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So, enjoy Chapter Two.


"Sammy?", the one word in the English language that can make the six foot four inch Sam Winchester, react like a five year old.

Sam needs only one stride to enter the sigil circle and embrace his brother. He feels something poking his chest and holds Dean tighter.

Dean Winchester finds himself with an armful of baby brother. Not only that, but a baby brother who is sobbing and trembling. Dean's big brother instincts kick in within seconds, and he holds Sam tight. Dean strokes his hair and whispers gently, "It's okay", numerous times.

Sam calms down enough to pull away from Dean. Dean smiles at him, then looks around the empty room. Dean's smile slowly disappears, when he realizes that there is nothing in the room, except for the sigil circle drawn in red paint (is that blood?), that he and Sam are standing in.

Dean looks up at his brother's tear streaked face and says in a tight voice, "What did you do, Sam?"

Sam chokes on a sob and whispers, "I had to get you back."

Dean takes a deep breath and says, "Sam, we both knew I was going to die, better I died in my sleep, then in that hospital. I know it wasn't easy to..."

Sam interrupts, "Died in your sleep? What are you talking about Dean, fucking Hellhound killed you again."

Dean looks at Sam with wide eyes, "Hellhound? No, we were chasing the rawhead, remember I got shocked."

Sam shakes his head, "The rawhead was over eight years ago, Dean."

Dean takes a deep breath, "Sammy, did you hit your head? I checked myself out of the hospital, got a ride to the hotel room. You told me about some guy in Nebraska, that we were going to see in the morning. Except, my heart gave out during the night. By the time you woke up, I was gone. As in 'ghost gone', I'm so sorry Sammy. I saw you doing CPR, with tears rolling down your face. You called 911, and when the paramedics showed up, they told you that I had been dead for at least three hours. You punched one of them in the face, breaking his nose. They threatened to arrest you if you didn't calm down. When they went outside to wait for the coroner, you packed our stuff, threw it in the Impala. Grabbed me, put me in the backseat and drove away like a bat out of Hell."

As Dean is talking, Sam looks at him and realizes that he is wearing his brown leather jacket, and that the amulet that Sam gave Dean, and that Dean threw away, is back around his brother's neck.

Sam stares at the amulet until he realizes that Dean has stopped talking. He looks up at Dean's face and realizes that his brother looks 'younger' and not so world weary. Sam clears his throat and says, "Dean, that never happened. That guy in Nebraska saved you."

Dean looks at Sam, "Ok. Before we go any further, when was the last time you had a shower, because Sammy, you smell. Is that blood on your shirt? Did you hurt yourself?"

Sam looks down at his shirt, and realizes that he hasn't changed his clothes since the day of the Hellhound fiasco. He looks up at Dean, "It's your blood."

Dean nods, "Ok. Go take a shower, change your clothes and then we will figure out what is going on here. What kind of hotel is this, anyway?"

Sam swallows, "It's the Men of Letters Headquarters."

Dean nods, "Ok. That will have to wait until after your shower. Does this place have a kitchen, I am starved and you look like you could use some food."

Sam nods, "Down the hall, to the left."

Dean smiles at Sam, "Sammy go take that shower, and I will make us some," Dean looks at his watch and looks back at Sam, "lunch. OK?"

Sam nods. Dean looks at him and waits. Dean sighs and leaves the room. Sam watches as his brother goes towards the kitchen. Sam takes a deep breath and with a last look at the sigil circle, leaves the room and walks to his bedroom.


After his shower, Sam dresses in fresh clothes and smiles. Big brother does know best.

He leaves his room, passes Dean's, and stops. He can see the bloodstains on Dean's bed. With a loud cry, Sam runs to the linen closet down the hall, and grabs some fresh sheets. He runs back to Dean's room. He puts the clean linen on the desk and rips the soiled ones off the bed two handed. Balling them up, he throws them toward the door. Taking deep breaths, he remakes the bed with the clean sheets.

As Sam smooths out the top sheet, he hears Dean behind him, "Nice room, dude."

Sam smiles and turns around, "This is your room."

Dean blinks, "Mine?" Dean walks in and looks at the pictures and weaponry hanging on the wall. He picks up the picture of him and Mary from the nightstand and smiles, "Hi, Mom." He gently puts the picture back. He looks at Sam, "So, where is yours?"

Sam shrugs, "It's not decorated like this. There's just a bed and some furniture, that's it."

Dean shakes his head, "Sam, obviously we are staying here for a while, get comfy."

Sam shrugs again, "I usually stay in the library."

Dean laughs, "Still a geek." Dean turns around and sees the soiled sheets by the wall, where they landed. "Sam, you had my bloody body in my room for how long?"

Sam lowers his eyes, "Today was the second day."

Dean sighs, "Ok, lunch first, then we talk."

Sam nods and waits until Dean walks out the room, before leaving Dean's room. He passes the dirty sheets and makes a mental note to salt and burn them later.

Sam walks into the library and sees that Dean made space at one end of the table for them to sit and eat lunch.

Dean is eating a large sandwich. Sam sits next to him and starts eating his sandwich.

Dean gestures with his mug of coffee towards the pile of books taking up the rest of the table, "This have something to do with that sigil circle I found myself in?"

Sam nods. Dean waits for Sam to say something, but Sam continues eating his sandwich. Dean sighs, "Ok."

They eat the rest of their meal in a comfortable silence. When they are both done, Sam grabs their plates and mugs and takes them into the kitchen. He returns to the library and sees Dean straighening up the books.

Sam takes a deep breath, "I have them organized."

Dean laughs, "Of course, you do. Is it okay, to put them back where they belong?"

Sam nods, "I thought you wanted to talk?"

Dean smiles, "Can't we do both?"

Sam shrugs, "I'll put the books back, you tell me about this 'ghost gone' thing of yours." He starts reshelving the books as Dean starts to talk.

Dean runs his hand down his face, "What's to tell, Sammy? I died and then I was a ghost. I stayed with you, because you wouldn't salt and burn my body. You called Dad, he told you to do it and you threw your cell at a wall. You went to Bobby's and stayed there for three days. You put me in Bobby's garage and kept telling me, that you would get me back. Bobby finally told you, that if you didn't salt and burn me, he was going to sedate you and do it himself. You begged, but Bobby insisted. So, a week after I died, I was finally salted and burned. That ended my ghostness. Then I find myself in a sigil circle painted in red paint. Please tell me, that's paint, Sammy."

Sam swallows, "It's your blood."

Dean slams his hand on the table, "Blood magic, Sammy? You know that never works well, and look what happened."

Sam slams the book that he was carrying onto the table, "What happened? What happened is I got you back. THAT is what happened."

Dean takes a deep breath, "But, obviously something got crossed. I say I died from a bad heart and you say I died from a hellhound. Wait a second, what did you mean by 'again'?"

Sam sits down, he whispers, "The first time was when you made a deal."

Dean starts pacing, he yells, "I made a deal? Why the fuck would I make a deal, there is NOTHING that I would make a deal for!" Dean suddenly realizes that there is SOMEONE he would make a deal for. He turns toward the table and sees Sam looking down at his hands. Dean sits across from Sam.

Dean reaches across the table, takes his brother's hands in his and says gently, "What happened, Sammy?"

Sam looks up at Dean with tear filled eyes, "The yellow-eyed demon grabbed me. He wanted all us 'special children' to fight to the death. I got stabbed in the back, I died. You made a deal to bring me back. The hellhounds came for you a year later. I tried so hard to not let it happen, Bobby and me went through every book we could find and found nothing. I lost you, Dean, and I wasn't going to let it happen again."

Dean lets go of Sam's hands and gets up. He walks around the table to Sam. Sam reaches for him and buries his face in Dean's shirt, holding him tight around the waist. Dean wraps his arms around Sam's shoulders and rests his chin on Sam's head, "It's ok, Sammy."

Sam holds Dean for a few minutes, then he slowly lets Dean go, "Damn, I've been doing a lot of crying lately." Sam wipes the tears from his face. He looks down at the floor.

Dean pulls out a chair and sits down. He takes Sam's hands in his own again and asks, "So, how did you get me back the first time?"

Sam squeezes Dean's hands, "An angel, named Castiel, rescued you from Hell."

Dean snorts, "An angel?"

Sam nods and smiles weakly, "You found it hard to believe back then too."

Dean shakes his head, "Why would an angel give a fuck about me?"

Sam says, "He was ordered to get you out of Hell by God."

Dean snorts, "God? Ok Sammy, suppose I believe all this bullshit, so this angel is all good and everything?"

Sam holds Dean's hands tightly, "You wouldn't call Castiel 'all good'."

Dean says coldly, "What did he do, Sammy?"

Sam takes a deep breath, "He threatened to throw you back in Hell for not showing him respect. When you wanted to sacrifice yourself to the archangel Micheal, he beat you. After I fell into Lucifer's cage, he got me out, but bought me back without my soul. He knew there was something wrong with me, but lied and manipulated you. Then when you got my soul back, he took down the wall that protected me from my Hell memories and left me a hallucinating mess. He eventually 'cured' me, but even now he is still keeping secrets from us."

Dean says coldly, "He hurt you?"

Sam whispers, "He hurt you, as well."

Dean lets go of Sam's hands and stands up, "But the son of a bitch fucking hurt YOU. Sammy, please tell me, that I kicked his ass for that shit!"

Sam takes a deep breath, "No, but I don't think you have forgiven him."

Dean starts pacing again, "Forgiven him? Are you kidding me? Sammy, no one hurts you and gets away with it. How do we get his ass here? He and I are going to have a little talk."

Sam gives his over-protective big brother a weak smile, "He is kind of not answering our calls right now."

Dean nods, "Good, maybe it is better that I calm down before I kick his feathered ass back to Heaven." Dean goes to the mini fridge and grabs a couple of beers. He walks back to the table, hands one to Sam and sits down next to him.

Sam drinks his beer and waits for the rest of what he said to sink in. He sees the exact moment it does, as his big brother's eyes widen.

Dean looks at Sam, "How many times have you died?"

Sam whispers, "We BOTH have died too many times to count."

Dean finishes his beer and gets up for two more. He places one in front of Sam, who is only half way through his first one. "Shit, Sammy. Tell me some more bad news."

Sam chokes on his beer, "Really, Dean? Can we maybe change the subject and talk about something other than death?"

Dean looks at Sam and says quietly, "Where's Dad, Sammy?"

Sam swallows some beer, "He made a deal to save you Dean. He died but he helped us defeat the yellow-eyed demon."

Dean sits back in his chair, "Shit. Bobby, Caleb, Pastor Jim, Roy, Walt, Ritchie, are any of them still alive?"

Sam puts his empty beer bottle on the table and reaches for the other one, "Bobby, Caleb, Pastor Jim and Ritchie all died in the line of 'duty'. YOU killed Roy and Walt."

Dean chokes on some beer, "I killed two hunters? Why the fuck would I do that?"

Sam gives his big brother a grim smile, "Because Walt shot me and Roy shot you."

Dean coldly says, "Good. That's what I'm talking about Sammy. I'm the only one who can legitimately kick your ass, anybody else tries, I kick THEIR ass."

Sam smiles at the familiar words, "I still want to change the subject."

Dean smiles at Sam, "Okay. Where's my baby, Bitch?"

Sam laughs, "She's outside waiting for you as always, Jerk."

Dean laughs and gets up. He holds out his hand. Sam looks at him, confused, but realizing what Dean wants, he checks his pockets. With a grin, he walks to his room, Dean follows. Sam walks into his room and takes the Impala's keys out of his jacket pocket.

Dean notices the pieces of cellphone on the floor and asks calmly, "Who pissed you off this time, Sammy?"

Sam looks down and says, "A prophet named Kevin."

Dean laughs, "We have angels and prophets. Nice." He takes the keys from Sam. "Lead me to my baby. Right now, I don't want to know anything else."

Sam smiles and grabs his laptop. He leads Dean to the front door of the Bunker. They go outside, up the steps to the parking area.

Dean smiles widely, "Hello baby."

Sam chuckles and sits on a rock. He opens his laptop and groans when he sees that he has over a hundred emails from Garth and Kevin.

Dean looks up from his inspection of the Impala's engine, "What's the matter?"

Sam says in disgust, "Kevin and Garth."

Dean asks, "Garth? Is that another prophet?"

Sam says in disgust, "No, he's a hunter."

Dean chuckles, "A hunter named Garth? He any good?"

Sam snorts, "He thinks he can replace Bobby."

Dean walks over to Sam, "I didn't hear you correctly, some asshole named Garth, thinks he can replace Bobby?"

Sam says softly, "Yes."

Dean shakes his head and walks back to the Impala, "Shit, Sam, what the fuck is going on here?"

Sam takes a deep breath, "I wish I knew."


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