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A Clean Slate

(Chapter One: Naraku's Plan)

Somewhere in the forest with Inuyasha and Co.

"Where is that stupid shard already?!" Inuyasha growled in frustration. The group had been wandering about the woods, looking for a shard that was rumored to be in the possession of an oni. So far, Kagome hadn't felt any shards nearby, and none of group had seen an oni or even a youkai yet.

"Calm down, Inuyasha, I'm sure we will find one soon," Miroku soothed.

"Shut up, bouzu!" Inuyasha growled.

"Just leave him alone, Miroku," Sango sighed, "He's in a bad mood today."

"He's always in a bad mood," Shippo piped up.

"Shut up, fox!" Inuyasha snapped.

"Sit!" Kagome ordered.

*THUD!* Inuyasha slammed into the ground.

"What the hell was that for, wench?!" Inuyasha snarled, peeling himself off the ground. Kagome glared at him.

"For being a jerk!" Kagome retorted, "Don't make your bad day my bad day, or I'll make your bad day worse!"

"Wench!" Inuyasha snarled, but he fell silent after that.

"Stubborn dog!" Kagome muttered. Then suddenly her head jerked up as she felt something familiar.

"Hey guys?" Kagome began, drawing the others' attention.

"What?" Inuyasha snarled crankily.

"I can feel a Shikon shard nearby. Not just one, but several," Kagome said as she looked around, trying to pinpoint the shards' exact location, "That oni that has them must be nearby!"

"Get ready," Miroku advised as he gripped his staff harder.

"Always am," Sango said as she unhooked the Hiraikotsu from her back.

"Have you pinpointed the location of those shards yet, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"I almost have it. Wait! There they are! Up in that tree!" Kagome cried, pointing at a nearby tree.

"Show yourself!" Miroku ordered, glaring at the branches of the tree.

"As you wish, houshi-sama!" a familiar voice called back. Something jumped down from the concealing branches of the tree to land in front of the group.

"Naraku!" the group gasped, recognizing the familiar baboon pelt. Naraku gave a sinister chuckle.

"Yes it is I," Naraku cackled. (AN: Makes him sound like a witch, ne?)

"What are you doing here, Naraku?!" Inuyasha demanded. Naraku smiled evilly. (AN: Of course they can't see his smile 'cause he's wearing that stupid baboon pelt that covers up not only his body, but his whole face too!)

"I've come to give you something, Inuyasha," Naraku cried, charging at the hanyou. Before Inuyasha could even pull out the Tetsusaiga, Naraku pinned him to the ground and transported both of them far away from the others.

"NO!!!! Bring him back Naraku!!!" Kagome cried as soon as they both disappeared, "BRING HIM BAAAAAACK!!!"


Somewhere else in the forest with Inuyasha and Naraku

The two demons landed in a heap somewhere else in the forest. Both were a little bit dazed, but Naraku recovered first, and he kneed Inuyasha neatly in the stomach. Before Inuyasha could recover from Naraku's attack, Naraku slapped something on Inuyasha's wrist.

"What the hell is this?!" Inuyasha cried, staring at the silver bracelet attached to his arm. The bracelet was two inches wide with intricate engravings all around it. The bracelet was too tight to be slipped off, but not too tight as to cut of Inuyasha's blood circulation. The bracelet had no visible clasp.

"It's just a little trinket I made," Naraku said, "It has quite a few interesting features. First, it seals off your demon blood, making you completely human."

"What?!" Inuyasha cried, his eyes widening. Suddenly the bracelet began to glow, and Inuyasha felt a familiar tingle go throughout his body. A tingle he felt only during the new moon…

"Ah, I'm so glad that it works!" Naraku said with a cruel smile as he watched Inuyasha become human.

"Damn you, Naraku!" Inuyasha yelled, as he tried to charge at Naraku despite the fact that he was weaker in his human form. The bracelet glowed again, and it began to emit electric sparks that shocked Inuyasha. He fell to the ground on all fours. The half-demon turned full human almost passed out from the pain.

"Hope that didn't hurt too much, Inuyasha," Naraku said with sarcasm, "With that human body of yours, I'm surprised that you are even conscious. That's another little feature of my toy; it can spit lightning at you if you try to attack me."

"Damn you!" Inuyasha spat, breathing heavily.

"I have a question for you Inuyasha," Naraku began, "Did you like your childhood?"

"What does that have to do with anything?!" Inuyasha growled, still crouching on the ground. Then his eyes widened in shock, "What the hell happened to my voice?! I sound like a little kid!!!" Inuyasha looked down at his hands. They had become small and slightly chubby.

"What the hell?!" Inuyasha screeched.

"Such strong language for a child, Inuyasha," Naraku said with a chuckle. For in front of Naraku was no longer a grown hanyou, but a five-year-old human child. (AN: Inuyasha must look so KAWAII!!!!)

"Did anyone ever tell you that you should be damned to the darkest hell?" Inuyasha snarled in his new childish voice.

"And did anyone ever tell you that you look cute as a child?" Naraku said with a smirk.

"So what else can this stupid thing do?" Inuyasha hissed, still trying to maintain whatever dignity he had left, even though Naraku had the advantage over him.

"Ah! The last feature is my favorite," Naraku said with a very evil grin, "In a few seconds, the bracelet will seal off your memories."

"NO!!!" Inuyasha yelled, as he tried to attack Naraku again, despite the fact that he was in the body of a human child. But the bracelet shocked him once more, and with this second jolt of electricity, Inuyasha began to lose consciousness.

"Think about it this way, Inuyasha; not many creatures get to start over with a clean slate," Naraku said with a laugh before Inuyasha lost both his consciousness and his memory.

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