Disclaimer: All of these characters are borrowed from the game Bioshock: Infinite, and I do not own or have any rights to them. Oh, and there are major spoilers in this story. Don't read unless you've finished the game.

Second Run - A Bioshock Infinite Fanfiction

Chapter 1: A Miscalculation

By ck-pasta

Booker woke up from his desk, his head still spinning. He was attempting to recollect what exactly just happened. One moment he was going to kill Comstock from every universe, and the next three Elizabeths were drowning him. It was all a blur, but why did he remember it?

He stood up and walked over to his daughter's room. Did it work? Was she back?

"Anna? Are you there?" Booker asked. He slowly opened the door and the music of Anna's mobile became louder. He walked over to her crib and his face flushed. She wasn't there.

"No, no, no, no, NO!" Booker screamed. "This wasn't supposed to happen! Comstock is dead, he couldn't have taken her!" Booker dug through every object in the room, as if he would find Anna beneath one of them. "Where is she!?"

"Why ask where..." Booker immediately stopped. He knew what was going to be said next, and who was going to say it. "When the delicious question is when?"

Booker stood up and turned around. At the door were the Luteces, still dressed up in their unusual attire. Robert started to open his mouth to say something, but Booker intervened.

"You two! You lied to me! You lied to Elizabeth! You said that this would fix everything!"

"On the contrary, we never said anything like that. We were merely experimenting." The man said.

"Experimenting?! That's what all this is to you? My life, my daughter, our future? None of that means anything?!"

"We hope you understand, we simply cannot care about feelings anymore. We've seen a little over a hundred of you die already."

"Oh Robert, why even bother to explain? He's not going to understand." Chimed the woman.

"I think this is where you're wrong, sister. He's different from all the other tests we've done. A variable has changed."

"Oh you suppose, do you? And what exactly do you think has changed?"

"He's still alive here, isn't he?"

"Well, I suppose you're right there. But that doesn't change anything. We miscalculated, Robert."

"A simple miscalculation. We can easily fix this Rosalind."

"Wait, wait, wait. A miscalculation?! That's what you call this?! My daughter is still missing, and Comstock's dead. Where is she?!"

"She's in Columbia, at Monument Tower. You see, she never left." Explained the woman.

"How's that possible? She drowned all of the would-be Comstocks back at Wounded Knee!"

"You explain it Robert. You're the one that's so interested in helping him."

"Fine. You see Booker, we messed up when we thought that killing Comstock at Wounded Knee would kill every Comstock. You come back Booker. You get baptized again. Preacher Witting wasn't just there for one day, he stays for quite a while. He continued to baptize people long after you were drowned. Sure, you walked away from the initial baptism, but what's stopping another Booker from coming back? It never ends Booker. You and Elizabeth can't kill all of the Comstocks."

"Well, then get me to Elizabeth, you bastards. I already saved her once and we could have lived our lives. We could have gone to Paris. I could have bought her a puppy!"

"We'd be more than glad to help you Booker," said Robert, "but we would have to start over."

"Wait, start over? You mean, all the way over? I have to go back to Columbia and save her again?!"

"Precisely. Booker, something about you is different from all the other Bookers. You were the first to succeed, and after that others followed. But for you to save Elizabeth again, you need to go at it like you did last time."

"Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt." Booker whispered.

"Exactly. Now, are you ready Booker?" Robert asked.

"Let's get this over with." Booker punctuated.

"Oh this will be loads fun, don't you think brother? Now we'll be able to watch this Booker even closer now that we know he'll succeed."

With that they opened up a tear and gestured Booker to come through. And like last time, Booker passed out upon crossing.

Booker woke up and heard the two talking amongst themselves again, just like the first time through. Wait a minute, first time through? I remember! Booker thought.

"Are you going to just sit there?" Robert asked

"As compared to what? Standing?" Replied Rosalind.

"Not standing. Rowing."

"Rowing? I hadn't planned on it."

"So you expect me to shoulder the burden?"

"No. But I do expect you to do all the rowing."

"And why is that?"

"Coming here was your idea."

"My idea?"

"I've made it very clear that I don't believe in the exercise."

"The rowing?"

"No. I imagine that's wonderful exercise."

"Then what?"

"The entire thought experiment."

"Hey guys, can you cut the act?" Booker asked.

"One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail." Robert continued.

"But one does not undertake an experiment knowing one HAS failed." Rosalind replied.

"Can we get back to rowing?"

"I suggest you do or we're never going to get there."

"No, I mean I'd really appreciate it if you would assist."

"Perhaps you should ask him? I imagine he has greater interest in getting there than I do."

"I supposed he does. But there's no point in asking."

"Why not?"

"Because he doesn't row."

"He doesn't ROW?"

"No. He DOESN'T row."

"Ah, I see what you mean. We've arrived."

Booker then climbed the ladder like he did his first time around. "Hey, you two do know that I know Elizabeth, right?"

"We suppose you do, we did just give you a picture with information about her." Rosalind replied.

"That's not what I mean, I meant that I rememb -" The lighting cut Booker short before the Luteces could hear him. Whatever, thought Booker, At least I have an advantage now.

Booker scaled the lighthouse for the second time and got up to the top. He looked at the three bells and hit each bell 1-2-2 respectively. To his surprise, it didn't work. He looked at the box the Luteces had given and read the card. Weird, it's 1-2-3 now Booker thought as he hit the bells.

The ominous red lights came, as well as the heralding sounds coming from Columbia. Once the door opened Booker to his seat on the chair, this time giving a firm grasp to his gun as the pod prepared to launch.

"Launching in five. Four. Three. Two. One." said the announcer.

"Ascending. Ascending. Five thousand feet. Ten thousand feet. Fifteen thousand feet. Hallelujah." Booker looked out of the window, and got the same chills he did the first time he got there. It really was beautiful, until the poster of Comstock crossed across the window.

"Okay, I've got to play this cool. I can't be seen like last time." Booker said. When the pod released him, Booker started to make his way to the descending stairway. There he saw the man dressed in white robes again. He decided to stay silent this time, and played the awe-struck visitor.

Booker got down to the long pool and heard Preacher Witting giving his speech. Booker pushed through the crowd and Witting addressed him. "Is it someone new? Someone coming from the Sodom below?" Witting asked.

"Yes" replied Booker.

"Then welcome my brother! Are you ready to be baptized through the sweet waters of forgiveness?"

"I am."

"Then I baptize you, in the name of the Prophet, in the name of the Lamb, in the name of our Lord!"

Booker was ready to be almost drowned, but to his surprise, Witting pulled him out before he ran out of air. "Welcome brother! And may you enjoy Columbia as your new and saving home!"

Booker walked out of the tunnel behind Witting and came back to the familiar sight of the three founding fathers. Okay, just get to Elizabeth, but don't get seen like last time Booker thought. He made his way past the garden and opened the door to the balcony. The building was making its way to the intersection with the other buildings. Once parked, Booker walked to the statue.

Booker looked to his right and saw a sign that said "Hudson's Clothing and Accessories." Better cover up my hands so they don't see my mark this time Booker figured. He went in and asked for some gloves. The owner said "11 silver eagles." Oh crap, I don't have any money yet. I fucking knew I should have looked through that trash can Booker thought.

Booker replied to the owner "I'm kind of new around here, so I don't have any money yet." The owner smiled and said "It's alright then. Father Comstock teaches us to be nice, and since you're new I'll give you those gloves as a welcoming gift."

"Thank you," said Booker as he put on the gloves. He made his way through the streets and got to the drawbridge. He listened in disgust to Comstock's propaganda. We may share DNA, but we are not the same person Booker thought. He made his way to the carnival and realized that there was no boy that gave him a telegram. Are the Luteces late? Or do they know that I remember Booker contemplated.

Booker got to the fair and skipped all of the festivities. I've got to get to Elizabe - Anna, as soon as I can. I can't waste a single moment, Booker thought. He went over to the Possession Booth and drank one of the bottles. Then he proceeded to take control of the machine and step through the gate. Accordingly, the Luteces were there.

"Heads..." Robert started.

"or Tails?" Rosalind finished.

"Tails," Booker replied, and it landed on tails.

"That's weird," said Rosalind, "I thought this was a constant."

"Look guys, you couldn't hear me back at the lighthouse, but I was trying to tell you that I remember. Everything." Booker explained.

"Well this changes things," Robert said.

"Not really," Rosalind answered.

"And how does it not? We've never gotten tails before, nor have we had a Booker who knows what's to happen."

"Because it's all still the same. Whether he knows what's to happen or not, the ending will still be the same."

"Rosalind, we're not talking about different cards here, we're talking about a whole new deck."

"Oh Robert, just listen to me for once."

"You just can't accept that you're wrong."

"Anyways Booker, we'll be on our way then. Expect us to drop by from time to time. Probably more often than last time."

They then proceeded to walk around a corner to disappear. Booker continued his way to the raffle, now no longer worrying about people seeing his scar. When he got there, a lady in the front called out "Hey mister!" in his direction and gesturing for him to pull out a baseball. Booker looked at the baseballs and shuffled them around a bit.

He picked one up and turned it around. Thirty-two, Booker thought, At least I won't be picked this time. Fink announced that the raffle is about to begin, and asked a young lady to bring the bowl of numbers across the stage. He pulled a number out and said into the microphone "Seventy-seven!"

No one claimed the number, and Fink looked disappointed. He put his hand in the bowl whilst saying "Let's have another go at it then folks!" He pulled out a ballot and started to say the number. "Thirty" he began, but holding it and implying there was more. No way that's going to be two Booker thought. "Two!" finished Fink.

"Oh, that's him, that's him!" called the raffle girl.

"Well I'll be..." said Booker.

That's the end of the first chapter guys! Any and all criticism is appreciated (but please be nice, it's my first fanfic ever :D)

I'll try to get the next chapter up this week. I really enjoyed making this, almost as much as playing Infinite. So even if these turn out to be horrendous (I hope not), I'll still continue just to satisfy my Bioshock Infinite hunger!