Chapter 2

"Murasame-san!" A Joui member suddenly opened the door with a loud bang and all of the room's occupants immediately looked at the frantic man. "There are Shinsengumi ships surrounding us!"

Touma's eyes narrowed at the man who immediately quieted down, before his eyes searched everyone for answers. "How in the world did they know–?" And then, as if a light bulb suddenly lit up inside his head, he turned harshly towards Gin. "It's you, isn't it?" He smirked. "So the rat is in ally with those dogs."

"Shall we search him, Murasame-san?" Katsuragi asked, his obvious dislike for Gin very apparent on his features.

"No, take him to my room instead." Touma told his men before he looked at Gin again. "I'll take my time making you talk." His whisper had a seductive connotation to it and Gin thought he already knew how the man would make him. Touma looked at everyone again and started giving out orders.

Afterwards, Gin was taken by several men towards a huge room at the back of the ship. It was one of those rooms he never had the chance to look into since it was in a restricted area that only Touma and the others could enter.

Touma tied him to the bed and Gin tried to struggle, remembering how he left his katana in his room earlier. He hated feeling vulnerable in front of an enemy, especially if that enemy was an ex-friend who knew him and his weaknesses personally. "You really have the nerve to sneak up here while knowing I'm the one behind all this." He saw Touma's eyes glinting maliciously as the other talked.

When Gin already thought that struggle was futile, he sighed and just listened to the sounds of explosions and gunshots outside. "I never thought you'd turn like this, Touma. You were the one against violence the most." Even though you're very violent and sadistic in bed…

Touma hovered over him and knelt on top of him. "I never thought I'd see you again, Gin. I really thought you're dead." He cupped Gin's face and caressed it, not even addressing the man's comment. "You know, we can still start all over again. Just say you will come with me and I'll readily forget all those years of suffering you caused when you left me." He opened the collar of Gin's robe and started kissing and sucking on the creamy skin there, leaving behind kiss marks. The silver-haired man gritted his teeth so as not to make any sound of pain, or even pleasure.

"I left because I needed to find my own identity… not as Shiroyasha, but as Gintoki Sakata... I thought you understood… I thought we parted ways knowing that." Gin said quietly after a while. "Times have changed, Touma. I can longer come with you. I'm part of the Yorozuya now. I'm not a rebel anymore."

Touma chuckled bitterly. "I see." He kissed Gin harshly again, and this time the kiss lasted longer than Gin could remember ever kissing anyone, before Touma pulled away and licked his lips. "Goodbye, Gin." And the raven pointed a gun at the silver-haired man's forehead.

"I'm sorry, Touma." Gin smiled apologetically before he closed his eyes. He knew he couldn't settle it with words alone. He knew it was his fault that Touma was like this now. It's because he ran away from everything back then… he ran away from his past… He ran away from Touma… He knew that, and yet… he had to try and talk, for Touma's sake too. But he guessed it didn't work out well. He knew he's going to die any second now. But he felt no fear whatsoever. Because the presence of the camera on his earring somehow assured him that on the other side of this was Hijikata… Even in death, he felt that he's not alone.

The sudden kick on the door startled both men and they stared as the door slowly fell down to the floor.

"You really are an eyesore, Sakata." That voice… Gin's eyes widened. He knew that voice. He came…

The gun that was once pointing at Gin was now pointing at Hijikata as the latter appeared from the doorway, smoking leisurely as if he's not in battle. "Heh, a bakufu dog managed to come this far, huh? As expected of the demon Vice Commander of Shinsengumi. Did you come here to try and kill me?"

"What are you talking about? I came here to take back what's mine." Hijikata smirked before he drew out his already bloody sword. He was smirking but all of them could feel the intense rage and bloodlust that he's aura was giving out.

"Wha–?" Touma was confused for a while before everything seemed to have connected. The reason why Gin was willing to take a job from the government, the reason why Gin didn't feel any fear, the reason why his crimson eyes looked so contented and happy, the reason… was because of this bastard. "Gin is mine." He immediately fired at the vice commander and Gin was afraid for a while that Hijikata was shot.

But instead of falling, Hijikata immediately vanished in that mere second and reappeared in front of Touma, slashing him.

"Touma!" Gin yelled as he struggled against his shackles again. "Hijikata, don't kill him!"

Hijikata stopped just seconds from dealing the finishing blow. And Touma used that opportunity to shoot him on the chest. But since the rebel was injured, his aim was off and he shot the vice commander on the shoulder instead before he flee from the room.

"Hijikata!" Gin's eyes widened at that. It was his fault… He didn't want Touma to be killed by Hijikata of all people. But that didn't mean he wanted Hijikata to die… He felt his blood run cold when he saw Hijikata fall on the floor. "Hijikata..? Oy, Hijikata!"

"Don't call me repeatedly, you idiot." The low grumble from the floor stopped Gin from struggling against his shackles as he listened. "I'll free you from there… so just… wait…" Hijikata slowly stood up, wobbling a little, before he used his sword to break the chains connecting the shackles to the bed. So instead of being freed from the shackles, Gin now had those very shackles as bracelets and anklets as they ran toward Gin's room.

Hijikata was a little surprised to see Gin holding a sword, and one emitting too much bloodlust at that. "Sakata, I don't think you'll need to use that." Gin blinked at the raven in confusion before Hijikata threw a wooden sword to him. "Didn't you promise to yourself that you won't be using that?"

Gin smiled, not the usual grin but a gentle one, and Hijikata had to avert his gaze in case he wanted to have a nosebleed on top of a bleeding shoulder. Gin rarely did that kind of smile and it was one of those precious things in the world that money couldn't buy. "Don't worry, Mayora. I can use this sword without having to turn back into that man." Probably… He initially wanted to be the Shiroyasha again in order to defeat Touma. But this time, he knew that Hijikata's presence would prevent that from happening. Or so he hoped. That man had killed too many… He didn't want to be that man anymore…

"Sakata, you know I–"

"Danna!" Hijikata growled under his breath in irritation. Thank Sougo to ruin such a good mood. The man was running towards them. "Are you alright?" But at least he's worried about Gin…

"Yeah, I guess." Gin smiled sheepishly. "But Hijikata…"

"Ah, you got just that wound? Maybe a little more to the south and he would have already reached the top of your heart… What a poor aim that guy has." Sougo appeared so disappointed that HIjikata wanted to just slice him in half, especially when Sougo started poking his wound.

"Don't you dare!" He exclaimed in annoyance when the sadist tried to do more than just poke it before he tried to hit Sougo with his sword.

Gin only chuckled before they all went to the ship's roof, where some of the Jouis said Touma would be. When they arrived, two of Touma's men were there too – Katsuragi being one of them.

"Go, Danna!" Sougo shouted before he attacked one of the men while Hijikata fought against Katsuragi. The vice commander was against Gin facing Touma alone, but he knew that it wasn't the time for that.

Gin ran passed them as he readied his sword to strike at Touma. But the guy was fast even when injured. And their battle of swiftness and agility started as they both drew their swords.

"You've gotten weaker, Gin. You were the only man who could defeat me back then. But now, you're nothing but a rat who can't even raise his sword proudly." Touma smirked as he slashed Gin in half. The latter only managed to avoid the fatal wound but he didn't avoid the attack altogether.

Gin gritted his teeth in frustration. He knew his sword skills didn't dull out. It was Touma who has gotten a lot stronger… It seemed he really had no choice but to wake up the Shiroyasha inside him. Sorry, Hijikata… He pulled back from the clash and stood still. He closed his eyes as he cleared his mind of everything except the will to kill. Not far from him, he could hear Hijikata's voice, or rather, shouts, but he knew that if he listened to the man now, he'd never defeat Touma. And he'd never be able to defeat his past anymore.

And when he opened his eyes again, sharp and deadly crimson orbs stared at Touma's amber ones. The bloodlust that filled the air was so intense that Katsuragi and the other man couldn't help but kneel in their knees. Touma laughed manically and rejoiced, for the man he loved so dearly was alive again.

"Welcome back, Gin." He said affectionately before he attacked.

Gin was a lot swifter and level-headed now. He was a lot deadlier and hostile now too. He could see Touma being driven into a corner but he knew he couldn't stop anymore. His bloody red orbs automatically saw Touma's weaknesses and strike them without mercy. No one could stop him when he's like this, not Katsura, not Takasugi, not Tatsuma, and certainly not Touma. He could not stop himself, and he knew he wouldn't be able to. Touma was losing, but what his body wanted wasn't Touma's defeat but his death.

Please, someone… stop me…

His mind cried as he delivered the finishing blow towards his friend.

The raw power that escaped his sword was so intense that not even he could see what he actually hit. Only when the smoke cleared that he saw what really happened. "H-Hijikata… and Souichiro..?"

"It's Sougo." Both HIjikata and Sougo voiced in unison as they panted. Their swords were in front of them, forming a cross-like defense, stopping Gin's sword just in time. Touma was behind them, bloodied and exhausted.

"Gintoki," Gin's eyes widened when Hijikata called him by his first name. The man had never done that before, not even in bed. "The past is not to be defeated, but to be accepted." The raven was actually surprised and worried earlier when Gin's aura suddenly turned murderous, even if he wouldn't admit it.

"For once, I agree with HIjikata asshole." Sougo said as he poked Hijikata's wound again, wanting it to bleed more. Hijikata hit him with the handle of the raven's sword but he didn't seem to be affected at all.

Gin's eyes were still sharp and deadly but his consciousness was already that of Gintoki, the member of Yorozuya. Hijikata patted his head before speaking again. "I like the sharp and witty Shiroyasha. But I like the lazy bum Gintoki Sakata of Yorozuya even more." Gin's eyes went even wider at that. He felt himself warm up all over and he couldn't help but feel giddy and blush.

"Is that perhaps a confession, Hijikata asshole?" Sougo said as he tied Touma's hands behind him, just like what he and Hijikata did to the other two males earlier. Hijikata growled and glared at Sougo for always ruining the mood.

"Gin…" Touma's quiet voice made them all turned towards the guy. "Is he… the reason why you don't want to come back to me anymore..?"

Gin didn't know how to answer for a while. But he shook his head before he knelt in front of Touma. It's true that Hijikata was one of the reasons now. But it wasn't just Hijikata. There were Kagura and Shinpachi too, and the life as Yorozuya of course. "Coming back to you means I have to let go of everything I've managed to cherish all these years. And I can't let go of them now, Touma. I… don't feel the same way about you anymore."

"…I hate you." Touma whispered quietly before he looked at the ground instead.

"I know." Gin smiled apologetically. "But I don't mind."

"You're always like this… always, always leaving me behind…" He clenched his tied up fists behind him in frustration. He still loved Gin. And it hurt that the man chose someone else over him when they were supposed to be lovers.

Gin hugged Touma tightly as a friend would, and Sougo smirked evilly when he noticed how Hijikata averted his gaze to the side, not wanting to see such a display of affection between the two.

After that, the aerial ship was taken down completely without much damage on the part of the Shinsengumi. Touma and the others were all arrested due to substantial evidence and no one commented anything against the Shinsengumi this time. The hostages too were freed.

"I thought there's a high official involved in this?" Gin asked when they got back to the Shinsengumi barracks. He didn't want Shinpachi or Kagura to see him beaten to a pulp so he wanted to get some treatment before he'd go back to Yorozuya.

"Touma Murasame, your ex-lover, was the high official behind everything." Kondou said with an arched eyebrow as if it was so obvious. The others turned quiet when the news about Touma's relationship with Gin was confirmed.

Gin shrugged lazily and yawned. "So, are you people going to arrest me? After all, I was once a rebel myself and I have four friends as rebels now. But you should at least allow me to read Jump inside the cell so I can be happy."

"What are you talking about, Danna?" Sougo was the one who voiced what everyone could feel. "Aren't you the one who helped imprison Murasame? You didn't agree to become Katsura's boss either so you are neither a rebel nor a Shinsengumi enemy right now. There's no reason to arrest you." And then he added. "But if you want, we can arrest Hijikata for destroying private property and have him executed."

"Why you–!" HIjikata stormed over to Sougo and tried to hit him with the sword but the blonde swiftly evaded the attack.

"Are you sure you can go home now? You can stay here for the night, you know." Kondou offered as he felt guilt for making Gin do something so dangerous, not that he didn't believe the silver-haired could get out of it alive.

"Well, it's been almost a week since I last came home. I kind of miss it so I want to go there now." Gin smiled at everyone after he took his bountiful reward. "Good night, everyone." And he left without further ado. He grinned at his lofty sum of money and decided to buy some foods for Kagura and Shinpachi as bribe so they wouldn't ask where the hell he'd been these past few days. He managed to buy two grocery bags of foods, not to mention parfaits, and his money was still abundant. Maybe doing some odd jobs for the Shinsengumi wasn't too bad after all. Or rather, it was really worth it.

He was already walking in some alley when the rain suddenly poured down. "Geez…" He voiced lazily as he looked at the gray sky. He found some roof to stop by and waited there for the rain to stop. But it seemed to be getting even worse so he decided to just make a run for it. He cursed under his breath when he remembered that the sword on his belt wasn't wooden at all, but actually his most precious sword from the war.

"I can share my umbrella with you if you say please." A voice so familiar made Gin stop and turn around. Hijikata wore his usual scowl while holding a parasol.

Gin grinned. "Please?"

Hijikata's lips turned upward at that and he walked over to Gin, shifting the parasol to share it with the other man too.

Afterwards, the two men walked the street quietly with only the quiet pitter patter of raindrops as background sound. They continued walking without anyone talking and the silence was starting to stretch far too long.

Hijikata cleared his throat once before he spoke. "So… you changed your number?" His voice was casual but it was nevertheless curious. He didn't want to think that Gin would do something like that just to avoid him, but it seemed to be the case, especially when Gin nodded silently. "I see."

"Why are you outside by the way?" Gin changed the topic ever so subtly. "Weren't you supposed to be in the barracks?"

"…Just taking a walk." Hijikata answered flatly. He somehow felt offended at the direct answer, but he didn't to show it.

"Ah, we're here." Gin said as he spotted his house. It was still a little farther but he wanted to escape now. He looked at Hijikata and thanked him before he ran for it. He ascended the stairs and opened the door thinking he'd receive a nagging from both his charges. But it seemed no one was home since the lights were all out. He placed the grocery bag on the couch as he entered every room, calling for the two children. His ears perked up when he heard the door open and close.

"Kagura? Shinpachi?" He walked into the living room and instead saw HIjikata glaring at him there.

"So you really are avoiding me all this time, Sakata." His voice was calm and cool, just like how he usually was, but Gin couldn't help but feel there was a slight edge to it. "If you don't want our relationship to be like that anymore, you could've just told me instead of running away like a coward." Any thought of wanting to run fled Gin's mind when he heard the accusation.

"What is it to you, Mayora?" Gin felt hurt at the fact that even now, Hijikata still appeared so calm. It's so annoying… especially when he himself was losing it. "Do you really like sex that much that you're willing to–" The movement was fast and Gin almost didn't avoid it. Thankfully, he had great reflex and he managed to evade the fist that should've connected to his jaw at the last minute.

Hijikata's eyes clouded with annoyance and irritation wasn't that unusual anymore. In fact, it was so natural that one would think it's actually Hijikata's normal expression. But his eyes clouded with rage and pain wasn't something normal to see. The only time Gin saw that kind of emotion on the Vice Commander was the time Mitsuba was dying while her fiancée was dealing with illegal activities…

Gin laughed bitterly. "What? Did I hit a nerve, Mayora? Aren't you always using me for fun? Aren't you always saying that to me? Ain't I just a replacement for your beloved woman?!"

"Don't you dare!" Hijikata's eyes almost flared red at that. "Don't you dare compare yourself to Mitsuba!" He seemed to have realized he was losing his cool so his next statements were a little calmer. "You're not her replacement. You will never be. Nothing and no one can replace her."

Gin felt like he was slapped hard. All this time, he thought that Hijikata was using him as a replacement for Mitsuba. But it seemed he was wrong… Hijikata wasn't using him as a replacement. He was just being used, period. He was just… a tool… "You should get out, Mayora."

Hijikata seemed to have realized his mistake and was about to say something when he saw that Gin's eyes were more like pleading than commanding. He sighed before he went for the door. He closed it gently and he heard the immediate locking inside. He's such an idiot… He didn't mean to make it sound like that. He just wanted to ask Gin why he's avoiding him. And now he knew… Gin seemed to be thinking that he's being used as Mitsuba's replacement.

"You idiot…" He whispered as he slid down the doorframe of Gin's house. "You're not a replacement… You'll never be a replacement… because you're you…" He wanted to just go back to the barracks and have a good night's sleep now. But the thought of Gin thinking things like that made him decide to try once more.

Gin took the grocery bags on the table in the kitchen. He didn't have the appetite to eat a heavy meal anymore so he decided to just eat the parfaits that he bought earlier. It cheered him up a little and he sobbed again as he let the sweet stuffs take his mind off of depressing things even for just a bit. When he finished, he immediately went to his own room and took off his clothes. He needed to change so he wouldn't catch a cold. However, he was still in the middle of changing when the voice of one Toshirou Hijikata surprised him.

"You shouldn't change clothes when there are other people in the room." Hijikata said calmly as he smoked. Gin was so surprised he didn't actually managed to do anything except stare at the other male. Was he so out of it that he didn't even notice the presence of another person inside his own room? Or was he actually too used to Hijikata's scent now that his senses didn't register it as anything different?

"Why are you here?" Gin asked as he settled on a defensive mode in case Hijikata attacked him again.

Hijikata sighed before he puffed out smoke in the air. "I… want to apologize." Gin blinked in surprise because the raven wasn't the type to actually apologize even if it was already his fault. "What I said earlier… I didn't mean it like that. What I wanted to say was…" He sighed again, obviously trying to gather as much of his courage as a samurai as possible. "I… do not see you as replacement of anyone. I loved Mitsuba. But that was then. I do not intend to replace her with your presence. Or rather… I mean… argh…" He sighed. He really wasn't used to talking like this. And it's not helping that Gin was just staring at him without any reaction. "I mean… you're not her… no, I mean… you… Fine…" He grumbled. He's now talking more to himself than to Gin and the latter was getting confused even more. "I… I love you as you are, Gintoki Sakata." Hijikata shook his head. "No, I mean… I love you, Gintoki Sakata."

And yet, Gin continued to stare in shock and confusion. He didn't want to believe Hijikata's words. He might have bumped into something on his way to his room and lost consciousness. And now, he's probably dreaming. This wasn't real… There's no way Hijikata would say those things. And the man even said he loved Mitsuba.

"Say something, idiot!" Hijikata exclaimed when the silence had already stretched for far too long. "Are you going to ignore me even if I already poured my everything here?!"

No, he's definitely not dreaming. That kind of rudeness even when confessing was definitely Hijikata's trait. "You mean you love both me and Mitsuba..? In the same way too..?"

"Huh?" Hijikata huffed with the smoke in his mouth. "No! I loved Mitsuba then. And I love you now. Don't make me repeat it so many times!" He cleared his throat when he felt himself blushing for confessing too much. "And it's not the same… my feelings for her were fluffy and sweet… like parfait, maybe. And to you, it's kind of like heavy and intense… like mayonnaise."

"What does that even mean?!" Gin exclaimed in embarrassment when he just realized HIjikat might actually be saying the truth. "And I don't like mayonnaise! I like parfait!"

"Tch." Hijikata took out his cigarette and stomped on it with his foot before he walked over to Gin and pushed the half-dressed male towards the bed. Gin stared at him with wide eyes, obviously still too shocked at the development of events. Hijikata knelt on top of the other male to make sure that the other wouldn't be able to move much. "This is what I mean by heavy and intense." He grabbed both of the silver-haired man's wrists and pinned them down before he kissed Gin passionately and hungrily.

His tongue dove inside Gin's hot cavern and he made sure to make the other male feel how much longing and need and want he felt right now, how much of Gin's warmth he sought, how much pain he felt these past few days while thinking of Gin's safety inside that ship. He was against Gin going to that ship and he was actually angry at Kondou for giving that kind of job for the Yorozuya. He wanted Gin to realize these things. He wanted Gin to know how much he cared, how irked he became at the fact that there were kiss marks on Gin's chest and neck, how jealous he was at that fact that Gin was so gentle when he was talking to Touma. He wanted Gin to know how much he loved the silver-haired man…

The taste of sweet parfait wasn't foreign to Hijikata anymore and he kind of liked it only too much, but only when it came from Gin's mouth.

When they parted for air, Hijikata watched Gin's parted swollen lips panting heavily underneath his. He saw the deep blush on the silver-haired man's cheeks and also saw the beads of sweat on the man's forehead. That sight never failed to turn him on, just like what it did now. He let go of Gin's hands so he could explore the man's body more. He smirked when Gin moaned at his caresses. They were so used to making love with one another that some mere days without it was enough to make them crave for each other's body so much.

"All this time… were you always making love to me..?" Gin asked, eyes still a little dazed from earlier. He didn't know Hijikata could be so intense in his actions. He could still feel his lips quivering and tingling in pleasure.

"You idiot, do you think I'm the type to mess with someone I don't even like?" Hijikata asked as he kissed Gin's jaw down to his neck. "Do you think… I'll continue calling and texting you if I don't love you..? Do you think… I'll call out your name every time if I'm thinking of someone else while doing it with you..?" He made sure to bite the parts where there were kiss marks so he could mark the skin himself and replace Touma's presence there with his own, just like how he wanted to replace Touma in Gin's heart too.

"But you're always… so cold…" Gin groaned quietly when Hijikata started sucking on his pleasure points.

"Weren't you the one who started acting like nothing happened the day after we first did it? I just followed your example."Gin couldn't think straight because of Hijikata's ministrations, but he somehow knew something like that really happened. But it wasn't because he didn't want anyone to know but because he was embarrassed and he didn't know how to act in front of the raven. Hijikata stopped what he was doing and stared at Gin directly. "This past few weeks… I was afraid that I wasn't doing enough because you're being distant when we're doing it. But it's something like this… If you're not happy anymore, you should've told me. You should've cleared things with me."

"Sorry…" Gin voiced quietly while he stared at Hijikata's eyes. They were so sharp and yet so beautiful that he always found himself lost in their depths.

"No, I should've told you my feelings sooner…" The raven kissed Gin's forehead before he kissed the other man's lips affectionately. "And from now on, don't let Murasame, or any other man or woman for that matter, kiss you… Only I should be the one to kiss and touch you… Only I should be the one to have you…" And he kissed Gin hungrily once more, tongue darting in and out of the other's mouth with deliberate sensuality. "Just tell me if you don't like what we're doing anymore… I'll stop… or maybe not."

Gin only chuckled before he shook his head and pulled the taller male closer, kissing him just as hungrily. He missed Hijikata so much. He loved Hijikta so much…

Hijikata immediately took their clothes off like they usually did. But it was different this time. Everything felt so special in every way. They didn't do any foreplay much because they were both in need of one another's warmth. No one could wait anymore. Hijikata only took enough time to prepare Gin like he always did before he thrust himself deep inside the other male, immediately hitting the silver-haired man's prostate.

Gin's back arched sexily as he moaned. His fingers clawed Hijikata's back for immediate leverage, causing the man to groan. Hijikata missed the tight warmth of his lover so much and it was all he could ever do to not suddenly fuck Gin senseless. Instead, he started slowly and gently, gradually getting faster and deeper. He kissed Gin while he moaned, his hard length throbbing in want and hunger as he thrust inside and out.

Gin panted before he moaned loudly at the sudden climax in pleasure. He shuddered as he felt himself release on both of their stomachs. The sight of his lover climaxing never failed to make Hijikata fall for Gin more and he immediately climaxed inside the silver-haired man right after the other male. The two flushed males panted while they basked in each other's warmth.

"I love you, Gintoki Sakata." Hijikata whispered in a very gentle voice as he pulled out of his lover. He took the bed cover and covered them both with it.

"At least call me by my given name, Mayora." Gin grinned tiredly as he let himself relax in the warmth of his lover's arms.

"I love you… Sweet-freak." Hijikata smirked before he yawned.

"I… love you too… Mayora…" Gin whispered as he nuzzled even closer to Hijikata. He kissed the man's chest before he decided that he's too exhausted to talk. He closed his eyes as sleep took his whole body. Hijikata, on the other hand, was surprised at the sudden confession for a while. He felt himself blush because he never knew Gin felt the same all this time. But then he smiled shyly and hugged his lover tighter. He sighed as he inhaled Gin's sweet, sweet scent before he slowly felt the pull of slumber. This was a lot better than sleeping in his barracks all alone. He was glad he decided to stay and apologize…

Outside, Gin's two charges kept on calling because the door was locked from the inside. They just came back from looking for Gin all over the town together with Sadaharu. Gin was missing for a few days now and they were extremely worried, only to come back home with a Gin inside the house and locked door. In the end, Kagura had to destroy the door just so they would be able to come in. They'd definitely give Gin a nagging.




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