Chapter Seventeen:

Don't Think! Feel!

The boys were out having their Buck's Night for Nathaniel as Rosalya dragged me away from my computer and out for an All Day Hen's Night for a nervous Chyna. Not that I'm complaining with a free trip to the spa.

Kim sighed in pleasure, a hand over her slightly bloated stomach as she sat back in the steam room with the rest of us. Chyna was leaning her head against Rosalya's shoulder as I crossed my legs, sitting on the seat.

"This was a good idea Rosa," Kim hummed, taking a sip of her water. "You get brownie points from me."

Rosalya chuckled. "I thought the bride here could use a little relaxing before the wedding."

"But to pull us away from our jobs." I muttered half-heartedly, sharing the same look with Chyna, both of us desperate to be doing our jobs.

Kim snorted. "Relax would you? I'm sure you can write it another day." She waved it off and I rolled my eyes before standing up.

"I'm going to the spa." I announced, walking past them and opening the door. The air hit me, kissing my cheeks from the change of the hot steam. I closed the door and carefully walked over to the empty spa. Since we were all wearing out bikinis, I slipped in without much effort.

The warm bubbles tingled at my spine, a satisfied sigh escaping my lips. I allowed my mind to wander a bit, even day-dreaming of my own wedding. A beautiful white dress, Castiel in a suit…looking so handsome…

I blinked, snapping out of my thoughts and just laid my head back. It's way too early to think about those things, besides…Castiel hasn't made it clear…

Chyna soon joined me, her face looking slightly flushed from the steam and smiled as she sat down. I smiled back, looking past her to see if Kim or Rosalya followed her but it was just the two of us.

"Nervous about tomorrow?" I asked her and Chyna nodded. "Don't be, all you're doing is just dressing up, saying a few words of commitment and making out in front of a priest."

Chyna giggled at my description. "True, but the idea of walking down the aisle is still new to me," she glanced at her hands that were on her lap in the water. "I know I want to spend the rest of my life with Nat, I guess I'm just worried about the baggage he'll get."

I frowned. "Are you kidding me? Nathaniel's acting like a kid trapped in a candy store. He loves work and having a woman take charge is refreshing for him."

A small, amused smile played on the bluenette's lips, her brown eyes twinkling with a warm glow. "Funny how you and Kim say the same thing."

I shrugged my shoulders, whistling the tune to 'Don't Think! Feel!' by Idoling. Chyna, recognising the tune, beamed and started to softly sing the words.

As soon as the door opened, I sat up immediately as Chyna walked in with Rosalya and Kim trailing behind her. My breath caught in my throat at the sight.

Chyna, dressed in a white silk wedding gown with long sleeves that hugged her arm, beamed at the sight of me. Her hair was curled, pearl earrings and a matching necklace around her neck and simple make up on.

"Something new," Rosalya pointed to the dress. "Something old," she pointed to the earrings and pearl necklace. "Something borrowed," pointing to the white veil that hung on Chyna's head. "And finally, something blue." She re-curled a strand of Chyna's hair with her finger.

"Wow, Nat's a lucky man." I let out a long wolf whistle before smiling at her. The air of giddiness was infectious as Rosalya made sure the bride maid's dress on me was right before turning to her own.

Kim, Rosalya and I were all wearing the same, light blue silk, strapless dresses that were plain. I had my hair straightened with two ends pulled back just as there was a knock at the door and Chyna's elder brother Sebastian came in.

His eyes softened at the sight of his younger sister and quickly pulled her into a hug. "You look beautiful Chy."

Kim snorted. "I'm starting to think Nat's gonna faint at the alter with one look at her."

"Kim!" Chyna complained, the dark skinned woman just grinning in return. "Is everything set?"

Sebastian nodded, linking his arm with Chyna's. "All we need now is the bride and her maids."

Chyna followed him, with us trailing behind as he led us downstairs, into the entrance of the church. Standing near the entrance was a couple of bodyguards, something that set me on edge. Kim and Rosalya were used to it by now, ignoring them as Chyna's father came and kissed his daughter's forehead and whispered things to her.

Chyna's eyes were slightly wet with tears, Rosalya threatening Mr Leo if he made her cry and ruin the make-up he was going to be sorry. Chyna laughed at Rosalya's attempt to be stern before taking a deep breath.

"Relax," Kim reassured her, putting a warm hand on Chyna's shoulder. "You're just seeing Nat in a monkey suit, nothing unusual."

Chyna nodded, swallowing and letting out a shaky breath. Biting my bottom lip, I walked over and quickly took my hands into her. Chyna frowned in questioning as I opened my mouth.

"Daijobu," I told her and that one simple word relaxed her. Chyna nodded at Sebastian who slipped out of the room and into the church where everyone else was as we took our places. I was in the middle between Kim and Rosalya just as the doors opened.

I barely remembered the ceremony, just that Chyna cried while kissing Nathaniel after they whispered sweet words to each other. Castiel looked hot in a suit, Lysander looked like his mind had wandered and Kim was cranky for being on her swollen ankles.

I was sitting out in the garden, on a marble bench and staring at the night sky. I had long stolen Castiel's jacket since I was cold and he didn't like the idea of other men looking at me. It became too crowded the reception hall for my liking so I had opted to sit outside.

"There you are," Castiel's voice drew my attention away from the stars as he walked over and sat next to me. Automatically, I leaned against his shoulder as his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. "You ladies have fun yesterday?"

I nodded and smirked at him. "You got Nathaniel smashed didn't you?" I guessed and when he smirked, I knew I was correct.

"A nice collection on my phone, he'll thank me one day." He chuckled as a small breeze blew past. I shivered slightly, feeling a little cold and Castiel moved so I was sitting on his lap, my back against his chest.

"This probably is the best day in Chyna's life," I commented, looking up at the stars again. "She was so happy after Nat's vows."


I nodded and Castiel left a small kiss on my shoulder, his arms wrapping themselves around my waist. "Now I have to beat him."

I frowned, thinking over his words carefully when it clicked. I looked at him, eyes widened in wonder and Castiel smirked. "Don't get your hopes up, I ain't proposing yet."

"One day though?"

"One day."

Only our hearts know where our destination lies,

No matter when, don't think, feel!


What is love? Some say it's the very thing that makes us human. Others claim that is nothing but mankind's weakness. Few wave it off, that love had nothing to do with the reproduction of the human race.

So what was love? How do we know when we experience it?

"Mom! Lilly touched my stuff again!"

Adrianne sighed to herself, spinning on her chair to face the anger in the eyes of a ten year old girl with black hair and green eyes. Her tiny hands were on her hips just as an identical looking girl came in.

"Lilly stop touching your sister's things. If you need to borrow something then ask her," Adrianne told her firmly before looking at the other. "Rose don't be dramatic."

Both pouted. "But Mom!"

Adrianne gave them both a sharp look and they closed their mouths just as a high pitched cry came from the nursery. Closing her laptop, Adrianne stood up and walked into the blue room, heading straight to the cot just as the crying stopped.

"Honestly Connor, you're just as bad as your Dad. Both of you cry for attention." Adrianne mused, picking up the eight month old baby and held him her arms. His grey-brown eyes looked at her in interest, tuffs of black hair on his slightly bald head.

"Stop telling him that," Castiel smirked from the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. Adrianne rolled her eyes, bouncing on the ball of her heels. "How have they been?"

Adrianne scowled. "Restless, I didn't even get halfway through the chapter."

Castiel reached out and grabbed a sleeping Connor out of her arms. "The girls are waiting in the car, I'll go strap him in." he informed her before walking out of the room. Adrianne sighed quietly for a moment, rubbing the bridge between her eyes before joining her husband and kids.

"Cas! Adrianne! Over here!" Rosalya called, waving us other just as Rose and Lilly ran ahead. I carried Connor on my hip as we walked towards the massive picnic basket. Rosalya smiled and cooed at Connor, a hand over her swollen belly as Leigh sat next to her, watching his son play in the distance.

"Where are Nat and the others?" I asked, sitting Connor in my lap as he sucked on his dummy, eyes wandering around the park in Sweet Amoris.

"Here," Kim called, Armin not far behind her as Robin and Ezio walked beside their Mom, their tanned skins glowing in the afternoon sun. "Go play with the others."

Both boys nodded obediently and ran off to play with the kids just as Danielle and Angelo, Chyna and Nathaniel's kids, joined them as well. Chyna and Nathaniel smiled, sitting down and we all began talking.

"Dad! Dad!" Lilly and Rosa called. "Come play Monster with us!"

Castiel kissed my forehead and smirked, getting up along with Nathaniel and Armin and chased the kids around. You could hear their sequels and laughter, trying to get away.

"How's Lys?" I asked curiously and Rosalya smiled.

"Still in Italy with his tour, his music career is still skyrocketing since his debut song." She explained and I smirked, knowing it was my book that helped inspire him to become the famous singer he is today.

"So much has changed," Kim whistled in surprise. "All of us getting knocked up and married. Who would've thought?"

Armin shrugged his shoulders. "Armin and James are still on their honeymoon in Sweden."

I smiled. "Still complaining about the cold?" I guessed and he nodded.

"I bet James can warm him up." Rosalya winked and we laughed, Armin blushing at the idea of what his brother was doing and coughed slightly. I watched Castiel lift up Lilly, growling and pretending to eat her as she squealed.

"So much had changed." I murmured to myself.

I felt someone shake my shoulders in an attempt to wake me up but I groaned, snuggling my head deeper into my desk. With a sigh, I was lifted up and carried bridal style towards the bedroom. I opened my eyes lightly to find a tired Castiel just as he placed me onto the bed and joined me.

I scooted closer to him, feeling his body warmth and kissing his collarbone slightly. "I love you." I whispered and felt him kiss my forehead.

"I love you too…stop sleeping at your desk though."

I smirked. "I make no promises…"

After a long, and (very) tiring journery, Adrianne Archer's (er... Jones now) has finally come to an end. Thanks for those who have stuck with me through this long path and supporting me.

I shall be taking a week off and getting ready for My Little Victorian and enjoying my two week break before diving into exam (ugh...)

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