"Reaper has failed to kill the Uzumaki boy" He looked at the man in front of him pace across the dusty stone slabs of the room they stood, clouds of dust raising from the floor each time.

"This news is very displeasing, for the plan to work the boy must die and soon. If he unlocks the potential passed down through his bloodline" The voice that spoke to him was rough with a harsh edge to it. "Then we will never regain our full power"

"If Reaper had been quick about it and had not played with the Toad Sage. I would instead being reporting a success" He sat down at a wooden table situated next to the right wall of the room, a single flickering candle sitting upon it, the only source of light for the two.

"We need to deal with this quickly; we only have a few more years until the red-moon appears brother. But it won't be easy to find the child especially with the Toad Sage protecting him, that man has an uncanny ability to disappear, even our spies have had trouble tracking him since he was brought to our attention. Tell Niraz to get word to Danzo that we'll be needing him soon, and remind Niraz to tell him that if he fails us one more time he won't live for long."

He rose from his sitting position, his purple eyes gazing into the cold grey of his brothers. He turned to take his leave thinking that was all, but was stopped by a firm grip on his shoulder.

"We cannot fail Takeshi we will make the humans regret what they did to our kind." The grip on his shoulder tightened momentarily before the hand slipped from his shoulder. Bowing his head, snow-white hair falling in front of his eyes, Takeshi turned around to face his brother.

"I won't fail you, the boy will die before the day of the red moon arrives" Takeshi whispered it to the retreating form of his brother who walked away from the light of the candle becoming enveloped in the shadows of the large room.


Naruto slowly cracked open his eyes wincing as light flooded the room via the window, he quickly shut his eyes again before prying a still sleeping Tayuya off of him and slowly got off the hospital bed so she wouldn't wake up.

Pulling wires out of his arms and monitor clips off his fingers he stumbled over to the window with his eyes closed, which wasn't an easy feat especially since he was still waking up. He blindly reached out for the curtains on either side of the window and upon finding both drew them closed.

Sighing in happiness Naruto once again opened his eyes and was happy to not feel as if someone was stabbing needles into them. He looked around the dim room and recognised it as the same one he was usually in except a whole lot more machinery around his bed but there was the added bonus of a certain redhead being in the bed as well.

Slowly walking back over to the bed letting out another yawn Naruto looked down at Tayuya and smiled, it felt to him like forever since he had seen her and a frown made its way onto his face as the last moments before he blacked out came to him with Tayuya bleeding out in his arms.

But he also remembered the dream he had been having, said dream being a very scantily clad dressed Tayuya serving him ramen.

Shaking that thought away, Naruto decided to seek out a change of clothes for himself, disliking the hospital gown he was wearing, because honestly he didn't know how long he had been in it and it didn't smell to good.

After searching for roughly five minutes for some clothes to wear he opened a cabinet and seeing the welcome sight of a small pile of folded clothes, his clothes by the look of it most likely left for him by Shizune and there was a smaller pile next to his, which he assumed, contained a spare pair of clothes for Tayuya that was also most likely left by Shizune.

Walking back over to the hospital bed Naruto looked at what he was about to put on and smiled upon seeing a bright orange shirt, orange was still one of his favourite colours. There was also a pair of blue civilian pants and boxers.

Discarding the hospital gown and quickly slipping on the clothes wary that Tayuya could wake up at any moment and not wanting to experience the awkward moment that would follow her waking up with him naked standing above her.

Taking a step in the opposite direction of that thought Naruto clutched his stomach a loud rumble echoing from it. Looking down at Tayuya, he reasoned he could go get some ramen and be back before she woke up. But he still didn't feel right about leaving her, ramen could wait it's not like all the ramen in the village would disappear or anything.


Sweat dripped down his brow upon entering the chambers of the man he served, a man who instilled fear in all those who served him and his purposes,

"We have received word from them Danzo-sama" He gulped nervously and dropped to his knees a few metres from the old one eye man who until being interrupted had been reading a report from one of his spies in Iwa.

His single eyes drilled into the head of one of his many subordinates, he had always been quite disappointed with this one in particular, never truly becoming devoid of feelings and emotion.

"And what does it say" Danzo dropped his one eye back down to the report on the small table in front of him quickly losing interest.

"W-Well the message reads 'Kill the Uzumaki child before he leaves the village. Failure will result in the death of Root'." Looking fearfully up at Danzo knowing that the man hated to receive bad news, in the spilt second when he looked up he saw the bandages around Danzo's left eye and his arm in a sling right before two kunai came flying out of his sleeve drilling into the kneeling boys eyes. Piercing all the way through until the points appeared at the back of his skull; blood splattered the floor and started to gather in a pool once the now lifeless body slumped forward on the ground.

Danzo stared emotionlessly down at the young boy he had just killed, he had one rule when being addressed never look up unless told to. It was not a loss though, and Danzo simply couldn't care the boy had been young, foolish, he didn't seem to have any future potential either.

The message did get his overall attention though it seemed that they had also failed in their assassination attempt as well, that would explain the battle that had happened, a battle where a demon had appeared if his spies information was correct.

Things just seemed to get more and more interesting as the days ticked by for him, demons were thought to have been long since wiped out, the tailed demons being the only surviving ones simply because they could be sealed unlike the more humanoid ones.

Danzo delicately picked up a teacup and took a small sip from it, he would need to get the best he had at his disposal to deal with the Kyuubi container, especially if he was to use the demons chakra again.

Maybe he could fake the boy's death and indoctrinate him to serve Root and obey all his commands, it was risky, but it would also give him the power he needed to take over the village and the elemental nations.

Danzo continued to scheme, but came to an obstacle each time, Tayuya.

With the girl alive the boy would be near impossible to control he would have hope and that hope would provide a barrier to any form of indoctrination. He had learnt long ago that a person's hope needed to be taken away and shattered to leave them weak minded enough.

If he had attempted to take the boy a month early it would have been simple, but now he was in high spirits and looked forward to living and what the next day would bring, he knew that because every morning he would receive a report about the boy that included a psychological evaluation.

So to get the fox he would first need to remove the girl from the overall picture, but that would be just as hard with the boy protecting her. He was like a demonic guard dog when it came to her.

He reached down and opened the single drawer that could be found on the table and pulled out two files.

One was labelled Naruto Uzumaki and he only ever opened it when he needed to add new information to its contents, while the other was named Tayuya he had made two of his best informants try and find out what they could about the girl and all they could get was a file that the Hokage herself had on the girl.

His file was an identical copy of that one and the information was very limited, he didn't even have a last name to work with.

To get to the girl he would need her to be separated from Naruto, but the chances of that were unlikely even though the boy was currently in a comatose state.

If he was to get rid of the girl he would need to do it outside of the village, were they would be more vulnerable.


"I wonder what she's dreaming about" Naruto thought peering closely at Tayuya's sleeping, but smiling face. It was rare when he got to see her smile hell he was probably one of a few who did, half the time she would either be frowning or giving someone a death glare.

It was nice to see her smile though he loved those moments when he would do something that was enough to crack through her façade of hatred, it always made her look so different as well as if she completely transformed when the corners of her mouth would twitch upwards and a sense of happiness would appear in her eyes.

He had been sitting in a chair next to her for kami knows how long, twiddling his thumbs trying to resist the urge to just look at her, but that had failed quite quickly and with that thought he jerked his head to the side and stared at a wall.

What was wrong with him why was it so hard to resist looking at her sure she was beautiful and all, but he had never had the urge to just stare at someone not even when he had that crush on Sakura.

Looking down at his hands Naruto's mind was going a mile a minute.

All he wanted to do since waking up was to talk to her about his feelings, he felt like he needed to or it would cause some serious problems later, like in the middle of a life or death situation and if he was honest he seemed to be a magnetic for those type of situations.

"Oh in case you forgot, do you remember what you two were talking about before that stupid Uchiha interfered?"


"I'll give you a hint she asked you want you meant when you said you loved her"

He heard Kurama let out a deep bark or was it a howl of laughter.

His pupils shrunk and his breathing started to increase, he had forgotten about that, but had she oh kami what was he going to do. There was no way he could get out of it if she remembered he was screwed friendship over as soon as she brought it up and asked, all his feelings would come tumbling out.

He had always sucked at lying to her and this wasn't something you just lie about either.

"Mm Naruto-kun you look like your head is about to explode…" Naruto almost feel out of his chair in fright at the unexpected, but sleepy voice.

He looked up to see Tayuya stretching her arms out, which drew his eyes downwards when her shirt pulled up slightly revealing her fair skin. He snapped his eyes back up to her face before she noticed where he was looking.

Letting out a loud yawn and rubbing the sleep from her eyes Tayuya blinked a few time and then looked at Naruto again.

They stared at each other for a good minute before Tayuya shot forward and knocked Naruto off his chair and sent them both tumbling to the cold floor.

Naruto let out a yelp of surprise and it took him a moment to realize that Tayuya was basically crushing his ribs with an extremely tight hug, in fact he was sure he heard his ribs groan in protest at the stress they were being put under.

Letting out a small groan Naruto brought his hands down to her arms and tried his hardest to pry them from him so he could breathe a little before he blacked out from lack of oxygen.

"Tayuya… Breathe… Ribs…" He let out a gasp of air after each word.

In response Tayuya loosened her grip on him slightly, but kept her head pressed against his chest.

Naruto took on a deep breath of air, looking down at Tayuya he gentle wrapped his arms around her and felt her body relax at his embrace. He held her in his arms for, well he didn't actually know how long he just stayed there on the floor listening to Tayuya softly breath and was starting to think she had fallen asleep until her felt her body shift.

Before he could look down to see if she was okay his vision was quickly filled with two large brown eyes that shimmered with unshed tears.

"Is this a dream…" The softness at which Tayuya spoke surprised him and he blinked in confusion at her words.

"Why would this be a dream?" He had to admit he was quite curious to know, just how long had he been out for.

Tayuya pulled away from him a bit staring intensely into his eyes, Naruto couldn't stop staring into her eyes both shone with concern. It was odd when he thought about it he hadn't really even known to many people that ever showed concern from him and the feelings that he felt from it were weird, but in a good way.

"Tayuya as much as I could lay here and stare into your eyes forever could you get off me so I can sit up?"

Tayuya looked down at the way they were positioned her straddling his chest with her legs along his sides, a crimson blush started to dust her cheeks. She scrambled off from on top of him and offered a hand to help him up where they both got a surprise when Naruto's head passed hers in height.

"Uh, is it me or am I taller"


"You just woke up?" She looked at him with doctors eyes. "You don't remember any dreams you had when you were unconscious nothing at all?

"Yeah I woke up last night." Naruto sat on an examination table while Tsunade stood in front of him running chakra covered hands over his head, "I don't remember any dreams though, last thing I do remember was finding Tayuya-chan covered in… blood" He paused as he thought back on that moment. "Then I was here"

"You don't remember waking up after the fight me and Shizune came in and found you on the floor groaning in pain, you reopened quite a few of your wounds and we were forced to give you a sedative. That sedative seemed to trigger the comatose state you were in" Tsunade looked over her shoulder at Tayuya who sat in a chair behind them waiting patiently for her to finish her evaluation of sorts on Naruto's health.

She found it odd at how polite Tayuya seemed to be getting, there hadn't been much swearing from her lately and she was genuinely curious on what was causing the girl to act like this, or if this was just who Tayuya really was.

"Seeing as nothing, but strange things happen to you I guess it's nothing to worry about. You seem fine as well so I guess you can go out and stretch your legs, try and put off eating anything for another hour though."

"I'm so hungry though" His stomach rumbled testifying his claim. He gulped nervously when Tsunade looked at him with a 'do not question me' look, one that if disobeyed would lead to a finger flick through a wall.

"Well if I can't eat I guess I'll go see Ero-senesi and then me and Tayuya-chan can think of something to do"

Tsunade gained a pained expression on her face at the mention of seeing Jiraiya and didn't know how to tell him that he was almost did in the intensive care wing of the hospital.

"Naruto Jiraiya is… He's… He won't be able to talk to you"

"What why?"

"Just go out for the day and come back here when the sun starts to go down and I'll explain"

Naruto looked at Tsunade with nxiety, "Naruto don't worry he isn't dead and with my help he'll be up and about in no time"

Her words of comfort seemed to bring a level of reassurance to him and he let a breath of air he didn't realize he was holding.


"So… what do you want to do?" Naruto was casually walking on his hands through some random street in the village. Tayuya walked next to him like a normal person on her feet, wearing a green short sleeved shirt and a pair of black spandex shorts along with her black cap that she never really went anywhere without.

"I don't know I feel really ti…" Her speech turned into a loud yawn as she raised a hand to cover her mouth.

Flipping back onto his feet Naruto stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder, "Are you alright you've been really quiet since you woke up and by quiet I mean that is the first sentence you've said in the last hour that's not like you."

Tayuya looked down at the ground seeming to think something over before looking back up at him, "Ye-Yeah I'm fine just really tired" Naruto for the first time saw something in her eyes that she had always been able to hide from him, fear.

"Tayuya-chan what is it? What's wrong?"

"I thought you were never going to wake up…" Her voice was a whisper now making Naruto even more concerned.

"You know me I always bounce back from injuries no matter how bad they are," He pulled her into a hug holding her close for a few minutes in the middle of the street before pulling back.

"I'm glad you woke up" She looked up at him, and Naruto felt his heartbeat increase.

"Ye-Yeah why are you glad?" Did she maybe have feelings for him was she going to say that she wanted to be something more, was she going to say-

Before his thoughts could go any further she walked behind him and jumped on his back wrapping her arms and legs around him.

"She just wanted a piggyback…" Naruto felt his heart deflate he really shouldn't be thinking about those feelings anyway.




"Aw you didn't even know what I was going to say"

"I'm not going to terrorize people with you… again"

"Okay so you did know what I was going to say, but come on you had fun last time."

Kureani's hands clenched tightly around the book she was reading and ever so slowly lowered it to be face to face with Anko who had the most devious look on her face.

"I said no" She said it through gritted teeth.

She thought of Anko like a sister, but the woman really needed to learn that making people almost have heart attacks from fear was not what she should be doing.

"But I'm really bored" Anko said it a high pitched whining tone and Kurenai was tempted to just put her best friend in a strong genjustu for a few hours, and then an idea popped into her head.

"Didn't you mention you had a student now? Why aren't you teaching her?"

"That's if I can pry her off of Foxy and then get her to stop thinking about him so she can actually learn something, I swear I have never seen a girl fall for a boy that hard before, something's going to happen between them soon maybe when Foxy wakes up and grows a backbone."

Kurenai looked at Anko for what felt like an hour, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Anko?"

"You were thinking about sex as well?"

Kurenai just slammed her face into her open book one day Anko would not be such a pervert and on that day hell would freeze over and pigs will sprout wings and fly.

"No not sex how about me and you, move things along between them?"

"You mean meddle in a teenage romance, a romance we could destroy, ruining the friendship between them forever?"

'Well when you put it like that it sou-"

"I'm in!"


"Using my super stealthy skills I have discovered that Foxy woke up, and that him and Red are in the village somewhere" Anko beamed rocking back on forth on her heels.

"Anko I don't think we should be doing this, shouldn't things happen between them at its own pace, I was kidding when I suggested this." Kurenai may seem heartless and cold towards all emotions, but she genuinely enjoyed seeing the occasionally couple together in the village no matter who they were, it was just so nice to see two people make each other so happy.

"Don't chicken out now, we need a plan though do we want them to fuck today or another time?"


"What do you mean" Anko was cut off by Kurenai going through a series of hand signs before she collapsed on the ground in a twitching heap.

"Let's get you back to your house where you can't scar any children for life."


Tayuya felt odd it could have been the wind blowing in her face, or it could have been that she was sitting on stone with her feet dangling over the edge into empty air. The last thing gained her attention quite quickly, snapping her eyes open she found herself looking at a most beautiful sight. The whole village was stretched out in front of her, the sun high up in the sky making the village seem to glow.

"It looks beautiful" She felt an arm tighten around her pulling her closer to who she assumed was Naruto, relaxing against his side and wrapping an arm around his waist, placing her head against his shoulder.

"Yeah it is I never get over how amazing it looks up here. You should see it from up here when the sunsets. It's also a great place to go when you need to think about anything,"

Tayuya was doing exactly that she had been thinking about it all morning whether or not to raise her old question before Sasuke had shown up. She wanted his answer, but at the same time was frightened of what it would be.

Steeling herself, Tayuya looked down at her hands before looking up at Naruto to see him looking out over the village.

"Naruto, I-I need to ask you something…"

"What?" He looked down at her curiosity in his blue cerulean eyes.

"Before Sasuke attacked us, before you were in that coma. I asked you something, but you didn't have time to answer"

"I… I asked you what you meant when you said 'I love you' I feel stupid for asking I mean you could of just been dreaming, or talking out loud while you were thinking of… someone else," Her voice grew quiet with her last two words and Naruto sat there thinking over his options.


"Tayuya-chan when I said that I was thinking about you" Well he decided to come clean, "And well I guess 'Love' might be a strong word to use because I've never really felt these feelings for someone else" He looked like he was thinking over what to say carefully, "I don't know how to describe them. I meant it when I said it though, I well at least I think this is love and if it isn't I think it could be" Naruto felt his heartbeat starting to increase; feeling like it was going to burst from his chest.

When she didn't immediately respond he started to grow even more nervous, maybe he should have lied, she was probably thinking of an way to tell him she would never see him as anything other than a friend.

"Naruto-kun, I want you to close your eyes"


"Trust me" He didn't sense any hostility or anger from her so it was okay to assume that she wasn't going to hit him as soon as he did.

Tayuya's mind was racing, Naruto had more or less confessed he had feelings for her, but seemed unsure on whether or not that he actually liked her so it was time to take so advice from Anko.

She couldn't believe what she was about to do.

Turning to face him Tayuya pulled herself up onto his lap quite awkwardly since they were on the edge of a cliff, Tayuya positioned herself so she was facing Naruto, placing his arms around her so she didn't fall.

Gently reaching up and placing a hand against his cheek Tayuya let out a hesitant shaky breath. Being completely inexperienced in what to actually do she didn't exactly know how to proceed except maybe mimic what she had seen others do.

Trying to keep her nervousness in check, Tayuya slowly inched her face closer to his, his warm breath brushing over her skin as she got with mere centimetres of him. She stopped herself there, doubt flooding her mind with 'what if' scenarios.

Pushing them all back to the furthest reaches of her mind, locking them in a safe that she then threw the key away for and kicked into a dark abyss of forgotten memories. She pushed through her on nervousness.

Steeling herself Tayuya closed the tiny distance between them and lightly pressed her lips against his, she didn't exactly know what she should be doing since it was her first and all but just that simple contact between them sent a shockwave of happiness and pleasure through her system, it felt like fireworks were going off in her head. It was like something had flicked a switch within her, a switch that let all her feelings for Naruto become much clearer.

She felt one of his hands trail up her side until it was gently placed against her cheek while his arm that was still wrapped around her waist pulled her in closer to him, even though there wasn't any real way they could possible get closer.

The kiss was somewhat clumsy as both tried to deepen it with their actions working against each other's. Eventually they seemed to come to some sort of understanding and their lips moved together, Naruto remembering some advice about kissing from Jiraiya and choosing to test it hoped Tayuya didn't hit him.

He was unsure of how to do it exactly so took this as just a learning experience even though it was hard to think straight with his lips pressed against Tayuya's. He brought his tongue out from between his lips and lightly trailed it over her closed ones.

Luckily for him Tayuya was running on pure instinct at that moment so she wasn't too shocked by the action, her brain seeing it as a way to deepen the intimacy of the current action. Her lips parted enough to let Naruto's tongue dart into her mouth where it started to lightly massage her tongue and trail over her teeth and gums.

The action snapped Tayuya back to reality somewhat and was shocked that Naruto's tongue was in her mouth, until she involuntary moaned from what his tongue was doing

If one was to look at them at the moment you wouldn't be able to tell that is was a clumsy first kiss, it was slow and gentle with a hint of passion thrown in as both teens let their emotions for the other fuel the action. But they did have to stop the kiss when their lungs started to screaming protest at the lack of oxygen.

Reluctantly pulling away from each other with a string of saliva hanging from between their lips that broke when a small gust of wind passed by them. Naruto felt like fireworks were going off around them as he placed his forehead against her cap covered one and was happy he had forgone wearing his headband.

He dropped his hand from her cheek and instead grabbed her hand and interlaced their fingers together taking in deep steady breaths to try and calm his heart rate.

"That was…" He didn't know a word that could accurately describe what he just experienced and hoping maybe Tayuya did.

"Fucking awesome" He couldn't help, but smile at her choice of words it still didn't seem to describe it exactly and maybe one day they would find a word that did.

"So what does this mean then?" He whispered while listening to her breath.

"I guess it means we're boyfriend, girlfriend now…" She didn't seem to actually believe her words, as if she thought he would reject them and say they were never going to be anything.

Pulling back so that he could stare into her eyes, Naruto smiled and leaned in and kissed her softly before pulling back again.

"I don't think anything could make me happier" He gave her one of his genuine smiles that brought out one of her own as they stared into each other's eyes for the longest of times.

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