The duty of Humphrey
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Normal P.V, sixteen days after

Humphrey: in recent days Kate cravings have grown, I do my best to please you, at this point I'm looking for rabbits, after ten minutes, had captured about six rabbits, enter the cave, and saw Kate lying, " here is the food, "I said smiling

Kate: "that I'm starving right I said" as I approached the rabbits

Humphrey: will reach four rabbits, while I ate the two remaining, after we were satisfied, even Kate he was half rabbit, "want to go for a walk," I asked

Kate: "I love, I enjoy while you can," I said playfully

Humphrey smiled and both went for a walk, as we walked enjoyed watching the landscape slowly changed as the leaves change color as the leaves fall from the trees

Kate: We were having a good time until I felt my stomach churn, I ran behind some bushes, where vomit

Humphrey: I ran to his side and pat his back to make him feel better, I knew it was normal for pregnancy, but that did not stop to worry, when I finish vomiting prompted affection, "you go to the river for a drink "

Kate nodded weakly

Humphrey: Let Kate lean on my side so I could walk without many difficulties

Kate: I was a little dizzy, but as I leaned in Humphrey, I could walk without much trouble

Humphrey: when you reach the river, the help, for so he could drink water to keep it from falling by accident, after I finish drinking, both we lay on the bank, still caressing her, to make her feel better, "how you feel "I asked concerned

Kate: "I have still a little upset stomach, but I feel better," I said

Humphrey: I kept stroking her back for about ten minutes, when he said he was feeling better

Kate: "thanks for the caresses helped a lot" I said licking her cheek

Humphrey: "I just try to make you feel better," I said returning his affection

Kate: both went back to our cave, where I settled in our bed

Humphrey: "I'll be back, I'll catch something, you have a craving" gently asked

Kate: "Caribou, sounds good, but you could bring some berries if it is okay" I asked smiling

Humphrey: "of course not an issue, I'll be back" I said fondly, as he kissed her cheek, then I went to hunt a caribou, and get some berries step

Kate: while Humphrey was hunting, could not resist the temptation to eat the rabbit left over from lunch

Humphrey: when you get to the cave with caribou and some branches of berries, Kate saw the rabbit that was being finished, "it looks like someone is hungry" I joked as he left the caribou and berries on the ground

Kate smiled guiltily

Humphrey: I licked her cheek, and said fondly "do not worry, it was a rabbit, now come eat, if you're still hungry"

Kate smiled happy, I get up and walk to where Humphrey, I sat beside her and started to eat the caribou, only to leave space at the end for berries for dessert

Humphrey smiled when I saw that he enjoyed the food, when I finish, I said "judging by your appetite, we have a whole litter" I said playfully

Kate: "I know," I said playfully, then licked her cheek, and whispered in his ear, "We will not rest"

Humphrey: we both settled into our bed of leaves, put my leg over whether to keep her warm belly, and said affectionately, "Goodnight, my angel, I love you"

Kate: "Goodnight my love, I love you too," I said lovingly, then both of us were sound asleep

Fifteen days after

Humphrey was returning to the cave after hunting, "Hi honey," I said sweetly

Kate smiled and looked at him, my stomach had grown enough, he could barely stand without help, "Hello, my beautiful companion, as I was on the hunt" very sweetly asked

Humphrey: "very well, there is enough food for the package and brought a servant for us," he said with affection

Kate: "that good" I said animated, "strange to hunt" I said a little nostalgic, "but I can not because I'm like a balloon, because of you, I hate you" upset and angry yell

Humphrey: I was surprised by his sudden change of mood, "not true, I love, and I know every time you look at me," I said with affection

Kate: "Humphrey sorry, I did not yell, do not hate you, I love you, but are those damn moods" I said while crying

Humphrey: "Calm down, I fully understand, it is natural to have some mood swings, that means that the pregnancy is going well," I said softly as he held

Kate: I gave him a kiss, and said "thank you for being ten comprehensive"

Humphrey: "it's nothing, you know I'll always be for you, no matter what happens," I said with affection

Kate: I licked her cheek and went to the deer, "go with me" I said sweetly

Humphrey: I sat next to him and said "of course" both started eating, when I was satisfied, wait for Kate ended

Kate: when finished I saw that I had eaten more than half of the deer myself, "the puppies were hungry," I said playfully

Humphrey: "it seems," I said smiling, I saw that it was getting dark and I had an idea, "to see the stars with me" I asked

Kate: "I love" I said excitedly

Humphrey: help Kate out of the cave and we sat on the ledge in front of the cave to enjoy the view, we were there for almost an hour enjoying the view and each other's company, until I felt a yawn coming on my side, I saw Kate I support so head on my shoulder, and she was falling asleep, "let inside to sleep," I said with affection

Kate nodded sleepily and entered the cave, I was half asleep leaning on Humphrey, when it comes to our bed of leaves, I settled

Humphrey: I saw settled and fits me around to protect her from the cold

Kate: Humphrey felt settling around me, and instinctively my head fits under if chin, stroking it in the process, "I love you" I said lovingly

Humphrey: "I love you too" I said lovingly, and I saw immediately stay asleep, smiled, stroked her belly until I too fell asleep

Another fifteen days later

Moon: I went to the head alpha cave, to see Kate, and had spent a little over two months since I started the pregnancy, and was at the point where he could not move, I knew that Humphrey to his best effort to be with her as long as possible, but I had duties to perform with the herd, and be a head alpha and take care of a pregnant wife was no easy task, so I decided to help him company a little Kate, "hello darling" the maternally greet

Kate: I saw Luna and smiled, "Hello Moon, happens," I said

Moon: between and sat across from her, "how you feel" I asked

Kate: "pretty, well, a bit boring is all" I said

Moon: "I came to I was right company if you do not mind," I said

Kate: "at all, is more I would like to have someone to talk to and spend time" I told him happy

Moon: I saw how big it was Kate's womb, "certainly going to have a litter of puppies" said

Kate: "Yes, is what it seems," I said chuckling

Moon, "and Humphrey made you feel comfortable" I asked to start a conversation

Kate: "of course, that it has, always takes care of me, if I have a craving, the pleased me, and never got angry with me when I have the sudden changes of mood" to explain

Moon: "I'm glad of that, I know who loves you" I said smiling

Kate: "I know, I love him too much, I know he would spend all day with me, but has many duties to attend to, and keep it occupied half of the day" I said sympathetically

Moon: "if you suspect that it was one of the reasons why I decided to go with, so you're not alone" explain

Kate: we talked the rest of the morning, in no time it was evening, which meant that Humphrey would be here soon, after a few minutes waiting, I felt closer to Humphrey

Humphrey: when you enter the cave I saw my mom, talking to Kate, "Hi honey," I said warmly as licked her cheek, "Hi Mom," I said as I hugged

Kate: "as I was" asked

Humphrey: "Well, we did the hunt, just had to fix some minor conflicts, and came as fast as I could," he explains, "and how was yours" I asked

Kate: "quiet, talking to the moon pass most of the morning" to explain

Humphrey: "thanks for her company" I told my mom

Moon: "It was a pleasure," I said smiling

Kate then let out a little moan

Humphrey: "are you okay" I asked concerned

Kate smiled and said cheerful, "well, were the puppies are kicking, feel them"

Humphrey: I put my paw on her belly and felt a small shock, "the feel" I said excitedly

Moon: I put my leg on her belly and I could also feel many small kicks "seem to have much energy," I said smiling

Kate: "or just hungry" I told them to feel hungry

Humphrey smiled and near caribou had captured earlier, I put it in front of her so she did not have to move, "Here," I said with affection

Kate: "Thanks" I said as I licked her cheek

Humphrey: "mama want to join" I asked

Moon: "only if it reaches" said

Humphrey: "Do not worry about it, had captured two, means that there is sufficient" to explain

Moon: I smiled "agree" I said and started eating

Humphrey: I sat next to Kate and started eating, when we were all happy, we had finished a caribou, and started the other

Kate: We were the rest of the afternoon talking about random things when we said goodbye was dusk moon and we ate the rest of the caribou, when we finished, we both settled into our bed of leaves, "I love you good night," I said lovingly

Humphrey: "I love you too, you have a good night," I said giving him a small kiss lovingly before falling asleep

Kate: I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a strange feeling in my stomach, when I noticed they were set that were kicking puppies, smiled and try to sleep, but it was useless, she was not used to the feeling, try to settle down several times to sleep but it worked

Humphrey: I woke up when I felt movement next to me, when I look around I saw it was at night tare and accommodate Kate was dealing with, "are you okay" I asked as I sat by his side

Kate: I was surprised to hear Humphrey to me, "Sorry if I woke you," I said

Humphrey: "Do not worry about it" I said fondly, "can not you sleep" I asked concerned

Kate: "More or less, I'm not used to the feeling of kicking puppies in my" to explain

Humphrey: "try to see in this way, is a sign that the puppies are growing strong and healthy, and is like a massage they're giving you" I said with the last part jokingly

Kate: I chuckled at his joke, and I said "you're right"

Humphrey smiled and said fondly, "go to sleep, if you want I'll give you a massage until you fall asleep"

Kate: "You do not also have to get up early tomorrow, no duties to perform, and do not know how much I take fall asleep," he said softly explain

Humphrey: " not let you alone in the middle of the night, and if it takes all night unable to sleep, I do not mind having to do homework revealed" I said fondly

Kate smiled and stroked him, "let's try to sleep," I said

Humphrey smiled and we both settled on the bed of leaves

Kate rested my head on his chest, the sound of your heart I relaxed

Humphrey: I started caressing her belly with care and love, after thirty minutes, you can see he was sound asleep, I smiled and closed my eyes to rest a little

A week later in the territory of the herds together

Winston: was with Lilly Eve to visit before heading to the central herd Kate visit

Eve: "I wonder how Kate, and almost spent a month and a half since we saw" Winston told

Winston: "should be fine, you have to Humphrey who cares" I said smiling

Eve: "true" I said, and then I thought, 'should already be at the stage where he can not move, "I said

Winston: "but I'm sure if Humphrey is doing everything possible to make her comfortable" I said confident

Eve: "For your sake I hope it was so" muttered

Winston: When entering the cave we saw lying Garth and Lilly, Lilly's belly had grown considerably, by the size of your belly you would think that would give birth to one to three cubs, "how are you darling" asked

Lilly: "as I am, I'm fat, I look like an ugly white balloon" I said sadly

Garth: "not true, you're beautiful," I said with affection

Lilly: "so you think" I asked

Garth: "that's for sure," I said with affection

Lilly: I smiled sweetly and said "thank you", then I licked her cheek

Eve: "it seems that these coping well its change of mood" Garth told

Garth: "easy, she is very sweet and has almost no" I said as I stroked Lilly

Winston: "I'm glad you are ok" I said smiling

Lilly: "and that came" calm and asked

Eve: "We come to see how you were before going to visit Kate" explain

Lilly: "ok, I herd my salute," I said as she smiled sweetly

Winston: "back in less than three weeks to see the birth of your puppy love" to explain

Lilly: "thanks potatoes" I said with joy

Winston: "I do not thank us not miss it for anything," I said smiling

Eve: "true" I said smiling

Garth: "thank goodness we did more than a week after Kate and Humphrey," I said in an attempt to joke

Winston: We were all silent, Garth had not touch for humor, "beware anyway" I said

Eve: "you better take good care of my daughter and my grandchildren while I am otherwise not save you Humphrey" I said earnestly

Garth gulped and nodded nervous

Lilly: "Goodbye Mom, Dad, do well" I said goodbye

Winston: we said goodbye and headed to the border, but on the way we meet Sally and Rick

Sally: "hello sir" respectfully greet him

Winston: "do not have to be so formal, I'm not pack leader" I said smiling

Sally: "I know, but I still have respect" to explain

Eve: "And what brings you both for here" I ask

Sally: "We wanted to ask them if they would let us accompany them to visit Kate and Humphrey" to explain

Winston: "no love, but who would take care of healing" I asked a little worried

Rick: "I took care of that, two new members have experience as healers, as instructed and told them where they can get supplies, so there should be no problem on that side" explain

Eve: "in that case can come" I said smiling

Winston followed to the border where we met Candu, Scar and Claw we had asked to join us for protection, although the road was quite safe, and several were beginning to live out there was no more to be cautious, "are ready "to ask them

Candu: "yes sir" I replied

Winston: "then we hope we" I said but was interrupted by Jhosh

Jhosh: "Lord wait, wondering if I could go with you," I asked

Winston: "Of course," I said smiling

Jhosh: all smiled and started the trip to the Central herd

Three days after

Humphrey: I woke up with the light rays of the morning sun, Kate slept peacefully resting her head on my side for days that Kate can sleep without problems, only had problems the next two nights after the first time, but always caressed and settled so I could sleep, I never slept are sure that she was sleeping, I would stay all morning lounging with her, but had many duties, he was doing all the homework I could to get through the next two weeks with Kate without having to worry about them, I carefully slide out of it, I gave him a kiss goodbye, Occasionally he played leaders revise the borders to make sure they were well defined, I walked along the edge of the territory all morning, when almost finished, I noticed that they were already late morning, I went to the hunting grounds, when identifying known seven figures coming down the passage that connects the main herd with the herds together, I sat down to wait, when they were close enough to greet me approach them, "welcome all" I said cheerful

Winston: "Humphrey, good to see," I said happy

Eve: "you're doing here, and why are not you with Kate" seriously asked

Humphrey: "Kate is resting in our cave, I had to come check the limits of the territory, I'm in the very early, and was coming back but I saw them and decided to wait" to explain

Winston: "and goes all" I asked

Humphrey: "well, Kate will be giving birth in about two weeks" I said cheerful, "go to the cave," I said as I walked over there

Winston: Humphrey walked behind, and stopped at the entrance, "I remember you well"

Humphrey: "the remodel when we returned" to explain, and enter the cave

Kate: Humphrey smiled seeing in, "hello love" I said affectionately

Humphrey: "Hello my angel, we have visitors" I said while pointing to the entrance

Kate: Look at the entrance and saw my parents, Sally, Rick, Jhosh, Candu, Scar, and Claw, "papas" said excited and happy

Eve: "Good to see you baby," I said as I hugged

Winston: "As has been our daughter," I asked after the embrace

Kate: "very well," said cheerful

Eve: "and see that puppies have also grown a lot," I said to see how big Kate's womb had set

Kate: "boy, yes, and very active, they are still kicking" I said smiling

Winston: "I imagine, with parents as energetic" I said cheerful

Sally: "go you will have a large litter, are twice as large as Lilly, and only takes ten days," I said surprised

Kate smiled and asked them "as is my sister"

Winston: "okay, dealing with mood swings and cravings, greet herd you" I said

Kate: "also" I said

Eve: "if it is natural for pregnant women," said

Kate: "it is true, but I guess not as bad as mine" I said laughing slightly

Eve: "because it says that love" asks

Kate: "because a couple of times I went too far" I said a little embarrassed

Winston: "you mean you have exceeded" I asked, and making me an idea

Kate: "once I bit the tail strongly Humphrey" I said embarrassed

Humphrey: "hurt a little, but I know it was not your fault," I said as I licked her cheek

Kate: I returned the gesture, and he was going to say something when my stomach advancement

Humphrey: listen to Kate's stomach growl with affection and said "I'm coming for breakfast"

Kate: "Thanks," I said sweetly

Humphrey: "Jhosh, Candu, Scar, Claw want with me" I ask

Jhosh: "Of course," I said

Candu: "we" I said

Scar and nodded agreeing Claw

Eve: I saw five went hunting and then turned my attention to Kate, "and has performed Humphrey" I asked

Kate: "He has been very tender and try, I enlarge the cave and made this bed of leaves for him to be more comfortable, also making every effort to fulfill my cravings when they appear, and has never been angry about my mood swings or even when I bit the tail "happy to explain how attentive think Humphrey has been with me

Eve: "I'm glad to hear it," I said smiling

Sally: "Wow you have been careful," I told Rick surprised

Kate: after several minutes, the closer I felt dragging their prey, they entered the cave, I saw they had sacked four caribou

Humphrey: caribou closer to Kate, and sat down beside her, "Enjoy it" I said fondly, I watched as Winston, Eve, Sally and Rick shared one while Candu, Claw and Scar shared the other, when we were satisfied, store leftovers in a special room for that, and we started talking all afternoon, in the evening, Winston and Eve, insisted on staying in our cave, Rick and Sally went to the cave that is Rick, and the other I showed them a cave near us more than five minutes from ours, then Kate and I settled into our bed of leaves, "I love you so much" I said lovingly

Kate: "I love you too much" I said lovingly before both we fell asleep in each other's arms

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