Oliver looked between Andy and Sam as he sat next to his friend the next morning.

Sam was sitting at the back, Andy surprising everyone by sitting with the rookies at the front.

"Problems, brother?" He asked quietly.

Sam shook his head. Cruz didn't know about their personal relationship so they were trying to keep things professional.


"Uh, then why is she up there with the rookies instead of back here with us?"

Sam smirked before inclining his head to the division's newest arrival. "That's why."

"Not all of us can be a hotshot detective, Sammy, so you wanna explain that?"

Sam just smirked as Frank came in.

Frank was visibly shocked to walk in and find Andy sitting near the front instead of at the back with Sam. He quickly looked to Sam to see if there was a problem. Sam gave a slight nod to Frank's left. Frank gave a slight nod in understanding before beginning.

Again the newest member of the division questioned why Andy's name wasn't called. Again, Frank calmly stated that she was on special assignment.

Pairings were given before Frank said that assignments were on the board and dismissed everyone with a reminder: Serve. Protect. Do your job.

Marlo glanced at Sam. From where she sat it sounded like the detective was on babysitting detail.

Andy was talking and laughing with the other rookies when Cruz walked passed. "Let's go boys and girls."

Gail immediately took offense and mumbled, "Back off, bitch," under her breath making everyone chuckle including Sam who chose that moment to walk up.

"I heard that, Peck."

"Just stating a fact, Detective," was Gail's tongue and cheek response.

Sam shook his head, smiling. "Ready?"

Andy had to stop herself from reaching for his hand as she nodded.

Sam nodded towards the coffee before he leaned in and whispered, "I'll make 'em today, you need to talk to Oliver."

Andy looked at him.

"He asked if we were ok. Even Frank noticed when he came in."

"I know. You get the feelin' it's an unwritten rule, where you are I am and where I am you are?"

Sam laughed. "I can play by those rules."

Andy smiled. "I won't be long."

Sam looked around before kissing her cheek. "Ok."

Andy caught up with Oliver just as he and Dov were going through the door. Oliver stopped when he saw her. He told Dov he'd be right there.

"McNally? Everything ok between you and Sammy?"

Andy smiled and nodded.

"Then what the hell were you doin' sittin' with the rookies in Parade? Your place is with Sammy."

Andy laughed. "Just don't let him give it away."


"Good because I intend to re-claim it after I get a better read on S.W.A.T ..."

"You mean the bitch with a badge?" Gail asked as she and Nick walked by.

"Uh, Gail, the same could be said of you."

Oliver couldn't help but laugh, then remembering he was the senior officer, said, "Epstein, get your ass in the car before Peck tries to kill you and I'm forced to buy my own lunch."

The junior officers all laughed.

Oliver waited until they were alone to respond to Andy's request. "Promise."

Andy smiled. "Well, I better let you get out there. The streets of T.O. need you ..."

"That they do, McNally, that they do!"

Andy laughed as she turned to go back inside.

Andy smiled as she leaned against the doorframe watching Sam talk to Noelle, two coffees in hand. She laughed when Noelle tried to take one and Sam held it out of reach.

"Since when d'you need two coffees, Sammy?"

Andy pushed off the doorframe and laughed as she walked up to them. "Since one of them's mine."

Noelle grinned. "You got him trained to make you coffee? What is your secret, McNally?"

Sam laughed as he handed the coffee over. "Ready?"

"When you are."

They looked up when the knock came at the door.

"What's up, boss?"

"Just wanted to apologize for yesterday. I wouldn't've asked if I'd known it would turn out to be so close to home for you."

Sam nodded. "I know, appreciate that. I know I need to keep my distance, but ..."

"If there's somethin' you need to know, I'll tell you."

Andy smiled. "Thank you, Frank."

Frank just smiled as he nodded before heading back out.

Frank kept them in the barn all day.

End of shift they headed for the lockers to grab their bags.

Sam was a little shocked to find Cruz in the doorway on his way out.

"Lookin' for somebody?" he asked, though he'd been the only one inside.

"Done your babysitting detail?"

"I'm sorry?" Sam didn't know what she was talking about.

"The officer assigned to the Ds, no matter what Best wants to call it, he's makin' you her babysitter."

Sam didn't comment, figured if he gave her enough rope she'd hang herself.

Sam made sure to use his left hand as he ran a hand over his face.

He caught her surprise seeing a ring on his finger, but it didn't stop her from asking,

"What d'ya say we go to the Penny and you let me buy you a drink?"

Sam laughed. "Somehow I don't think my wife would appreciate that."

"What wouldn't I appreciate?" Andy asked coming out of the locker room. Traci had called while she was grabbing her bag and obviously missed something.

Cruz turned at the sound of Andy voice and stared in shock at the woman her new staff sergeant had said was on special assignment.

"She's your wife?!"

Sam stepped around the woman and reached for Andy's bag.

"You got a problem with that?"

Andy put a hand on Sam's chest. "Sorry it took so long, Traci called."

Sam looked her. "Everything ok?"

"Yeah. Jerry knows."

"What? How?" He shook his head, "Doesn't matter," grabbing her hand he finished, "Let's go."

Sam waited until they were in the truck. "You ok?"

"Totally fine."

Her response raised Sam's eyebrows. "Try again."

Andy sighed. "Never better."

Sam reached over for her hand.

"Talk to me."

"Nothin' to talk about."

"Andy ..."

Andy turned in her seat to face him. She put their hands on her thigh. "What'd I miss?"

"She called me your babysitter."

Andy surprised him by laughing. "I never had a babysitter as cute as you are, Swarek."

Sam laughed as he pulled into the hospital lot. Out of habit, they stopped and got take out.

Sam knocked on the door, holding it for Andy.

They were greeted with, "When were you gonna tell me, Sammy?"

Sam sighed as he walked over to the bed. "You think I wouldn't?"

"Since I didn't hear it from you ..."

"In case you forgot, brother, you're still recovering."

"Didn't seem to bother Ollie when he said we needed to celebrate your promotion when I get out."

Sam shook his head, leave it to Shaw. "Listen, buddy, if you think I did it to replace you, you can get that idea outta your head, I did it to help Frank."

Jerry sighed. "Sorry."

Sam waved him off. "You're whiney when you're not bedridden, you think I didn't know this was comin'?"

Jerry laughed then winced at the pain it caused.

"He also said Peck has nicknamed the new T.O from S.W.A.T the bitch with a badge ... he was kidding, right?"

Andy shook her head.

Traci laughed. "Go Gail."

"Yeah, she'll really think the name fits when she hears what happened."

"What happened?"

Sam looked anywhere but at Andy. "She stopped me comin' outta the locker room, offered to buy me a drink as a reward for my babysitting duties."

Jerry's eyes popped. "Babysitting?"

Sam's only acknowledgement was in his eyes.

"Holy hell, brother! Is she cute?"

"Barber, d'you wanna go back into a coma?"

"Come on, Trac, lemme have a little fun at Sammy's expense ..."

"But not at Andy's ..."

"Ah, shit! Andy, I'm sorry."

Andy shrugged. "It's ok."

Jerry looked at Sam who shook his head.

Sam pushed away from the wall. "Nash, don't take this personally, but I've seen enough of his ugly mug, all I wanna do is go home and forget the rest of the world exists."


Traci laughed. "Go on."

Sam looked at Jerry. "We miss ya, buddy."

Jerry smiled.

At the truck Sam asked, "Home? Or d'you wanna go to the Penny?"

"Hopin' she'll buy you that drink?"

Sam grabbed her hand and walked to the back of the truck, he popped the tailgate and lifted Andy onto it.

Andy opened her legs and Sam stepped between them. Lifting her chin so she was looking at him, he kissed her before resting his forehead against hers, his hands on either side of her thighs. "Just 'cause she buys, doesn't mean I'd accept it."

Andy smiled as she wrapped her arms around his waist. "You said somethin' about forgettin' the rest of the world exists ..."

Sam laughed as he lifted her off the tailgate and carried her to the door.

The next day Frank walked into Parade and smiled. All - with the exception of Jerry - was right at 15, Andy was at the back with Sam.

When Andy's name wasn't mentioned, Marlo's overly loud whispered, "Babysitting detail again, Swarek," hung in the room.

They looked at each other and smiled when they heard Noelle's, "There may be hand holding, but there's nothin' childish about McSwarek!"

Marlo rolled her eyes as everyone in the room agreed with Noelle.

Frank cleared his throat. "You have your pairings, assignments are on the board. Serve. Protect. Respect."

Andy had been standing between Sam's legs, his arms around her waist. Cruz made a point of bumping into her on her way passed. Sam growled as he pulled Andy back against him.

A few days at the division and she really was living up to the Ice Queen's bitch with a badge nickname.

If anyone asked him to describe it, Sam would've said it was a day from hell. Nothing went their way. When shift finally ended he let them - Oliver and Noelle - talk him into drinks at the Penny.

When Andy was asked she'd said he was driving. In other words, I'll go if I have to. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out she was thinking of Cruz' offer from the night before.

Sam helped her out and closing the door, pinned her against the side of the truck.

"You sure you wanna do this?"

"No," was the softly spoken reply.

"I ain't goin' in there without you and I'm not gonna make you go in there if you don't want to."

"Wanna be with our friends, yeah, but ..."

When she put her head down refusing to look at him, Sam tipped her chin and said, "Hey, don't do that."

Andy shrugged.

"Tell ya what, we'll corral Shaw, Williams and Best over to the rookies, she causes a problem, we're gone."

Andy nodded because Sam needed to relax with their friends after the last couple of shifts.

Sam held the door and they walked in hand in hand. The catcalls and whistles had them laughing as Sam made a motion for their friends to join the rookies.

Tables were pulled together to make room for everyone.

Sam motioned to Liam who nodded as Andy sat down and leaned back against him as he wrapped an arm around her neck.

Everybody at the table was drinking draught so when Liam put a shot of the Penny's finest scotch on the table Sam looked at him. Sam felt Andy stiffen, they didn't have to ask, they knew where it came from and he wasn't about to touch it. Between Andy's change in body language and Sam's refusal of the shot, the entire table was looking at them.

"Sammy? Since when d'you refuse the Penny's finest scotch?" Oliver questioned.

Andy quickly excused herself.

Noelle looked between Sam and Andy's retreating form. "Ok, Sammy, why don't you clue me in to what I'm missin' ..."

Sam closed his eyes and sighed, he'd hoped they wouldn't have to do this.

Pinching the bridge of his nose he looked at not just his, but their friends and saw concern written on all their faces.

"Everybody heard Cruz' comment in Parade this morning?"

Everybody nodded.

"Well, last night when I was leavin' the locker room, she was waitin' for me. Offered to buy me a drink as my 'reward' for babysittin' Andy."

"She what?" was the question echoed by the rookies while Noelle went a step further, echoing Gail's "back off bitch," from the day before, as she got up.

Frank and Sam looked at her and asked, "Where're you goin'?"

Noelle didn't bat an eye, "Somebody needs to go after her and no offense Sammy, but,"

Sam nodded as he reached for his wallet. Oliver stopped him, shook his head. "We got this, brother."

Sam smiled. "Thanks." He looked at Noelle, "Tell her I'm at the truck whenever she's ready."

Noelle smiled and headed after Andy.

Noelle found her out the back leaning against the rail. She didn't say anything, just hopped up on the rail next to Andy's elbow.

"You ok?"

"Uh huh."

Noelle laughed softly. "Well at least you didn't say you were fine."

"Did he send you after me?"

"Nope. He was gonna come after you himself, I figured maybe you'd like to talk to someone who you weren't goin' home with ..."

"Could she be any bolder? Actually, don't answer that, I don't wanna know!"

Noelle laughed. "Sam told us what happened. You know she could buy him the bottle and he wouldn't touch it, right?"


"You can talk to me, Andy, you know that, right?"

"I didn't hear her offer to buy him the drink, I came out to him sayin' he didn't think his wife would appreciate it. She spun around when I asked what I wouldn't appreciate."

Noelle laughed. "Damn, wish I coulda seen her face."

"Yeah, she uh, wasn't too happy."

"Sucks to be her. I've known Sammy longer than I wanna admit and I've never seen him as happy, as comfortable in his own skin, as he is when he's with you."

Andy smiled.

"She may be S.W.A.T, but she's not all she thinks she is."

Andy laughed. "Don't let her hear you say that. After Frank dismissed us yesterday? I was talkin' to the others while I waited for Sam, she pushed her way passed and called us boys and girls."

"Man, she musta forgot we're not a daycare, the government only allows adults to become cops."

Andy smiled.

"Her remark this mornin' during Parade was uncalled for."

"After last night we expected it."

Noelle shook her head.

"You heard Gail's nickname for her yet?"

"The Ice Queen's givin' somebody a nickname? This oughtta be good ..."

Andy laughed. "In the Peck Book she's the bitch with a badge."

Noelle laughed. "Some would take pride in that."

"Yeah, but it wasn't given as a compliment," Andy laughed.

"Sammy's at the truck. He got up and left when I came to find you."

Andy smiled. "Thank you."

Noelle looked at her when she laughed. "The bitch with a badge doesn't even know the rules but she's tryin' to break 'em ..."

Noelle gave what some would consider an evil smile, "Too bad for her the rest of us do! And we've all got your backs. Why don't you go say your goodnights and let Sammy take you home."

Andy nodded and they went back inside. Andy said her goodnights while Noelle grabbed the lone tumbler on the table and headed for the raven haired woman alone at the bar.

Noelle set the glass on the bar. "He, uh, won't be needin' this tonight ... or any other night so unless you're in the habit of drinkin' the good stuff alone, you might as well save your money 'cause Sammy's not interested." She had just turned to head back to the table when she heard,

"Sammy, huh? Just how close are you and the detective?"

Noelle turned back to the bar and grabbing the glass she had just set down, picked it up and raising her arm, tipped the glass so the contents emptied onto the woman's head before slamming the glass back on the bar.

The woman was gasping and sputtering as Noelle walked away.

Noelle sat down and looked around the table at the shocked faces. "What?! She pissed me off!"

There was nervous laughter from everyone but Gail who loudly whispered, "Go Noelle!"

The next morning, Parade was, tense to say the least, with the events of the night before making their way through the division grapevine before Sam and Andy even got to the barn.

Sam was sitting next to Oliver with Andy between his legs, his arms around her waist firmly anchoring her there.

Frank came in arguing with Noelle. She glared at him before going back to sit next to Sam.

"Everything ok?" Andy whispered.

Noelle glared at Cruz before looking at Andy. "Frank put me on desk as a reprimand for last night," she grumbled.

Sam and Andy exchanged shrugs having obviously missed something.

When Frank didn't get the response he wanted, he told them, "We'll stay here all day sayin' good morning if you want, or you can put some life to it and we can get down to business. Good morning, coppers!"

"Good morning, Sir!"

Frank began with an update on Jerry before announcements followed by pairings. Nobody was surprised when Cruz made a snide remark which earned her a look from Frank before he finished, "McSwarek, you know what t'do."

The entire room minus one erupted in laughter as they nodded and answered as one, "We do."

Frank nodded. "Good. Then let's get to it. Assignments are on the board. Serve. Protect and remember, if you cause a problem, your ass is mine."

The fact that he was looking at Cruz not Noelle told everyone who the warning was directed at.

Sam and Andy got a call from Oliver asking them to join him for lunch. While they were in the diner Oliver's radio came to life and they threw down money and headed for the door. Oliver was just climbing in the car when Noelle asked if Sam and Andy were with them. When Epstein confirmed it, she asked if McSwarek would accompany them so she didn't have to request them for backup on their way in.

Sam grabbed the radio and told Noelle to mark them.

Sam was not happy when they got back to the barn. One of the suspects had roughed Andy up pretty good. Oliver had to physically restrain Sam while Dov got the guy in the car.

As dangerous as it was for Sam to be near the suspect, they needed to separate Sam and Andy and since her riding with the suspect wasn't even a consideration they had no other options because Oliver knew his friend and there was no way he'd trust Andy's care to Dov.

Oliver brought Andy in first. Noelle went into mother hen mode and asked if Andy had been documented. When Oliver said she had she sent them to see Frank, no matter what he was being brought in for, they were adding assault charges and Andy needed to give her statement. She then ordered Andy into the shower to get cleaned up to wait for Sam.

Sam allowed Epstein to escort the guy into booking before he faced assault charges. At the desk he asked Noelle about Andy. Noelle told him to see Frank first. Sam told her in no uncertain terms Frank could wait. Noelle surprised him by blocking him telling him in no uncertain terms to get his ass up to see Frank unless he wanted it handed to him.

He growled but finally agreed on the condition she go tell Andy he was here. He was torn between hoping she didn't shower without him and wanting her to clean up while she waited.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't see Cruz until he bumped into her and she wrapped her arms around him.

Sam saw Noelle's shocked face as she stormed into the girls locker room as he shoved her away.

"He shot her down not once, not twice but 3 times! And she still doesn't get it! Christ she's dense!"

Andy wasn't sure what had Noelle riled up, but something did.

"You alright?"

"Our favorite bitch with a badge just made her third pass at Sammy."

Andy gingerly spun around to look at Noelle. "What? When? Where?"

"Now, outside."

Andy was still debating the shower so she just slammed her locker shut and headed for the door. She knew she looked like hell but didn't really care at the moment. Noelle followed her out, she wasn't about to miss the fireworks.

Andy just cleared the door when she heard a seductive, "Hey Detective,"

Marlo smiled. "I'd say I'm sorry but," she hooked her fingers in the belt loops of his jeans pulling him back against her, "since I'm happy to let you bump me anytime and anyplace, I'd be lyin' ..."

Sam saw her come out of the locker room and lean against the wall. "WOW! Are you that desperate? No offense, babe."

Sam laughed. "None taken, McNally."

He could hear the exhaustion in her voice, but her anger was overriding it.

He couldn't help the smile when she asked, "The province, not just the TPS mandates that you pass a physical, right?"


"And part of that physical is an eye exam?"

"It is."

"That applies to S.W.A.T too, right? Not just ..."

Sam chuckled. "No, it's not just for city and regional level cops."

"Then either you're takin' your ring off when I'm not lookin' ..."

"Not a chance."

"Then Officer Cruz failed her exam and it slipped through the cracks because you're not exactly a jewelry wearin' kinda guy but you're sportin' some on the third finger of your left hand, and that usually tells a woman a guy is off limits, that there's a relationship to be respected."

"Unless the bitch has no respect," Noelle offered.

Andy turned her attention back to Cruz. "You made 3 passes got shot down every time, you won't take the hint from him so lemme spell the rules out for you ..."

"I gave her the only rule she needs to know last night," Noelle interjected.

There was laughter in his voice as Sam asked, "And that was?"

Noelle looked Cruz square in the eye as she said, "Rule #1: Back off, bitch!"

Sam couldn't help but laugh. Leave it to Noelle.

"You didn't get it the first time, how 'bout the second?" Noelle asked coldly.

"Now who's bein' a bitch?" Cruz mumbled.

Sam was getting tired of this. He wasn't exactly happy before his encounter with Cruz, now ...

Grabbing her hands, he pulled them off his waist before he not so gently moved her out of his way.

Sam didn't take his eyes off Andy as he asked Noelle, "Where's her bag?"

"I'll take it to the truck ... where's yours?"

Sam swore.

Noelle laughed. "I'll get it."

"Thank you." Sam put an arm around Andy's waist, "C'mon, let's get outta here."

Andy couldn't quite swallow the groan as she pushed off the wall.

Cruz watched in shock as Sam didn't think twice, just lifted the other woman into his arms. Andy resting her head against him, eyes closed.

Coming out of the guys locker room with Sam's bag, Noelle didn't even bother hiding her smile as Sam stepped up to the other woman and in a voice dangerously low said, "Stay away from me, stay away from my wife," before heading for the door, Noelle not far behind.