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Lucy stood next to Lisanna in the middle of a large nasty smelling swamp. She could feel mud squelching between her toes, and filling up her favorite black combat boots. The white shorts and light blue tank top she was wearing were completely ruined. She was covered from head to toe in the gross, nauseating, cold mud of the swamp. Lisanna stood slightly behind her. Her white skin and hair, and pretty pink dress untouched by the mud of the area. She was still standing on the stump that Happy had placed her on, making sure to stay out of the grime of the swamp.

The girls were currently surrounded by about thirty enemy mages. Natsu was slighter further into the swamp, still in eyesight, fighting with two of the stronger members of the dark guild that they were currently taking down. Gray wasn't in sight, but Lucy knew he was fighting the other two strongest members of the guild, while Erza was off taking down the guild master. They had left the thirty weaker mages for Lucy and Lisanna to deal with. Pulling out her whip and keys, getting ready to summon one of her spirits, Lucy turned to Lisanna, and grinned.

"Ready for this Lisanna?" She called out, her voice determined. She was already in her battle stance, she was just waiting for Lisanna to jump off the stump to join her.

"Actually Lucy, you can handle it on your own right? I want to watch Natsu fight. I can see him great from up here." Lisanna called back. She couldn't even be bothered to look at Lucy as she talked to her, instead her eyes stayed focused on Natsu.

Well shit. Lucy thought, as she eyed the thirty mages around her. She was pissed, how the hell could Lisanna think it was okay to let her do this on her own. Not only was Lucy not sure if she could handle it, but it seemed as if Lisanna was going to stay perched right on her stump. And with her eyes refusing to leave Natsu's figure, it left Lucy to not only defeat all of the mages around them, but also protect Lisanna. Lucy could feel anger bubbling up within her. Well, at least my rage can fuel my battle she thought, as she used her anger to channel her magic more strongly.

Shifting her whip to her left hand for a moment, Lucy pulled out her most dependable key. "Open, Gate of the Lion, Leo!" Lucy yelled out. The ginger haired man instantly showed up by her side. He looked incredibly out of place wearing his sharp black suit, as he adjusted his glasses in the middle of the swamp. Still, the dangerous look in his eyes showed he meant business.

"Hello my Princess. Shall we defeat these mages with the power of our love?" He called out to Lucy, while smirking in the direction of the enemy.

"Stop talking about love Loke, and help me kick their asses." Lucy yelled back. Flipping her whip back to her right hand, she brandished it threateningly. The Lion spirit turned and grinned at his master, before diving into battle. Lucy heard him calling out to Regulas for power and strength, and smiled as she heard the screams of the enemy mingling in to join the shouts and battle cries of Natsu and the mages he was dealing with. Not wanting to be left out, she snapped her whip at the mage nearest her, twisting it around his body, and force throwing him across the bog into a tree. She watched, satisfied, as he slumped to the ground. Turning to the next one, she started to make fast work of taking down the mages she was dealt with. She could sense Loke behind her, making his way though his share of mages, the glow of his punches flickering in the edges of her vision.

Despite the fact that Loke and Lucy were doing a good job of taking down the mages, there was just too many of them. As Lucy flipped out her arm to wrap her whip around another one of the enemy, she heard a shout, and turned sensing a blow coming her way. She wasn't fast enough though, and the next thing she knew was pain, and the sickening sound of her forearm crunching. She screamed as the pain sent a shock wave through her, she felt the blood rush out of her head, causing her to wobble as the dizziness hit her. Looking down she was disgusted to see the bone of her forearm broken, and hanging at a right angle. A shard of bone was poking through her flesh, and fresh blood was pouring out her wound. Forcing down a gag, Lucy tried to stifle another scream, as she felt the mage who broke her arm kick her painfully in the ribs. She fell to the ground coughing for air. The mage lifted his hand in the air, his fist glowing green, and she watched as it started to descend towards her face. Just as she was about to close her eyes though, she heard a roar, and looking up she saw her faithful Lion spirit rush in and punch the enemy mage so hard in the chest that she heard multiple ribs snap and break. She watched as he fell to the ground, blood pouring from his mouth.

"Lucy!" Loke called. Bending down he grabbed onto her arm, staring at it in horror, his green eyes flashed in anger.

"It's fine. We have to keep fighting." Lucy hissed. Using his shoulder to steady herself, she pulled herself up. With her whip using arm out for the count, she used her left hand to reach for another key. Loke stayed by her side, protecting her till she called out another spirit, while shooting light beams out at his victims. Just as she was about to choose a key, Lucy heard a familiar female scream behind her, turning she watched as Lisanna feel from her stump, landing heavily in the mud. She laid there, not moving. Loke immediately shot down the mage that had snuck up behind her, while Lucy ran over to check her. Seeing she was still breathing, Lucy sighed in relief. Looking up she saw there was still 12 more mages to finish off. Seeing Loke worn down, though he was still fighting ferociously, Lucy decided to call on her most destructive spirit, in order to finish them all off at once.

Her left hand fumbled as it flipped through the keys, not used to handling them. After a moment though, the correct key was in her hand. Holding it out, Lucy called out loudly, her voice ringing clear across the battlefield. "Open, Gate of the Water-Bearer, Aquarius!" She screamed, as she thrusted the key down and into the swamp water. She knew Aquarius would be furious about the dirty water, but Lucy frankly couldn't care. Turning her face slightly, she watched as the brilliant light appeared heralding the arrival of one of her spirits. Aquarius' form manifested in front of her, her back arched, and water vase held high over her head. Seeing the swamp, Aquarius turned to glare at Lucy.

"How dare you summ-" Aquarius abruptly stopped as her eyes took in the sight of the weary and enraged Leo, as well as the bone protuding from Lucy's arm. The mermaid grit her teeth angrily, and turning to face the remaining enemy screamed out loudly, "No one hurts my master but me!" Spinning around, she swung her vase, and a massive wave of water collided with the mages, instantly knocking them all out. Lucy and Leo watched as the wave threw mages into trees, while drowning others. Once the water had calmed down, Aquarius turned to face them.

"I'm leaving now, I need a shower. This water is disgusting. You should probably do something about your arm, before it gets infected. Too bad you don't have a boyfriend to care for you. I'm going to see my boyfriend." As she disappeared, the word 'boyfriend' echoed a couple more times. Lucy grit her teeth in frustration.

"You don't have to keep repeating it." She yelled futilely. Loke chuckled quietly beside her.

"She never does let up does she. Still, she cares for you. She didn't even yell at you for calling her in this water. I think I should go rest now. Are you gonna be okay? I'll send Virgo out to care for you, so you don't waste more of your magic." Loke gave her a quick flirtatious smile. "You fought beautifully by the way. Why didn't Lisanna help?" He asked suddenly, narrowing his eyes at the still unconscious girl.

"She wanted to watch Natsu." Lucy growled, glaring at her. "She couldn't even watch for attacks aimed at her." Lucy's face started to redden with anger, but as the battle adrenaline started to fade away, the pain from her arm started to become unbearable. After hearing what Lucy said, Loke's expression became enraged. She watched as he clenched his hands into tight fists. "It's fine Loke. All's good now. Just go back and rest. I really need Virgo." She mumbled, as a wave of tiredness hit her. Loke looked at his master, and seeing the pain as well as weariness etched into her features, he nodded, and disappeared.

Lucy sighed, and sat down on a fallen tree to await the arrival of Virgo. Suddenly Natsu's voice cut in.

"What happened?" He yelled, rushing over to the fallen Lisanna. Lucy couldn't believe she hadn't even heard him coming. Thank god he wasn't another enemy, she thought.

"She's fine. Just got punched." Lucy called weakly. The pain from her arm was throbbing throughout her entire body, making her want to throw up.

"Why didn't you protect her, you were supposed to be a team. Dammit Lucy!" He shouted and glared at her. Lucy gasped in shock, and watched as Natsu gently started to shake Lisanna. "Lisanna wake up." She didn't wake up though. "We need to get her back to Fairy Tail. Where's Gray and Erza?" He asked her sharply.

"Right here." Gray answered. Lucy looked up and watched as Gray and Erza emerged from the darkening swamp.

"What happened?" Erza asked, looking towards Lisanna.

"Apparently Lucy wasn't able to cover Lisanna's back. She got knocked out, and she's not waking up." Natsu said, again glaring at Lucy. Lucy looked away, feeling tears welling up into her eyes. Her heart started to ache hearing the harshness of Natsu's voice directed at her.

"Natsu! Lisanna is a mage who can protect herself. Look Lucy is hurt too." Erza said, glaring back at Natsu. Lucy was still looking away, but suddenly she was drawn back, as she felt a cool hand on her shoulder.

"Lucy, your arm." Gray said, kneeling by her side. His dark onyx eyes glinted dangerously as he surveyed her damage.

"I'm okay. Virgo's coming." Just as she said that, Virgo appeared, first aid kit in hand. Lucy looked up and smiled, tears making her eyes shine bright. "Hi Virgo." She said, pain lacing her voice, making it sound weak and wobbly. "Can you check on Lisanna first?" She directed. Virgo nodded, and turned and walked quickly to Lisanna. Bending over, she looked at Lisanna for a moment.

"Lisanna is fine. She'll wake up soon." Virgo announced as she stood up, and walked to Lucy. "If you ask me, she deserves more punishment." Virgo murmured quietly, so that only Lucy and Gray heard her. Lucy frowned, while Gray looked confused. He looked to Lucy for clarification, but she just shook her head, and mouthed 'later.'

"This is going to hurt." Virgo said suddenly. "I can't set it straight since the bone is protruding, I don't want to break it further, so I'm going to stabilize it." Virgo then pulled out a long white bandage and set about securing Lucy's arm to her body. Lucy grit her teeth, and tried to hold back whimpers of pain. Her face had drained so much of blood that even her lips were pale. Gray took her hand and squeezed it slightly.

"You'll be okay Lucy." He murmured. "It's almost over." He added, seeing Virgo tying the last knot. Erza watched, worry written on her face.

"I'll call ahead to Master so he can have Wendy there to heal you, okay Lucy?" Erza stated, as she pulled out a communications lacrima. Sending her magic into she watched as it glowed golden, and then Laxus' face appeared. His strong features filling up the screen. He looked out at Erza, his expression bored.

"Laxus, where is Master? I must speak with him." Erza demanded. Her face had a stern, no nonsense look. Laxus stared back at her, sensing the seriousness of the situation.

"He's out with Yajima, he'll be back shortly, what's wrong?" He asked. His face and tone was serious, the bored expression no longrer on his face, and then Mira appeared beside him. The guild bar could be seen in the background.

"Everything's okay, but Lucy broke her arm badly, the bone is sticking out so we can't set it. She needs to be healed. Is Wendy still at the guild?" They watched as Laxus glanced around the guild. Mira had concern on her face.

"Is Lisanna okay?" She asked. She was wringing her hands together, afraid to lose her sister again.

"Lisanna is fine, shes unconscious, but should be awake soon, one of Lucy's spirits checked her out. It as only a simple punch." Erza stated calmly. Mira nodded her head, reassured slightly.

"She must have left already. Levy is here, I'll send her to bring Wendy back. When will you be here?" Laxus asked.

"I'm renting a car, we'll be there in a hour. Thank you Laxus." Then the globe went black. Turning to them, she looked them all over. "Let's go, Natsu, carry Lisanna, Gray help Lucy." Virgo helped Lucy to her feet, and once Gray had his arm wrapped securely around Lucy's midsection with her good arm slung over his shoulder, she stepped back.

"Take care of her. Let me know if you need anything else Princess." Then Virgo bowed and disappeared. Seeing that Lucy was on her feet, and Natsu up with Lisanna cradled in his arms, Erza nodded.

"Happy, fly me ahead, we'll get the car and meet you on the road. See you shortly." Happy quickly flew forward and obeyed Erza's orders. Picking her up, they flew off into the night, leaving the four mages behind.

After a half hour of fast walking, with Natsu in the lead, they reached the road. Every step had jolted Lucy's arm, causing pain to shoot throughout her body, but she never once complained, or asked to slow down the pace. Gray only knew that she was in pain because of the way her body had tensed and the sound of her teeth grinding together. This had caused Gray to glare at Natsu the whole way, though he was also still mad at him for how he talked to Lucy. He had supported most of her weight the entire way, but he knew he couldn't do anything to alleviate the pain that Lucy was feeling. So he was happy when he saw Erza waiting with the car, it meant they could get her home to Fairy Tail faster.

Gray let go of Lucy once she was safely leaning against the car, and seeing Natsu busy gently laying Lisanna on one of the back seats, he walked up to Erza. Motioning her to follow him, he walked off to the side of the road, and away from the dragon slayer. Once they reached a safe distance Gray stopped.

"What's going on?" Erza immediately spoke up. Looking back towards the car, eager to get back so Lucy could be helped.

"We need to have Lucy up front with us. I want us to talk to her. I want to find out what happened. Something Virgo said worried me. And the fact that Lucy was so badly injured, when she had used her two most powerful spirits. Also, Lisanna looked like she barely fought. Did you see Lucy? She was covered head to toe in mud, us too, but Lisanna only has mud on her from where she fell after she was knocked out." Gray talked quietly and quickly, keeping an eye on Natsu. Erza listened, and as he talked, her face furrowed, as she realized what he was saying was trued. Once he was done, she nodded her head.

"Okay, she can sit with me up front, and you can sit on the roof. With Lisanna laid out in back, and Natsu sick, there won't be much room anyway. Happy can keep an eye on them in the back. Let's go."

The two of them quickly walked back to the road. Once they reached the car, they saw Natsu already in the back with Lisanna, for the first time beating them at getting into transportation, though his face was already green with queasiness. Gray walked up to Lucy, who looked at him curiously, he just smiled slightly, and helped her to the front seat, lifting her onto it. He then climbed up onto it, and from there to the room. Erza sat next to Lucy, and Happy flew in to sit on Natsu.

"All set." Erza called. Hearing an affirmative from everyone, she wrapped her arm into the s-plug, and they took off.

Lucy grit her teeth again, as they hit bump after bump. As much as she appreciated that Erza wanted to be back fast, this ride was killing her. She needed a distraction. Turning to look up at Gray, she jumped slightly in shock when she saw his face lowered so that it was between her and Erza's. Of course her jump sent another wave of pain through, this time she was unable to hold back the whimper of pain. Gray looked at her concerned, but knowing there was nothing he could do. Erza glanced over, and grimaced.

"Sorry Lucy. The sooner we get there, the sooner your healed." She said. Lucy just nodded miserably.

"Lucy, what did Virgo mean?" Gray asked. Turning to fix Lucy with his stare.

"First, what did Virgo say?" Erza interrupted. She glanced again at Lucy, then turned back to the road. Gray looked at Lucy, and seeing the pain she was in, decided to answer for her.

"After she came over when she was done with Lisanna, she said Lisanna was going to be fine, but then she muttered to Lucy, that Lisanna deserved more punishment." Gray stated quickly. Erza's face furrowed in concentration.

"Lucy, what happened?" Erza demanded. Lucy sighed, and shook her head slightly.

"I'm too tired for this." She sighed again. "Okay, after you guys left, we were left with the group of thirty, which shouldn;t have been a problem. But then Lisanna said she could see Natsu perfectly from her perch on the stump, and said she wanted to watch him fight. She then told me I could handle the battle on my own. She never even looked at me. Her focus was entirely on Natsu. I had to fight the mages, and also watch her back. There was so many of them though, and one of them slipped through, that's when my arm broke, he also kicked me in the ribs, causing me to fall down. I might have a broken rib or two. It hurts to breathe. Anyway, the guy was about to punch my face in, but Loke came and stopped him, he helped me up, and stayed with me till I could call out another spirit, I was just about to when I heard Lisanna scream. I ran to her and checked her, saw she was breathing, and then called out Aquarius to finish the battle." Lucy finished her story, and sighed again.

Erza and Gray's faces showed their shock. Gray was the first to speak. "You mean, she didn't help you at all. Dammit Lucy. You could've been hurt worse then you are now. What was she thinking." He muttered angrily.

"This will have to be dealt with, that behavior is unacceptable." Erza stated. "I'll speak with Master about it." She added.

They were now racing along the streets of Magnolia. Thankfully it was now late at night, so there was no traffic or pedestrians on the streets. Erza sped down the roads, making hair pin turns, and making Lucy want to scream in fright. She gasped, and sighed in relief when the guild was finally in sight. Erza screeched to a halt in front of the guild. Gray and Erza helped Lucy off the car, while Natsu jumped out, puked on the ground, and then turned lifted Lisanna, and rushed inside. Not even glancing back at Lucy. Gray and Erza stared angrily, as they planted Lucy between them, and started to help her towards the guild doors. Lucy hung her head, as she walked between them, hurting inside because of the treatment her best friend and secret crush was giving her. Determined not to cry though, she shook away the tears that were threatening to fall, and lifted her head, focusing instead on steadying her step, and concentrating on anything but her pain.

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-Deaths Embrace