Two 'o clock and I wish that I was sleeping

You're in my head like a song on the radio

All I know is that I got to get next to you

Yeah I got to get next to you

Sitting here turning minutes into hours

To find the nerve just to call you on the telephone

You don't know that I got to get next to you

Maybe were friends
Maybe were more
Maybe it's just my imagination
But I see you stare just a little too long
And it makes me start to wonder
So baby call me crazy
But I think you feel it too
Maybe I, Maybe I
Just got to get next to you

I asked around and I heard that you were talking

Told my boy that you thought I was out of your league

What a fool, I got to get next to you, whoa

Yeah it's five in the morning and I can't go to sleep

'Cause I wish, yeah I wish that you knew what you mean to me

Baby let's get together and end this mystery, oh

Kagami, like always, wakes up early this morning. With such a beautiful Saturday's morn he wants to cook something fast but delicious for himself. It is one of the best moments in his life, when he has a day off. He can sleep as much as he wants and eat as much as he wants all the day without being disturbed.

He quickly takes a shower and tidies up his room, and then he decides to eat.

He walks nonchalantly to reach the kitchen, rubbing the back of his neck while yawning like a cute puppy. When he gets in, he opens the fridge's door and looks for eggs and some left over from last night. He takes everything in one hand and closes the door with the other. He puts everything on the counter and then goes looking for a knife, some recipients and other utensils before starting. Everything is carefully done. He is feeling lazy, but he remains concentrate as he listens to all the sounds his stomach makes.

Ding Dong

His eyes rise to look at the hallway that leads to the entrance door. With a brief sigh he leaves his cooking and, wiping his wet hands, he walks to reach the door.

"Yeah, who is it ?" he asks just before opening the door.

The pair of eyes that meet him, gives him some chills. So fierce and determinate that he feels the urges to close the door right away. "Wha… what is it ? Do you want something ?" he frowns nervously, acting suspicious even though there was really nothing to hide.

"I want to see the girl living here !" the woman in front of him says, with a cold tone, looking at Kagami like he was nothing important himself. "Girl ? There is no gir… !" before he could end his sentence, she pushes him away and enters the apartment. "Wai… what are you do… Uh ?"

She puts her badge right under Kagami's nose, wanting to shut him up. "Don't play numb with me. I know that you are hiding a girl. Give her to me ! Otherwise I will be forced to arrest you, Mr !" he opens his eyes in disbelief, shocked by what she just said and the fuck was he going to be arrested, for what exactly ? He remains silent, astonished. The blonde and very sexy officer glares at him and then starts walking and looking around in his apartment. Kagami lets her be, having nothing to say as he tries to understand what is happening. Then, when she has completely disappeared in the apartment, she just shouts while making loud noise with something. "Wait ! How come there is not even a single girl's thing in this apartment ?"

He rushes to his room; she is here, digging in his personal belongings. "Hey, stop that now ! There is no girl here, I am the owner of this apartment and you must be the first girl in age to come in ! Stop it now." She looks at him, not ready to believe what he says, she is less cold and determinate than earlier and she almost looks confused at the big mess she just made. But she doesn't want to give up. "Then…" she walks back to the kitchen and Kagami follows her all worried. "… You are the one cooking ? You wanna make me believe that ? bullshit !" she spits out.


"Haaaaa, I am full ! Gosh, I never knew that a guy could cook so well. Kagami, is it ? You are a chief !" the red hair smiles while shaking his head. "Please Nicole, stops it. I only did it to show you that there is no girl here." She sighs loudly. Forced to fully believe Kagami. To convince her, he cooked right in front of her and let her taste it. Now she could not find anything else to protest.

She slowly reaches her can of beer and sighs again. "Why would he always come to this building ? I follow him a night and I am pretty sure that he enters this room." Kagami frowns, not understanding what she is saying. "You saying… that a serial killer entered my room a day ? … No, entered the building ? What the fuck ? Who is he ?" he shouts, feeling anxious about the answer she would give him. But instead of a serious one, she burst into laughing. "Oh Gosh, Kagami, you are so fun." He looks surprised, "Fu… fun ? Is not it something dangerous that some serial killer got here ?" he asks again, all serious and anxious.

She waves her hand in front of him, wanting him to stop because she was dying while laughing so much. "Nicole !" he seems frustrated, angry while crossing his arms on his chest and the woman find it so cute. "No, Kagami, I am talking about an egoistical and really arrogant coworker of mine." he frowns, looking at her sudden sad face. "A policeman, then ? Going, here ?" she nods and he starts to think about it but she stops him before he does. "No, no, it must be a misunderstanding, don't think too much about it. I was so angry, so… so angry that I probably got everything wrong." Kagami stares at her slight and beautiful features which slowly become more and more sad. He caresses his hair and asks nervously. "angry ? Could it be that… I mean, is there a problem with him ?"

She raises her eyes to look at him. Wondering if she should tell him everything or just lie about it, it would indeed be good to lie. But she wants to talk to someone and she is sorry for what she did too - He needs some explanations – she thinks to herself.

"I… I was jealous. We kind of got into a relationship some month ago, but he suddenly changed, avoiding me, neglecting me, acting more arrogant and egoist than usual and then he asked that we break up. I know that everything happened because of me. I fell in love and I forced myself into him, but then I could not think of letting him go. Even with his attitude, I felt so good with him, so good that I got jealous and sad to think that he finds himself someone else. So I started following him and very often he came here. Sometime he would climb and see her, other time he would simply gaze at her balcony and go without seeing her, as if he was really in love. Do you get it ?"

Kagami listens carefully and silently. Not feeling weird about the fact that a woman he never met before talks like that about her personal matters with him. No, he was feeling sorry and understands her because he knows very well the feeling of an unrequited love.

"Yeah, I clearly get it, Nicole." She looks at him, acting hesitant, showing a really sad face.

"You sure ?" she asks and he smiles all sadly like her. "I confessed, but it seems that I can only play the good friend." He admits and then she opens wide her eyes and puts a hand on her mouth. "Ah sweetie, poor you." He laughs and shakes his head all cutely. "I don't want to hear that from you, Nicole." She laughs too, feeling at ease and some kind of warm she needs today.


Finally she decides to go back. "Thanks you Kagami and really sorry for everything. Really…" she bows, her head almost touching her knees. "It is ok, I already forget everything."

She opens the door but right before going, she kisses Kagami gently on his cheek, really near his lips. He is surprised but doesn't back off. "She really is a perfect moron to keep you as a friend." Nicole smiles. The moment she reaches the outside she collides with somebody. "Ouch !... What the hell ? Can't you look befor… Aomine !" she yells.

The red hair looks at the scene with a surprise more effective. She just bumps into Aomine who stands in the entrance; looking at them since the time she opens the door. The tanned boy shows a really weird smirk, a really scary smirk.

"Seems like I got to see a really interesting… pairing." He slowly says with his husky tone and a fierce look. Kagami swallow his saliva with difficulties. The woman is surprised but soon she changes her expression. "What are you doing here, Aomine ? Are you spying on me ? What are you doing ? Huh, explain it ! I thought you didn't care for me." she is yelling, all furious even though the one spying was her.

But there, Aomine could never do such a thing, not only because it was not his kind but because as Kagami understands that the coworker Nicole was talking about was Aomine, he understand too that the girl she was looking for was himself. Everything is clear now.

But there, she doesn't have to worry, since Kagami's confession got rejected. Yeah, he never mentioned that the one he confessed to was a girl.