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Sitting here with Izzy is like being with my little sister back when I was human. I know Felix feels the same way as I do. Felix and I lost our little sisters from our human lives, but here in the Volturi we're all a family, with the Brothers, the wives, and the rest of the guard.

Hearing how her father left her to go live with another woman, not even caring enough to see whether or not she's okay makes me want to rip his head off for hurting her like that.

"Well as much as I'm enjoying hanging out with you guys, this girl needs her sleep." Izzy said while yawning.

"Alright guys that's our cue to leave." I said with an adoring smile on my face, she was so cute.

"You guys I know we just met her, but I feel like she is my little sister. I have never felt the way Izzy makes me feel, since back in my human life when I was with my little sister Reyna." Felix admitted to us, once we were in the hall.

"Well I feel the same way. Being with Izzy is like having a part of my humanity back. It's refreshing to feel these emotions again." I confessed

"Do you think we should talk to Marcus about the bonds we've formed with Izzy." Alec asked.

Felix and I exchanged mischievous grins before turning and sprinting to find Marcus with Alec and Jane trailing behind us.


I woke up at around 6 AM to the beeping of my phone. Reaching out for my phone, I check the time and see that it's time to wake up and get ready to head out to start training for my match. I quickly turn the alarm off and swing my legs over the side of the bed, the silk sheets sliding off my body as I get up. I rub my eyes as I make my way to the bathroom.

I quickly shower then step out of the bathroom and walk to my closet. It took a while but I managed to find a pair of tight hot pink yoga pants and a black sports bra. I tied my hair up into a tight bun and slipped on a pair of black and grey Nikes, then headed out the door.

As I walk down the hall I surprisingly don't run into any vampires. I guess they must be in their rooms, yesterday this place was crawling with vampires and now it looks deserted. I managed to slip out of the castle unnoticed and I start to run toward my secret training facility. I start to wonder what the Cullen's would be doing right now.


On the ride back to Forks Edward kept on pressing for me to tell him what I knew about why Bella didn't come back with us. The whole flight it has been: 'Alice what were you and Bella talking about?' 'Why didn't you stop her?' 'What is it that you know?'

I swear if it wasn't for the fact that we were surrounded by humans. I would have ripped his head off and shoved it up his sorry ass, but with a lot of patience I managed to control myself. And Thank god that I learned to hide my thoughts from him. Once he saw I wasn't going to answer his questions he went back to moping. Whew! Now I can relax, he should just be grateful he got a chance to see Bella one more time. I mean once I got hit with my vision. I knew Bella was going to stay, not only that but she was going to be with her real mate...Alec Volturi.

Once we were off the plane we walked through airport, where the rest of the family were standing together waiting for us. I soon started to run at a human pace toward my Jasper. They all looked so happy and relaxed to see us, but once they all hear about Bella staying in Italy, they are going to become depressed again. I know they were all hoping for Bella to come back into our family's life, that we can go back to being the family we used to be.

"Edward, Alice thank god you're back safely." Carlisle welcomed us. I felt Jasper tighten his arms around me. I sent him a dose of my love for him, letting him know I love him.

"Thank you Carlisle, I apologize for making you worry so much." Edward apologized.

"It's alright, the only thing that matters now is that you are back with us and safe." Carlisle said with a faint smile on his face.

"Edward, Alice where is Bella wasn't she with you?" Esme asked.

"Yeah, where's Bellsy?" Emmett asked as he looked around trying to see if he can spot her anywhere.

Edward didn't even answer, he just got a grim look on his face and walked out. 'You should go hunt' I thought to him. I then turned toward to the family about to break their hearts.

"Alice what's going on? Where is my daughter?" Esme questioned me with a heart-broken expression on her face.

"Bella stayed in Volterra with the Volturi, she didn't want to come back. I'm surprised she even agreed to come with me to save Edward." I told them.

"What do you mean Ali?" Jazz asked me.

I told them everything, from how she was after we left, to the way she was abandoned by Charlie, having to live by herself with Charlie not bothering to check if she was still alive.

When I told them everything they all had a broken look on their face. Carlisle and Esme had a look of anger and sadness, Emmett and Jasper each had a look of grief. I hated seeing them like this, but it needed to be said. I know Bella will be happy with the Volturi, with Alec.

On our way back I knew Edward, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie would go to a little hunting trip so they won't be back till will give me the opportunity to tell Emmett and Jasper about Bella. I just hope that either of them won't let it slip through their mind for Edward to find out.

'What don't you want me to find out?' Edward questioned, obviously hearing my thoughts.

It's nothing now forget about it. I'm just being a bit paranoid, I guess. I thought to him in my mind, hoping he listens to me.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, Esme came and asked, "Would any of you like to go up to Denali clan. They have invited us to go hunt with them as they are having a problem with a pride of mountain lion."

"No thank you Esme I'm not much in the mood for mountain lion. I think I'll go find a deer, or bear that are about to come out out of hybernation." I replied. I know that if I mentioned the bears Emmett would stay, and seeing as I'm staying I know Jasper will be to.

"Well if there's gonna be some bears around I think I'll stay too." Emmett piped up from his spot on the couch.

"Well I think I'll go I could use some good mountain lion. I'll see you when I get back Em" Rose said as she went to pack a light bag.

"I think I'll go too. I didn't find much when I went to hunt earlier." Edward replied.

"I'll stay here with Alice." Jasper answered. So far everything is working out perfectly.

"Very well then we'll leave in an hour. I'll call Eleazer and tell him, we are on our way." Carlisle told us, as he went up to his study.

I only had to wait five minutes, till they were out of hearing I just hope that both Emmett and Jasper don't think about it too much.

Soon they all had their bags in Edward's Volvo, heading up to Denali.

"Emmett, Jasper I need to talk with you about Bella." I said as soon as they were out of hearing. As soon as I said Bella both of them were in front of me.

"What about Bella, Alice?" Jasper questioned with his head cocked slightly to the side.

"Before I tell you, both of you must swear to not let Edward hear about it in your thoughts." I warned them with a light glare.

"We swear, now what do you know?" Emmett quickly agreed.

"Bella wanted to tell you two, but after seeing as Edward decided we should all leave her, to have a "normal" life she didn't get a chance to tell you." I began, "You know what...It would be so much easier if I showed you, hold on." I told them as I went upstairs.

In my closet in one of my designer bags, I have a DVD that shows every match, photo shoot, and behind the scenes Bella has done over the year.

"Alice why do you have a porn film and what does this have to do with Bella?" Emmett asked.

"Just shut up and watch, I'll answer whatever questions you have afterwards." I said.


As we watched, I couldn't believe this was my little sister, the DVD showed a whole different side of her. She was sassy, tough, her attitude put Rose's to shame, her fighting skills are AMAZING, but seeing her pose for an issue of playboy is kinda disturbing.

"Woahh...Who knew Bella was an Impact Wrestling Knockout. I can't believe it, why didn't she tell me." I complained.

"She wanted to wait and tell both you and thought the three of you could bond over it. She wanted you to train with her but because of Edward and how protective he is she didn't get the chance to tell you." Alice explained.

"If only she told us, I would of loved to see Bella kick ass." Jasper said.

"So wait...Alice did Bells tell you." I questioned.

"No she didn't I actually got a vision of the vision it explained why Bella stayed in Volterra." She told us.

"I wish she could of told us. I would of loved to train with her." Jasper said in a sad voice.

"You two must promise to keep this to yourselves we don't want Edward to know." Alice said in a serious manner.

"Don't worry Alice, I won't now push play, I want to keep on seeing Bella kick ass." I cheered.