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Sam opens his eyes. He glances at his watch. 8:15 am. Sam sits up. He is alone in Dean's room.

Telling himself not to panic, he throws the sheets off and gets out of the bed. He runs down the hall and into the library.

His laptop is open on the table, but there is no Dean. Sam runs to the table and looks at the screen. Supernatural Book: Jus in Bello.

As Sam tries to figure out what that could mean, he searches his pockets for his phone. He then remembers, that he threw it against the wall of his bedroom, two nights ago.

He runs to one of the cabinets and takes out a box of cellphones. He brings the box to the table and sits down. Sam tries to power them on, one by one, until one finally turns on with luckily three bars on it. Sam starts putting in Dean's cell number, until he realizes that he has no idea where his Dean's phone actually is.

Sam stares at the phone and tries to stay calm. In fact, now that he is actually looking at the phone, he recognizes it as an old one of his. With a deep breath, he looks at the contacts, and smiles weakly when he sees 'D'. Hoping that it is the phone that Dean has on him, Sam pushes 'send'.

Sam listens to it ring six times, and just as he is about to hang up, he hears, "Hey, Sammy."

Sam, without thinking, yells, "Dean, where the fuck are you?"

Dean chuckles, "And a good morning to you too, little brother."

Sam, trying to get himself under control, says in a tight voice, "Just answer the question."

Dean says calmly, "I remember reading in one of the books, that we got anti-possession tattoos. So, I went back and did a little research and here I am, in a tattoo shop about a half hour from the bunker. He's almost done, so I'll pick up some breakfast, and be home soon. Ok?"

Sam takes a deep breath, and whispers, "Ok."

Dean, in a worried voice asks, "Something happen?"

Sam whispers, "You were gone."

Dean says gently, "Ok, but you know that I wasn't going to be gone for long, right Sammy?"

Sam says nothing, just holds on to the phone tightly.

Dean gently says, "Sammy, give me fifteen minutes tops."

Sam mutters to himself, "I will not cry today."

Dean laughs, "Sammy, hang up the phone."

Sam closes the phone, and calmly puts it next to his laptop. Looking at the screen and reading the intro to the story, Sam realizes this was when Bela ratted them out to Henriksen. He remembers showing him their tattoos after Henriksen had been possessed by a demon. Smiling weakly to himself, Sam gets up and leaves the library.

He goes down the hall and leaves the bunker. He goes up the steps and sits on the rock that he sat on yesterday, while Dean inspected the Impala.

Taking a deep breath, he waits patiently for Dean's return.

He hears the Impala before he sees her. He stands up and watches the Impala drive towards him.

Dean parks the car by the curb and gets out. He is holding two bags. He smiles at Sam, "Didn't expect you to actually be waiting for me."

Sam smiles weakly, "I had nothing else to do."

Dean smiles and hands Sam one of the bags, "Breakfast is served."

Sam smiles and lets Dean walk down the steps first.

They walk to the library and sit at the table. They take out their coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

Sam sips his coffee and smiles brightly at Dean. Dean smiles back, "Good?"

Sam nods and starts eating his sandwich.

Dean pleased with himself, starts eating his breakfast.

They finish their breakfast and coffee. Sam grabs their trash and puts it into a garbage can against the wall.

He says calmly, "We still going to Garth's?"

Dean nods, "Just give me directions."

Sam gets ready to protest, that it would be easier for him to drive but, he WANTS Dean to drive the Impala, since the last time he and Dean were in the car, Dean was a dead body in the back seat. He pulls up Google maps on the laptop and gets directions to Warsaw, Missouri. He shows the screen to Dean.

Dean looks at the directions and nods, "Let's go."

Sam closes the laptop and follows Dean outside.

They go up the steps and get into the Impala. Dean drives out of the parking area and they are on their way.

While Dean drives and hums to the music, Sam thinks.

He wonders why Dean has just accepted what little Sam and the Supernatural Books have told him about the eight years he has skipped.

He glances at his older brother and quickly looks away as Dean glances back, "You ok over there, Sammy?"

Sam nods, "I was just wondering why you don't have more questions?"

Dean, in a confused voice asks, "About what?"

Sam laughs, "About the eight years that you skipped."

Dean shrugs, "I read the books. You said that an angel got me out of Hell. You mentioned that everybody that we knew was dead. I don't need details, so I figure, I'll just deal with the here and now."

Sam bites his lip, and says, "But, there are still four years that you have no clue about."

Dean nods, "And it doesn't bother me, Sammy. Don't let it bother you."

Sam looks out the window and remembers his promise to himself, that he wasn't going to cry today, "It doesn't bother me."

Dean snorts, "Bullshit. You are thinking about all the shit that happened between us in those four years, that I have no idea about, and you are wondering if you should tell me about it. Well don't. I don't care, Sammy. What happened, let it go because I am alive right now, because of you and that pretty much clears the slate of whatever crap you did in those four years. Got me?"

Sam looks at Dean, his eyes are shiny with unshed tears. He nods and looks away.

Dean reaches his right hand over and gives Sam's neck a squeeze, "I thought you weren't going to cry today?"

Sam softly laughs, "You heard that?"

Dean chuckles, "Yep."

Sam looks at Dean, "Dean..."

Dean shakes his head, "No Sam, I mean it. I do not want to know. Now change the subject."

Sam sniffs, and quietly says, "Thank you."

Dean snorts, "The fuck you thanking me for? Change the damn subject, Sammy."

Sam sits there and looks out the window for a few minutes then he says in a calmer voice, "When we get to Garth's boat, let me do the talking, ok?"

Dean looks at Sam, "Garth's BOAT? We are driving to a fucking boat. Shit. Fine, because the more I hear about this 'Garth' the more I don't want to hear about him."

Sam laughs.

Dean smiles at his brother, "That's better."

Sam smiles back at him, "Jerk."

Dean chuckles, "Bitch," he makes the radio a little louder and they drive the rest of the way listening to the music.


They arrive in Warsaw, Missouri, at just after 3:30 pm. Dean pulls up to the dock, where Fizzles' Folly is.

They get out of the Impala, and walk to the boat.

They board the boat and walk down the steps to the cabin. Kevin is sitting with his back to the door, his notes are spread all over the table.

Sam clears his throat, "Hi, Kevin."

Kevin gets up, "Finally, why the fuck haven't you answered my emails?" He turns to Dean, "What kind of email was that?"

Before Dean can answer, Sam gently pushes his brother to the side and says to Kevin, "Things got a bit crazy and we needed some time to regroup."

Dean snorts, but stays quiet. He starts looking at Kevin's notes on the table.

Kevin glares at Dean, but turns back to Sam, "So, the first trial is completed?"

Sam swallows, glances at his brother and shakes his head, "No, the hellhound got too close to Dean and I just kept shooting at it."

Dean glances up at Sam. Sam gives him a weak smile. Dean snorts and looks bored.

Kevin yells at Sam, "Are you fucking kidding me? Well, then you had better find another hellhound, because I want Crowley off my case. And I want him off, fucking now!"

When they hear the cocking of a gun, Sam and Kevin look at Dean. He has his Colt pointed at Kevin.

Dean says in a cold voice, "Back the fuck away."

Kevin's jaw drops and he glances at Sam, "Why is he pointing his gun at me?"

Sam, ignores Kevin, and says gently to Dean, "It's ok. Why don't you wait outside, Dean?"

Dean looks at Sam as if he has lost his mind, "Wait outside? And leave you with this psycho?"

Kevin glares at Dean, "Psycho? You're the one holding the gun."

Dean, still pointing the gun at Kevin, walks closer to him. Sam gets in between them, he gently lowers Dean's arm. Dean glares at Sam, but puts the gun back in his waist band.

He tells Sam, "You have ten minutes." He glares at Kevin, as he leaves the cabin.

Dean goes back up the steps and leaves the boat. He walks back to the Impala and leans on her, facing the street. He hears something behind him and turns around, his Colt in his hand.

Standing a few feet in front of him is a guy, wearing a trenchcoat, even though the sun is shining. Dean looks at him and asks, "Where the fuck did you come from?"

The guys says, "I am glad I found you." Then he cocks his head and stares at Dean.

Dean nods, "Ok, you found me, now who are you?"

The guy, still staring at Dean, asks, "You do not belong here." He walks closer to Dean.

A cold loud voice is heard, "Step any closer to him and I will rip every fucking feather off and shove them up your ass!"

Dean and the guy turn to see Sam standing near the boat, glaring at the guy.

The guy says, "This is not Dean."

Sam sneers at him, "Fuck you, it is Dean." He walks over to where Dean and the guy are standing.

The guy says, "Fine, it is a Dean, but not the Dean that belongs in this time. Why is he here and where is this time's Dean?"

Dean looks at Sam, "Who is this?"

Sam, now at his brother's side, coldly says, "This is Castiel, the angel that got you out of Hell."

Dean looks at the guy coldly, "The same angel that hurt you?"

Sam nods.

Castiel looks from one to other, "Answer my questions."

Sam shakes his head, "I'm not answering anything. Go the fuck away."

Castiel steps closer to Sam, but Dean gets in between them, "You hurt Sam. I will pull your fucking feathers off and shove them up your ass."

Castiel backs away from Dean, "Sam, where is this time's Dean?"

Sam glares at Castiel, "He's dead."

Castiel looks at Sam, "Dead? How?"

Sam snorts, "Does it fucking matter?"

Dean continues to stand in between his brother and the angel. He glares at Castiel, but is content to let Sam do the talking.

Castiel says, "No it doesn't matter, but how did this Dean get here?"

Sam coldly says, "I did a spell and poof I got a living Dean."

Castiel says, "This is not a joking matter, Sam. There are consequences. This Dean is missing from his time, how do you...

Sam interrupts him coldly, "This Dean was dead in his time."

Castiel looks at Dean, "How is that possible?"

Dean glares at him, "It is possible, because I am right here," he turns around to Sam, "Sam, can we go please, before I punch this motherfucker in the mouth?"

Sam nods. Dean goes around to the driver's side and stands there.

Sam glares at Castiel, "I still have an angel sword, you try to hurt Dean, and I will kill you. Do I make myself clear?"

Castiel looks at Dean, who is glaring at him and says, "Yes." He leaves.

Sam takes a deep breath, turns to his brother and smiles, "I'm hungry."

Dean laughs and starts to open the door, when a Ford Ranchero parks next to the Impala.

Sam groans, "Shit."

Dean glares at the car and asks Sam, "Now what?"

Sam says, "That's Garth."

Dean looks at him, "Now, my day is perfect. I get to meet Garth."

Sam laughs.

Garth comes around the back of his car to where Dean is standing and smiles at Dean, "Hey Dean, what's with the 'or else'? I thought we were all in this together?"

Dean glares at him, he sees the hat on Garth's head, he grabs it and says coldly, "You could never replace Bobby."

Garth rolls his eyes, "I thought we got past that. Dean you should accept that the hunting community needs to have someone take Bobby's place..."

Dean coldly interrupts him, "That someone is not some asshole named 'Garth', that lives on a fucking boat and drives a fucked up piece of shit Ford."

Garth sighs, "Dean, you have issues, that I can help you with." He pulls Mr Fizzles out of his pocket, and puts it on his hand, "Now let us talk about your anger issues, Dean."

Dean glares at Sam, "What the fuck?" Sam shrugs.

Mr. Fizzles continues, "Dean, you seem to have a problem with letting go of the past and accepting change, why?"

Dean glares at Garth, "What the fuck?"

Garth moves his hand, with Mr. Fizzles on it, closer to Dean's face, "You can talk to me, Dean."

Dean grabs the sockpuppet off of Garth's hand, turns to his left. He throws the sock up and pulls out his Colt. As the sock starts to fall, Dean shoots the sock until there is nothing left of it, but mere threads.

Garth stands there with his mouth open, tears running down his face, "You killed Mr. Fizzles."

Dean sneers, "Lucky, I took it off your hand first."

They hear Kevin yell, "What the fuck is wrong with you."

Dean turns away from Garth, and sees Kevin standing a few feet away from Sam.

Kevin is glaring at Dean, "Really, there is something seriously wrong with you, Dean."

He then glares at Sam, who has turned his way, "And you, we weren't finished talking and you're running out of the cabin like you saw Dean on fire."

Sam narrows his eyes and says in a cold voice, "Don't say shit like that if you like your head attached to your shoulders."

Kevin rolls his eyes, "Sam, he's the psycho, you're the sane one. Now, find another hell hound and got on with the fucking trials."

Sam steps closer to the shorter man and stands to his full height. In a voice dripping with icicles, Sam glares down at Kevin and says, "Listen to me carefully, because this is the last time I will say anything to you. I AM NOT DOING THE FUCKING TRIALS. I almost lost Dean once, I am not losing him anymore for any fucking thing. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND ME, Kevin?"

Kevin backs up three steps and nods. He then runs back to the safety of the boat.

Sam watches him run away and walks back to the Impala. Garth is still crying over his stupid fucking dead sockpuppet.

Dean is leaning against the Impala watching Sam walk towards him, he smiles at his little brother, "Sammy, you still hungry?"

Sam smiles at Dean, "Yes." Sam gets into the Impala.

Dean glances at Garth, who is still standing there, with tears running down his face, Dean rolls his eyes and gets into the Impala. He starts up the car and drives away from the dock, leaving the drama behind them once and for all.


They are about an hour away from the bunker, when they stop at a diner for a late supper.

Dean parks the car and they go in. The diner is empty and the waitress, Ginger, tells them to seat themselves and she will bring over menus. Sam sits in a booth and Dean sits across from him.

Ginger comes over with the menus. Dean and Sam order bacon burgers and fries. Ginger takes their order and leaves. She returns a couple minutes later with their cokes, then leaves.

Dean says calmly, "So, you are done with these 'trials'?"

Sam starts ripping the napkin to pieces, and nods.

Dean waits for more, but Sam continues to tear the napkin, "Sammy, who is Crowley?"

Sam takes a deep breath, "Crowley is a demon. The trials are to close the gates of Hell. The first trial was to kill a hellhound and to bathe in its blood. My Dean went after the hellhound, but when I got to the barn..."

Dean reaches for Sam's hands, as he interrupts gently, "Ok, I think I got what happened next."

Ginger brings over their food and gives them an odd look as Dean lets Sam's hands go.

Dean smiles at her, "Thanks, sweetheart."

She nods, "Right," and walks away.

Dean watches her go, with a shrug and looks at Sam, who has started to eat his food, "What's her problem?"

Sam gives Dean a weak smile, "Maybe she didn't like us holding hands?"

Dean snorts, "Prude."

Sam laughs around a mouthful of fries. Dean smiles at him and starts eating.

They eat in silence.

When they are done, Ginger returns to their table, "You guys want anything else?"

Dean glances over at the dessert display and sees it empty, with a sigh, he says, "Nah, just the check please."

She returns with their check. Dean hands her money and tells her to keep the change. She thanks them. They walk out of the diner and walk to the Impala. They get into the car. Dean starts the engine and drives away.


At 11:06 pm, Dean pulls up to the entrance of the bunker. He and Sam get out. It has been a long day, and both of them just want to go to bed.

They go down the steps and enter the bunker.

Dean sighs, "Home sweet home."

Sam laughs. He watches his brother walk to his room. Sam walks to his.

After they have both showered and changed into their sleep clothes, they go into the library to unwind for a while. Sam grabs a book off the shelf and sits at the table.

Dean sits at the table and opens up Sam's laptop. He goes to the homepage of Supernatual Books, reads the intros, and clicks on Faith. He starts reading.

Sam looks up from his book and sees his brother engrossed in whatever is on the laptop's screen. He gets up and goes around the table, to where Dean is sitting. Looking over his brother's shoulder, Sam reads what is on the screen. He realizes that the book Dean is reading, is when he died in his universe. Sam says nothing as he walks back to his chair and sits down. He picks up his book, but watches Dean over the top of it.

Sam knows the exact moment that Dean gets to the end, his brother closes the laptop and puts his hands over his face. Sam puts the book on the table and goes over to Dean. He wraps his arms around his brother and holds him tight.

Dean whispers, "Sammy, if you knew that a man would die, in order for me to be healed..."

Sam, without letting Dean go, interrupts him, "Don't even bother asking the question, my answer is 'hell yes'."

Dean sighs, "Oh, Sammy."

Sam holds Dean tighter, "Don't 'oh Sammy', me. You SOLD your soul to get me back from the dead, Dean. Don't you think that I would move heaven and hell to get YOU back."

Dean says calmly, "Let me go."

Sam bites his lip, but lets Dean go. He watches as Dean stands up and comes over to him. Dean pulls Sam into HIS arms and holds on to his shirt tightly with both hands. Sam wraps his arms around Dean, once again.

Dean whispers, "We are a couple of girls."

Sam laughs, "I don't even think that girls have hugged as much as we have in the last two days."

Dean laughs, "Probably not, but then again, most people haven't gone through the shit that we have gone through."

Dean, with a sigh, lets Sam go. Sam looks at Dean, "I thought you read all the books, last night."

Dean laughs, "There are 82 books, I only read about a third of them. I wanted to know what happened to Dad, where I also found out about the 'car accident' that almost killed me. I wanted to know about 'Cal'." Dean stops and looks at Sam with gentle eyes. Gently he says, "I am so sorry, Sammy. Please tell me that asshole is dead?"

Sam takes a deep breath, and nods, "Yeah, it turned out he was the archangel Gabriel, he helped us, but was killed by his brother Lucifer."

Dean nods, "Not interested in the details, just as long as he IS dead, otherwise, he and I are going to have a little 'discussion'."

Sam smiles, "You give 'over-protective' a whole new meaning."

Dean snorts, "Really? Mr. Sam 'Step any closer to him and I will rip every fucking feather off and shove them up your ass' Winchester?"

Sam laughs, "But you told him almost the same thing five minutes later."

Dean snorts, "Maybe, but they heard YOU on the moon."

Sam smiles, "I think it is time for bed, Dean."

Dean nods, "Congratulations, you went a whole day without crying."

Sam whispers, "Not really."

Dean gently says, "Close enough."

They leave the library and walk down the hall.

Dean walks into his bedroom and turns to Sam, "This separate rooms thing sucks."

Sam nods. Taking a deep breath, Sam whispers, "We aren't, I mean weren't, as close as we used to be. You wanted your own space and I felt that it was the least I could do."

Dean nods, "Whatever. I told you, the past doesn't mean shit to me. I like the idea of my own room, but if that means that you get no sleep being alone, than we need a new room for 'us'."

Sam whispers, "Some of the rooms on the second floor are bigger."

Dean nods, "Done. Tomorrow, we start moving my stuff and whatever you have, upstairs. For now, I guess you are sleeping here. Is that good with you, Sammy?"

Sam smiles and nods.

Dean gets into the bed. Sam waits until he gets comfortable, then he gets into the bed. Sam puts his head on Dean's chest. Dean's amulet pokes him in the ear and he laughs. Sam remembers that Dean got his tattoo this morning and sits up.

Dean looks at him, "What now?"

Sam asks, "Your tattoo, can I see it?"

Dean laughs, "It's just like the one in the book."

Sam pulls out the puppy eyes, "Please."

Dean rolls HIS eyes and laughs. He pulls the collar of his shirt away from his chest with one hand and peels off the white gauze with the other. Underneath is the same anti-possession tattoo that was on his Dean's chest. Sam smiles and pulls his own collar away to show off his tattoo.

Dean snorts, "Wonder what Ginger the prude waitress would do, if she knew we had matching tattoos?"

Sam laughs, and lays back down. He listens to Dean's heart beating and whispers, "She don't like it, then fuck her."

Dean puts his arms around Sam. He kisses Sam's head and whispers, "Damn right, night Sammy."

Sam holds Dean tight and whispers back, "Night Dean."

Within seconds, both are fast asleep.

To be continued...


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