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Prom Part 2: Vows

Bonnie conjured the winds as she walked the red carpet, her eyes closed. Her steps were slow; she felt for the ground with her heels; she felt unsteady and steady at the same time. The wind that gently cushioned against her collarbone, the wind that glided over her shoulders, the wind that bathed her face, it was clean, new, fresh, unlike any wind that had ever passed through Mystic Falls. She'd never closed her eyes like this before, never walked like this before.

She was smiling when she stopped and opened her eyes. She's never felt like this before. Her head wasn't just above water, she could breathe. She was breathing.

She was done with prom. She'd danced and seen her classmates all dressed up. She was ready to go home with Jeremy. And she was so busy basking in her euphoria that she didn't hear the heels clacking on the ground until the person was right behind her.

She assumed it was Elena. Her heart sped up at the thought of being caught off guard. She spun around, her palms opened wide, ready to defend herself, only to come face to face with—

"You did it."


"You did it. You brought him back; I know it was you."

Bonnie took a step back. Her heart rate should've gone down now that she knew who it was, but April was standing way too close, and her eyes were wide, almost crazed.

"You brought him back with your magic."

"What are you doing here?"

"Collecting tickets. Don't change the subject. You brought Jeremy back with your magic."

"I don't know—-"

"I saw you use magic once, remember? To find that professor? That time I almost died?"

"I remember. But….this is different. I can't bring people back from the dead."

"Bring back my dad."

Bonnie was shocked into silence. "What?"

"Bring him back. Just like you did Jeremy, use the same spell—-"

"April….my magic can't bring people back from the dead."

"Bonnie, I won't tell anyone, I swear. Please. Please, I'm begging you. He didn't deserve to die—-"

"Magic isn't life or death," she lied.

"You almost killed me with it."

"Exactly! That was an accident; can you imagine me trying to play God?"

"You're lying."

"What happened to your dad was horrible—-"

"What happened to him was unfair," she cried and stumbled forward to grab Bonnie's wrist in a vice grip. "Just like what happened to Jeremy, but you changed all that. You can change it for my dad, too."

Bonnie didn't like the way the other girl's voice dropped on the last words. She sensed April was one step away from threatening her.

"April, let go of my hand," she said sternly. "No one could have predicted what happened to Jeremy," she lied after the girl seemed to come back to her senses and let her go. She'd taken the risk of stepping out in public with Jeremy before the lie had been ready, and now it was up to her sell it to the first prospective buyer. "I had nothing to do with it. I didn't even know he was alive until, until Elena called me. She saw him first. He went to her first, and we're still trying to piece together what happened. He's still trying to piece it together."

She saw that April wanted to buy it. After all, she'd only known about the supernatural world for how long? Logical, scientific explanations, even miracles, were still more possible to her than real tangible magic.

"A one thousand-year-old vampire came back to life when I pulled a knife out of her. I'm begging you, please, help my dad. Help me."

Bonnie's heart broke, and she felt trapped by April's grief-stricken, pleading eyes. She knew that grief. She'd lost a parent, too, and a grandmother before that. She knew the intrusive ache of desperately wanting them back how they were before. She knew it so well that she couldn't move her mouth to lie to April again.

"Everything alright?"

Bonnie wanted to sag with relief at the sound of Jeremy's voice. She watched April turn numbly to him.

"April," Jeremy greeted. He waited for her to say something, but she only stared at him so he said, "Hey."

April turned back to Bonnie, the request etched so visibly on her face that Bonnie wanted to look away.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Jeremy stepped in front of Bonnie, forcing April to back up and cutting off the influence of her loss on Bonnie. Bonnie would be forever grateful.

"I didn't expect to see you either," April said. Her eyes shined with unshed tears and she swallowed a little too much. She looked at Jeremy and saw the possibility of getting her father back.

Jeremy's mouth dried, but he powered on: "I didn't expect to be here. One minute I was thinking about how I wanted it all to end, and next thing I knew I was knocking on the Salvatore door, thirsty as hell." Jeremy immediately hated using his previous suicide attempt in a lie, but using something that was once real in a lie made it sound more convincing.

"You wanted it all to end?"

He swallowed for effect. "My sister and I were fighting a lot; I got to thinking about how it was only the two of us, which led me to thinking about how many people have passed under the title of guardian for me….."

Bonnie wanted to stop him. She felt he was taking it too far; he didn't have to use his real pain to convince April to go away. She placed one of her hands at the small of his back to caution him.

Jeremy understood her warning.

"You wanted it all to end, huh?"

Again, Bonnie heard the promise of a threat in April's voice.

"And now you're at a party. Is that what it's like to come back from the dead?" She looked straight through Jeremy's chest to direct the question at Bonnie.

"I'm tired," Jeremy said. "That's one of the things about coming back from the dead. I sleep a hell of a lot. Catching up, I guess, I don't know. But…."

Bonnie took his cue and pulled at his suit jacket to help him retreat.

"Goodnight," Jeremy said as he backed up. Then he turned and took Bonnie's hand.

"You're gonna regret this," April promised.

Bonnie knew she spoke to her, and she tightened her lips to stop herself from looking back.

When her car was within reach, she let go of Jeremy's hand as well as the breath she'd been holding. She staggered to the car and turned around to face Jeremy and put a hand to her chest to steady her breath.

"Are you okay?" Jeremy asked.

Bonnie shook her head. She could ignore her friends' prying questions, but April was something different.

Jeremy looked behind him to make sure April hadn't decided to follow them.

"That was horrible," Bonnie said.

"I think we got her off our back. Not completely; she didn't totally buy it, but it's gonna have to be enough."

Bonnie closed her eyes and shook her head.

Jeremy stroke her cheek to try and calm her down. "It's going to be okay."

"Is it?" she asked when she opened her eyes. "She's right, you know. I can bring her dad back. I'd have to sacrifice Tikki for it, but I can bring her dad back," she said conversationally. "And then maybe I can bring Vicky back; I'm sure our vice principal's done living his life. I can bring back everyone in my year who died, I'd just have to sacrifice maybe half of the ones who are about to graduate, no big deal." She let out a harsh laugh and stepped away from the car and around Jeremy.

Jeremy took her position of leaning on the car. She clearly needed to vent.

"I can bring her dad back."

"You know you can't do that," Jeremy said.

"I know. But she doesn't care. She only cares about what she wants, and that isn't completely unreasonable. I know what that lost feels like."

"So do I, Bon. Many times over. More times than even she could handle. That's probably not fair—-"

"Right? It's not fair. It's not fair for me to think me losing you was….was….was…."

"Worse?" Jeremy supplied softly.

Bonnie closed her eyes. "That's a horrible thing to say and to think."

"April doesn't have your life," Jeremy said.

"No, she doesn't. She has no idea what I've been through. She has no idea what it took for me to get to the point where I would sacrifice a life. She has no idea what it would've done to me had you stayed dead. She doesn't know what that would've meant for this town. Because I was ready to move and leave everyone to fend for themselves."

She sighed and walked back to the car and leaned on it next to Jeremy. Jeremy moved to stand in front of her and put his arms on either side of her.

Bonnie raised her head to look at the sky empty of stars. She imagined she'd taken them all and put them on her dress. "We knew this would happen. But I wasn't ready for that. I never imagined that."

Jeremy lowered his eyes and bit the inside of his left cheek.

"At one point I almost felt bad. I almost thought: why couldn't I be like April? She's never gonna get her dad back, and she's gonna have to live with that. Why couldn't I live without you? Was it really that big of a deal? Was it really that bad? April's going to have to live with that pain. I could've too."

She looked down right when Jeremy looked up, and their eyes connected. "I couldn't have," she said, slowly shaking her head. "I couldn't have just moved on, and I can't ever forget that. No one's gonna make me forget that losing you was a big deal. No one's gonna make me regret or question bringing you back. Not April, not Matt, not Caroline." She forced herself to say the next part. "It doesn't matter who's father died or was murdered, doesn't matter who regrets what. Bringing you back was not bad."

Jeremy laid a sweet kiss on her cheek, because from the way she was looking at him he got the feeling she was trying to convince everyone else through him.

"I need you to understand something," he said next to her cheek. He moved his head so that he looked at her again. "I will never not come back. As long as you need me, as long as coming back means you'll be okay, as long as me being here, on this side, is a question of whether or not you're okay, I will always come back."

Bonnie closed her eyes and absorbed his words and the incredible care behind them. It was exactly what she needed to hear and she hadn't know it until this moment. She needed to know they were on the same page.

"And I don't care who has a problem with it," Jeremy continued, his voice hard in that way she was used to hearing whenever it was a question of her going too far with a spell. "I don't care who has questions or who's confused. If you're looking for me, you'll always find me. I'm not gonna let you reach out and catch nothing. I'll be there, waiting to reach back." He stroke her cheek and Bonnie leaned into his knuckles. Jeremy swallowed and said, "And I hope you'll always want me back."

Bonnie touched the hand caressing her cheek and opened her eyes to find Jeremy's shining with unshed tears. She breathed out a laugh and kissed him. She held on to him with both hands and pressed her body as close to him as she could, and he received everything she gave him, and he gave her back just as much. They fulfilled each other there in the parking lot.

"I'll always want you back," she said softly, her eyes tender and full of love. "Until we can get this right, until losing you stops being unfair, until I feel like we both get the chance to live, I will always reach for you."

Jeremy smiled, relieved because it was exactly what he hoped to hear; it was how he hoped she felt. He lowered his neck and captured her in a second, mind-fogging kiss. He braced her small frame against his body and let his hands add to what his mouth was doing.

Bonnie's lips were soft, hot and wet. The nicest and most unexpected surprise was how amazing it felt when she suckled his ball sack. It was enough to make him salivate.

They were quite a sight in the parking lot by the football field. Bonnie had suggested they drive to the school and their spot after Jeremy's mouth on her neck had brought her to the point where she took his dick out of his pants.

He'd taken the wheel, which had left her time to do something she'd never done before. She'd angled her body and lowered her head to his crotch.

"Don't make us crash," Jeremy had warned, an excited smile on his face.

"That's all up to you," Bonnie had said before she started licking his cock like it was the sweetest popsicle, one that made the glands on her tongue sweat for more. More than once Jeremy had brought his hand down to navigate her head and make her take his cock into her mouth. She'd humored him: just the tip. And then she'd gone back to licking him up to her heart's content.

Now he was naked form the waist down with his ass hanging out of the car and his legs up in the air. Bonnie's dress would be dirty at the knees when she stood up, but for now her lips stretched over Jeremy's balls, and he was making the weakest and most desperate sounds while jacking off. She'd hooked her phone up to her car and their playlist flowed in low volume from the speakers. Not for the first time, they'd taken the risk of turning the light on inside of the car in the empty parking lot.

Not for the first time, Jeremy let his head fall back as a heavy sigh escaped him. He was so easy like this, and Bonnie planned to let him know one day. He was putty in her hands, or mouth as it were. And she let him know how good his balls tasted, how satiating it was to have this part of him in her mouth. She licked under them, ran her tongue up the thin line separating the sacks, and then she took the right one in her lips and let it wetly pop out. Jeremy groaned in appreciation. She did the same to the left one and then grabbed them both in her fist at the base and stuffed them in her mouth again.

"My God, Bonnie. Yes," he groaned.

She let him go and smiled. Raising up on her knees just a bit, she ran her teeth over the inside of his left thigh before she licked it. She did the same to his right, and then she removed his hand from his dick and took him in her mouth. The groan he gave her this time sounded like relief.

Jeremy lifted her head up by her hair and then palmed his dick at the base and fed it to her. He liked feeding it to her, liked guiding her head to the tip. He liked the image of her greedily fitting him down her throat, and she'd sucked him off enough the last two weeks to be able to fit all of him in her throat, and he'd been more than eager to help her practice.

When Bonnie took him out completely, he held her head back and scooted his ass back onto the car seat. This way, he was able to brace his right leg on the corner of the car. That didn't work for Bonnie, however, because him being inside the car meant that she'd have to support herself on her ankles, not quite on her knees and not quite squatting.

"Go back more so I can come inside," she said.

She backed up and stood on a groan so Jeremy could bring both of his legs down. He moved himself fully inside the car and opened the other door. Then he repositioned himself, laying down and bracing his left leg on the side of the passenger seat. He just needed enough leverage to be able to thrust up into Bonnie's mouth.

Bonnie went in and was relieved to have at least one of her knees rest on something soft. Her other leg rested on the floor of the car

"Okay?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah," she answered. He grabbed her hair again and her mouth watered on contact. She kept her lips closed for effect when he brought the tip close, and she smiled when he rubbed it against her mouth in hopes of entering. She waited for it.

"Come on," Jeremy pled with a chuckle.

Bonnie smiled again and opened for him. She worked her lips around the tip and then blew him in earnest.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh…my God. Bonnie," he moaned when he could feel his orgasm coming.

Bonnie was relentless but thorough. She slurped his cock in search of the broken, high pitched sounds he made when she gave him an especially good blowjob. She wasn't the only one who could come in a falsetto, and he wasn't the only one who could make someone come in a falsetto.

She gave him more than he could handle, and he jutted in her mouth. His come coated her tongue as he thrust slowly, stiffly, and insistently into her mouth, the broken falsetto music to her ears.

Jeremy put both hands on her head and closed his eyes tight and grimaced as he cried out and emptied into her greedy mouth.

Bonnie moaned as she swallowed the first of what he gave, the taste going down easy. His hips jerked and his chest heaved as she took everything from him.

When he was spent, when he could begin the struggle of getting his breathing under control, Bonnie moved her sucking to the head of his dick, and she was not gentle about it.

"Fuck, you know I hate it when you do that," Jeremy said on a chuckle and pounded his forehead into the back of the seat and readied himself for the delicious sensitivity that was about to hit him.

Bonnie let his comment wash off her shoulders. By hate he meant love, and they both knew it. They first time she'd continued sucking him after he came had been because she simply loved blowing him. That evening, she'd learned that his dick got even more sensitive than her clit did. He'd scrambled to get her off of him. Then told her in the middle of a platonic conversation the next afternoon that he wouldn't mind trying it again if she would please do it in moderation.

So he quickly reached his stop point now. "Oh my God, that's enough," he begged, snapping his head up and looking down at Bonnie.

He spoke in that weak tone Bonnie loved.

"I'm done; I'm done!" he cried out. He felt like he could come again, but it was too much on his dick.

Bonnie let him go, and he struggled away from her like an invisible barrier was quickly dropping between them. Her grin was that of a predator.

"Your mouth is dirty," Jeremy said, his breathing labored.

"You're welcome," Bonnie replied smoothly and used her index finger to get everything that had dripped to the corners of her mouth inside her mouth.

Jeremy let his head fall back. "You're so hot," he said.

Bonnie's laughed without opening her mouth. She dropped down heavily on the seat, glad that her body could finally relax.

"Oh my God," Jeremy said as he rearranged his limp body to sit next to Bonnie. "That was amazing," he said dreamily when he was seated next to her.

Bonnie looked at him and then kissed his shoulder.

"Ugh, oh my God," Bonnie whimpered with each of Jeremy's thrusts. He was thick inside her, and it fulfilled her as much as their kisses had earlier.

They'd slid the two front seats as far back as they could go and then laid the seats themselves down as far as they could go. Each of their knees rested on either of the seats. Bonnie's forearms were on the backseat. She had the extra trouble of having half of the center console under her pussy, so she couldn't bring her pelvis all the way down. Jeremy had the added trouble of Bonnie being under him. He couldn't exactly lie down on her, but he couldn't keep his torso straight either because of the roof of the car.

But it was their favorite position to be in inside the car. It required a lot more work than him simply sitting in the backseat while she rode him (their second favorite position), but the effect was amazing for both.

So with the light still on and chancing being seen, she received Jeremy's thrusts. He bucked into her hard enough to jerk her forward, and she loved every minute of it. She was so horny from the combination of his body being so close to hers, from them being in such a cramped space, from the public nature of their love-making, from Jeremy's heart-melting vow to her earlier, and from the stellar blow job she'd given, that Jeremy's dick was glazed with her lubrication.

Bonnie's underwear was probably on the mat on the driver's side, so she'd be riding home commando, and the skirt of her dress had been lifted and flipped over her head, so she was sweating under the ruffles of the skirt, which only made her more horny. Jeremy's hands gripped the reclined seats on either side of them as he worked his abdominal muscles to hump Bonnie and steal those whimpers from her lips.

"Fuck," Jeremy exhaled as he felt the first stirrings of his orgasm.

"Jesus, yes," Bonnie groaned when he hit her particularly well. How wide she had to spread her legs in order to account for the center console meant Jeremy got to hit her particularly deep, and she would swear that her clit quivered in jealousy of her vulva. It craved his tongue, but her vulva was getting all of the attention.

"Jer, I'm gonna come," she whined. "Oh my God," she whispered, her voice going hoarse on the last word. Her mouth hung open and she shut her eyes tight and frown lines marred her forehead as Jeremy pumped in and out of her. She balled her hands into fists, and that was the end. She couldn't move anymore, was unable to. Her cunt was at the mercy of Jeremy's dick. She opened her eyes for a split second before she just had to close them again because the way Jeremy was fucking her was like a gift to her soul. Her face crunched like she was about to cry, and she knew then and there that she was going to squirt.

When she broke, so did her silence and so did Jeremy. For seconds there was nothing but the sound of his breath, and then Bonnie's body forced her to breathe, and her cry was long and grainy, the strain on her throat audible as Jeremy's savory dick brought her her orgasm. She clamped down on him, and her stomach muscles tightened as she came. Her clit twitched, and her juice spilled generously onto the center console and the floor of the backseat.

Above her, Jeremy cursed and spilled inside of her, undone by her strained cry and the sweet sound of her wetting her own car. Bonnie yelped and started to thrash when a second stream of fluid squirted out of her urethra. It hit her harder than the first and was sharper than the first, yet it ended before she could really register it, and it felt so incredible that her whole body shivered, and she started to raise her hips to help her deal with it all.

But Jeremy needed her hips to stay down because although his dick had stopped spurting inside of her, he was still experiencing his orgasm. He grabbed her hair and yanked it hard enough to still her movements, and the sound she made had him thrusting hard inside of her one last time.

Bonnie orgasmed again, the instant shock of Jeremy pulling her hair back hard enough to make her raise her head lest she want to experience more pain combined with the rough moan he let out when he did it threw her over an edge she hadn't foreseen. Goosebumps sprang up around her peaked nipples, and she rutted and pushed back against Jeremy's hips pressing into her.

"Jeremy," she groaned between clenched teeth as her thigh muscles tensed from her orgasm. "Oh my God," she squeaked and collapsed as much as she could onto her forearms.

Satiated, Jeremy pulled out and dropped on the driver's seat.

"Holy shit," Bonnie said, stunned by how hard she'd come, by the surprise second squirt and the third orgasm. She rose onto her hands and moved to the passenger seat and looked at the damage she'd caused to the console. She looked over at Jeremy who licked his lips and looked back at her.

"I hate you," she said and dissolved into a laughing fit. She squeezed her legs together and shivered when a very small orgasm flowed through her.

Jeremy panted, "I love you, too," as he gazed lasciviously at her.

Bonnie placed the last bobby pin in her hair and observed her handiwork in the mirror. Her hair was too wavy from the style she'd worn to be properly cross-wrapped, but she did the best she could. She placed her brown satin scarf over her head and knotted it at the front.

Her father hadn't figured into her rebellious plan to go to prom at all. The only thing on her mind had been making a statement to her friends. But she'd had more than enough time to remember him as Jeremy had drive them home. He hadn't texted her to ask her where she was, and she still didn't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

She'd prayed that he'd already be asleep when they arrived, because the last thing she needed to top this amazing night that had turned terrible and then further turned terrible, only to turn amazing at the end after she and Jeremy walked away from April was for her father to catch her sneaking back in from prom.

Fortunately, at 1:30 in the morning, Rudy was in deep sleep. He probably thought she went on another night date with Jeremy and stayed out too late this time. She hoped he wouldn't question her in the morning, because she really didn't want to come up with a lie, not the least because having come down from sexual cloud 9 she now felt like the walking dead. She just wanted to sleep cocooned in Jeremy's arms.

When she came out of the bathroom, he was still on the phone with Elena, catching her up on the encounter with April.

Jeremy put Elena on speaker when Bonnie sat next to him at the foot of the bed.

"I don't like that plan at all, Jer," Elena said. "I don't want people to think….do you really want people to think…?"

"It's a believable story," Jeremy countered.

"I don't like it," Elena reiterated.

"Me neither," Bonnie said.

There was a noticeable pause when Elena heard Bonnie's voice. Then she continued, "We can make it the real story, the one we won't tell the public, the one only April knows. The one we're going with is that you ran away and burned the house down in the process."

"You guys came up with it already?" Jeremy asked.


"Wait, before tonight? So what the hell were Bonnie and I waiting on?"

"For Sheriff Forbes to contact the right people to report the story."

"I'm sorry, not that I like his plan but how is him running away and burning down the house better?" Bonnie asked.

"Yeah, why am I running away?"

"We can say it's for the same reason you told April you wanted to kill yourself. It's better because it's multi-layered, because it's believable that we wouldn't want everyone to know that you tried to commit suicide."

"Not that it would need to be if him and his girlfriend had stayed away like they were supposed to!"

Bonnie straightened in surprised, and for the first time Jeremy realized Damon was listening to the conversation.

"Still," Elena said. "This might make it better, especially if April was going to come asking for favors anyway."

"I say we compel her," Damon's voice came through again.

Did Elena have them on speaker, too? Stefan was probably also in the room listening.

"No," Jeremy and Bonnie replied in unison.

"You're not compelling her," Bonnie continued. "This isn't a vampire problem; it's a magic problem."

"Then magic her memory away," Damon said like Bonnie's mental faculties worked slower than everyone else's. "You just brought a guy back to life; I'm sure you can do that."

"No one's messing with April's memory," Bonnie said before she remembered to keep her voice down. "No one's compelling it away or spelling it away. There are other ways to deal with it; there has to be."

"Yeah, lying and dodging's still a thing," Jeremy said to Damon sarcastically.

"Alright," Damon said, sounding like he was washing his hands of the situation. "But when it comes back to bite you in the ass, don't come running to us."

"I'll remember to curb that instinct," Jeremy responded, and he imagined Damon glaring at him through the speaker.

"Alright," Elena cut in. "Jer, we need to start working on your reactions and answers."

Jeremy rolled his eyes. Now he really hated this whole thing, his story, Elena's story: he wished April was the only person he had to deal with. Instead he'd probably have to talk to some deputies, probably a doctor, maybe a journalist wanting a quote. He thanked God that the school semester was over. Hopefully by the time fall came every student in school would be over the story. And this was all because Elena had wanted to get rid of every reminder of him and the tragedies of her life. For the first time what she'd done angered Jeremy, because now he had to spin it into something believable for everyone else.

Jeremy closed his eyes and leaned into Bonnie when she shifted and put her arms around him. "Alright," he said.

Bonnie turned off her bedside lamp and burrowed under the covers and into Jeremy's warmth. They were curled into each other now, their legs tangled, her right hand smooshed between his chest and hers, and his left arm thrown around her waist. But both knew that by the time the sun came up, Jeremy would either be on his back with Bonnie's face mashed into his right side and her right leg thrown over his, or Bonnie will be sleeping on her right side with Jeremy curved into her back, his right arm under her neck and his left hand resting on her stomach.

Right now, though, they talked.

"You don't think I've caused permanent damage to my car, do you?"

Jeremy laughed. "No. It's basically salty water. It's not gonna stain anything or eat away at anything. It'll dry by tomorrow morning."

"Good. Because sometimes my dad takes me car for a maintenance check. Actually, he always does it 'cause I'm too lazy, and I don't want to have to explain a giant stain."

Jeremy chuckled. "It'll be okay."

"We need to take out the trash, though."


All of the condoms used and tissues sacrificed during cleanup in the car were kept in a plastic bag in the trunk. Bonnie didn't dare ever bring them inside. Instead, she dropped the bag in the garbage in front of her house on her way to school on the day the garbage truck rolled around. She'd missed this week's pickup on Tuesday.

"Did you enjoy your prom?" Jeremy asked.

Bonnie chuckled and began tracing lines on his bicep. "A part of it or two. Some parts of it I could do without. I have a bad feeling about April. I think she's going to be trouble. It almost feels like a vision that's trying to come out. I haven't seen the last of her."

"We'll keep a lookout. We've been through worse. Hell we just got out of hell."

Bonnie smiled.

"Are you serious about telling them to stay away from you?" he asked after a moment.

"Yeah," Bonnie answered. "I just can't deal with them right now. I'm…disappointed. And hurt. It isn't fair. They weren't there, and that means something. I can't forget that. I can't forget anything that's happened over the last month. Ever. I need space from them. We'll talk when we have to, like with this fake story thing, but other than that…."

Jeremy nodded even though she couldn't see him.

"Did you enjoy my prom?" she asked.

He could hear her smiling. "A part of it or two. There's definitely one part I hope we repeat when it's my prom next year."

"The part where you danced?" she teased.

"Sure," he deadpanned, and she chuckled. He snuggled closer to her.

Bonnie sighed contently. "I don't want you to move out."

"I know. But the upside is we'll actually be able to have sex on a bed."

Bonnie faked a gasp. "I don't think I remember what that feels like."

Jeremy chuckled. "I'll have my own room, and you'll finally sleep with no bottoms on."

"Excuse me?" Bonnie asked as she craned her neck away from him to portray the faux indignation he couldn't see.

"I've been wanting you to sleep with just a top on since the night we slept together, but I've never asked because your dad can knock on this door any time he wants, and what's it gonna imply when you don't answer right away?"

"Mmmm. But that won't be the case in your apartment?"

"Nope. No one will come knocking; Elena will know better."

"Oh my God," Bonnie said and chuckled into his chest.

"And every time you sleep over it'll be with no bottoms on."

"Every time, huh? And why, pray tell, am I sleeping with no bottoms on?"

"For easy access," he answered without missing a beat, and slipped his hand between them. He wiggled his fingers until she opened her legs and gave him enough space to palm her sex through her shorts.

Bonnie laughed. "And how will you be sleeping?"

"Fully clothed."

"Of course." But the idea didn't sound bad to her at all. Jeremy had now given her something new to fantasize about: joining him in bed with no bottoms on.

Jeremy removed his hand from her sex and pulled her leg high on his waist. "I love you," he promised.

"I love you, too," Bonnie returned.

Although they'd both vowed to always want each other, even in death, it felt different this time. Jeremy dying had been scary before, but it had never been this scary. It had never had this stomach-churning air of permanence. She'd never hurt like this before, and he'd never come so close to staying dead. This was the first time he'd stayed dead long enough to have regrets about the future he could've had.

So because of how much this death had scared both to the core, because of the fact that it had driven Bonnie so far out of her comfort zone, because of how savagely it had wrecked their hearts, it was hard for them to imagine going through it again.

Something on this level of horrific just couldn't happen twice. Bonnie would do what she needed to do to get him back, always, but him coming back this time felt different. She felt different. They felt different.

So this had to have been the final death, the death to end all deaths.

At some point, someone, somewhere, the spirits, God, the Goddess, whoever or whatever was watching over this, at some point they had to let them live.

And this felt like that point.

The End