Hi darlings!

It has already been two weeks a little more perhaps and I have reached a decision after thinking about it.

-Shinigami Eyes (continue but updates really slow)

-Yokai Blood (continue but updates even slower)

-Crying Souls (continue but updates slow)

-Cirque Du Freak (on hold)

-Frozen Heart (on hold)

-No More 'Prince of Tennis' (marked as finished until I start rewriting it)

-Unbreakable Bonds (on hold... will probably put it on adoption but not sure yet)

-You Are My Savior (marked as finished until I start rewriting it)

-Guide To Fall In Love (continue but updates really slow)

I hope you all agree with my decision and just to let you guys know, I will probably start rewriting my those two fics in the beginning of September or so, please be patients.

Again, I'm really sorry.

-Mia :3