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Chapter 10: The Truth Is Out… Again

Nico watched as his little sister stormed out of the cabin. He briefly considered stopping her, noticing how she stumbled a bit. She still hadn't recovered fully. Finally, he decided it would be better to just let her go; if nothing else Layla was incredibly headstrong.

A slight figure appeared in the door way. The girl looked like she could be a daughter of Hades, and if her hair had been longer and Nico hadn't been concentrating, he would have thought she was Layla. But the bow over her back and her electric blue eyes told him otherwise.

"What do you want, Thalia?" Nico asked.

"What will happen if my father finds out about Hades' plans?"

Nico stared at her in shock for a good few minutes. Then he stood up and strode toward her, fixing her with the best death glare he could muster. Thanks to a recent growth spurt, he towered over her, adding extra effect to his first class glare. "How in Hades do you know about those plans?"

"I don't know about them," Thalia replied as calmly as she could.

"Clearly you do," Nico growled.

Thalia sighed. "Okay, fine. Jason and I got called up to Olympus and Zeus told us that Hades was making plans to overthrow him but he didn't know exactly what the plans were. All he knew... or all he told us... was that it involved his demigod children –you."


"So we were sent here to spy on you and find out what the plans were."

Nico knew he should have been angry. He should have screamed and shouted and then beat the crap out of both children of Zeus. But the fact of the matter was that he actually had a crush on Thalia, and he just couldn't be mad at her, no matter how hard he tried. Instead, he sighed and said, "Well I'm not going to tell you. Zeus can't find out, it'll ruin everything and probably get us killed."

Thalia nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I get it. I knew this would be a waste of time. It's just another family brawl and we just have to get caught up in the middle."

Nico nodded in agreement. He sat down and thought back to the strict orders he'd been given by his father.

"So here's the plan," Hades began. "Layla, you have a vast and rare talent. You have the power to curse people."

"That's not that rare, you here of quite a few curses in Greek mythology," Layla said.

"It is rare to have a natural talent to curse that is as powerful as yours," Hades said. "Nico, you must help her refine it. Use your necromancy powers. When you feel ready come to me. Be prepared!"

"Prepared for what?" Nico asked.

"For the downfall of the King of Olympus!"

"Why, is he sick?" Nico asked.

"No you fool; we're going to curse him!"

Nico smirked. "Great idea! Who needs a king? No king, no king lalalalala!"

"Idiot!" Hades fumed. "There will be a king!"

"But you just said..." Layla began.

"I will be king!"

"I don't know..." Layla muttered. "I don't think I can curse the King of Olympus!"

"Of course you can. I have faith in you child," Hades said.

"It seems wrong..."

"I'm the King of the Underworld!" Hades fumed. "I hardly sit around here in my literal hell hole plotting world peace!"

"How is that supposed to get us on board?" Layla asked.

"He is our dad," Nico reasoned. Layla still didn't look convinced.

"How about I sweeten the deal?" Hades suggested. "Do as I say and I bring your families back?"

This made both demigods fall quiet. With a sigh, they both agreed to go through with the plan.

"One more thing," Hades called as the two began to leave. "Don't tell anyone, no one at all. We can't risk Zeus finding out."

Thalia stared at Nico as his eyes became dazed until she just couldn't take the silence anymore. "Hey, Nico, you okay?"

Nico's head suddenly snapped up. "Huh?" he said, dazed. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. I was just... thinking."

"About the plan?" Thalia asked.

Nico nodded.

"Still not gonna tell me what it is?"

Frowning, Nico shook his head again. "It's not a good plan... in any sense really. But if we go through with it, Dad said he'll bring our families back."

"I understand. I'd do anything to get my mom back... even if she wasn't the best mom in the world. I know for certain that if I hadn't already found Jason and I was given the chance to find him, I would take that chance in a heartbeat." Thalia moved to sit next to Nico so she could comfort him. Upon closer inspection, the poor boy looked impossibly tired and completely done with the world. It was clear that his older sister was his motivation to do something with his life and she was ripped away from him. She could see in his eyes that he felt as if he had nothing apart from this glimmer of hope that Bianca could return to him. "Even if this doesn't work out though," she began in an attempt to further comfort him, "You'd still have Layla."

Nico's frown deepened. "I'm afraid she might not survive this. You can't deny that she's powerful; just look at what she did to Piper. But she's not mentally prepared for something like this; she's already been through too much. I don't want to lose her too." He said the last part in a quiet and broken whisper that made Thalia just want to hug him and let him never have to deal with anything bad ever again.

This made her think about how Jason had set out to find Layla so he could draw the plans out of her. Gods forbid that he was more successful than she had been with Nico. "Nico...You know how I said we were sent here to spy on you?"

Nico nodded his head cautiously.

"Well... Jason seemed a little more eager than me to please our dad and find out the plans... he went out looking for Layla. I saw her on my way here; she seemed to be in a very fragile state... I'm scared that she might tell Jason everything just because he's someone who'll listen."

Nico's pale face somehow managed to turn even paler. Grabbing Thalia's wrist, he dragged her out of the cabin and together they began frantically looking for their younger siblings. In his panic, he failed to use his link to his little sister to find her straight away and just ran around the camp, dragging Thalia behind him. Eventually, they saw Jason leading a sobbing Layla back to the Hades cabin.

The two ran after their younger siblings, both hoping that no vital information had been given out.

Nico burst into the cabin with Thalia on his tail.

"What have you told him?" he asked worriedly.

"Nothing... yet..."

"Don't tell him anything!" Nico fumed. "They've been spying on us!"

Thalia held her hands up in surrender, taken aback by the furious glare she received from the youngest child of Hades. "I didn't want to! I didn't even try very hard."

Jason scowled at his sister. "I was only doing as I was asked by my father. I am a Roman demigod, we take orders very seriously. What I was doing was for the good of Olympus, I don't know why you're looking at me like that when your actions were only helping yourself," he snapped at Layla who had turned her glare onto him.

"Hey, Lays," Nico said worriedly. "As much as I'd love to see it happen... maybe you shouldn't curse him."

Layla sighed and backed down. Nico's use of her nickname given to her by Leo had made her focus on the issue she'd set out to resolve not ten minutes ago. "Fine, count yourself lucky you sonovabitch. And get out of my cabin!"

"But," Jason tried to protest.


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