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As Beastboy walked past the OPS doors he was greeted by the familiar sent of herbal tea. He looked over and smiled. Raven was sitting at the counter quietly reading a book with a mug not too far away. He walked over to the fridge and poured himself a glass of orange juice. "Yo BB pour me a glass too!" Cyborg yelled at his green friend while not taking his eyes off the video game he was playing against Robin. Starfire was watching her brave leader and timid boyfriend longingly while pretending to look at the screen. Beastboy nodded and brought over a glass. "Thanks little dude." Cyborg chugged the glass and put it on the table. Beastboy walked back over to where Raven sat.


She looked up and shrugged "Depends on what you're making I guess."

He could feel his fang poke out as he smiled "Waffles of corse!" she nodded and put down her book. It had been a long time coming, but Raven and Beastboy had eventually become close friends. They had always been friends, but their opposite personalities had butted heads since early on in their relationship, but as they grew older, they grew closer as well. Ever since Beastboy had turned into his violent alter ego, The Beast, to save her life, Raven had been regarding him with more respect, and what had happened with both Malchor and Raven's father had given them a better understanding of each other, and in turn had brought the whole team together. Upon finally hitting puberty, besides gaining a lot of hight and muscle, Beastboy had become more in touch with his emotions, and his own beastly dark side. He was still by far the most immature happy-go lucky kid in the house, but he had more of an understanding of others and was earning more respect from his teammates everyday.

"Alright Raven, are you ready for the most super awesome waffles you have ever had in your whole freakin' life!?" he asked her.

She sighed speaking in her usual monotone "You say that every time, and every time they taste the same."

Beastboy wagged a finger at her "There's where you're wrong Rae, because you see," he spun around and grabbed something out of the fridge "I bought WHIPPED CREAM!" he presented it to her with a flourish. She was not impressed. "Beastboy, whipped cream is not going to make a difference." "Oh but it will!" he responded confidently. A few minutes later he presented Raven with 3 fluffy waffles topped with a small pile of whipped cream. She raised an eyebrow at him as he smiled at her and began to woof down his own waffles. She ate them tentatively. When her plate was empty Beastboy look at her expectantly "Soooooooo...?" she sighed. There was really no taste difference, but Raven decided it would be easier to make him happy.

"Totally different" she said slightly sarcastically.

He laughed, grinning ear to ear. "Well whipped cream is good for a lotta things Rae." he winked at her still laughing. She rolled her eyes. His jokes have gotten progressively worse, (not to mention holding some not-so-stubble sexual innuendoes) but surprisingly she did not mind as much anymore. His company made her feel more human, more normal. Well, as normal as any green skinned changeling could make a half- demoness. Cyborg walked over happily from his recent victory over their leader.

"Where's the waffles, grass stain? I'm hungry!"


Raven was walking down the hall towards her room to get ready for bed. They had taken down a bank robber earlier and now all she wanted to do was shower and curl up with a good book. She was startled when she heard a soft meow and a pulling sensation on her cloak. She turned around to find an adorable tiny green fluffy kitten. It's big green eyes stared at her as it meowed again. She shook her head.

"Beastboy why can't you talk to me in your human form?"

The kitten purred and rubbed itself against her leg. She stifled a small smile. "C'mon." she opened the doors to her room and the green kitten pranced in triumphantly. She walked in as Beastboy curled up on her pillow snuggling his green fur against her blankets. She caught herself smiling again. Out of all the forms he took, this was one of her most favorite. And he knew it too.

She pointed a stern finger at the innocent eyes of the cat. "I'm going to take a shower Beastboy. Don't you DARE try anything! You're lucky I even let you in here! And DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING." The kitten meowed in response and nestled deeper into the soft fabric. Raven walked toward the bathroom hanging her cloak on a hook.

As soon as Raven was in the bathroom, Beastboy's ears perked up. He smiled inwardly and began to prance around the room, gawking at various things. He stopped and looked in her hand mirror, admiring his feline form. He chuckled to himself. Raven could never resist his cute kitten routine. He tried to only use it when Raven was truly mad at him, but lately he had been transforming into the kitten more and more to spend time with her. Cyborg had teased him mercilessly joking to Robin their green friend had a crush on Raven, and a death wish. Beastboy denied it but he couldn't help feeling that it was true. He knew he was most defiantly attracted to Raven, I mean, who wouldn't be?

Her eyes were the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen and who couldn't help staring at her amazing form in that tight tight bodysuit. He couldn't. It made training a lot more distracting. And she was smart too. And though she rarely showed it, she had a great sense of humor he was constantly trying to get out of her. So maybe he did have a little crush on the dark girl, he thought, shrugging to himself as he renewed his tour around her room.

He waltzed past Ravens bathroom door and suddenly backtracked. Raven had accidentally left the door open just a crack. Beastboy gulped. He knew he really shouldn't... besides the fact that Raven would eat him alive it was just plain disrespectful and a little creepy. Nevertheless he couldn't resist the magnetic pull towards the door.

He peeked through the slit only to be disappointed to be facing a wall. If he wanted to see Raven he was going to have to open the door. He used his tiny paw to crack open the door not even an inch. Still nothing. He could hear the water from the shower head drenching Raven and hitting the tile. Steam filled the whole bathroom. He open the door a tad more and peaked his head around. There was a thin curtain separating Raven's body from beastboy's gaze. He could see the outline of her figure and gulped.

Her hands were messaging her scalp as she washed out shampoo. He could see the curve of her hips and the roundness to her breasts. He could feel himself turning a deep red as he watched her for awhile. She reached to turn the water off and Beastboy sprinted toward her bed. In one giant leap he landed in her pillow and fixed himself up so it seemed he hadn't moved an inch.

Moments later, Raven walked out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and sleep shorts with her hair slightly damp. She made her way over to where Beastboy was pretending to sleep and leaned over him "Enjoy the show?" she asked, her voice laced with sarcasm and annoyance. Beastboy, knowing the jig was up changed back into his human form. His fading red hue was renewed. His hand slid to the back of his neck as he gave her an innocent smile "Umm.. How'd you know?" she raise an eyebrow at him, clearly not amused. "Beastboy, I can sense emotions. I knew the moment you got up from that pillow. Plus, I saw the door open." The changeling's ears drooped.

"Sorry Rae. I didn't mean to upset you. I couldn't help it."

She glared at him. Suddenly a thought popped into his head "Wait, if you knew I was there why didn't you kill me on the spot?" he asked genuinely confused. She straightened up and second guessed herself. Why had she let him watch her? She could have kicked him out easy, but she didn't. Apparently her emotions seemed to not care if he saw her showering. How very peculiar she thought to herself. She would have to take a trip to Nevermore and ask them herself. "Guess I was just too tired" she confirmed. He looked at her questioningly but didn't want to push his luck. "Just don't let it happen again" she added. Beastboy gave her a devilish smile "Oh don't worry next time I'll be in the shower with you." he winked at her. For a spilt second, the image of Beastboy's naked body pressed against hers in the shower overwhelmed her. She turned her head as she blushed.

"You wish" was her weak response.

"You don't even know how much" Beastboy said seriously.

Her blush deepened. "Stop it before I hurt you Gar." He smiled. He loved hearing her voice speak his name. He normally hated his real name but coming from her, it sounded like the most beautiful thing in the world. "I'm really glad I told you my name" Beastboy spoke "It sounds great when you say it." he was pushing her boundaries tonight, he knew. He could feel her strain. He could physically see her struggle with her emotions. He wanted her so badly to feel something for him. He had been pining after her for awhile. He always made little jokes and acted like it was nothing but he was truly falling for her. He couldn't explain it but she filled his every thought. He couldn't get her out if his head. He'd never felt this way before, not about anyone, not even Terra.

And it scared him.

Raven took in a deep breath. Things were getting complicated in her head. Funny, that only seemed to happen around Beastboy. She needed to visit her emotions. And fast. "Beastboy?" she spoke softly. She could feel his heart quicken in his chest "Yes?" he asked "Things are getting a little... Tiring... Can we call it a night?" Beastboy understood. He had come to a better appreciation of the way her mind worked. She needed space to sort things out. He nodded and stood up.

"Night Rae. And sorry again."

Raven say down and started to mediate. "Azerath metrion zynthos, Azerath metrion zynthos, Azerath metrion zynthos. After the third chant she was transported. She sat in front of her emotions in their different colored robes. She breathed. Wisdom spoke first. "You are confused." Raven nodded. "Beastboy and I have been growing closer, and I think I might be having 'the feelings'" she almost smiled as she used her alien friend's words.

Wisdom nodded "And you are afraid you might lose control?" Rage cut in from the background, "A trait you so obviously do not possess" Raven ignored her taunting anger as Brave yelled at her evil emotion "Shut it hot head you're not part of this conversation!" Timid whimpered behind her. Raven sighed. "I don't even know if I truly do like him, I mean what if it's all just I'm my head?" Happy giggled.

"Trust me there's a lot going on in your head and thats not one of them!"

Love pranced over to Raven. "Hon, if it wasn't real would you be having all these daydreams about him?" Raven was taken back to her earlier fantasy in the shower. Love laughed. "See?" Wisdom nodded. "Whether or not you accept this love and decide to act upon it, there will be a struggle. The struggle to cover up and repress you emotions-"

"Which you've been doing unsuccessfully obviously!" Love interjected,

"...or the struggle to control them. The choice is yours."

Brave piped up "C'mon Raven! How hard could it be controlling some measly emotions? I'm up for the challenge!" Raven sighed again and returned to reality. You would think being able to talk to your own emotions would make things easier, but as usual, Raven was even more confused.