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Vampire from Hell!

Chapter 26

When Integra finishedher two blood packs, her closed her eyes and grunted, she laid her head on the table with a groan, I patted her head.

"There, there." I said.

"Knock it off, Seras." Integra said.

"Sorry." I said pulling my hand away.

"How am I suppose to tell Walter about this?" Integra ask.

"Walter?!" I said standing up with wide eyes, Integra looked up at me as if I was crazy.

"What?! What's wrong?" Integra ask, Alucard chuckled, I looked over at him, he was leaning back in his chair, his feet up on the table as he grinned up at me.

"I forgot that Walter is still unconscious!" I yelled and then ran out of the room, Integra ran out of me, and Alucard slowly followed us.

"What?!" Integra ask still confused, I sighed as I ran up the stairs.

"I put him to sleep." I said.

"While the bloody hell would you do that?" Integra ask.

"Because...he was keeping me from you." I said.

"Keeping you from me? Wait! How long have you been planning this?" Integra ask we ran down the hall towards the unconscious Walter.

"Since last night. Alucard, Alex, and Walter found out and tried to stop me, they took turns watching over you as slept." I said truthfully, I kneeled before Walter, Integra hunched over us both, Alucard walked up the stairs and down the hall towards us. I put my hand on Walter's forehead, his eyes snapped open and he looked around confused, he saw me and jumped back, he stood up.

"Seras..." Walter said, he saw Integra standing beside me, he bowed his head to her. "Sir Integra." He looked back up at Integra. "Are you alright?"

"No, Walter, I am not okay." Integra said pissed, Alucard chuckled again.

"Seras..." Walter said shocked looking at me, I shifted around uncomfortable under his gaze, my eyes glued to floor, refusing to look at him. Then Walter shifted and looked up at Alucard. "Wait, Seras couldn't have done...Alucard!" Alucard chuckled.

"It was Seras' choice." Alucard said, I winced when he said that, I closed my eyes and bit my lip, the guilt really sinking in.

"What are we going to do now?" Walter ask as he shook his head in disappointment.

"What do you mean?" Integra ask.

"The Twelve, once they find out, who knows what they will do. They will probably enslave you, Alucard, and Seras, and then..." Walter said but Integra stopped him.

"They will not find out about Seras or me! The Twelve will not lay a finger on Hellsing!" Integra yelled. "Vampire or not, I am still the head of Hellsing and will run this organization! I won't hesitate to destroy whatever is threatening Hellsing, even if it is the Twelve!"

"Perfectly clear, Sir." Walter said with a bow.

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I sat once again on Alucard's lap, he was caressing my hip, I tried to ignore it but it was so distracting and I wanted more of his touch. Integra has been fine, it's been a week since Alucard has turned her, she is drinking the blood but only because she's afraid of what Alucard would do if she died. She sleeps in a coffin, but the first night she was severely pissed, she went as far as chasing me down with her sword but thankfully she didn't hurt me. Integra already had a meeting with the Twelve, she wore her glasses (since she doesn't need them anymore because she's a vampire with excellent eye sight) and acted normal, hiding her teeth, they didn't notice anything, bloody idiots. Integra was still trying to get use to Alucard being her Master, she is so use to ordering him around that whenever she commands him to do anything, he chuckles and punishes her. I begged him to stop punishing her so now he just teases her more and more until she obeys him. Though I took her life, I was happy to have her, and in away she was happy to stay with me, other then that reason she hated being a vampire. My thoughts were interrupted when Alucard leaned down, grabbing my chin gently, and kissing me passionately.

The End

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Vampire from Hell!