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Yes, yes I know that I still haven't done much for Master and Childe but I'm not enjoy writing that one all that much but I'll promise that I'll finish it. I know that in Hellsing Ultimate and other Hellsing stuff Alucard wasn't released before Arthur Hellsing's death but I thought what if Integra found him earlier? Plus in this story I don't think that I'll have Arthur die of a sickness. But I hope that you'll enjoy it and please review. Also the story begins in Sir Integra's point of view at the age of 12.

Vampire from Hell!

Chapter 1

I ran down the hall to my father's study, instead of knocking like I usually do, I barged right in, father looked up at me with blue eyes just like mine.

"Integra, what have I told you about running around the manor?" Father asked not angry with me at all, he spun around in his chair as I ran over to his side, he looked down at me with kind eyes.

"It's Alucard!" I pouted folding my arms, father put his head in his hand shaking his head lightly.

"What did he do now?" Father asked annoyed by Alucard greatly, then we heard laughing and looked over at Alucard's usual spot in the shadows, he appeared a few seconds later grinning madly.

"He constantly teases me about my glasses and then he took them!" I yelled throwing my arms out, Father looked at me.

"What are you on about, you have your glasses." Father said.

"These are my old pair, he has my new pair." I said, my eyebrow twitching in anger, I looked at Alucard. "Damn vampire." Alucard just kept grinning.

"Alucard, please stop teasing Integral about her glasses and do give them back to her." Father said looking at Alucard still annoyed.

"As you wish, my Master." Alucard said, I walked up to Alucard who was holding out my glasses, I snatched them out of his hands and gave him a death glare.

"Do not mess with me again, vampire, or I'll put a bullet in your head next time." I said and walked out of the room.

"Aren't we brave." Alucard teased me again.


There was a knock on my door.

"Enter." I gave them permission, father walked in, I straightened up in my chair. "Hello, Father."

"Integra, I was going to go on a mission, well observe the soldiers during training. Would you like to come?" Father asked.

"Yes!" I said smiling which was rare for me.

"Come along, Integra." Father said and walked out of the room, I jumped down off of my chair and ran after him. Father walked ahead of me, we got into the car, Walter was driving like always but as soon as I got in my smile vanished, Alucard was sitting across from my father. I sat down next to father, closed the door, and folded my arms while glaring at Alucard as he grinned at me.

"What is he doing here?" I asked father, not looking away from Alucard.

"He is on the mission as well, I'm here to also observe his progress on the mission." Father said. "Now, sit back and behave yourself." I did as I was told, I distracted myself by looking out the window, the night was a usual one, a few stars and the moon shining down. Walter drove into London, we stopped outside a dark park, a few trees spread through the park but a nice walk path and open grass where kids would usually run around and play.

"Father, where are we?" I asked.

"Serenity park, there was a report of a pale figure walking around here. I believe it might be a vampire but the people did say that it was dragging around, so it is quite possible that it is a ghoul." Father said. "Just be careful, do you have your gun?"

"Yes." I said tapping the side of my pants and felt my gun in the holster. We all got out of the car, Walter was tugging on his gloves getting ready to protect me with his deathly invisible wires, incase there was trouble. In front of us was a Hellsing truck, a few soldiers got out of the back with guns ready to fire, we gathered around by the sidewalk in the grass. We could see that the park was empty, nobody in sight. Father started talking to his men, I stared around the park, it sure was quiet, I walked more in towards the park, I walked along the path, I liked being in the grass. I stopped by a tree, laying my hand on the trunk, I looked around my surroundings, still nothing in sight. I heard soft moaning, I looked around scared, I became stiff and pale, what was that?! No, time to get scared Integra, one day you'll take over this business, you can't be scared.

The moan came again, I heard that it was coming up in the tree, I stood in front of the tree and looked up in it, on the branch that was closest to the ground was a pale girl covered in blood. Her eyes sad, she clung to her side and to the tree, I screamed, I started running back to father, Alucard appeared just as I was leaving, I ran up to father.

"Integra! What's wrong?!" Father asked bending down and grabbing me, he checked to make sure I wasn't injured.

"There's a ghoul in the tree! Father! A ghoul, she's moaning and covered in somebody's blood!" I yelled, we all started running back to the tree, Alucard grinning up into the tree at the ghoul, we stopped in front and stared up at the moaning figure. The guns raised at the ghoul, getting ready for permission to fire. Father held his hand out to the soldiers, a sign for them to stop, the soldiers lowered their guns, I looked up at father angry. "Father, what are you doing?!"

"Integra, that is not a ghoul, it is a girl." Father said, I looked back up at the figure, the girl's eyes were closed, her head leaning against the tree, her hand clung to her lower bloody body, something grasped in her hand. She moaned again and I realized that she was moaning in pain, her eyes flickered open revealing a sky blue eye color, they looked down at us filled with sadness, pain, and some kind of anger. Her hair was blonde and spiked around the end, her hair came down to her chin at least, her face round and she looked as if she stood right now she would be quite small for her age. "What are you doing up there, little one?"

"...H-hiding, Sir." The young girl spoke.

"From what?" Father asked, the girl just stared, she didn't answer. "Did they hurt you? The ones that you are hiding from?"

"Physically? No." The young girl spoke after wincing from the pain.

"May I help you?" Father asked raising his hands to help her down, she just backed farther towards the tree. "What is your name, child?"

"Seras Victoria." The girl spoke.

"Where did you come from? Where is your parents? Are you lost?" Father asked, the girl just shut her eyes and shook her head, moaning more but not from the pain, this time it seems trying to forget or not think of something. The girl's eyes flickered open and she started coughing lightly, some drops of blood fell onto the trunk of the tree, she covered her mouth and the thing she was grasping tightly fell out of her hands and onto the ground.

I walked over to it and picked it up, it was a blood soaked picture, I believe her blood, of two happy adults and a small girl smiling happily between them. It was the girl in the tree only a less bloody version of herself and it looked like those were her parents. Seras stopped coughing and she moaned gripping her lower body, she then looked around alarmed then looked down at me.

Fury grew in her eyes, she leaped from the tree, the pain leaving her mind, and fell on top of me, we rolled around on the ground, she kept trying to grab the item from my hand but I kept it from her, I honestly don't know why. I got up on my feet and was about to run behind father but she grabbed me by my hair, I quickly turned around and punched her in her stomach where all the blood was coming from, she gripped her stomach and fell to her side moaning again. I ran behind father.

"Crazy bitch!" I yelled at her, more tears rolling down her face from her wound, father turned around angry with me.

"Integral!" Father yelled.

"But she..." I said sadly pointing at Seras, she looked at me with sad blue eyes.

"I expected more from you, I thought you mature but I was wrong." Father said snatching the picture from me, he studied the picture and then kneeled before the injured girl. Father lifted the girls shirt halfway, bloody bandages were beneath, blood spilling out the sides and top where it was already all blood soaked. "Walter, get the medical kit from the Hellsing truck, fast!" In no time, Walter was back with the medical kit, father unwrapped the blood soaked bandages, cleaned up all the blood making sure it wasn't infected, and then wrapped it up in new bandages. Father then sat her up against the tree, her eyes barely opened but still blue peeked out beneath those lashes, father placed the picture back in her hand, immediately her hand grasping it. "Walter."

"Yes, Sir?" Walter asked stepping closer to father, father looked up towards him.

"Find out about her, I want to know where she lives, contact her family and tell them to pick her up at Hellsing." Father said looking back down at the girl, her eyes shifted downwards towards her picture.

"Yes, Sir, right away." Walter said and then left, walking over to the Hellsing Truck where there was a telephone and a radio in the back.

"Alucard, you know best, was this a ghoul wound? A vampire wound?" Father asked.

"This is a bullet wound." Alucard said.

"Yes, I know, but what I want to know is if it was a monster's gun wound." Father said standing and looking at Alucard, angry for the girl.

"No, ghouls don't make clean shots like that and a vampire wouldn't go so low, they would aim higher for the chest or head." Alucard said still grinning. "The wound looks about a few days old." Father looked back at the girl, she was still motionless but still awake.

"How did you even get up in that tree?" Father asked, the girl's eyes shifted slowly upwards until she was looking at him.

"I...climbed." Seras said. "I thought that they wouldn't be able to find me."

"Similar to a cat, searching for a small dark spot to die." I said, father looked down at me angry, then looked back at the girl.

"Who?" Father asked, the girl still didn't answer, instead she went back to examining her picture. What a weird freak. "Integra!"

"Yes, Father?!" I asked looking up at him.

"Get the car door." Father said as he picked the girl up, I ran to the car door and opened it, father set the girl inside and then sat across from her, I sat down by father's side not wanting to be next to her, she might wake up and pull my hair again. Alucard got in and sat down next to the injured form of the young girl, the girl shot up scared, she cowered in the corner.

"Where are you taking me?! Please I don't want to go back! They hate me! They constantly tease me that they gave me up! And that they got what was coming to them! I don't want to go back!" The girl went on and then passed out from being terrified and moving around to much to harm herself unintentionally. Walter got back a few minutes later, father got out of the car and started talking to him, all I heard was their voices muffled, I couldn't make out any of it, father got back in the car, Walter drove us home. Walter carried Seras up stairs to a room near mine, I followed father and Alucard to the study.

"Integra." Father said sitting down behind his desk while Alucard stood in the shadows with a grin.

"Yes, Father?" I asked.

"You will watch over the girl, she will be staying with us for now on, but first I have to talk with the orphanage." Father said looking down at his desk.

"The orphanage?!" I asked.

"Yes, she's orphaned." Father said. "Maybe you feel guilty now for taking that picture of hers." I nodded my head in agreement. "You will treat her as a sister, or even as a close friend, never treat her as an outsider or not of this blood, do you understand?"

"Yes, Father." I said.

"Good, now go." Father said, I left the room and headed for Seras' new room, she was still unconscious but I sat next to her on the bed. She breathed lightly until her eyes shot open and she sat up in bed.

"Where am I?" Seras asked looking around.

"You're at my home. I believe that you will be living with us for now on." I said with a nice smile to make her feel comfortable, Seras eyes lit up and then I was in a death hug.

"Really?! Oh, thank you, thank you!" Seras said.

"Yes, that is quite enough." I said trying to be polite about it and wrenched her off me but made sure to do it not to rough. "May I ask you something, Seras?"

"Sure." Seras said while smiling.

"What happened to your parents?" I asked then her smile disappeared.

"They died." Seras said.

"How?" I asked.

"They were shot and then they shot me." Seras said while covering her face and then started crying.

"Is that how you got that wound of yours?" I asked pointing at the bandages.

"Yes." Seras said through cries and sniffs. To make Seras feel better, I hugged her, she hugged back. Maybe it won't be so bad having a crazy bitch living here, it is quite possible that we'll get along just fine.

End of Chapter 1

I'm not sure if this is going to be a short story or a long one yet, depends how many ideas I get for this one. I hope that you enjoyed, please review!

Vampire from Hell!