Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, if I did Tayuya would be alive and with Naruto. Characters will be slightly OC in this fic.

White was the first thing her eyes saw, and her first thought am I dead. She moved into a sitting position and quickly realised she was in a bed.

Her eyes darted around taking in every detail in case she had to make an escape that, was until her eyes landed on the boy sleeping in the bed to the right of her. His sun kissed blonde hair and ridiculous drawn on whisker marks.

Her eyes widened slightly when she realised where she was and who the boy in the bed across from her was as well. He was that fucker of a so called ninja, who wore that fucking orange jumpsuit.

She flopped down on her bed she must have been knocked out and captured, when that blonde bimbo came and cut down all those fucking trees. They were most likely going to come for her any second, to interrogate her then execute her.

A cold chill went down her spine, she didn't want to die yet, and her eyes became slightly panicked as her mask started to slip. She tiredly tried to move her legs, and when they didn't respond she gripped the blanket covering her and chucked it away.

First thing she realised was she was in a gown of some sort, as he eyes slowly trailed down her body until they rested on her legs.

She couldn't believe it if the bandages and casts around her legs were anything to go by, they were completely fucking useless. She was about to start crying as the only other person around was asleep and as soon as the first tear was about to fall the door to her left, slowly opened and a raven haired women poked her head in, a smile graced her face as she looked at the now wide awake Tayuya.

"Oh good you're awake, we were worried about you" this weird woman suddenly spoke to her as if she actually cared, Tayuya didn't fall for it for a moment anyone who ever seemed to care always betrayed her in the end.

She levelled her gaze to this woman and said a simple phrase "Who the fuck are you" her eyes were locked with hers.

Shizune was quite startled by the young girls' language and couldn't help but let her mouth hang open for a moment, before she composed herself and fully stepped into the room. Her smile was again returning she decided to see if the girl was as antisocial as she seemed.

"Hi I'm Shizune and you are?" she asked

"None of your fucking business" the girls' language startled her but she tried to stay calm.

"Well if you need anything just click the button on the, side of your bed" she said with a beaming smile on her face. Tayuya just did not understand this woman she, was being rude and offensive yet was still being nice to her. Something didn't seem right to here.

Her eyes followed Shizune as she went over to the that fucker who wore that, repulsive jumpsuit's bed and did a quick check to make sure he was alright, when she was finished she smiled and walked out. What the actual fuck was wrong with these people. Ninja's who wear orange and weird women who were polite when being sworn at, what kind of mess was she in here.

A low groan to her right got her attention as the fucker got up and stretched a little, and she now understood why he was in here. She couldn't really see under his gown but she noticed how every part, of exposed skin was covered in bandages.

As Naruto was waking his thoughts raced he couldn't believe he actually brought Sasuke back, sure he had to break his legs and all his fingers, but that was just a technicality. Naruto let out a groan as he got up to stretch as he noticed he wasn't fully healed yet it seemed.

He sat back down on his bed and took a glance around the room, what he wasn't expecting was to see the girl who was a part of the sound four to be sitting in a bed across from him. Glaring right at him he instinctively got ready for a fight.

That was until he noticed the look in her eyes as he saw past the hate she tried to project, all he saw was fear sadness and pain. It wasn't that hard to see through the mask she wore as he wore a similar one every day.

Now Naruto didn't get that nervous around girls but this was just awkward, sharing a hospital room with someone who used to be an enemy. He nervously fidgeted on the spot under her never wavering gaze trying to think of something to say.

"So uh… hi I'm Naruto" he gulped nervously as she continued to stare at him not showing any sign she heard him. He decided a different approach as he slowly walked towards her, and out stretched his hand as a sign of friendship.

She just looked at it as if it was going to bite her. "What the fuck do you think you're doing" Naruto face faulted as he heard her colourful choice of words to reply with.

"So I guess you're not going to tell me your name then?" Naruto had to be honest with himself he was actually quite curious to know.

"Why the fuck should I tell you anything fucker" he could hear the anger in the voice but he also detected the slight waver of fear. He thought for a moment on what he should do and he guess just offering to be friends wasn't too bad of an idea.

"Well first its Naruto not fucker, and when you want to talk I'll be here to listen okay?" he smiled at her and could clearly see the shock on her face, as if the idea of someone to talk to was completely foreign. Just as she was about to reply the door once again opened but this time it was a tall busty blonde woman who stepped into the room.

Now Tayuya knew who this was she was of course Lady Tsunade one of the legendary Sannin, and also the Hokage of the Leaf village of Konoha.

She gulped nervously this was it why else would the Hokage come to this room the only logical, reason was to take her for interrogation and then death. What she didn't except was what happened next.

"Ba-chan why are you here?" Naruto cocked his head to one side as he asked the question

"To make sure you're healing alright you brat" she smiled down at him she might of sounded harsh but she really did care for Naruto, he was like a little brother/son.

"I'm not a brat I'm a fully capable ninja" Naruto said in a really whiney tone of voice.

Tsunade placed a finger against her chin, "No I'm pretty sure you're a brat, now let's see if you're healing correctly" she walked towards him as her hands started to become covered in green chakra that seemed to pulse in time with some type of unheard beat. She did a quick check of his entire body after which she stood up with a smile on her face.

"Seems you're healing fine and should be able to leave by the afternoon"

"Really great I'll go and"

"Sit right back down and get into bed" Tsunade interrupted him she was looking forward to the next part as a small smirk spread across her face.

"It wouldn't be polite to leave your new house guest in here by herself" She couldn't help, but let her smirk turn into a smile as she watched what she said sink in.

"What! What do you mean new house guest" Naruto's gaze turned to lock onto the equally shocked face of Tayuya.

This was the moment too speak up Tayuya thought to herself no way was she living with that fucker.

"Yeah what do you mean I'm his house guest you old hag!" Tsunade's forehead had a visible twitch on it from hearing that, particular insult as she slowly lowed her eyes towards Tayuya with the pure intent to kill this little brat for insulting her.

Luckily Shizune who had until this moment chosen to stay quiet, realised what was about to happen she quickly grabbed Tsunade's arm and tried to hold her back.

"I'm not an old hag!" She shouted loudly, it was so loud the room seemed to shake as the windows shattered and every dog in Konoha went ballistic.

Tayuya loved how easy it was to get a raise out of Tsunade, but instantly regretted as the next words left Tsunade's mouth.

"Just for that you're now living with him, should of kept quiet brat I was only kidding" A evil smirk spread across her face.

"But now that you are try not to have fun" she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Tayuya slammed her head down into her pillows; why did kami hate her. A similar thought went through Naruto's mind at the exact same time.