Sole and Born Creation: Bella was created in Romania in 1592 when she was found dying in the snow. Vladimir and Stefan transformed the young peasant girl into a cold-blooded killing machine ― creating an army to one day raid Volterra. Stefan demands Bella to retrieve more members in America, where she meets Garrett. He makes her swear to him that she wouldn't return to Romania, in fear that Stefan and Vladimir's mission was a suicide attempt. And surprisingly, she complies. The two nomads venture the country together until they one day happen upon a family in Alaska, to which they then become members of. Eleazer requests they take a trip to visit their cousins in Washington. Struggling with her bloodlust, her past, and the lurking future, can Bella finally be free? Or is she doomed for all eternity with the burden of her dark powers.


Time passed, and with it came the harsh reality of what was only to come.

I didn't know how long I had been lying in the snow. My heart spluttered erratically in my chest, trying to keep my blood pumping meanwhile the rest of me was shutting down. Mentally, physically, was all shutting down.

What should have been familiar faces seemed blurry and vague as I tried to recall what had happened for me to have been found dying in this blizzard. My head pounded against my skull, and even the slightest of pressure felt like sharp needles prickling at my skin. I realized with sorrow that my memories were gone. The last thing I do remember was waking up to the numbing sensation of being covered in a sheet of ice.

The rest is unbeknownst to me.

I tried to shift my body, praying that I'd seek warmth in my dark cloak. I cried out when a sharp pang burst through my arms and legs, both of which screamed in protest at my futile movement. Was I frozen? No, I could still make out the slight rise and fall of my panting chest. Was I dying? Yes, the rise and fall of my chest made my ribs burn in blistering pain.

Romania was considered the winter of the world, for it was consistently snowing and covered in planes of ice. Today was no different, expect that I had stupidly been outdoors when the storm must have hit. Another faintly familiar voice rebounded in my mind, "You're mother, God rest her soul, didn't die of an illness, child. She was murdered by the brutal force of the Romanian snow. Never forget that." An adolescent girl dressed in dark garbs faced the speaking man with a grimace. "Papa, please, enough! I've heard it time and time again." The man grunted and shook his head. "Yes, dear one, but you still defy me and venture off during the snowfall. Please, Isabella, take care of yourself for me. I don't know how I would cope if I lost you to the winter as well."

The man, I realized with horror, was my father. A slow trail of tears fell from my cheeks as I stared up at the dark sky. I was going to break his heart, just like mama had. I had defied him, yet again, and now look where it's gotten me. I'm already dead. Did I have siblings? Were they safe? Did my father know where I was? How would my family cope with this? A sharper pain, more fierce than the one in my lungs, filtered around my heart. Papa, please forgive me...And silently, I began to pray.

Minutes, or possibly hours, had passed by when I felt the first sensation since the stinging around my heart. It was a slight pressure, almost like a poke. My eyes were frozen shut, and my lips were stuck together with layers of frost around them. I must've looked like a ghost with my blue skin and snow-covered appearance. I decided the light tap was just my mind playing tricks on me. Once again, I retreated back into my state of unconsciousness, awaiting death to take me home.

As I was drifting, the pressure appeared once more, this time more persistent than the last. A soft cry was heard, and I took a moment for me to understand that I had been the one to emit the sound. "Ssshhh", someone whispered nearby. I think it was just the wind billowing passed my ears. But then I felt a strange touch, right near my heart, and I flinched violently when the touch turned into what felt like a swift punch to my lungs. I groaned again, this time louder and more distinct. "Peace, young one, you are safe now," the wind murmured again. I think my sanity was to be questioned. But then I felt it, cold and hard pressed against my writs. It almost felt like someone's lips, as if they were gently caressing my vein before it ran cold.

And then there was a sharp pain as something pierced into my skin, sinking deep into my flesh and straight to my slow bloodstream. My eyes flew open and a scream tore through my cracked, bleeding lips. Fire poured in through the cut, rushing throughout my body in a vengeful need to destroy everything. The numbness of the snow had been replaced with the agony of the heat. Tears sprung to my face as my body convulsed in pain.

And through my hell, a man's face appeared before me. He had sandy blonde hair, and gleaming red eyes...the same red as the blood that dripped on the snow beneath us. "Hush, now. There is no need to fight it. You will make a diving addition to our army, child." His grin was dark and full of malice. I arched my back off the ground as wave after wave of fire tore through me. Another scream penetrated the still air, and I felt his arms go around me.

I was lifted into his grasp and he began to walk North of where we were in the barren field. He glanced down at me again, watching my face intently. He frowned, concentrating harder, until slowly another grin stretched across his face. "We've been coveting for someone such as yourself for the longest of times now. And you will do us a favor, since I saved your life."

A weak cry left me as I tried to look anywhere but at his beady eyes. They spoke volumes in the silence of the storm. And somewhere, deep into the pit of me, I know that death would've been kinder than what lied ahead of me.

A/N: Like it? Hate it? Want me to continue? I am still working on Full Moon, but I miss vampire Bella. This was just a spur of the moment kind of action. I do, however, have high hopes for this fic. So tell me if you want me to continue with it! I've always been interested in the Romanian v. Volturi relation. And of course, I had to have Bella caught in the middle of things ; ) Review? Thanks for reading!