Long black hair, pale skin, and red lips wearing a formal dress sitting in a chair at another awards ceremony. That's me. I'm Annabella Vinci and I'm co-CEO of Stark & Vinci Industries. I'm twenty-six and a Scorpio. You can find all of this in any magazine you pick up. As the world's leading producers Stark and Vinci Industries is known everywhere, in every country, and on every continent. I don't see this as bragging. Don't get me wrong, I don't put it in every conversation I have but I've worked to join my company with Stark Industries ever since back when it was still my parent's company.

Back when it was just Stark Industries, they were only the leading producers in weapons technology. I came to Howard Stark, who was actually a family friend, when I was fifteen and proposed that Vinci Enterprises merge with Stark Industries and then we could lead in more than just weapons.

He took the offer and I've been co-CEO ever since. I met Tony when we were little, because we were both considered exceptionally…bright. The only difference is while Tony finds his passion in mechanics, and technology, my passion is well, a great deal of everything. I've managed to get degrees in psychology, Engineering, and a Masters in Business Management. I even went to medical school for a while, but I was rejected later because of the age in which I entered therefore, I never got the degree.

My dad originally started a company named Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistic Division. I still get reports of the progress, and the successes. Mom though, she was the CEO and owner of Vinci™. It's a company known for just about everything. At first, we specialized in computers. We bought out a small company that was just getting started selling them, and they violated some city codes, it was…Microsoff I think. Apparently my Grandfather bought the programming and the company and took over the entire industry. My mom expanded that by diving into more industries, like the theatre and film. That was her passion.

When I took over, at the young tender age of 15, a genius, I bought out every company I could get my hands on. I invested in companies and bought stock like it was going out of style. I even bought out starting companies. The media tried to take me down, saying that I was going to ruin the company or even the economy with my spending but they were all left slack jawed when my products started flying off the shelves. Some tried to say I was building another monopoly, like the Robber Barons. I scoffed at them by putting half of the money I made back and then some.

Either way you look at it, it doesn't matter. When I was named the world's richest woman by Forbes magazine, the critics all kind of melted into the background, in my mind anyways. It felt like I'd accomplished something, despite what my parents would have said.

My parents, both of them, have passed away. My mother was murdered by her butler, cliché I know but apparently the butler was an old flame that she ditched when she married my father. It was an arranged marriage anyway, my mother and father's. I grew up with no love from my family, both of them were much to centered on work. My Dad died via a murderer, someone who is long since dead.

I'm telling you this, because I don't know if I'll make it through this boring ceremony. Oh it was all well put together, with the blue fabric hanging from the walls and the shining silver plastic shreds that bounced off the lights from the big screens they were using to display videos to honor the people they were giving awards. I can't even forget that it's an awards ceremony because they are only two types. The one where the audience is as if they were in a large theatre, then there are the ones just like this, where we sit at tables and we are provided food before the awards are given out. This one is the Apogee award. We've won it for the last four years running.

"-by ensuring freedom and protecting America and her interests around the globe." I tuned back in from my monologue to hear the last few words of the very deep voice that was giving a very generic overview of Tony and I's success since our company's have combined. Tony and I's lives have become a great deal more important to the public since Tony came to be the co-CEO of Stark and Vinci Industries, at twenty-one. When I say our lives, I mean our personal lives as well. Half of our popularity comes from speculation about our social lives, like who we are dating, or who we went to the party with. It can be very irritating and angering having every moment of your day interrupted for no reason other than to catch a glimpse of your day to day life.

As soon as the video they had, with leaked pictures of Tony and I through the years, finished the lights shined back on the stage. It was pretty cheap. In the center of the stage stood a Caesars Palace podium, the place where the ceremony was taking place actually, and a few security ropes lining the back of the stage.

Standing in the middle of the stage, behind the podium that now had the two transparent apogee awards resting on its polished surface, was none other than Colonel Rhodes, a friend of Tony's.

"As liaison to Stark & Vinci Industries," Rhodey, as we call him, started his speech. I felt bad for him really. Tony had actually showed up at first, sat down with us, even had a bit of the food. Then, halfway through the awards, some minor ones, he whispered to me that he was leaving and then just got up and walked away. I felt even worse for Pepper Potts, Tony's personal assistant, who was going to have to do the most damage control. Me, myself, and I will just have to accept the award.

I glanced over at Obadiah Stane. He's probably going to be upset to. Poor Obie is retired now, though he still tries to pitch in. I don't think he really wanted to retire but the company was rightfully Tony's. Of course, he holds a loose position on the board because he owns a bit of stock in the company. A very little bit of stock. Seeing as Tony and I own over 90 percent of the stock, simply because we not only own it but are acting CEO's.

"…I've had a unique privilege of serving with two real and honorable patriots." Rhodey continued on. "Tony and Anna are my great mentors." He continued. I wonder if anyone had informed him that Tony wasn't here. I wouldn't blame him if he just out right took Tony down. To be completely honest Tony really needs to be knocked off his pedestal.

"Anna, do you know where Tony is?" Pepper whispered across our table to me. I grimaced and shook my head, but I could guess that Tony was at the casino that was also connected to Caesars Palace. No doubt he was going to make headlines for blowing off this ceremony.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to present this year's Apogee Award to Mr. Tony Stark and Annabella Vinci." Rhodey said. Before he was even finished saying my last name the crowd was cheering. I rose from my chair, tucking the green fabric of my gown into submission, and started weaving through the maze of tables towards the front of the room. Rhodey's face looked completely confused for a second before it looked furious. I couldn't blame him.

As I mounted the steps to the stage Rhodes moved towards me, and conveniently away from the microphone. "Do you know where he is?" He muttered to me as we hugged for the watching audience.

"The casino, most likely." I whispered right back, grinning at him so the world would have no idea that Rhodes and I were both plotting Tony's doom in our heads. No, I couldn't do that. I slipped behind the podium and to my annoyance I was again short compared to the podium. So I kicked out the small kickstand that matched the wood of the podium and stepped up onto it to smile at the audience. In my hand I held my own apogee award but for now I left the one with Tony's name on it on the stand, so I could grab it on the way back to my seat.

"I'm really happy that this award was given to Tony and I. I want to thank everyone for supporting me throughout my life, and making sure that I could get the education I craved. Thank you everyone who buys our products but really, I want to thank the marines, Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, and really all of you for keeping me and America safe!" I said the practiced speech. Nothing was a lie in it but giving so many speeches in one life time, it just got kind of easy to say the words.

People exploded with clapping again but I didn't move until they died away.

"Now, I guess you guys have noticed that my co-CEO didn't make it. I'm sorry to say that Tony is working right now, very diligently for the safety of all of us. He wants me to tell all of you how honored he is to receive this very prestigious award." I lied straight through my teeth. The only ones who would know that though would be Rhodey, Obadiah, and Pepper. "It's really the best thing about Tony, and of course the worst thing. He's always working." I smiled at them. The cameras shot off again and the clapping was noticeably smaller but still quite loud. I carefully stepped off the steps, Rhodey helped me down the stairs, because he was done as well. I make sure to grab Tony's award in my other hand so I could give it to him.

Twenty minutes later, the entire ceremony was done. They'd saved our award for last, but then I'd stayed back at the table to avoid the rush to leave. Obadiah Stane sat beside me, and Pepper on my other side. I'm not as close with Obadiah as Tony is, because he's Tony's father figure. Pepper though, she's my best friend. You'd think we wouldn't get along at all. I was born into money, raised in money, and even made more money. Pepper had to work for every penny she had and then some more work. I'd been there the day she'd been hired by Tony to. She'd waltzed in trailing behind Obadiah. He'd commended the very ground she walked on while Pepper blushed until she almost even matched her red hair.

I sighed as Pepper took down another champagne glass of what I have expected was generic red wine. It's a pity; I have some vanilla rum at my home that would suit the situation much better. No doubt she'd have to deal with Tony tomorrow and now she'd probably do it with a hangover. She went to take down another one but I reached out and took it from her grasping hands. "Pep, I think enough is enough." I chided lightly. Obadiah chuckled beside me.

"It's just not fair." She sighed, rubbing her forehead. I felt sorry for her all over again. She may get paid a great deal more than most personal assistants but putting up with Tony Stark is an art. I've long since mastered it, being his friend since I was still in pampers had me mastering it to a degree that I don't think anyone but Obadiah, who has also known Tony and his father since Tony was born, could reach.

I leant over to Obadiah and rolled my eyes. "I don't think she's in any shape to go find Tony." I said, eying her as she giggled. Pepper doesn't usually drink…in public. I sighed and Obadiah's smile was tight but I didn't understand why. It wasn't like this was the first time that she had been drunk and he had taken her home.

I picked up my small green purse that had matched so well with this outfit. It really was a magnificent forest green dress, short and just barely formal enough for this event. Not that it would matter because the one man who I wanted to see hadn't even noticed. Rhodey approached me now in his air force uniform. He'd dressed up in it to give the award to us, after I had begged him. I'd hoped if his best friend was presenting the award then Tony would have come to the award ceremony. I should have known from the beginning that he wouldn't have done it. Tony never likes doing anything because he has to.

"He's in the casino." Rhodey supplied to me. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I kind of expected him to be gone already.

"Which one?" I asked him. Obadiah was leading Pepper away, whispering in her ear furiously. I frowned at him. That was uncharacteristic of him; I wonder what's going on with those two this evening. First Pepper gets drunk and all sad and then Obadiah is getting angry with her for it when he's usually so in control of himself and laughing. I shook off the feeling that something wasn't right, for now. Whatever was worrying those two so much would have to wait for when Tony and I came back from Afghanistan.

"The one in this hotel." Rhodes muttered. I winced. Of course, just to spit everyone Tony would get here and then just decide to go to the casino. I swear, the guts that man has…if I didn't admire the fact that he could get away with that, I'd probably be mad right about now.

I chuckled anyway and took the arm that Rhodes offered me. He was furious; it showed all over his face to. He wasn't good at controlling his emotions in front of the press, mostly because he hasn't grown up having cameras pointed in his face all the time. If my parents did one thing, it was to make sure I knew how to handle myself in a calm and professional manner.

Rhodes guided me through the greatly diminished crowd and through the large entrance hall. It didn't take us that long to reach the casino part of the hotel. It was full to the brim with its loud colors and machines. There were so many people and half of them were surrounding one table in particular. I didn't even have to wonder where my best friend, that's right the guy I'd been complaining about is my best friend, was stationed in this room. Anywhere with a crowd like that is where Tony is.

I released Rhodey's arm to see if I could get through the crowd and to Tony. It took a lot of work but once one woman, with fake hair I might add, realized who I was and stated it to everyone in the room, I could get all the way to Tony. The woman, who ever she was, had screamed my name so he probably knew I was here now. He stood at the table with a glass of probably the finest scotch this place had to offer in his hand.

Tony wore a gorgeous maroon button up shirt that he currently had unbuttoned so that everyone could just get a glimpse of the toned muscle and tanned skin that lay underneath his clothing. His dark brown hair was slicked back and a pair of maroon tinted shades covered what I knew to be mesmerizingly, dark brown eyes. He had sleek, tailored black pants and he has his signature facial hair.

He's like walking sex personified.

I know what you're asking yourself. Who thinks their best friend is walking, talking sex? Well, someone who's in love with their best friend that's who. I can't remember exactly when I fell in love with him, but I can remember the day he told me he was in love with Pepper, right after I'd talked myself into telling him I was in love with him. Thank God I at least didn't tell him before he told me that important information.

Now though, Tony was leaning against the body of a gorgeous brunette with long hair, red lips, and a short, almost too small for her body, black dress. She was running her hands down the aforementioned muscles that Tony and I had both worked hard for. I don't mean to brag but I took a keen interest in working out and I even helped Tony get the wonderful physique he now has. Though, to be honest, I thought maybe if I helped him that he'd finally see me as something more than just a friend. But who am I kidding? I'll always be a shadow to him.

"You are unbelievable." Were the first words out of my mouth to him. He turned from the woman in front of him to look at me and he groaned.

"Did they rope you into this?" Tony groaned in his deep husky voice. I almost sighed at hearing it again. Instead I sighed because I was amused.

"Rope me into what exactly? Trying to get you to work?" I teased him. He grinned at me, showing all of his bright, naturally that way, teeth. God, his smile…sometimes I just want to screw him sideways. "Please, I gave up on getting you to do anything when I was nine and you threw away my Alice and Wonderland book just to spite me." I told him but it seemed that Rhodey didn't agree with my 'give up' philosophy. He pushed his way past me but I lost concentration on them for a moment so I could talk to Happy.

Happy Hogan was Tony's bodyguard, and he's put up with Tony ever since Happy saved Tony's life. It was back when Howard had just died. Someone thought it would be a good idea to target Tony at the funeral. I'd watched as Happy, who'd been there because his father was Howard's bodyguard, jumped in front of a bullet for Tony. He's been on our payroll ever since.

"Happy, could you go ahead and get Tony's car ready? And have the Valet pull my car around?" I asked him. He nodded at me and disappeared in the crowd. While Happy was also Tony's chauffer, I had long decided to have as few people on my personal payroll as possible. Seeing as how Mom was killed by our butler I thought it was a pretty good idea in the end. I have a few people that I've checked the background out of at least twice a week that clean my house.

I checked back in with Rhodey and Tony, just to make sure that Rhodes really hadn't taken Tony out. You never know, one day Tony might actually step on one toe to many.

"-presented you with an award, you'd be deeply honored." Rhoedes was saying. I slipped up close to them and rolled my eyes as the crowd tried to get closer to Tony and I. Some male, with a butch haircut and piercing in both eyebrows and three in the side of his lip hesitantly handed me a piece of paper and a pen. I scribbled my name on it for him and smiled warmly. Just because he freaked me out didn't mean I couldn't be nice. I turned back to Tony and Rhodes but I heard the guy say something that mysteriously sounded like, 'I'm in love.' But I digress.

"Of course I'd be deeply honored. And it's you, that's great. Isn't that great Anna?" Tony turned to me and smiled, pleading with me to save him from another of Rhodes' lectures. Rhodes has known Tony for two years, you'd think by now he'd stop getting so mad at his antics. Of course, Pepper's known him four years and she's advanced to where she drinks just to get away from Tony's annoying persona. I don't see what everyone is always so pissed at him for, he's only being himself. Of course, I do kind of understand that some things are important and Tony doesn't quite understand that.

"It was fabulous." I deadpanned, and shoved Tony's apogee award into his chest. I'm not going to lie; I did it mostly to feel just exactly what that brunette had been feeling. And, God it felt good. Tony winced and took the award from me while Rhodes fumed beside us.

"There it is." Tony looked the award over. "That was easy." Then he turned to Rhodes and for a second seriously apologized. "I'm so sorry."

"Yeah, it's okay." Rhodes said. I could still see a little anger in his eyes but I could also see that he was slowly growing accustom to Tony's way of doing things. After tonight, there is no doubt in my mind that Tony will try and do something over the top to try and make up for it and if it isn't over the top then it's going to be so subtle that you won't even know it was him until you've already forgiven him.

"Wow, don't have any of those floating around." Tony muttered to me and I rolled my eyes and smiled. The crowd was larger now, and Tony had to shuffle forward toward me to avoid getting crushed. As his body moved closer his pelvis was pressed against mine and I nearly looked to the heavens and asked myself why. I barely resisted.

He grinned apologetically at me but all it did was make that little crack in my heart go a little farther. I swear, ten more months and I'll be one of those celebrities that end up going to a mental asylum. It didn't help that I could feel his breath blowing on my face, minty fresh to. He, with one hand, pushed some chips out onto the board and grabbed the red and white dice.

"We're gonna let it ride." Tony said and then he put his hand holding the dice up to – surprise, surprise – the brunette's face. "Give me a hand, will you? Gimme a little something-something." He said. Trying to be sexy the brunette blew her Botox injected lips on his hand. Then to my surprise he turned, moving his hips again against mine, and held them in front of my face. I rolled my eyes skyward. "Okay, you to." He told me.

"I don't blow on dice." I said and was it just me or did his eyes just dilate? Na, probably just me. It was always just me because he almost always does something after it that puts me back into the 'childhood friend' zone.

"Come on, honey bear." He pouted cutely. He even poked his lip out, going the whole nine yards. He even slid his eye-shades down his nose and looked me directly in the eyes with his gorgeous mouthwatering gaze. And guess what? I crumbled. Taking a deep breath, and hoping my breath didn't smell like that chicken I ate at the ceremony I blew on the dice. For a moment nothing changed but Tony and I's eyes stayed locked together. And then the moment ended. Tony's eyes were defiantly dilated, but I couldn't make sure because he moved back, breaking contact with me. He was still smiling though. I frowned because if it had been my breath then he would have told me – being my annoying best friend.

He threw the dice down on the table and I could see Rhodes mouth opening, about to start lecturing him again. "Winner." The dealer called. I rolled my eyes as all of the chips on the table were pushed to Tony.

"Congrats." I sarcastically said. Tony smirked and motioned to someone beside himself.

"Color me up, William." Tony said and then turned back to me. "All right, you ready to go then?" He asked me. I snorted and for a moment I even thought about telling him that I wasn't going anywhere with him, just to see what he'd do but alas, I didn't. Instead I nodded.

'William' soon had the chips together. Rhodes, being the beef cake that he is, pushed everyone out of the way for us so that we could get out. Tony was behind me as we left; he even put on his jacket. The William guy went and switched out the chips for cash, though he had to almost run. Tony promised him half of it if he got it to us before we left.

He made it back in five minutes. Apparently there was three million in chips. I nearly laughed at the face the teenager made when Tony just waved off his amount of the money. We made it all the way to the entrance hall again and to the doors.

"This is where I exit." Rhodes said and shook Tony's hand, and we kissed each other on the cheeks. "Tomorrow, don't be late." He pointed at Tony as he walked away. I rolled my eyes as Tony put his arm around my shoulders so we didn't get split up.

I couldn't help but to think about the trip to Afghanistan. Only Tony would want to go to a war zone to demonstrate weapons.

"Yeah, you can count on it." Tony said as he pointed back. I could just see the 'probably not going to happen' running through Rhodes head. I had my purse in one hand, and the apogee award in the other and it was horribly heavy. I couldn't give it away though, but that didn't mean that Tony couldn't do it with his. Now that Rhodes was gone he could do it without him even knowing, at least until it came up in the media or something.

So when we passed a couple that was desperately looking through their luggage for something, Tony pushed it into the hands of the obvious new bride. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. There you go." And then he just kept walking. I snorted and waved at them as we walked out the door. As I suspected there were a group of reporters waiting out there. I put on the obviously fake smile that in every one of my photos you could tell didn't reach my eyes.

"So, are you coming back to the mansion? We could work on the laser system for the next version of the Jericho." Tony remarked, releasing me from under his arm as we made it past the people. Now walking around us were our bodyguards, all of them having been silently making sure we weren't absolutely mobbed.

I opened my mouth to reply but as I did I heard someone running up behind us. We'd reached Tony's car now but that didn't stop me from groaning when someone called out to us.

"Ms. Vinci! Mr. Stark!" She called. The bodyguards stopped her and I looked back. It was the atypical female reporter. They look pretty, do themselves up to look gorgeous, get a few things nip and tucked, just so that they might entice you into telling them all of your little secrets. "Christine Everhart, Vanity Fair magazine." She stated. "Can I ask you two a couple of questions?" Though she said two, I could see she only had eyes for Tony.

"She's cute." Happy muttered. I let out a long suffering sigh. I could already tell, as Tony turned around, that the previous offer he'd made me to spend some time with me had flown off into the wind, never to be seen again. This is the part about Tony that I don't like. I want the Tony who loved to spend time with me, who enjoyed trying to work problems that, at our age, we had no business doing. I miss the Tony who would never blow me off for some pretty girl, or drink until I had to rub his back in the bathroom on the floor.

"Well," I false smiled. "I'm afraid I don't have any time. I'm sure Tony can answer any questions you might have." My fake smile dropped as I walked away, towards where I could see my beautiful sleek black Lamborghini waiting. It soothed me to see it because it had been a gift from Tony for my last birthday. Normally I wasn't a car person but the Lamborghini was my dream car, and Tony had seen to it that I'd gotten it. It reminded me, every time I saw it, why it was I loved Tony. Under all of his layers of annoyingness and cockiness, Tony really was a person who if he cared about someone he'd make sure they were taken care of and happy.

I slid into my beautiful car and threw my purse into the passenger side seat and wasted no time in throwing a wrinkled hundred at the valet and driving off. I was ready to get home. I have a standing date with a box of Ben & Jerry's vanilla and caramel ice cream.

"I'm hopeless!" I muttered to myself. I was completely in love with him but he didn't see me as more than that shadow that follows him around. If I just quit this wouldn't be a problem. All I'd have to do is attend a few meetings at Stark & Vinci Industries as an owner, where I would see him but otherwise I would be busy doing other stuff. I could retake over my father's company; my father was partnered with Howard Stark to create the company but Howard had given up the rights to my father when he focused on Stark Industries.

Howard Stark had the money and the resources to help with making it and my father had the man power. The company was full of spies, and people unnaturally talented in preventing end of the world scenarios. If I remember the status updates that I get in the mail correctly, Agents go on missions and save the world from psychopaths who want to do different kinds of things that would be bad for the whole world. It's not part of the government like I used to think when I was a kid but it does answer to the World Council. I don't think we should, and the last time I checked the Director I appointed didn't think so either but who really likes their boss? Unless you're me and you're in love with your boss.

I blinked out of my revere as I finally pulled into the driveway of my house. It took three minutes alone just to get to the house from the driveway. I'd had to buy out everyone around me so that I could put up a fence. People had started trying to get into my house to see me when I became actively famous.

The house itself is my main house. I have so many in places that I don't even remember most of them, but I do have a list, somewhere. My house is free and open, with most of the security being in the fence and the hidden technology. It was made of mostly windows and wood with multiple rooms inside. When you came up to it you were on the first floor which was carved into the side of a cliff on the Malibu coast line. Then you could go inside there to the entrance hall or you could head up the stairs on the side and walk past the pool and inside from the balcony. It was even better on the inside, with beautiful open rooms. I had a workout room where I spent three hours every day, and three living rooms my black and white bedroom and a lab in the basement for my secret passion in engineering and chemistry.

I parked my car inside the garage and hopped out to walk up the stairs. I glanced at the pool longingly but there was no way I had time to go swimming. What I needed to do was sit down in my study or on my bed and get some of this paperwork that's been piling up in my study done. I walked through my halls, with all of the pretty pictures. They weren't expensive abstract pictures that no one really cares about, like you would think of me. Instead they were all of drawings fans of mine have made. My favorite, a painting of me and Tony standing with each other in formal attire but with mischievous smiles on our faces, was done by a fan who was a professional. I thought it spoke clearly of our friendship.

"Welcome home, Miss Vinci." Jarvis' smooth voice flooded through my mind as I entered my study to grab my paperwork. I felt a sense of nostalgia. I remember the first day I'd come home with him in my house. I'd nearly throttled Tony for putting him in. But then Tony said something so sweet that I'd had to keep Jarvis.

"I know you don't like butlers ever since…your mother…so I just made you one that can't possibly hurt you in any way possible. Plus, Jarvis is state of the art and can not only take care of you, but also tell me all of your dirty little secrets."

I'd nearly melted into a puddle of Anna goo. He can be so sweet sometimes. Other times I think he does it on purpose just to keep me buttered up for when he does something wrong. Well, I showed him… "Good Evening Jarvis."

I flopped onto my black and white themed bed and for a moment I contemplated just going to sleep, but I've got responsibilities, people counting on me. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and started on the top file in a box that was at least five feet thick. I paused for a second and glanced at the clock. "Jarvis, don't let me work for more than two hours and have Dummy 2 pack me a bag for Afghanistan tomorrow." I told him while I looked curiously on this week's report from S.H.I.E.L.D. it looked more or less like the Director didn't believe that I even read these. It was scribbled half-heartedly and in a fast manner.

"Make a note to get in touch with S.H.I.E.L.D. in the future." I told Jarvis again.

"Yes ma'am." He returned. I sighed and got down to work.

Two hours passed pretty quickly, and after Jarvis' reminder I shuffled all of the paperwork onto my desk in the corner of my room so that I could go do my two hour work out, with a one hour workout in the morning, and then I took a shower and was off to bed.

I know I've been out of commission for a long time, but I'm hoping that this is worth it. I absolutely love what I've done with it, for the most part, and though there are mistakes, I hope you love it. I've been working really hard for this to come out as close to awesome as I can get it. I've even been doodling their names together on scrap pieces of paper, and picking out pictures for them and everything. So please tell me if you love it.

Here's the disclaimer for the entire story: I don't own Ironman or anything you recognize from it. I do own Anna.

This is one of my favorite movies, and Tony is my most favorite of all superheroes, including in the Avengers. I know Iron man 3 is coming out but I can't plan for that so I might end up not putting a sequel for that. We'll get to it when it comes. However I do plan to go through the Avengers.