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Sam opens his eyes. The room is dark. He looks over at Dean's bed. It is empty.

Sam throws the covers off and gets out of the bed. He runs out of their bedroom and runs downstairs. Dean is not in the library. Sam's laptop is on the table, closed.

Sam runs down the hall to the front door. He opens the door. It is still dark out. He runs up the stairs to the parking area.

The Impala is gone.

Sam tries not to panic, even as he stands in the middle of the parking area looking in all directions for the black car. He wraps his arms around his stomach and tries to take deep breaths. Sam screams, "Dean!" and starts to sob.

He hears, "Dean left your sorry ass again," behind him, and spins around. Sitting on the rock by the entrance steps is Lucifer!Nick.

Sam shakes his head, "No, you can't be here. Castiel took you."

Lucifer laughs, "Angel did a piss poor job , as usual."

Sam sobs, "Where's Dean?"

Lucifer laughs, "How the fuck should I know? He got tired of your shit, again, and left you."

Sam shakes his head and walks over to Lucifer, "Dean would not leave me, he's 'different'."

Lucifer nods, "Right. It doesn't matter what timeline 'Dean' comes from, YOU, are still the same useless Sam, that he always leaves."

Sam sobs, "No. You did something. Bring him back now."

Lucifer smiles, "Why don't you call him?"

Sam reaches into his pocket and finds his phone. Wiping his eyes so that he can see, he goes to 'D' and hits 'send'.

Dean's phone rings twice and then Sam hears Dean's voice, "Listen to me, you bloodsucking freak. Dad always said I'd either have to save you or kill you. Well, I'm giving you fair warning. I'm done trying to save you. You're a monster, Sam - a vampire..."

Sam screams and drops his phone, he looks up at a smiling Lucifer.

Lucifer laughs, "You should see your face. Priceless. By the way, that is NOT the message your beloved brother left you."

Sam whispers, "It's not?"

Lucifer grins, "Nope. He said some crap about you being brothers and family and that he was sorry. But that didn't work for us, so I had Ruby spice it up a bit." He points to Sam's phone on the ground. "You heard what WE wanted you to hear."

Sam steps closer to Lucifer, "Where is Dean?"

Lucifer looks up at Sam and smiles, "He's dead."

Sam screams.




Sam continues to scream, as strong arms wrap around him and he hears a gentle voice say, "Sammy, wake up."

Sam opens his eyes, he is in their bedroom, on his bed, in Dean's arms. He whispers, "Dean?"

Dean smiles, "Hey, Sammy."

Sam grabs Dean's arms, "The message was changed."

Dean nods, "Ok, what message?"

Sam squeezes Dean's arms, "Don't Dean. You know what message I'm talking about."

Dean nods, "Sammy, look at me." Sam opens his mouth, but Dean shakes his head and says, "Be quiet and just look at me."

Sam looks at Dean and remembers that his Dean is gone, salted and burned. His hand reaches out and finds the amulet around Dean's neck and holds on to it. He whispers, "New Dean."

Dean laughs, "I like that. Now, that you are awake, we can go back to sleep." He gets up from the bed, but Sam is still holding his amulet.

Dean gently tries to pry Sam's fingers off, but Sam shakes his head, he looks up at Dean with tear filled puppy eyes, "Dean?"

Dean sighs, and gets in the bed, Sam sits up and waits until Dean in laying down, before putting his head on Dean's chest and relaxing against Dean's side. He wraps his other arm around Dean, while his left hand continues to hold the amulet.

He whispers, "I want to hear the real message."

Dean looks at him, "What real message?"

Sam glances at Dean, "We had a...fight, a big blow out, no holds barred fight. We said some stuff..."

Dean interrupts, "Sammy, I told you.."

Sam looks up with tears in his eyes, "Dean, please, I have to get THIS cleared between us."

Dean sighs and kisses Sam's head, "Fine, go ahead."

Sam swallows, lets go of Dean's amulet to wipe his eyes and then grabs it again, before continuing, "Really mean stuff to each other. I...walked out of the room, and ended up doing some bad, almost evil things. You called my phone and I didn't pick up..."

Dean hits him on the head, "Idiot."

Sam looks at him with a weak smile, "I don't think I was supposed to pick it up, because I never heard it ring." He puts his head back on Dean's chest, finding comfort in Dean's heartbeat, "You left a message."

Dean says calmly, "Good."

Sam swallows, "Not good. It was a terrible message, you called me a 'freak', and a...'monster'. You said that you were going to kill me..."

Dean grabs Sam's face in both of his hands, "Sam, did you honestly think, I would leave such a vile message? Really, Sam, were things between us THAT bad, for you to think that I would actually say that to YOU?"

Sam swallows, as the tears roll down his face, "Dean, you don't understand, I was not myself and I treated you like shit and..." Sam pulls Dean's hands off him and buries his face in his brother's shirt.

Dean pulls Sam close to him, so that he can rest his chin on Sam's head. Sam holds on to Dean and cries.

Dean takes a deep breath, "And the 'real' message, what happened to it?"

Sam shakes his head and speaks into Dean's shirt, "I don't know. He just said that you mentioned that we 'were brothers' and that you 'were sorry'. Even though, I don't know why, I should have been the one apologizing."

Dean nods, "Who's 'he'?"

Sam looks up, "Lucifer."

Dean nods, "Lucifer. When did Lucifer tell you all this?"

Sam whispers, "Just now."

Dean nods, "The nightmare, that you woke up screaming from?"

Sam nods, "He was outside and we talked."

Dean asks, "Why were you outside?"

Sam whispers, "You were gone."

Dean calmly says, "Gone. You mean gone, from this bedroom, gone from the bunker?"

Sam swallows, "I 'woke up' and you weren't here, I went outside, and...the Impala was gone. Lucifer said that you were dead and that is when I started screaming."

Dean nods, "Lucifer is a son of a bitch. So, you always see Lucifer in your nightmares?"

Sam bites his lip, "Sometimes, but not anymore. Castiel cured me. I guess I was feeling guilty, so my subconscious put Lucifer inside my nightmare to get the point across."

Dean looks at Sam, "Guilty about what?"

Sam sighs, "I was up last night, when you came in. But I ignored you, because I was still mad and maybe being childish. So, my subconscious decided to teach me a lesson and take you away from me."

Dean nods, "Ok, college boy. Then what about the messages? How did you know about that?"

Sam glances up, "Good question."

Dean snorts, "You still getting those visions?"

Sam shakes his head, "Not for years. I really don't know how I knew about the messages."

Dean sighs, "Whatever, Sammy. Let's go back to sleep." He lays back on the bed.

Sam nods, as he rests his head over Dean's heart again. His hand reaching for the amulet. Sam looks up and sees Dean already fast asleep. Sam smiles and falls asleep listening to his brother's heart beating.


Sam opens his eyes. Dean is walking out their room, quietly. Sam smiles and relaxes.

He gets up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

Dressed and ready to deal with the day, Sam goes downstairs and smells coffee and pancakes.

He goes into the library, sitting on the table is a mug of coffee near his laptop. He grabs the laptop and the mug, and sits down.

He opens the laptop and starts looking for a hunt. He sips the coffee and smiles. His brother is Betty Crocker, in addition to being Martha Stewart.

Dean walks in with two plates of pancakes. Sam looks up and smiles. Dean smiles and hands him one of the plates, and puts the other plate opposite Sam. He leaves and returns with a second mug of coffee. Dean sits down and starts eating.

He looks at Sam. "I hope you are looking for a hunt, I feel like I haven't done anything for the last eight years." He laughs.

Sam looks confused, "What are you talking about, Dean? We have been doing nothing BUT hunt."

Dean smiles, "With the three stooges, you were able to distinguish me from your Dean, but yesterday with Benny, I noticed that there was only me. This morning, when you woke up from your nightmare, you thought I knew what you were talking about and now you also have forgotten that I have been died for the last eight years."

Sam thinks about it. He calmly says, "With Kevin, I knew that my Dean was gone. With Castiel, he was already talking about you not being my Dean when I got outside, and with Garth, you reacted to him as if he were a stranger. But with Benny, even though you kept questioning who he was, he was comfortable with you and I found myself forgetting that there were two Deans and believed that there was only you."

Dean nods, "Ok, I guess that would also explain, why you were pissed at me last night. The flashback to the Christmas that you gave me my amulet WAS a happy moment. Shit, Sammy, I forgot that book was from the year of my 'deal'."

Sam nods sadly, "When you questioned if that book, with its flashbacks, was 'happy', all I could see, was you throwing the amulet away and I forgot everything else."

Dean looks at Sam as if he has lost his mind, "What?" He rubs his eyes, "I don't want to know." He reaches for the amulet around his neck and smiles, "That is why you said, 'new Dean'."

Sam nods.

Dean snorts, "It sounds like the four years since 'my deal', have been real shitty."

Sam smiles, "Not all of it. We did have some good times. We went back in time and met Mom and Dad when they were younger. Mom was a hunter."

Dean laughs, "Mom a hunter? Ok, maybe THAT story I want to hear."

Sam smiles, "Before or after this hunt I found?'

Dean smiles, "After, I like having a 'home', but I want to get back to business."

Sam nods, "Ok, I'll do the dishes, you pack up the Impala?"

Dean smiles, "Awesome". He gets up from the table and goes upstairs to pack their duffels.

Sam watches his brother leave the room with a smile. He closes the laptop and grabs their dishes and mugs.


With the Impala packed, Sam and Dean get in. Dean drives out of the parking area.

They have work to do.



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