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I look out the window, observing as the snowflakes spiral outside, controlled by the wind. The sky is covered with a white blanket of puffy clouds. My desk is next to the window, which is open, and I can feel the cold breeze on my face. I'm used to the cold after living here all my life so I enjoy the breeze. A few snowflakes land in my hair and melt in almost an instant from the heat my body is radiating leaving little droplets on the ends of my hairs. I observe the endless design of each snowflake, no two are the same they say. The air smells fresh and I can see frost patterns on the window. Everything outside is covered in blankets of untouched, crispy, fluffy snow. I can hear the teacher rambling on about something.

I just can't seem to concentrate on whatever the hell Mr. Garrison is saying and I'm not too bothered by it either, since it's probably something about someone's sex life or whatever the fuck Mr. Garrison usually talks about instead of actually teaching us. I gave up on hoping to get the smallest bit of education from this gaylord.

"Tweek, concentrate!" He snaps me out of my trance, startling me at the same time.

"Gah! S-sweet jesus!" I manage to spit out, twitching.

I'm a little more on edge than usual, since I forgot to take one of my many medications this morning so I'm not in the best of moods. People used to laugh at my spazz attacks but now they just find them irritating so I've earned myself a few sighs from my outburst.

I then attempt to concentrate, and establish that we're supposedly learning the timetables, but then settle for just staring at the board and pretending to concentrate. I mean for god's sake, we're in year 11 and we're learning the timetable!*

Something small quickly shoots in front of me and distracts me from my thoughts, slicing the air and releasing a small breeze which reaches my face, blowing my crazy locks back. I follow the unknown item curiously with my gaze, realising it's a paper air plane, which lands on the desk of Craig Tucker.

Ah, the infamous Craig Tucker. Known for his careless attitude toward teachers and his often seen gesture of the middle finger. Even though he doesn't have the attitude, he sure has the intelligence. His grades are always on the top. Since fourth grade he became more and more like the stereotypical teenager, talking back to adults, smoking, doing stupid things just because. Appearance wise he became quite lean, his features becoming more adult-like, developing a bold jaw line. His dark hair grew out longer so it is visible from under his blue childhood chullo, contrasting with his face and highlighting his ocean blue eyes. Along with his hat, he kept his normally blank facial expression from childhood. His shoulders and body become more rigid in shape.

After receiving the air plane, he smiles and casts his eyes on the other side of the classroom and as I follow his gaze I see that he's making eye contact with his best friend, Clyde Donovan, who's returning the friendly smile, so I assume that the paper construction was launched by him.

Clyde Donovan, has one of the most optimistic personalities in South Park, always looking on the bright side. He like to help people out a lot, and even though he's

into sports he's not your regular type of jock. You almost always see him smiling, his features haven't developed much since childhood and are still very child-like which works very well with his toothy grin.

I then look back to Craig and see him opening up the folded paper, so I understand that it's in fact a note as it has Clyde's messy handwriting scribbled all over it, the jagged, huge letters visible from a mile away, yet only readable by Craig. As he unravels the note and his eyes start skimming it, a subtle smirk appears on his features. He then screws up the piece of paper and throws it in the nearest bin, then acting out a "Score!" gesture after it successfully makes it in. He has a sly look, which makes me slightly curious as to what's planned between them. Maybe they're hired by the government to spy on me! Oh my god!

The bell rings, once again pulling me out of my thoughts and sending me into a quick spazz attack. "Gah!" I spatter, tugging at my hair.

I quickly pack away my books and make my way towards the door. I walk through the hallway leading to the huge lunch hall, and join the line.

I sigh; another lonely lunch time. I don't really have friends, due to my problems annoying pretty much everyone. Some people don't mind me, but they aren't friends, they're just people I know. All though lately Ke-

I hear my name being called, so I turn my head to the source and now I wish I hadn't looked.

"Speak of the devil." I murmur to myself and turn back around.

I see a tattered orange hoodie. It's the school's molester, Kenny McCormick. He's turned out pretty good-looking since fourth grade, his hair the same shade as mine and his bold features, but he hasn't grown out of his childhood hoodie, surprisingly since he grew up to be quite tall. He smells of a strong cologne, origin of which is unknown 'till this day since he can't afford to buy any. Lots of girls fall for his looks and he pretty much fucks everyone. I think he's trying to achieve something or whatever. Like probably receive some secret trophy for being the school slut that no one knows about.

"Heyy, Tweekers." he cooes, a devious smirk plays on his lips as he jumps on me, hugging me from behind.

"What do you want, p-pervert?" I push him off and give him a glare, trying to show my annoyance so he would leave me alone, but it fails because I blush and looks more like a look a girl would give a guy when she accidentally gets elbowed in the boob on the train or bus. I mentally facepalm myself.

I'm one of the few people that Kenny hasn't yet fucked and he's desperately trying to get in bed with me, but I'm standing my ground, or at least trying to. But there's no way I'll give my virginity away to a prostitute. Being a virgin is quite an embarrassing thing but I don't try hiding it because everyone knows no one will fuck the spazz kid.

"Ohh, just wanted to know if you've changed your mind about my offer." He says playfully, a mischievous glint in his eye, with his smooth, flirtatious voice that the ladies love so much.

"N-no." I state simply, rolling my eyes and folding my arms.

I get my lunch, and when I start walking to my old usual space the blonde reappears by my side.

"Why not?" He asks flirtatiously, still smirking.

I answer with a "Go away", but then he grabs me by my elbow and tugs me towards the table him and his friends usually sit at.

I don't know why I even bother trying to go to my old place anymore since Kenny always drags me to his table. His friends are nice, except for Cartman, and I haven't really thought about it but I guess I could consider them my friends.

Stan Marsh is another jock. he's nice to everyone but at the same time he's careless too. His hair and eyes are similar to Craig's, but the other features are a lot different. Stan is quite loyal to his friends and is there for them in their hour of need. Kyle Broflovski and his green ushanka, his childhood hat that he kept much like the others. He's the boy that would always try to change things, always tried to be good and he hasn't changed much since then. Some locks of his wild, ginger, curly hair has escaped from his hat and were hanging down, untamed differing from his neat look 5years ago. He is another optimistic person, but also determined to let his opinion be heard. He has freckles now, and his innocent, emerald eyes highlight his facial features along with a matching innocent, angelic smile. Eric Cartman haven't lost much weight since he was 10 but he has grown and became a lot taller so he looks a lot slimmer. Like everyone else he kept his hat and hatred of everyone and everything. His attitude has worsened and he makes smart ass and hate comments on almost everything.

"Ugh, Kenny brought the twitch kid over again." Cartman puffs, rolling his eyes, his arms crossed and a pout on his face.

Completely ignoring him, Stan and Kyle smile warmly at me and greet me.

"Hi, Tweek," they say simultaneously, "So you still haven't gave in, huh?" Stan says, smirking.

I know he's referring to Kenny's offer. He has been going after me for about a week or so now, but he's had no luck so far as I have my eyes set on someone already. And for quite a while now; a year I would say.

But that someone can never be with me.

That someone is the only person on my mind. The only one I can ever think about. But I have no chance.

Because that someone is Craig Tucker. And I will do anything to make sure he doesn't find out.

*I live in the UK so it's year 11 here, which is the same as 11th grade or 11th form.

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