My Little Rebel: Ready Or Not



The first step into adulthood after leaving the memory filled halls of high school, the drama, prom, graduation…

Yeah, it really was the first step for a lot of things.

Castiel dumped the last box full of his stuff into the lounge room, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He looked around, seeing all of the cardboard boxes filled with his things, his life from before.

"Are you done yet?" Nathaniel's voice pulled Castiel back into focus as he turned and saw the blonde standing in the doorway, a lasagne tray in his hands.

"Is that Chyna's lasagne?" Castiel asked, eyeing the tray in Nathaniel's hand, his mouth watering at the idea.

Nathaniel grinned. "Freshly made, where do you want it?"

"On the bench for now, I'll deal with it later," Castiel told him before grabbing a knife and opening boxes. "You gonna help me Golden Boy?"

Nathaniel shook his head, watching Castiel kneel on the grey carpet and pulling items out of the box. "I'm heading to the office today."

Castiel stopped and smirked at him. "Playing with the big boys huh? Must be tough."

"Ha ha, very funny," Nathaniel rolled his eyes. "It's strange, being there but it's nice."

"So is marrying into money."

Nathaniel gave him a hard look, one that Castiel hadn't seen in a long time and it thrilled him knowing he could pull it out of the ex-student body president.

"Calm down, you know I'm joking," Castiel defended himself and Nathaniel just shook his head, muttering things under his breath. "Sorry say that again? I think my ears are deaf."

"I said 'I can't believe she said yes' you moron." Nathaniel snapped and Castiel grinned wider. He stood up, abandoning his things and slapping a hand on Nathaniel's shoulder in a friendly manner.

"Hopefully you'll get laid this way and be a real man," Castiel said in mock sadness, placing a hand over his heart. "Ah, they grow up so fast."

Nathaniel shrugged off Castiel's hand and playfully punched his shoulder, trying to be serious but the small smile on his face kept getting bigger. "Here I thought you'd mature for collage."

Castiel shrugged his shoulders, walking back over and pulling out the last of his things from the box. Instead of moving to the next box like he should've, he just stared into the empty cardboard.

Nathaniel saw that Castiel was thinking deeply, and decided to leave him to his thoughts before noticing something he should've seen before. "You went back to your natural hair."

Castiel touched a strand of his hair. "I needed a change."

Nathaniel nodded before leaving, closing the door behind him and cursing silently for not mentioning the secret.

Castiel was just coming out of the shower, a yellow towel wrapped around his waist as he dried his hair when Lysander stopped by, clearly surprised by the flat.

"It is a decent place to live," Lysander said before seeing Castiel with a lack of clothing. "You couldn't bring yourself to wear clothes?"

Castiel smirked. "For your information, I just got out of the shower." Castiel pointed out, heading to the kitchen and grabbing some orange juice out of the fridge, drinking from the bottle.

"Where is Demon?" Lysander asked, noticing the Belgian Shepherd's absence.

"Back home," Castiel answered. "My folks are bringing him over tomorrow."

Lysander nodded and continued to give Castiel a pointed look until the black head sighed and disappeared into his room, only to reappear with black pyjama pants and a grey singlet.

"There, happy now?" Castiel snapped and Lysander nodded, ignoring the anger as Castiel grabbed the lasagne dish Nathaniel brought and placed it in the oven, heating it up. "Alright what's going on?"

Lysander frowned. "What do you mean?"

Castiel looked at him and when Lysander didn't react, he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Both you and Nath have come over, something's up."

Something was up, that much Castiel could tell but it must be something huge if both Nathaniel and Lysander are involved.

Lysander's expression didn't change. "Fine, if neither of you will tell me, I'll ask Chyna."

"Don't bother them," Lysander told him in a stern voice. "You know Chyna can't lie."

Castiel smirked. "I was right, what the hell is up with you two?"

Lysander sighed, seeing no way out of this and deciding to just come out with it. "Adrianne is coming back."

Castiel's heart hammered at her name. Mixed feelings of both anger and excitement coursed through his veins. Before he could say anything, the oven timer went off, allowing a distraction as he thought about the news.

He missed her, he hated himself for what happened with Debrah and that he fucked up on something important to him. On someone important to him.

"Yeah and?" Castiel grunted, pulling out the tray and placing it on the marble chopping board, allowing it to cool down before looking at Lysander's stunned face.

"Nothing, I was under the impression you care for her," Lysander said, clearly surprised by Castiel's lack of emotion towards the brunette. "Castiel is there something on your mind?"

Castiel pointed to the dish in front of him. "Yeah, I'd like to eat my dinner now."

Lysander nodded in understanding and soon left after that, leaving Castiel with a warm plate of lasagne and hot feelings.

Castiel glared out the window, his mind wandering to the last time he saw her, when he fucked it all up.

Castiel I love you, please believe me!

Don't say anything you don't mean. This is all just a high school girl's jealousy and stupidity.

Why would I lie about my feelings?

Ever since I came here I've had them.

Forget that I exist and don't come around me or anyone I care about anymore.

I guess you get your wish then.

He didn't realise what she meant then, not until the day after when Lysander informed him that she moved to study aboard. Many things changed that day, many things.

When he noticed Rosalya wearing that feather pendant of Adrianne's, when Demon began to whine at the loss of his friend Nix, when announcements of her books, the movies and worst of all:

She began to haunt his dreams.

Castiel let out a frustrated growl, throwing a fork at the ground in before heading to the bathroom and washing his face with ice cold water, to cool his burning emotions.

He gazed at his reflection, the water droplets on his face. "No more, I'm done with this."

Got this done when I was supposed to be studying for my agriculture exam but I honestly wanted to claw my eyes out. Me and studying should never become good friends in the future -_-

Anyway, a massive big shout out to RQNisha a.k.a raylenequinn who drew the awesome, fabulous cover for this book. Seriously, this is a fine example of her artistic talents so again go check her out and fangirl to your hearts content.

Ah yes, we have finally arrived to the long-awaited book, this is going to be so much fun! Next chapter I shall announce the winner and runner-up for the My Little Song competition. It's a close call you guys...just saying...