Chapter 1: The Humanoid Typhoon in Equestria.

Fanner Town, a beautiful city, as beautiful as the Planet Gunsmoke's harsh desert will allow, that is. Fanner Town is known to have the largest supply of water and power in all of the desert. It's a peaceful town, but that's about to change, as the local bar is known for causing a ruckus. Sitting at the bar was a tall caucasian man in a giant red coat with huge gold buttons, a pair of sunglasses, tall leather boots, and leather gloves. He had a blond, spiky hair and he had a specially made gun in his possession as well, a heavy one with a six bullet chamber.

"You want another drink?" Said the barkeep to the man.

"No, no, I'm fine." Replied the man. He was getting ready to get up and suddenly he heard the cocking of a shotgun and felt the barrel on the back of his head.

"Don't move son. You're the Humanoid Typhoon, are you not? Vash the Stampede." Said a man, holding a gun to his head. The man held both his hands up over his head as the man holding him at gun point pulled out a 'wanted' poster.

"Yep, that's him alright. I can't believe I caught you so easily, and people said that you were gonna be a challenge. C'mon, you're coming with me." Vash got up and started to walk, but the man hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconsious.

Vash awoke in a grassy field. His head hurt really bad, and his glasses were no longer on his face, instead they were lying, half way open on the ground next to him. He tried to stand, but found it extremely hard to stand on two feet, and everything was kind of blurry. He sat there and rubbed his head, finding it impossible to move his fingers. When his hand touch his head, however, he didn't fee; any thing but one, hard limb touching his head. He found this to be very weird, but when his vision stablized, he reached for his glasses to see a furry arm and a hoof reaching for it. He almost panicked, but figured that he's pretty hysterical when drunk, so he thought he was hallucinating. Looking at both his hands, which were now hooves, he looked at his body to see a red, furry body with a mark on his butt that looked like a halo and angel wings. One more thing was he had a golden blond mane the same color as his hair. Vash tried to find a zipper, thinking it was just a costume, but found nothing, so he decided to pick up his glasses with his mouth and walk to the nearest town to seek help.

As he walked, he found a little sign firmly planted in the ground, and a small town ahead. The sign read, 'Welcome to Ponyville!'

"Ponyville? Why would someone name a town after a little animal?" Vash asked himself with a confused look on his face, trying to scratch his head, but finding no luck with his hooves. He continued on into the town, trying to hold back pain from trying to remember what had happened. Whenever he tried, he would just get a small headache and would just stop trying. As he approached the town, he notcied another life form in a pony costume.

"Why am I dressed as a horse, and why is that person over there dressed as a pony?" Vash asked himself as he walked towards the pony. The pony turned her head towards Vash as he approached, he actually looked even less threatening as a pony than a human, if you can believe that. As Vash walked closer, he studied the pony, she was light blue with a mane that was an even lighter blue with white highlights. He noticed a horn the same color as her protruding out of her for head, along with that, she had a mark on her butt that looked like a harp.

"Uh, hello there, could you maybe tell me where I am, and why we are both dressed as horses?" Wash asked the pony.

"'dressed as horses'? We're ponies, why would we buy costumes to look like ponies?" Asked the blue pony. "As for your other question, we are in the land of Equestria, of course! This is Ponyville! Who are you?"

"Equestria? But I was on Planet Gunsmoke, until I was knocked out by a man." Vash was puzzled now, wondering why he was in a land filled with ponies.

"Planet Gunsmoke? I've never heard of that place before, anyway, I'm Lyra, You may want to go see Twilight Sparkle, she may be able to help you out. She lives in the library over there, in that huge tree." Lyra pointed towards Twilights home, she noticed Vash's glasses in his mouth, so she grabbed them, and placed them carefully on his face.

"Oh, thank you Lyra, I'm Vash, uh, I guess I'll see you around!" He darted off towards Twilights home as Lyra said, "What a weird stallion.'

He arrived at Twilights home and knocked on the door with his right hoof, still not believing what he's been told. The door was opened by a purple dragon who looked up at Vash.

"Hello? Who are you?" Asked the dragon as Vash looked down wondering the same.

"Uh, I'm here to see Twilight Sparkle." Vash said to him.

"TWILIGHT! YOU HAVE A VISITOR!" He called to her, from which she replied, barely audible.

"Just send them up Spike!"

"Oh, okay Mr..." Spike said to Vash, expecting him to say his name.

"Oh, uh Vash, and you must be Spike?" Vash replied

"Yes, follow me and I'll take you to her." Spike led Vash up to the second floor where he Twilight was looking through some books.

"Are you Twilight Sparkle?" Asked Vash as he approached the pony.

"Yes, and who might you be?" She asked, looking up from her book.

"I'm Vash, Lyra told me that you could help me figure out how I got here."

"What do you mean 'how you got here'?" She asked Vash as he told her the whole story.

"Oh, so you must be what caused that flash of light last night! We didn't think anything of it, but I guess now we know. Well, I guess you need to know some basic stuff about this world. Well, I'm a unicorn, there are three types of..." As she rambled on, telling Vash about all the stuff about Equestria, he only wanted to know really one thing: How did he get here? Twilight looked at the red stallion's flank to see if he had a cutie mark. She noticed it was a halo and wings.

"You have a cutie mark? Maybe that's a result of when you were a human, did you do anything special when you were human that would have gotten you your cutie mark in this world?"

"Well, I had a large bounty on my head due to a freak accident with my gun. My brother knives was very evil and wanted to wipe out all the human, so he made two special guns, and when I was searching for Count Revnant Vaszues, my brother killed him, and activated the gun, killing 200,000 people, and making everyone believe I was a bloodthirsty killer." At this point, he was sitting with his ears down as he told his story. "People believed I was nothing but trouble, bt I am not trouble, I vowed ever since I was a child and Rem, my surrogate mother, died, that any life no matter how small and insignifigant, was sacred."

Twilight had no idea what to say, so she just said. "You sound like a good man, but we may want to keep that information between us, who knows how the townsponies will react if they found that out." As she discussed more about how the world works, Twilight decided that it would be best to bring Vash to Princess Celestia. They got ready to leave and when they opened the door, a blur of pink slammed into Vash and there was Pinkie Pie, on top of Vash, hooves on his chest, while she was talking, no jabbering, to where Vash could only make out a few words from the pony's mouth. Key words being, 'friend, new, happy, and excited.

"Pinkie." Twilight said as Pinkie kept talking.

"Pinkie" Pinkie still happily talked at speeds that would rival a sonic rainboom.

"PINKIE!" Twilight yelled as Pinkie became very quiet, turned to Twilight and just said, "Yes?"

"Don't you think you should give him some space? Why are you here anyway?"

"Well, Lyra told me that there is a new stallion around with red fur and an angel looking cutie mark, and I just knew I had to make friends with him!" Pinkie said to Twilight as if the answer was just so obvious. She returned her attention to Vash who was standing again, and before Pinkie could speak again Vash started to talk.

"Uh, Pinkie Pie, right? Listen, I would like to be your friend, but first me and Twilight need to go see this Princess she's told me about."

"Celesetia." Twilight said so he can remember her name.

"Right, but if you would like to come along, you can." He said to give Pinkie Reassurance. Pinkie agreed with a huge smile, bouncing along with the two as they headed for the train station to go to Canterlot...

Notes: It has come to my attention that Lyra is a mint greenish color, I always saw her as a really light blue, so if you want to call her 'green' or 'mint green,' then just replace the words describing her color with these ones, just think of it as a difference in view.