This is the last one. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed, especially Mossib, SueShay, ljp42, Jane Doe51, and Lalalupin who have supported me throughout. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing these drabbles and have an idea for a new collection so I hope you are up for it. Hope you enjoy this last one.

"Jane don't do this."

Jane looks upon Lisbon's face drinking in every detail, his only regret is that his last look is at a face full of sorrow.

"I can't let him hurt you, surely you can understand that."

Anger flashes in her eyes

"So I have to live with it."

"But you will live, it would destroy me."

He is standing so close they feel each others breath, their lips meet.

Red John enjoys every pain-filled moment, he smiles - it's his last.

"You're right Jane, distraction works,"

They stare at the body, he takes her hand, they walk away.