Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?
Well you can try sleeping in my bed
Lonely, only
Nobody ever shut it down like you
You wore the crown
You make my body feel heaven-bound
Why don't you hold me, need me
I thought you told me
You'd never leave me
Looking in the sky I can see your face
And I knew right where I'd fit in
Take me, make me
You know that I'll always be
In love with you, right 'til the end

It is in a very bad shape that Kagami wakes up the next morning. Lying on the balcony, with his light clothes and the empty cans near him. It is so cold that every muscle and bones of his body hurt him. He starts sneezing non-stop and it makes him regain enough consciousness to understand his condition. "Oh, fuck !" he stands up in a rush. He can perfectly recall of his evening and the thing that made him get drunk, even though he knew that he should work today.

He is pretty angry with himself, shivering and sneezing because he catches a cold, and a serious one. He looks for his cellphone before undressing and taking a hot bath. It is already ten am, he is late for work but he is not going in this condition anyway. He is stubborn and depressed but not stupid.

While relaxing in the bath, he writes a short message and sends it to his teammate. The guy mustn't have the time to answer him right now but at least it is good to make him know what is happening with Kagami.

After the bath, Kagami pulls himself out the bathroom, almost crawling because he feels worse from minute to minute. He reaches his room and wipes himself quickly before wearing a pile of clothes. He lies under the sheets and the quilt. Not too long after that, he falls asleep.

Riiiiing riiiiing

Opening his eyes, one after the other, he moans and stretches before looking for the phone. His body is aching even more and the temperature of the room seems higher but he is always cold. "Hello ?" he winces, slowly going under the sheets with the cellphone and closes his eyes. "Hey darling, what happened to you ? Why didn't you come today ? And why is your voice so weird ?"

A little smile appears on Kagami's lips. He is quite happy to hear that someone cares enough for him, to call when he doesn't show off to work. "Sorry chief, I caught a cold, I am really sorry." Kagami's chief, the head chief of the firefighter of this town himself is calling him to take some news. "Oh, I know it and I find it really suspicious. Darling, don't tell me you are avoiding me, I am hurt."

The red hair starts laughing and then moans in pain. His lungs are aching inside. He coughs a long time before continuing to laugh again but a bit more carefully. "No, chief, really, I would never do that." Both laugh together. Kagami removes the sheets on his upper body and covers his forehead with his free hand, breathing as if he was suffocating and he was, indeed, suffocating under the tissue. "Hey, did you take some medicine ?"

Kagami smiles and nods before telling his superior that he took some pills but it was an easy lie. "Liar ! How much time do you think I know you now ? You are such a pain in the ass Taiga." Kagami rolls on the bed, putting himself on his right side, eyes always closed and his hand on his chest now. He always tries not to bother others with his problems. But his coworkers always catch him when he tries to lie. It was as if the only one not seeing through his big lies was Aomine.

"You always do this, stupid ! Ok, wait around thirty minutes, I will be right there in no time." His interlocutor hangs up before he could stop him.

Ding dong

"Wow, you really came ?" the man enters the apartment after Kagami opened him the door. He raises an eyebrow, outraged by his words, and hits his head. "What is that supposed to mean ? Do you… Oh shit, Kagami you are hot like fire !" Kagami smirks stupidly and crosses his arms on his chest. "Yeah, I know that, I am a sexy firefighter." His chief doesn't appreciate the joke and hits him again. "Stupid ! Come here." He drags him into the room and throws him under his sheets. "I bet that you didn't take anything, not even food. Wait here, I will make you something good."

He leaves a pretty surprised Kagami in the room and makes himself at home while cooking. He is used to the apartment, it is not the first time that he plays the nurse for Kagami. The two know each other for years already. They were teammate and Matt who was much older, was promoted.

"Here, some special health food for stupid idiot." Kagami leans against the bed's head and makes a face that always gets on Matt's nerve. "What ?" he asks, all annoyed, staring at him with a warm but fierce look. "Nothing… I was just wondering if your wife knew that you are so… I mean, so dedicated." He starts laughing and it is funnier than anything else because his way of laughing while paying attention to his lungs is hilarious. "You are so stupid, Kagami. Now eat !" The red hair nods "Yeah, Yeah, mommy."

While eating, they talk about few things and Matt gives him the medicines he bought on his way. As he wanted to know how he managed to catch the cold, Kagami told him everything and he got the same reaction. The one Matt will always give him when listening to his love story. "You already know what I think about your friend's behavior."

Kagami nods and lowers his head to look into the empty plate in his arm. "Yeah, I know. But… but, no, Aomine would never do something like that. I mean, pretending not to know my feelings and acting like that. He would never do that." Matt frowns while listening to Kagami. His sharps grey eyes stare at him. "Don't be stupid Kagami. You are way too naïve and too in love…" his words hurt Kagami and it is as painful for Matt to see his friend looking like that. But he knows that he have to open Kagami's eyes. "Think of it twice, you know very well that it is convenient for him not to accept the reality. Do you think that he is so trustworthy ? I sincerely doubt that."

His eyebrows sag towards the up. He stares at Matt, shocked. Not only because he is badmouthing Aomine but also because deep in his heart, Matt touched the right point. The man was straightforward, exactly like Aomine but in a more gently way. He had listen to Kagami since the very beginning and even if he never saw Aomine, he can easily tell what kind of guy he is. Kagami knows that what he is saying can be true; he had the same thoughts for days already. But he still doesn't want to accept it. Accepting it would mean going away from Aomine and giving up on him. Kagami is unable to do this.

"Matt, I… I can't let you talk like that of him. Forget this, I don't want to talk about it anymore, it is ok." The red hair tries a smile, one who easily fools Aomine, but Matt is not Aomine and every time Kagami does this, it seriously gets on his nerve. "No, it is not ok ! Stops this ! Don't smile as if everything was all right because I know that it is not. He doesn't love you and you need to let go of this lo…"

Kagami takes a strong grip on a glass and yells in tear before breaking it. "I said that I don't want to talk about it anymore, Matt !" the water mixes with his blood and tears pearl on his cheeks. Both are shocked and motionless. They stare silently at the pieces of the glass.

After some seconds, Matt stands and quickly cleans the mess before treating his cut. He avoids eyes' contact with Kagami and the red hair feels guilty and alone. "I… I am sorry… so sorry… I am sorry…" it is as if everything that happens on earth was his fault and that he was all alone against all. Matt finally looks at him, seeing for the first time, Kagami in tears and he can't help hating Aomine. "It is ok, cry as much as you want. Go on !" He hugs him gently and fondles his hair, giving him his shoulder and Kagami let himself free, crying like he never did in years.

When Matt decides to go home, Kagami is in bed, very tired and tearful. The red hair is sleeping soundly, helped by the medicines. Matt cooks many things for him to eat when he will wake up and cleans the mess he did on the balcony.

Some hours after, Kagami opens his eyes like a reptile, they are swollen and painful but at least he feels good now. He stretches, wincing at the repugnant smell of his body. "Oh, fuck... I sweated so much ?" he smells his clothes and pulling out his tongue, he rushes to take a bath and glances in the mirror. "Oh Shit ! Did I cry so much too ?" mocking his own face he starts looking everywhere for food. He is lucky enough to discover that someone thought of his big stomach and cooked for him. He smiles lightly, looking around the counter and discovering everything Matt made for him.

Kagami sits like a boss and starts eating the delicious meal and in the middle of it, he turns on the television and uses his phone to make a call. As soon as the person picks up, he starts talking. "… You are such a lifesaver, thank you so much for the care and the food. I owe you two, this time." His smile slowly disappears when he hears a very familiar voice but not the one it was supposed to be. "What are you talking about, Bakagami ? You know that I can't cook."

A shiver crossed Kagami's body, giving him a certain pleasure and only by hearing this man's voice. He sighs, putting his head on the counter, feeling a light happiness in his heart and his heartbeat becoming faster. "A…" he swallows his saliva, seeking his words, refraining to yell how much he loves him. "Aomine, it is you…"

"I should be angry to hear you asking me that but your tone doesn't give me a bad feeling, stupid." Of course it is impossible for Aomine not to feel something weird with Kagami's tone. When the red hair has to talk to him, his voice changes completely. Whatever he says, no one would believe it with such a sweet tone.

Laughing gently, Kagami remains lying on the counter, holding the phone closer to his skin as if he was holding Aomine's hand. "Sorry, I dialed the wrong number. I know better than anyone that you can't cook, indeed I know that you can't do anything."

There is the sound of a closing door and Aomine's quick breathing. "bastard ! I am busy, don't bother me for nothing." he shouts and Kagami laughs even stronger, teasing Aomine, laughing on the phone with him as if he was not the reason of these days of tears and his present illness, it was happy time. Since the tanned boy is still working Kagami felt happy that he picked up. "So, what about the care and this cooking ? What happened ?" the red hair bites his inch while closing his eyes. "Nothing serious, a coworker spent the day nursing me, it is all."

Aomine remains silent before talking again. "What did you say ? Sick ? You are sick, Taiga ?" listening to Aomine's husky voice his mind goes blank, smilling like a stupid virgin girl, forgetting he is having a conversation. "Oî, stupid ! What is it ? Are you sick or not ? Answer me !" Kagami jumps and straightens, putting his hair back. "Yea… yeah, I caught a cold, nothing too bad."

"What 'nothing too bad' ? How is it that you caught a cold, we were together yesterday… so, you really were ill, I thought so too. Why did not you tell me ?" assuming it was because of his illness that he acted so weird the day before, Aomine slowly becomes angry. "Ah, Aomine wait ! I felt it when I woke up this morning…" he is happy enough to receive Aomine's concern but it was not good to make him angry. "Then, you should have call me this morning !..."

This mere sentence makes him recalled of Matt's words. He got sick because of him and it could have been worse if Aomine was there. "Daikiiiii, hurry up ! I am feeling lonely." it was not Aomine's voice, it was a female's voice and Kagami could easily think of what they were doing together. He is with a woman and Kagami almost felt guilty for calling him, thinking that he was still working. Was it like that every time he said that he was busy ? Probably. Maybe Matt was right after all; Aomine was a liar and an egoist.

As always, Kagami's heart feels stab from ten to hundred time. "Aomine, I think you should not worry. I can manage on my own." His voice is shaking. "What ? What is this ? I did not ask for your opinion, don't you get it ?" Kagami feels the need to fly away, to disappear and not hear Aomine's voice. "Yeah, I get you. But I don't need your concern at all !" It is rare for him to yell so angrily at Aomine. So rare and surprising that the tanned man remains silent, apparently too shocked. "Sorry for the call, good night." his voice finally breaks and he hangs up.

Remaining at the counter, trembling like a leaf with his head down, Kagami keeps quiet. Every day was the same, he end up in piece because of the very same man.