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"I'm sorry, but, Mr. Cullen isn't available at the moment. May I take a message along with your name and number to have him call you back?"

"You need to get a hold of him immediately. It's a matter of life and death."

"Sir, please, don't get over dramatic, but, give me your name, number where he can reach you and a brief message of what this call is concerning. That is the best that can be done at the moment."

"If that is the best that can be done, but, believe me, once he gets my message you will be fired because you didn't get word to him sooner of my call. My name is Jasper Whitlock and I'm calling because Alice Cullen and Isabella Cullen Swan are missing. He has my number; so, tell him to call me as soon as he gets this message."

"Mr. Whitlock, I will give him the message if he returns before I quit for the day, otherwise, it will be left on his desk with all of his other messages. That's the best I can do for you." He was told.


"You do realize that Edward is going to blow a gasket once he finds out that we went after a story and got caught between all of the firing of the opposing sides and are unable to get back. Of course, it doesn't help that the batteries on our phones are dead for some reason." Bella was telling her best friend and stylist, Alice Cullen.

It didn't really make any difference that Bella and Edward were divorced and had been for three years now. Or, that Edward was the head of the broadcasting company that was owned by the Cullen family. Bella was a topnotch reporter with great experience in the field covering many stories, some human interest and some of a dangerous nature, her reports were always hard hitting and spot on with the facts, but, still conveying the feelings involved from both sides of all the involved parties. The story wasn't judgmental or stale, but, Bella was a much sought after reporter and other companies were always courting to persuade her to change over to their team. She refuses and still remains where she is for some reason known only to her.

"Yeah, he'll take both of our heads off if he ever finds out about this. Good thing that Jasper was held up at the last minute and wasn't able to join the team until tomorrow. We should be back by then." Alice spoke while trying to reassure her friend.

No one knew what caused the breakup of Edward and Bella and they refused to speak about it. Edward still tried to dictate as to what stories were safe for Bella and the ones that he didn't feel comfortable for her to be involved in covering. Bella was always doing as she damn well pleased and managed to cover all sorts of stories and had many awards because of the way she had reported the stories. She was one of the assets that kept the company in the black and that wasn't argued by anyone.

Both women agreed that it would be best to stay undercover and try to keep from being detected by either side until they could get back to their base. Little did they know that Jasper Whitlock had arrived a day early and finding them gone with only a note left for their cameraman while taking one of the smaller cameras with them and that he had called Edward.


His secretary had left over an hour ago to head home for the night when Edward wandered back into his office after a shit ass long, boring meeting. He quickly sorted through the messages that had been left on his desk with his mind only half way absorbing what they covered. In fact, none of them had really registered with him, so, he got up and was heading home. He had gotten as far as his car when he came to a dead stop with the words registering that Jasper had called because Alice and Bella were missing.

Quickly going back to his office he reached for the message once more, reread it and then called his secretary. "Why the hell didn't you call me immediately when you had received this message from Mr. Whitlock?" he yelled over the phone at her as soon as she had answered the call.

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