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A/N1: Let's get right into this story. Silver Ruffian and I have been discussing this season, and she mentioned that season one Dean would not be at all pleased at the direction his and Sam's lives have gone in recent episodes. This started a little seed to grow in my brain (never a good thing) and you can now read the tree that grew from that one seed.

A/N2: Warnings: Anti-Castiel (LOL, that is assumed), anti-Kevin, anti-Garth, anti-Charlie, anti-Ellie. Spoilers up to and including 'Trial and Error', then the story goes AU the last fifteen minutes or so of the episode. There is a mention of suicide.

A/N3: As always, huge thanks to Superwiki and Google for all my research needs.

A/N4: The characters of SPN belong to Kripke, Carver, Gamble and the rest of the bums that have fudged up my beloved show. They should be forced to reset things, starting with season four. Powers!Sam should get Dean out of Hell and not the fudging angel. But, I don't see a redo in the future, so we will just have to deal with the mess that SPN has become.

A/N5: Special thanks, as always to my muse Silver Ruffian.

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So without any further A/N's, I give you "Dean Has Had Enough". Enjoy


As Dean comes running out of Ellie's room, he puts on the holy oil treated glasses, and runs to the barn. He gets to the door and slides one side open. Dean sees the Hellhound inside. He takes out Ruby's knife and walks into the barn.

Dean says with a sneer, "So you're Crowley's bitch. I guess pets really do look like their owners."

Dean sees the Hellhound run behind some farm machinery. He yells after it, "What are you waiting for? Come and get it."

The Hellhound comes out of the shadows and claws Dean's chest. Dean falls against the wall behind him and the Hellhound claws him a couple more times. Dean falls to the ground. The Hellhound stands over Dean's lifeless body and growls in victory.

A shot is heard in the quiet barn, blood starts to pour from a wound in the Hellhound's head. It turns it's head to see Sam pointing a gun. Sam continues shooting until his gun is empty. The Hellhound falls to the ground and lands next to Dean's dead body.

Sam, blinking back tears, runs to his brother. He sees the blood and claw marks on Dean's chest and throat. Sam sobs, as he tries to find a pulse, but there isn't any. Once again, a hellhound has killed his brother. Sam screams in grief.

Ellie comes running into the barn, but stops when she sees Sam crying and holding Dean's bloody body.

She says quietly, "Sam, is he ok?"

Sam continues crying, and doesn't answer her.

Ellie slowly walks over to Sam, and kneels down. She says gently, "I am so sorry, Sam."

Sam looks up at her with tear filled eyes and mutters, "It was all for nothing."

Ellie asks quietly, "The Hellhound isn't dead?," as she looks around, unable to see the invisible monster's corpse.

Sam sobs, "Yeah, it's dead. I just wanted it away from Dean. Fucking hellhounds." He gathers Dean in his arms and stands up.

Ellie stands and quietly asks, "What are you going to do?"

Sam holds Dean close and mutters, "Try to get him back."

Ellie smiles weakly, "I'm sorry, did you say, 'Get him back'?"

Sam nods, "This time, the fucking hellhounds are not going to win."

He carries Dean out to the Impala. Ellie follows, and opens the back door for Sam. Sam gently lays Dean down on the seat and closes the door quietly. He walks to the back of the car and opens the trunk, with the keys he took from Dean's pocket. Finding a hex bag, he closes the trunk and walks back to Ellie. He hands her the hex bag.

Sam says in a tired voice, "This will keep Crowley from finding you and sending another hellhound your way. Good luck." He goes around her and gets into the driver's seat.

Ellie stands there, holding the hex bag, "Wait, at least give me a number, so that I can reach you, you know, if I need help."

Sam shakes his head and says, "I'm sorry, we've done enough." He closes the door and starts the car. Sam drives down the driveway, through the gates, leaving Cassity Farms and Ellie behind him.


Almost sixteen hours later, Sam pulls up to the Bunker. He only stopped for coffee and gas. He turns off the Impala and takes the keys out of the ignition. He looks in the rearview mirror at Dean and sobs. He remembers another time, that he looked in the mirror and saw his brother, bloody, just before the semi hit the car.

Sam gets out the car. He opens the back door and lifts Dean in his arms. He kicks the door closed, and enters the bunker. Tears run down his face as he enters Dean's room and lays his brother gently on his bed.

Sam places Dean's hands on his chest and kisses his check. "I'm bringing you back, Dean. Even if I have to go through every fucking book in the library, I will bring you back!"

With one last look at his brother, Sam leaves the room. He goes into his room and lays down on his bed. Sam knows that he needs to sleep after driving all that way without stopping, but he wants to get started on researching Dean's return. He lays there, staring at the ceiling. He brushes away tears that refuse to stop falling.

Sam's cellphone rings. He reaches into his pocket and looks at the caller id, 'Kevin'. Sam throws the phone at the wall, it smashes into pieces. Sam rolls over to his side, wraps his arms around his chest and cries himself to sleep.


Sam wakes up the next morning. He realizes that he is still wearing his jacket and boots. He sobs because that means that it wasn't a nightmare. It was real, Dean was killed (again) by a hellhound.

Sam gets off the bed. He walks out of his room and looks in on Dean. He kisses Dean's forehead, "Time to get to work, Dean." Sam leaves Dean's room.

He walks into the kitchen, puts the coffee maker on and makes some sandwiches. When the coffee is ready, he grabs the pot and a mug and walks into the library. He pours coffee into the mug and places the coffeepot next to the plate of sandwiches, that he had brought in earlier. He starts pulling books off the shelves, looking for anything that will give him back Dean.

The sandwiches are finished. The coffeepot is empty. There are more books on the table than on the library shelves.

Sam stares at the table full of books and tries to hold back the tears. He knows that if he starts crying again, then he will not be able to stop until he goes up to Dean's room and ends it with a bullet.

Sam closes his eyes. He whispers, "God, I know I'm not your favorite person, but please help me. I NEED Dean."

Sam sits with his eyes closed. He hears a book hitting the floor and gets up from the chair. He walks around the table and sees a book sitting open on the floor. He picks it up and looks at the open pages. He sees a spell for 'returning life unto death'. Looking up at the ceiling, Sam whispers, "Thank you."

After reading the spell, Sam realizes that he needs to salt and burn Dean's body, in order for Dean to come back. Taking a deep breath, Sam goes into Dean's room and once more picks up his brother. He carries Dean outside to the back of the bunker. Gathering enough wood, he lays Dean down. Blinking away tears, he kisses Dean's cheek and goes back inside for the salt and gasoline. Sam comes back to Dean and throws the salt on him. Sam then does the same with the gasoline. With a sob, Sam takes out a book of matches, lights one of them and throws the whole book on Dean's chest. The gasoline catches right away and Dean's body is engulfed in flames. Sam doesn't fight the tears that fall, he just stands there, knowing that tomorrow, Dean will be back with him. When there is nothing left of his brother, Sam goes back inside to his room, throws himself on his bed and for the second night in a row, cries himself to sleep.


Sam wakes up and after a quick breakfast, is ready to do the spell.

He goes into one of the empty bedrooms and draws the sigils on the floor in Dean's blood. In a bowl, he puts strands of Dean's hair, fingernail clippings and blood. Sam adds the other ingredients. He puts the bowl in the center of the sigil circle.

In a clear and calm voice, Sam says, "Qui mortuus proferre ad vitam," as he throws a match into the bowl.

Sam stands there, watching the bowl's contents burn. Then the bowl burns away. Sam steps back, as flames engulf the sigil circle. The flames burn away, leaving white smoke. Sam can see a man standing in the center of the circle, and as the smoke clears, Sam can see WHO the man is.

Once the smoke is completely gone, the man looks at Sam with clear green eyes and says calmly, "Sammy?"


So, what do you think?

FYI:Qui mortuus proferre ad vitam is Latin for 'He who has died, bring forth back to life'.