by WSJ

Joey gets fed up with always being in the shadow of Yami, Yugi, Bakura and Ryou, so he contrives to steal the Millinium Ring, bringing about the birth of Yami-Joey!

I don't own Yu-gi-oh, but Yami-Joey is mine! All mine! *cuddles Yami-Joey*

Ryou: ;_; I thought I was your favorite!

You are! ^_^

Ryou: ^_^;

{....} Bakura to Ryou

[....] Ryou to Bakura

/..../Yugi to Yami

//....// Yami to Yugi

^....^ Yami-Joey to Joey

*....*Joey to Yami-Joey

'....' thoughts or written words


I'm so tired of living in Yugi and Ryou's shadows. I'm tired of being pushed out of the way by fangirls, tired of being overlooked because the people who come into the shop want to battle Yugi (or rather Yami) and no one else. I'm so tired of Ryou getting all the sympethy, Yugi getting all the glory, the yamis getting all the intrest. It leaves nothing left for me.

But I have a plan.

Ryou, Tristan and I are sleeping over at Yugi's tonight. After everyone's asleep I'll steal the Millinium Ring. Then I'll get some attention.

Why the Millinium Ring, and not the Puzzle? Because first of all Yugi and Yami get along famously together, whereas Bakura and Ryou... er, don't. Another reason is I know Yugi would pitch a fit if he lost Yami, and Ryou'd just be relieved.

Now let's just hope that when I take the Ring it doesn't give me Bakura. That would be bad. Here's to hoping that I get some other yami, any other yami, except Bakura.


Joey put down his journal, capping the pen he'd been using. He checked over his stuff one last time, to make sure he had everything he needed, and then shouldered his duffle bag.

"Mom, Serenity, I'm leaving!" he yelled to his family as he opened the front door and stepped out into the cool evening air. He glanced at his watch and then began to jog down the street toward the Turtle Game Shop.

'Tonight I'll find my glory...'

Late that night, after watching movies and telling ghost stories, the boys had settled down in the livingroom for the night. Yami and Bakura had retreated back to their respective soul rooms, Yugi was curled up in an arm chair, Tristan was snoring on the couch, Ryou was sawing logs in his sleeping bag, and next to him Joey was in his own bag, waiting for the right moment.

Sitting up somewhat, he poked Ryou delicately in the side. The white-haired boy moaned a little, but that was it. Joey's face broke into a grin, thankful that Ryou never wore the Ring to bed with him.

Climbing out of his sleeping bag, Joey tiptoed over to Ryou's bag, feeling for the hidden pocket he knew was there. Heck, he'd watched while Serenity sewed it in. His hand closed around the smooth artifact and he gently pulled it out, careful not to disturb Ryou.

His eyes shown and he licked his lips eagerly as he glanced around to make sure no one else had woken up. He retreated through the livingroom to the kitchen, and leaning against the counter, slid the Millinium Ring over his head so that it rested around his neck.

It was surprisingly light, considering it was made out of solid gold. Joey eagerly ran his fingers over it, a malicious and slightly greedy smile licking at his features.

To his utter amazement, the Ring began to glow, activating on its own. He felt something move, deep inside of him, stirring, waking up. He knew what, or rather whom, it was. His yami.

His darker half suddenly burst wide awake, startling Joey. The yami began to make his way forward, desiding it was time to take over his new host and see what he was like.

As the yami fought for control over his mind, Joey tried to hang on to what little resistance he had. This was all wrong. He'd hoped that his yami would be nice, like Yami-Yuugi, but he could feel that he wasn't. He could sense that his yami was mean and nasty, much like Yami-Bakura.

He realised suddenly that if the yami took control, there'd be no telling what he'd do to Yugi and the others, blissfully asleep in the other room. He could feel his defences weakening, and just before he was forsed into his soul room by the yami, Joey had the sence to scream.


Me: *dances around singing* Cliff-hanger, cliff-hanger, nanni-nanni boo-boo!

Ryou: -_-;; WSJ, please calm down...

Joey: O_O How can you do this to me!?!?!?

Me: ^_^ Quite easily! You and Ryou are fun to torture!!!

Ryou & Joey: -_-;;

Bakura: I only have one question: WHAT'S GOING TO FREAKIN' HAPPEN TO ME!?!?!?!?!?

Me: *not fazed at all* You'll see! *walks off humming the theme to The Twilight Zone*

Bakura, Ryou and Joey: *facefaults* Please no....