer before I am let be.

Every piece—every part

Of me wants to touch him.

But please, don't tell me

That I cannot sing his hymn.

But there is another song;

And to me, it is stronger.

Stronger than the strongest

Sword, which I hold no longer.

Shattering the skies and

Then the earth is my king's

Wild and valiant eagle, as

He cries in feathery wings.

Beneath his down moans

The wind over this town.

He sees through the ages

And flies in wait to drown.

I can see my king, for he

Looks toward the sighing.

He holds the eagle toward

Him flying; all this, as I

lay dying.

Please don't tell me I am

Dead, for I still need time.

I am lonely here without

My king and eagle's chime.

I listen to their loving words

Before the eagle takes flight.

I cannot let my brother go

And walk towards the light.

Please! I had so much more!

I will do anything to be here

Again, with the royalty and

The bird's words with my ear.

I am the strongest sword,

But I can no longer stab.

I have force upon myself

A wound that never scabs.

Nothing is true, but yet

Everything is permitted.

I am the blade that never

Kills and never acquitted.

Goodbye, king; farewell

My reason for my life.

The temple cries beside

And alongside my strife.

But most of all, I bid an

End to my king's eagle.

I now dance in your chime

And drown in the regal

sound of eagles crying

as I lay dying.