Chapter Ten (Epilogue)

Jace laughed and ducked out of the way as Clary chased him around, holding out the most hideous holiday sweater known to mankind, "No way, woman! I'm not putting such a mortifying contraption! Get thee gone from my sight!"

"Jonathan Christopher Lightwood you put this on right now!" Clary scolded, but her green eyes twinkled merrily as she tugged the sweater over her husband's head.

"Ack! Get it off! Oh god woman! What have you done! I'm melting…meellltttinnnggg!" Jace's voice became high pitched and broken as he pretended to shrivel up and die inside the brightly dyed wool. "Honestly woman, you're the bane of my existence."

"Speaking of Bane," Isabelle walked in, holding a large bowl of mashed potatoes, "Where are Alec and Magnus?"

Maryse followed her daughter, holding a wickedly sharp knife that made her children edge away from her nervously, "Alexander just called; they're stuck in traffic but they're on their way. Good lord, Jace. What are you wearing?"

"I have one for everyone." Clary said, smiling so happily that everyone felt obliged to take the sweaters she offered them and put them on. There was a silent agreement that this night's choice of clothing would go unmentioned for the rest of their lives.

The door bell rang, and Jace ran over and yanked it open, a massive grin on his face, "Merry Christmas!"

"Oh my god…" Alec turned around quickly, his shoulder shaking as he desperately tried to contain his laughter.

"Alec?" Magnus walked up, fiddling with his cell phone in one hand and in his other a bottle of wine, "What's wrong—oh my god." He quickly took a picture of Jace. "That's priceless."

Alec coughed and turned around, his cheeks and nose bright from the cold, "Eh, merry Christmas."

"Maaaggnuussss." Jace growled, "Delete. That. Photo."

"What photo?" Magnus purred, a massive shit eating grin on his face. They brushed past Jace and walked into the living room, where they were confronted with a massive amount of holiday sweaters.

Isabelle ran over, hugging them both tightly, "Merry Christmas you two!"

"Hey Izzy, merry Christmas." Alec hugged her back and then plucked at her sweater, "Should I ask?"

"Is that Alec and Magnus?" Clary poked her head into the room, "I have sweaters for you too!" She hurried at them, holding out two pieces of brightly colored wool decorated with festive symbols.

They pair of them looked from the hideous sweaters to Clary's bright, eager, smiling face, and silently accepted them, pulling them on and mumbling thank you's.

Jace grinned maliciously, "You look fabulous, Magnus."

Magnus snorted loudly and waved his cell phone at Jace, grinning wickedly, "So do you."

The doorbell rang again and Alec frowned, doing a quick head count, "Isn't everyone here?"

"My date isn't here yet." Isabelle reminded him, running to get the door.

Everyone peered around the corner to see who the mysterious man was, and then Magnus and Alec gasped in unison as Simon stepped through, wearing a blazer and slacks, smiling nervously at them, "Hey everyone, thanks for inviting me."

"That's your boyfriend!?" Alec asked, his eyes wide.

"Yes, this is—"

"Simon!" Magnus exclaimed, walking forward and hugging his friend, "Nice to see you again!"

"You too Magnus." Simon chuckled, unbuttoning his blazer. Underneath it he had on another gamer t-shirt.

Maryse walked over and shook his hand, and then ushered everyone into the living room, "Alright time to eat, stop dawdling around the door."

Magnus handed her the bottle of wine as they walked past, "Merry Christmas."

"Thank you, Magnus, you too." Maryse walked into the living room and sat at the head of the table while people began to sit around her. Jace sat on her right with Clary next to him. Isabelle sat next to Clary and Simon sat across from her. Alec sat on his mother's left and then Magnus sat between Alec and Simon.

"This looks fantastic mom." Isabelle exclaimed, eyeing the impressive spread of food. Just about every type of feasting food was there, and in the center was an enormous tray of different meats, ranging from tender slices of steak to chicken baked to golden brown perfection.

Maryse smiled a little smugly, even though she hadn't done any of the baking herself.

They all started passing things around, talking and laughing as they enjoyed their first Christmas meal together as a complete family.

Jace uncorked the wine Magnus had brought and walked around, pouring everyone a glass, "This is good stuff, Magnus, where'd you steal it from?"

"Ha ha." Magnus replied sarcastically, "I know the wife of the vineyard owner. She sends me wine for most of the holidays."

Alec rolled his eyes good naturedly, "Between you and my mom it seems like you know just about everybody."

"That might be so." Maryse mused, tasting the wine.

Clary helped herself to some meat and passed it along to Isabelle, "Any plans for New Years, Isabelle?"

"Oh yes." She purred, glancing at Simon who choked on his wine.

Magnus patted him on the back until he was done.

"Ah, thanks." Simon muttered, red in the face. He quickly changed the subject, well aware of Maryse's stare burning through him, "What about you Magnus? Anything planned?"

"I think we're spending it at home right now. We just finished moving all of Alec's stuff yesterday, so now the unpacking has to begin." Magnus cast his lover an amused look, "You'd never guess how much stuff he has."

"Which reminds me," Alec broke in, smiling at Jace, "I found my old bow and arrows."

"No way!" Jace exclaimed, trying to be discreet about passing around the vegetables until he caught his mom's eye, "Eh, Clary, could you pass me the…the…green things?"

Clary handed him the plate of green beans, "I didn't know you had taken archery, Alec."

"Yeah, seven years." Alec chuckled, watching with growing amusement as Jace spooned vegetables onto his plate.

"When I found them I figured they were ornamental." Magnus grinned, also entertained by watching the blond headed Lightwood poke at the small mound of green on his plate.

Maryse poured herself another glass of wine, "Yes I remember that, didn't you almost shoot out your instructor's eye?"

Magnus tried to stifle his laughter.

"Twice?" Maryse added innocently, now spooning some mashed potatoes onto her plate.

"I was twelve." Alec growled, and then glared at Magnus, "It's not that funny!"

"No, no of course it isn't." Magnus giggled, and then coughed and tried to keep a straight face.

"So have you completely moved in now, Alec?" Simon asked, relieved that the conversation was no longer directed at him.

"Yeah, and we got the papers signed today, so it's official." Alec grinned, and was rewarded by a chorus of congratulations.

"Well!" Jace interrupted, "Not to steal Alec's lime light, but sadly that's just what I do." He stood up and grinned around at everybody, "I, I mean we, have an announcement to make!"

Clary rolled her eyes but smiled into her wine as all sets of eyes focused on her husband.

"We've bought Alec's old apartment! We're moving to Brooklyn next month!"

Alec and Isabelle laughed excitedly, both of them thrilled that their brother was finally coming back. Maryse smiled happily at her adopted son and congratulated Clary, who was trying to get Jace to sit back down.

Dinner finished on a high note and everyone migrated into the sitting area, taking up the couches and chairs as Isabelle flipped the TV onto the showing of the ball in Times Square. It was twenty minutes to midnight, and everyone chatted among themselves. Maryse, Jace and Clary were all sitting on the couch, debating whether or not the ball breaking was over rated or not. Simon and Isabelle had taken up the love seat and were watching the TV silently, holding hands and stealing glances at each other. Magnus and Alec were occupying the other love seat, next to the sofa, and were also holding hands, grinning at each other as the clock ticked down.

"It's totally over rated!" Jace was saying, losing his argument to the two females without a shred of his dignity intact.

"It's tradition." Clary sighed, waving her husband's sentence away.

"Besides," Maryse replied coolly, a wicked gleam in her eye, "you used to love doing this when you were younger.

"No I didn't!" Jace protested, looking embarrassed.

"Oh yes you did. You'd plead and beg so pathetically so you could stay up and watch the ball break." Maryse reminisced, a small smile tugging at her lips, "You loved it so much that I took all of you to see it one year, and when I told you, you were so excited that you started crying."


Isabelle giggled, "I remember that!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" The TV interrupted, zooming in on the ball, "Let the countdown begin!"

Jace, forgetting about his previous denials, leapt to his feet and excitedly started chanting along with the crowd, pulling Clary up to her feet.

Isabelle and Simon also stood, Simon's arm around her shoulders, and followed along, grinning like children as they watched the clock tick down.

Maryse stood and slipped out of the room, letting her children have their alone time with their dates. She walked upstairs, smiling faintly as Jace's excited voice followed her, and stood at the bay windows, watching the sky for fireworks.

Magnus stood and pulled Alec to his feet, whispered along, "Ten…nine…eight…"

"Seven…six…five…" Alec murmured back, turning his body towards Magnus.

"Four…three…two…!" Isabelle jumped on the balls of her feet before turning to Simon, throwing her arms around him.

"ONE!" Jace shouted, and then pulled Clary in and kissed her.

Alec reached up and tugged Magnus closer at Jace's shout, kissing him just as the ball was released and plunged to the earth, shattering into a million tiny diamonds. He felt Magnus wrapped his arms around him and hold him close, but focused only on his lover's hot mouth pressed against his own, rendering him senseless. They pulled apart at the sound of Jace and Isabelle cheering at the TV, and grinned breathlessly at each other. "Happy New Year, Magnus."

"Happy New Year, Alec." Magnus purred, bringing him in for another kiss.

They arrived back at Magnus's old flat, now owned by the pair of them, and barely made it through the door before they were on to each other. Their lips met in a shower of mental fireworks, matching those outside the wall of glass, and started tugging and pulling each other's clothes off, happily discarding the terrifying holiday sweaters. Magnus had his shirt and belt off before he pounced on Alec again, who had been in the process of throwing his shirt somewhere.

They tumbled to the floor, lips connected and hands wander over their bare torso's, humming in each other's mouths as they touched each other's now familiar bodies.

Magnus groaned as Alec tugged brutally on his hair, a secret pleasure his lover had discovered during their second night in London. He crouched over Alec, his lips moving down to the creamy, bare chest. He bit and nipped all over it, drawing short, strangled gasps from Alec's lips.

Feeling their pants brush against each other, Alec growled deep in his chest and reached down, hurriedly unbuttoning his lover's black slacks and shoving them off. He moaned loudly when Magnus rubbed him through his own pants, teasing him as he slid his hands up Alec's twitching body until they captured his face.

The designer held Alec's face in his hands, loving how perfectly it fit there, and then leaned down and kissed him passionately, letting his hands snake back down, tracing every dip and curve in his lover's body before plucking the pants open and letting them slide off. Magnus was dimly aware of the fact that the floor might be cold, so he broke away from the kiss and panted out, "Bedroom?"

"Too far." Alec groaned, his lips red and wet from his lover's bruising kiss. He sat up and yanked his boyfriend closer; shifting himself so he was in-between Magnus's legs with his own legs wrapped around his lover's waist. Alec pressed teasingly against his boyfriend, loving the look of tortured pleasure that crossed his face, "Magnus…"

Moaning at the sound of his name, Magnus pushed the photographer on the floor, his lips kissing him hungrily, "Fine, but don't complain later." He growled, biting down on Alec's neck, making him cry out. He reached down and pulled his lover's boxers off, discarding them somewhere behind them. He kissed his way down to his boyfriend's erection, and then took him in his mouth, humming around the shaft.

Alec's hips bucked off the floor and his eyes shot open at the sudden onslaught of pleasure. He called out frantically as he felt Magnus pinning his hips to the cold floor, taking him in his mouth again and again, driving Alec insane. He swore and reached down, tangling his fingers in his lover's hair, "Magnus! Pl-please stop, I can't—!"

"Don't worry, love." Magnus purred, slowly sliding his tongue up the aching arousal, making Alec moan loudly, "I'm not done with you yet." He moved his body up and over Alec's, still pinning him to the floor, and then he lowered himself on Alec's erection, groaning at the hot pain that laced up his body. He shuddered and rested his hands on Alec's chest, panting lightly, and enjoying the look of shocked ecstasy on his love's face.

"Shit Magnus!" Alec gasped, clawing at the floor desperately for purchase. He groaned and tossed his head back, feeling the clenching heat surround him, "Oh my god you feel so good…!" He rocked his hips upwards, causing them both to groan loudly at the movement. Alec felt Magnus brace himself against his chest, and then slowly drew himself up before bringing his hips back down, causing Alec to moan. He rolled his hips upwards again as Magnus repeated the action, and was surprised when his lover tossed his head back and cried out, begging for more.

Magnus felt his prostate being struck, but was unprepared for the electrifying pleasure that coursed through him, turning the burning pain into a blinding pleasure. He'd never had Alec top while they were in London, so this was a whole new experience for the designer. He moaned shamelessly and picked up the pace, gasping for Alec to hit there again, and crying out every time he did.

It felt so unbelievably good, Alec's mind was a complete blanket of white pleasure. He snapped his hips up and felt Magnus contract around him, begging for more. He suddenly reached up and stilled Magnus's movement, which caused his lover to whimper unhappily, and slid out, pushing Magnus to the floor, "Lie back." He whispered, spreading Magnus's legs and pushing back in. He watched his lover's face contort in pure pleasure, arching off the floor and shouting as he hit his abused prostate.

The switched positions really took Magnus to an all new high, and he clung on to Alec's shoulders and felt his release ache inside of him, begging for him to succumb. He could feel by Alec's uneven pace that he was close too. Magnus reached up and brought Alec down, kissing him heatedly and then breaking away, crying out as he came violently.

Alec felt the entrance clamp down around him and he shouted Magnus's name, rocking his hips forward as ecstasy robbed his senses, dimmed his vision, and blanketed his mind with white. He groaned loudly as Magnus clenched around him once more, and then shakily with drew, feeling weak and spent. Alec's arms gave out and he fell next to Magnus, gasping for breath as his body shuddered with the intensity of his high.

Magnus tried to move and then gave up, just lying on his back and panting for air. His body still thrummed with the afterglow and he reached out sluggishly for Alec, finding him collapsed next to him, and drew his spent lover on top of him, hugging him to his body.

"I love you, Magnus." Alec mumbled sleepily, pressing his body closer to his boyfriend's and using his chest as a pillow, wrapping his arms around him as he did so.

"I love you too, Alec. And happy New Year." Magnus replied, smiling tiredly.

"Happy New Year…and many to come." Alec yawned, smiling when he felt Magnus kiss the top of his head. His blue eyes slid shut and he relaxed into his dreams, sleeping the New Year's day away with his lover.

The End.