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"Please do as I just asked and leave." He said as he looked away, but, after a few moments of not hearing footsteps moving towards the door, or, hearing the door open and then close he looked back over in the area that Bella had been stand to see her still in the same spot.

"BELLA, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK! MOVE! NOW! GET OUT!" He yelled, so, Bella turned and walked out with tears flowing.


Bella stood alone for the moment looking down at the headstone. She was reflecting back over the last fifteen years and all of the events that had happened during that time.

When she had first arrived she had said aloud, "Well, Mark, it's done. Yesterday Maria Stephenson paid for her actions; she was put to death. So, hopefully, you're resting in peace, Mark."

"I agree with our love, man, and sincerely hope you've found peace. I know not everyone will understand what I'm about to say, but that's okay; thank you for saving the love of our lives. I know you loved her as much as I do for you to be so unselfish as you were and gave your life to protect hers." Edward Cullen spoke softly to the man that was resting in the grave they were standing beside.

It had taken awhile before Bella and Edward had gotten back together since Bella had a lot to take care of along with Mark's attorney, Gordon Ramsey, to get all of Mark's affairs settled. And, Edward was carrying a heavy guilt load in what he felt was the reason as to one man being killed, another being wounded and the love of his life being made a target. Each had to come to a place within themselves to be able to take the next step.

As it turned out Mark had all of his affairs in order and had changed his will back when he had first met Bella to become her literary agent when she was ready to present her first book. He had left everything he owned to Bella. So, even though, Bella was sufficiently taken care of monetary wise through her own actions what Mark left her definitely insured that and then some beyond several lifetimes.

But with each having to be witnesses at Maria's trial that is what brought Edward, Bella and everyone else back in constant contact with each other. They began slowly approaching each other and then before long even beyond the trial Bella and Edward started dating again, but, it took Edward a total of five years and a lot of therapy before he was able to overcome all of the guilt he felt for all that had occurred. And it took that long for Bella to really believe that Edward was sincere about wanting to be with her.

Maria had filed appeal after appeal after appeal trying to get the death sentence overturned, but, it didn't work. She had faced a total of twenty one espionage charges as did her husband and the other accomplices that had been involved and then came the other charges of two counts of attempted murder and one charge of first degree murder. On the espionage charges she had been given lengthy sentences consecutively that would have ensured a lifetime in prison, the attempted murder charges each carried a forty year sentence, but, the murder charge was death.

After Edward and Bella left Mark's gravesite they joined the rest of the families and their two children for a family celebration of sorts. There had been a son, Mark Anthony born nine months exactly after Edward and Bella had remarried and then two years after Mark they had a daughter, Alice Rose, who happened to be a daddy's girl while Mark was more a mama's boy.

Edward and Bella had settled in Seattle where they had another broadcasting company that was a division of the main CBN that was located in Chicago, but, Edward was happy to have relinquished the control of the company in Chicago to Jasper while he ran the one in Seattle.

Bella continued to write her books and take care of her family, but, lent a hand every so often as Alice needed help with an in-depth story that she would take on in between working with her own fashion line.

Carlisle and Esme along with Charlie and even Renee were all quite happy in their lives as they watched the happiness that radiated from their children's lives. As Alice and Jasper were happily married with a son named Matthew. Then Emmett and Rosalie were happy in their married life with the twins they adopted when they found out that Rosalie wasn't able to have children.

But, we must not forget Josef as he's extremely happy to be working between Bella and Alice doing the photography for each of their projects.

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