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Hiding in plain sight

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Chapter 1.

He felt it in his bones; it was clear as crystal that this day would be god awful. It always was, the first day of school, being the new kid, having to fit in. Alec was not looking forward to going to a new school and meeting new people he could forget about ever knowing.

"Izzy", He knocked on the washroom door, for some reason his sister insisted on using his washroom to curl or straighten and paint her face or whatever the hell girls did in the washroom, "Are you planning on spending the rest of the day in there?" Alec asked his frustration bubbling up.

"I'm almost done here", Izzy called out "You know I don't just wake up looking like a goddess, it takes some work".

Alec sighed and decided to pick out some clothes for today. There wasn't much to choose from; he mostly had black and dark blue..ish shirts and plain black or denim jeans. Not like his sister who had a whole walk in-closet full of different colors and shapes of clothing, Alec only needed a simple dresser to fit his needs. He ended up wearing one of his less faded blue T-shirts and black jeans. He didn't bother with combing his hair, it was just going to get tousled again and wasn't that tousled look in now? He couldn't be sure but what he was sure about was that when Izzy said she'd be done soon, she meant she'd take at least half an hour more.

Alec headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. His mother hadn't had time to make some obviously, since there was a packet of Pop Tarts on the counter with a pink sticky note on it.

Alec read the note though he already had a pretty good idea of what it would say 'I had to go to the office early today, I didn't have time to make you breakfast. We'll have to have pancakes another time so the Pop Tarts will have to do for now. Have a good day at school. Love you, mom.

"Nice", He mumbled as he opened the package and popped one in the toaster. He sat down on the counter waiting. Waiting for the day to be over, waiting for Izzy to come downstairs and most of all waiting for his Pop Tart.

He didn't really think much of Mooncross bay, except that it was a relatively small town which might be a nice change since the last city they had stayed at was New York. Although a small town could mean more curious eyes on his family; and with Izzy around there were always curious eyes. Another thing that bothered him about Mooncross bay was that he had no idea what a Mooncross was. Was it just a made up name or did it actually have some great historical meaning?

Alec's thoughts were cut off by the toaster. His Pop Tarts were ready. He took them on his plate and sat down to eat. He sat at the big glass table in front of the huge window letting in rays of summer sunshine. Their yard was full of weeds and wild flowers, quite lovely actually.

"So what do you think?" Izzy chimed as she skipped down the stairs, "Was it worth the wait?"

Alec looked up at her; she had her dark hair curled and up with pins. She was wearing a white summer dress with brown boots and so much jewelry that Alec was feeling the urge to make a Christmas tree joke but kept his mouth shut because he didn't want to upset his baby sister on the first day of school.

"You look pretty" He said earning a frown from Izzy.

"Alright let me put it this way" Alec said "You always look pretty but today you look especially dazzling"

Izzy tried to hide a smile but failed miserably. "Here", Alec said handing his sister a Pop Tart, "Mom had to go to work early".

Izzy pinched her nose and reluctantly took a bite, "So are you driving or am I?"

"That would be me since I'm the one with the car", Alec said with a smirk.

"Yeah, this isn't gonna work", Izzy said, "We need to make some kind of schedule, besides you're probably not gonna need the car anyways"

"How so?"

Izzy bit her lip, "Well you know, since you don't really do anything besides go to school"

"That's not true", Alec protested feeling a bit hurt, "I do stuff"

"Alright Alec, if you say so", Izzy mumbled knowing it would be best to drop the subject, "So out on a smile and get in the car coz we are gonna be late", she said while taking her plate to the sink.

The sun was high in the sky this morning and it was unnervingly hot in the car. Izzy had cranked up the radio and was currently singing along to a song Alec had never even heard about.

She had picked out a big black summer hat to go with her outfit. She had the window open and Alec couldn't figure out how her hair stayed up in neat curls and didn't fly all over the place.

His hair was falling on his eyes making him concentrate harder on not driving into a ditch. Their neighborhood was pretty much like a countryside mixed with a suburb. They had a few neighbors really close and they all had huge houses with huge yards and gardens with perfectly cut grass.

The roads were meandering, very different from the city streets of New York. Alec didn't know his surroundings too well so he was driving slowly.

"Alec, you're my brother and I love you, but seriously you're driving like a granny" Izzy stated blandly while enjoying the cool breeze on her face.

"Are you worried about being late?" Alec asked surprised by his sisters eagerness.

"Nope, not really, but if we are late I'll just tell them my brother drives like a senior citizen and I'm sure they'll understand"

"Whatever" Alec mumbled "I don't get why you're so excited anyway"

"Well mister 'I never socialize' I'm telling you; when you smile and don't mope around you're bound to make friends and friends equal fun so do the math".

Alec really wasn't looking forward to socializing, he just wanted to get the day over and done with and maybe escape to a book when he got home. He did take Izzy's complaint in though because he didn't want to be late. If you were late you had to walk in class with everyone staring at you.

Thanks to picking up the speed they were in the city or should I say town centre in no time and from there Alec knew the way pretty well so they made it to school in time after all.

The parking lot was full of cars and even some convertibles. Alec parked his blue Volvo as close to the main entrance as he could. As soon as he stopped the engine Izzy jumped out and gabber her bag and was ready to go. Alec hesitated for a second staring at the red brick building and the sign 'Mooncross High'

Izzy opened his door "You coming or not?"

Alec just nodded and stepped out "We should meet each other here after school so I can drive you home".

"Yeah sure" Izzy mumbled while looking around the crowd, she clearly wasn't paying attention "I'll see you later Alec" she said marching towards the doors with determination.

"Oh well" Alec sighed. He locked the doors and kept his feet moving. He really had a feeling he'd regret this day but unfortunately he didn't have a choice. He had to go and get over it because if he ever even thought of just ditching school his mother would positively kill him.

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