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Craig's POV:

I sit down at our table.

"Hey, Craig!" Clyde beams at me per usual. Token just nods in my direction.

"Hey." I reply lazily. Tweek is still in line. I prepare to bite into my sandwich when I notice two giant, hazel eyes drilling into me expectantly. "What?" I ask simply.

"Weeeeeeelllll? What happened?" Clyde whines with annoyance, refering to the cupboard incident which was clearly his doing.

I sigh "Oh." I bite into my sandwich and between bites, reply simply with "We kissed."

Clydes face stretches into a big grin as he starts to clap his hands together. I just roll my eyes "I'm thinking of taking him to the cinema today."

"Oooooh, a date." Clyde winks at me while I just smirk back at him. "You should see a scary movie so he'll end up in your arms." He giggles.

"Actually I don't think that's a good idea. You know how he is, he might break down or something. Maybe I'll take him to watch The Fault in Our Stars or something. He loved the book." Clyde smiles at me and opens his mouth to say something but then switches his gaze to a point behind me before erupting with a loud "Heyyy Tweek!"

He places his tray down onto the table next to me and sits down. "Hey" He looks up with kind eyes, switching gazes between all three of us to indicate he's talking to everyone.

I lean into his ear and whisper. "I missed you." Then I plant a small kiss on his cheek. I watch him as he turns three shades redder, making me giggle a little.

"Awwwwwww!" Clyde exclaims, clasping his hands together like a fangirl. "You guys are so cute together." He grins at me with his goofy smile.

Later after school

Tweek and I walk slowly from school. I decided to walk him to his house since the weather is nice today. My hand is intertwined with his and we are strolling down a quiet road with no one around. It just feels so...right. To finally have this, to hold his hand, to feel his skin against mine and to be this close to him.

"Hey Tweek, do you wanna go cinemas over the weekend?" I ask quizzically, interrupting the silence and snapping out of my thoughts.

"E-erm, sure. What do you w-want to watch?" He looks up at me with an expectant expression on his face.

"Well, how about we go see that movie you wanted to see? The Fault in Our Stars, was it?" I smile down on him, already knowing his response.

He lights up slightly as soon as I mention the title. Then he looks down and smiles at the ground, responding with a shy "Okay, sure.." I guess the idea of watching a chick flick with me in a dark cinema makes him embarassed. I smile at the thought as I look up at the floating, free, fluffy clouds.

He suddenly stops, cutting me off my daydream. I look around and realise we've arrived at his house. I walk up to the door with him, waiting for him to fish out his keys from his bag, dropping them twice in the process. You can't help but feel sorry for his clumsiness because of his spasms.

He slides the key into the lock but before he can even turn it, the door flies open and we are greeted by a happy Mrs Tweek.

"Hello, Craig! So nice to see you!" She showers me with a mix of greetings and high pitched intonation. She pulls me into a big bear hug, while I awkwardly pat her back.

"Hello, Mrs Tweek." I smile at her. She's an overly welcoming woman, if only she knew that I was the cause of Tweeks depression, oh boy.

"Please, come in! I was just making dinner." She invites me into her coffee infused house.

"Oh, no no, I just came to drop Tw..."

"Oh it's fine, you're always welcome here." She interrupts my protest before dragging me into their home. I sigh looking at Tweek and then shrug. Oh well, might aswell.


After I have dinner with Tweek's family I check the time.

Well, it's only 5 o'clock. I suppose I can stay a little longer, and besides I need to let this food settle down. I'll just get the bus home.

I quickly text my mum "Hey, I'm just at Tweek's. I had dinner, I'll be back at around 9." Just so she doesn't worry too much.

"Is it okay if I stay a little while?" I ask Tweek's parents, even though I know the answer.

"Oh of course, you can stay as long as you like." Mr Tweek waves me off.

I quickly give each parent a 'thank you' nod and make my way upstairs with Tweek. As soon as we get into Tweek's room we crack up laughing.

"I can't b-believe how embarrassing my mum can be sometimes!"Tweek exclaims in mid-laughter.

I smile, giggling back." Well she's not that bad." I shrug it off.

"What do you want to do?" Tweek asks, settling down his laughter.

"How about we play some xbox? Don't worry I won't walk out this time." I wink at him while he blushes.

After we spend a while playing, I get bored and put down my controller on the floor. I sigh and lazily stretch my arms.

"Hey Tweek," I pause, making eye contact with him. "I'm really sorry I did that."

He blushes bashfully. "It's okay really, I'm just glad that you do like me back."

I smile and stare into his eyes. I then slowly lean towards him but I stop right before our lips touch. He looks at me with confusion and leans back slightly. "Kiss me." I smirk at him.

His eyes widden a little and he looks down with shame. His recent blush, which started disappearing, came back again a shade darker.

"Do it. Kiss me first" i urge him on. He quickly swallows a lump in his throat and then slowly leans in. He parts his soft lips slightly and places them onto mine while I smile.

I start to kiss him with a torturously slow pace, soft, gentle kisses. My hand starts off at the hem of his shirt and slowly travels up to the side of his face. My thumb strokes his cheek lightly as our kisses get more and more passionate. His hands travel to the back of my head, gently pulling and tugging on my hair while my chullo falls down to the floor. I moan into the kiss at the sensation of his hands. I can smell his sweet aroma from being this close to him again.

I pull away briefly, while running my hand through his untamed hair. "What do you want me to do to you?" I ask him quietly.

Without putting much thought into it, he replies with "Kiss me."

"Is that it?" I raise an eyebrow.

"For now." He replies, a lustful confidence teaming in his eyes. It's quite a surprise to see that emotion in him.

I then smirk and ask. "Okay. Where?" To which he hesitantly replies by grazing his finger over his neck. I give him a sexy smirk before I push him down and straddle him. I then slowly lean into his neck and place my lips on the tender skin. I plant a line of small kisses from his earlobe down his shoulder. I then pick an area of skin that isn't too visible and sink my teeth into it slowly.

Tweek whines and wriggles in pain but I pin his body with my legs and his arms to the floor with my hands.

"Shhhhh, it's okay." I whisper.

I then start sucking on the skin that I have bit, nibbling on it lightly. I loosen my grip on Tweek, while he lets out a few moans that sweetly envelop my ear. I then completely let go of him, letting his hands roam free all over my body while he keeps moving and moaning from the pain and pleasure.

I then release his skin and whisper "You're gonna need to hide that." with a smirk. "How did it feel?" I add

"It was... Good."

I smile "Good."

"Well, it's time to go'" I smile. "I'll see you on Saturday."

"Okay." He fidgets with his sleeves.

I embrace him in a hug, kiss him on the forehead and say bye. I then run down stairs say bye to his parents and leave.

On saturday

"Hey, where are you?" I ask him, holding up the phone to my ear.

"Um, I'm nearly there. H-How about you?"

I'll be there in about 10 minutes."

"O-okay, I'll see you t-there. Bye"


I keep walking to my destination. It looks like it's getting cloudy. It might drizzle. I keep walking for a little while more, when a piercing sound hits my ears as my heart drops.

"Craig! Help me!"