Chapter 34

Jason arrived at Elisa's bedroom to see Richard in a chair in the corner of the room. Nicholas looked up and motioned that Elisa was sleeping. He finally got her to go to sleep after she protested but her body was too weak. He got out of the chair and stood in front of Jason.

"Just be there when she wakes up," he whispered. "She needs you." Richard quietly left the room. Jason watched her sleep. He bent down and pressed a kiss on her forehead. He took off his shoes and got into bed.

Elisa felt a dip and thought it was another intruder. She was ready to strike this time until she heard Jason's voice. "Elisa, it's me." She sighed a sigh of relief. She turned on the lamp beside her.

"When did you get here?" she asked.

"A few seconds ago. I didn't want to disturb you," he said gently. She cracked a smile.

"Thank you but I wish you or Richard woke me up. There was an incident right before you came. Eric was here."

She saw his eyes darken. "Did he hurt you?" Jason asked.

"Yes but I'm fine now. I think something is about to happen with the Council though."

Jason nodded his head. "Don't worry about them. You get some sleep." He laid her back down and she snuggled against him.

He waited until she was fast asleep to slip out of bed. He walked down the hall toward the ballroom. He saw Richard standing across from it. "What's going on?" he asked walking up to him.

"Terrence," was all he said.

Terrence watched as the rest of the Council eyed him with deadly glares. Micah spoke first. "It has been brought to our attention that you have been dissatisfied with the direction of the war. It has been said that you have been so displeased that you chose to side with our enemy. Feeding them secrets that would hurt Valencia's chances of victory. Are these accusations true or false?"

Terrence narrowed his eyes. "Who would question my loyalty?"

"A certain guardian and we do as well," Micah answered.

"You are willing to believe a guardian over me," he protested.

"If it means keeping our country safe from traitors, then yes," Nicholas chimed in. "This guardian has no reason to lie to us."

"Are you working with the Madori?" Micah asked challenging him to tell a lie.

"I wouldn't be so stupid," he said.

"No? So you didn't have a meeting with Goliath. Nor have you been meeting with the Madori's top leaders, Vanessa and Eric. Your track record is clean. That's good then. You will have no problem with us conducting an investigation into these allegations."

Terrence's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. "Why an investigation?"

Aaron spoke. "These charges are not to be taken lightly. Not only are you accused of this, we also look into the fact that our guardians' families were compromised. None of us gave intel to the Madori stating their whereabouts."

Aaron stood up and walked in front of him. "Did you give Eric access to walk these halls? He paid a guardian a visit. How would he get in here?"

"I have no idea," he replied.

Aaron snorted, "Fine. Let's see shall we." To Terrence's surprise, Aaron waved his hand and a scene played before them. Terrence met with Eric and Vanessa just hours after Elisa collapsed."

Aaron turned back around. "Unless you were working for us secretly, your deceit has been uncovered. Due to our discovery, you will be stripped of everything. Maybe your newfound friends can save you." Aaron's eyes glowed white as he pinned Terrence to the wall.

Terrence tried to break free from the hold however Aaron wouldn't relinquish his hold. He was slowly sapping Terrence's power from him. Enough to make him weaker. He let go and Terrence dropped to the floor.

"I will personally go to battle with you," Aaron said. "You've betrayed us for the last time and you are going where you belong…hell."

Terrence got off the floor. "You won't win this war."

Micah chimed in. "No son, you left the greater good to follow after a bunch of idiots. Your choice will be your downfall and ultimately your death." Micah stared him down. "You will die for your treachery," Micah said. They watched Terrence vanished.

Jason and Richard saw the Council leave and Aaron stood in front of them. "He's gone for now. How's Elisa?"

"Resting," Jason said.

Aaron nodded. "I need to speak with Richard alone." Jason walked off. "Bethany and Derek are going to need your full attention. I know you want to be with Elisa and oversee her care but she's safe here. I will have guards with her at all times. You and Michael need your heads clear. One incident doesn't stop this war from working in our favor."

Richard nodded. "I'll leave after I see Elisa."

Jason just got into the room when Elisa walked out of the bathroom. Worry filled his eyes as she moved slowly to the bed. "I'm sorry," he said as he helped her sit.

"For what?"

"Not protecting you," he admitted.

She waved her hand dismissively. "It happens but you weren't meant for that little battle. Vanessa decided to out herself as Madori. I did almost knock her into a tree. However, I'm not that vicious. You did what you could. No more no less."

Richard knocked on the door. "Excuse me. I have to go back to New York. Bethany and Derek need me." Elisa smiled.

"Then go. I'll be fine. I know Jason has to go as well."

"Well, he may delay his coming for one day," Richard answered. He approached Elisa. "You get well and we will see you soon." He kissed her forehead. "Take care."

He turned to Jason. "Don't let her run you crazy with demands," he joked.

Elisa pouted. "I'm right here."

Richard winked at her. "Have a good night. And our Terrence problem has been dealt with for now."

Elisa nodded her head in approval. "Do me a favor. Tell my siblings not to worry. I'll be back to bossing them around soon," she joked.

"Have a good night," he told them. He left the room and portaled to New York.