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"Is it impossible for you to do what I ask?" Constance Isles asked the florist who was setting up flowers on white cloth covered round tables.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Isles, but white lilies were on the order form." The florist said to her.

"They were most certainly not." Constance said to her.

The florist grabbed her clipboard and handed it to Constance who clearly read white lilies on the order sheet.

Constance handed the clipboard back to her. "This is not what I want. I wanted white roses and pink lilies."

Constance went over to one of the tables and pointed to the centerpiece, "These are not pink lilies."

"Mother, let Gillian do her job." Maura said as she walked over to the two women.

Constance looked at her daughter, "Who is Gillian?"

"The florist, the woman you've been arguing with for 25 minutes now." Maura said to her. "The flowers are beautiful." Maura said to Gillian as she took her mother's arm and led her away from the tables and the florist.

"That woman is impossible." Constance said to Maura, "She's going to ruin this night for me."

"Mother, the night is going to go perfectly." Maura said to her trying to calm her mother down. "Now let's go into the kitchen and see how things are going in there."

Maura and Constance went into the large kitchen and witnessed what could only be described as 'controlled chaos.' A woman with dark hair in a chef jacket was yelling something in Italian to one of her sous-chefs who looked completely scared.

The dark haired woman continued, "Ti ho chiesto di fare una semplice salsa al tartufo." She said holding a bowl in front of him. "Questo sa di merda. Fare di nuovo!"

"Sì Chef." The sous-chef said grabbing the bowl and scurrying off.

The dark haired woman went around the kitchen checking on what her sous-chefs were doing and didn't even see Maura and Constance standing there.

Maura was captivated by this woman. The way she moved around the kitchen with authority. How she stood over her chefs and watched them as they work. The way she yelled in Italian. Maura smiled a little as she watched this woman busy herself.

"Come on Mother, I think everything is under control here." Maura said and they left the kitchen.

Constance Isles had put in her bid to be one of two Senators from the state of Massachusetts. Tonight's party was one of many she would have to attend or throw in order to get the donations she needed for her campaign.

Maura stood near the back of the room, sipping on a glass of white wine. She watched as her mother managed to move from group to group effortlessly.

She heard someone speaking loudly in Italian and realized she'd been standing near the doors to the kitchen. Maura moved to the doors and slipped inside the kitchen and out of the way. She watched the tall brunette they'd seen earlier as she ordered around her kitchen staff. The woman's hair was pulled back into a low hanging ponytail but strands of her wild hair managed to break free and one strand fell into her eyes as she shouted in Italian to one of her chefs.

One of the waiters was just about to leave the kitchen with a tray of hors d'oeuvres when Maura took him by the arm, "Excuse me, who is the woman yelling at everyone?" She asked.

The waiter turned and looked back at the woman yelling, "That's Chef Jane Rizzoli." He said to her. Maura let go of him and he went out the kitchen door with the food.

Maura slipped out of the kitchen and back into the big dining hall. "Oh Maura, come and meet Senator McGraff." Constance said to her as she put a hand onto the small of Maura's back and ushered her over to a man who was bald and ancient.

The Senator rambled on for over an hour about laws and other political things that Maura really didn't care about. The only thing on her mind right now was Jane Rizzoli.

"I believe the party was a success." Constance said to Maura as the last of the guests had left. "We received a few good contributions as well."

"That's wonderful, Mother." Maura said.

"Come, let's go back to my home and we can celebrate." Constance said.

"Actually, I'm quite tired. I think I will just go home for the night." Maura said to her mother.

"Okay Darling." Constance said kissing Maura lightly on the cheek. "Good night." Constance said as the valet out front brought Constance's car around and opened the door for her.

Maura waited for the valet to bring her jaguar around. He opened the door for her and smiled as he shut it when she got in.

Maura drove home and parked in the garage. She went inside the house, kicked off her shoes and went right over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of red wine. She grabbed herself a glass from the cabinet then poured some wine in it. She took the glass with her as she wandered into her bedroom.

She unzipped her dressed and slipped out of it. She set her glass down on the nightstand then took her bra off and walked into her bathroom. She did her nightly routine before getting into her silk pajamas and climbing into bed. Maura fell asleep thinking about Jane Rizzoli.

Maura pushed through the double swinging doors to the kitchen. "Hello?" She called out, "Is there anyone there?"

She looked around the deserted kitchen and didn't see anyone. She heard the distinct sound of chopping and followed the sound to a small area near the back of the kitchen. Jane Rizzoli was standing in front of a wooden counter chopping up mint.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry." Maura said and Jane turned around and looked at Maura. "I'm a little lost I think."

Jane continued to stare at her and Maura noticed that Jane's hands were still chopping up the mint.

"Can you stop doing that for a minute?" Maura asked worried that Jane would chop off one of her fingers.

Jane gave her a look as if she didn't understand what she was saying. Maura went over to Jane and placed a hand on Jane's chopping hand, stilling it.

Jane looked into Maura's eyes and smiled. Maura blushed and removed her hand from Jane's.

"I'm sorry I've seemed to have gotten turned around." Maura said to her, "Do you know how to get to the main banquet hall?"

"Sei una bellezza mozzafiato." Jane said to her.

Maura took a step back and bumped into the work station behind her. "I don't know what you just said but I'm sure it was very nice." Maura said smiling. Jane went over to her and stood inches from her.

Jane smiled at Maura as she put her hands lightly on Maura's waist. "Oh boy." Maura said under her breath. "I um, I don't really …." She started to say but before she could finish Jane leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

Jane pulled back a little, "Se le tue labbra gustare questo dolce posso solo immaginare come il resto di voi i gusti."

"Oh god, I wish I knew what you were saying." Maura said breathlessly.

With a small grunt Jane lifted Maura up onto the table behind her. She stepped in between Maura's legs pushing her dress further up her thighs.

Jane leaned in and kissed Maura on her lips, pushing her tongue into Maura's open mouth. Maura's hands went into Jane's wild hair and pulled her closer. Jane broke the kiss and her hands moved under Maura's dress, feeling the warm skin of her thighs.

Jane kissed Maura's jaw, sucked on her earlobe. She kissed Maura's neck and sucked on it. Jane's hand moved in between Maura's legs and Maura's breath caught in her throat. Jane's fingers dragged across Maura's panties, "Sei così bagnata." Jane whispered into Maura's ear.

Maura's eyes fluttered closed as Jane kissed Maura again on the lips. Maura could feel Jane moving her panties off to one side and just as she was about to slip her fingers inside, Maura's alarm clock went off waking her.

Maura slammed a hand down on her clock. "Damn you!" She cursed at it as she lay back in her bed staring at the ceiling. She put a hand on her chest and felt how quickly her heart was beating. She closed her eyes and tried recreating the dream but failed.

She sighed heavily as she opened her eyes and got out of bed. Maura took a long shower then got dressed and went to work. She found her mother at the campaign office bossing people around.

"Maura, oh thank God." Constance said when she saw her. "Please, you've got to help me. I'm trying to plan a gathering at my home and I can't seem to find my address book."

Maura went over to her desk and opened a drawer and pulled out a small leather-bound book. "Here you go." Maura said handing the book to her mother.

"Thank you." Constance said then went into her office and closed the door.

Maura spent her day running errands for Constance, whether it was making calls, getting her dry cleaning, sorting through campaign donations or just getting coffee. Maura did her job the best she could.

Maura knocked on Constance's office door then walked in, "We need to leave for your press Q&A with your opponent Richard Gray."

"Yes of course." Constance got up and Maura and her left to talk to the press at a downtown location.

Maura watched her mother flawlessly answer questions from the press and from her opponent. After the press conference Maura and Constance went back to the campaign office and Maura resumed her normal duties. She was going through invoice receipts from the previous fundraiser and found the one for the catering.

"A Taste of Italy." She said reading the name of the restaurant on the top of the invoice. She smiled when she saw Jane's name. 'Why the hell am I smiling?' she thought, then she blushed as she thought about her dream last night.

"Maura, are you ill?" Constance asked her.

"What?" Maura said blinking, and looking up at her mother from her desk.

"Are you ill?" Constance asked, "Your face is flush."

"No, Mother I'm fine." She said putting the invoices into a folder and shoving them into a drawer. "Did you need something?" She asked.

"I need the number to the caterer we had at last night's party. I want to book them for the gathering at my home. I figure a couple weeks in advance will give them enough time to come up with a menu." Constance said to her.

"I can call them for you." Maura told her.

"Excellent." Constance said and went back into her office.

Maura called the restaurant and tried making arrangements but she couldn't seem to get anyone on the phone. So during her lunch break she went over to the restaurant.

It was a modest place and was currently bursting with people trying to get in a nice lunch.

Maura asked one of the waiters if she could speak to the head chef and he told her that the chef was in the kitchen and if she wanted to risk it she could go in.

Maura risked it. The kitchen was even busier than the dining area. At least 25 people were busying themselves making food, pots were clanging, steam was filling the area, people were shouting back and forth and people were moving at a fast pace around her.

Maura tried to stay out of the way as she looked for the tall brunette. She spotted her hovering over a large pot.

"You can't really be in here." Someone said to Maura and she turned to see one of the sous-chefs looking at her.

"I need to speak with your chef." Maura told him.

"Go over there out of the way." He told her as he pointed to a small corner by a sink, "I'll get Chef for you."

Maura retreated to the corner and watched as the sous-chef talked to Jane. Jane looked over in her direction, her eyebrows knitted together. She said something to the sous-chef and he left her. Jane took off her hat and wiped the sweat from her brow as she walked over to Maura.

"Si?" Jane said to her and Maura couldn't help but smile.

"Mi scusi parli inglese?" Maura said and Jane cocked her head to one side, "I'm sorry that's the only bit of Italian I could remember from Google."

"That's okay, your accent needs a little work but you said it perfectly." Jane said to her and Maura's jaw dropped.

Jane stepped forward, put a finger under Maura's chin and lifted it up closing Maura's mouth. "What can I do for you?" Jane asked as she took a step back.

"I um, I need you." Maura said flustered and Jane smiled at her. Maura noticed the dimples first thing. She shook her head trying to get herself out of this daze she was in, "I'm sorry. I need your services."

Jane's smile grew.

"Oh hell." Maura said then looked down at the ground for a minute. "I need to know if you and your staff will be able to cater a party in a couple weeks."

"One moment." Jane said to her then went back into the center of the kitchen and spoke to one of her chefs. She returned to Maura, "Come with me." Jane said to Maura then led her out of the kitchen down a hallway and into an office.

"Sit down please." Jane said to her as she unbuttoned her chef's jacket and took it off. She hung it up then sat down behind a desk. "Now tell me about your party." Jane said to her.

Maura was busy looking at Jane's body. Apparently a lot could be concealed under a chef's jacket. "The party?" Maura asked.

Jane smiled, "Are you okay?" Jane asked her, "It seems your body is here but your mind is elsewhere."

"I'm sorry. First of all, my name is Maura Isles. "Maura said, "The party is actually for my mother Constance Isles."

"Nice to meet you Maura Isles." Jane said to her, "I'm Jane Rizzoli and I believe we did a party for her a couple days ago." Jane said to her.

"She loved your food so she'd like you to cater a private party at her estate." Maura told her.

"We do our best for a future senator." Jane said with a smile. "So let's go over what you'd like." Jane said grabbing an order sheet.

Maura sat with Jane in the small office and went over a menu for the party. Maura's cellphone rang and startled her. "Excuse me." Maura said as she pulled out the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" She said.

"Maura, where are you Darling? I have a press meeting to get to and I don't see the notes you left for me." Constance said over the phone.

"I'm with the head chef at A Taste of Italy." Maura said into the phone, "We're going over the menu for your dinner party." Maura looked over at Jane and smiled at her as she sat and waited patiently for Maura to finish her phone call. "Your notes are on my desk right by the phone." Maura told Constance.

"Oh I found them." Constance said over the phone. "Okay I will see you back at the office." She said then hung up.

"Sorry about that." Maura said as she put her phone away. "I didn't think being a personal assistant to my mother would be this difficult."

"That's okay I know what it's like to have a demanding mother." Jane said to her. She looked down at the list they had been making. "Tell you what, why don't I look over the rest of this list, see what else can be added and I'll give you a call."

"That sounds acceptable." Maura said standing up to leave.

"Can I have your number?" Jane asked and Maura turned around and looked at Jane with shock. "To contact you about the party." Jane told her.

Maura smiled, "Yes of course."

Jane handed her a piece of paper and Maura wrote down her cellphone number and the campaign office number.

Maura handed back the piece of paper and Jane took Maura's hand, "It was a pleasure meeting you Maura."

Maura felt a blush creeping up her cheeks, "Yes, you too." She said as she slipped her hand out of Jane's then left the office. She went up the hall, into the dining area then found her way outside where she finally took a breath.

Maura went back to the campaign center. She went back to work checking her mother's schedule and booking appearances for her.

It had been a week since Maura had spoken to Jane at the restaurant so she was surprised when Jane called her on her cellphone.

"Maura, I'd like to talk to you more about what your mother would like at her party. I have it narrowed down to a few ideas but would like your input." Jane said to her on the phone.

"Okay, what ideas do you have?" Maura asked as she sat in the campaign office.

"Not on the phone. Can you meet me tonight at the restaurant at around 9pm?" Jane asked her.

"Sure." Maura said to her.

"Great. I'll see you then." Jane said and they hung up.