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"I love you, Saru. Please...let me be with you."

He said it.

The greenette's face flustered when he realized how he finally said those three words. He let out a startled squeak when a pair of hands grabbed his shoulder and tore him away. His crimson cheeks that had been hiding against Saryuu's neck were completely exposed by the bright light. He looked up at the white haired boy shyly, only to gasp when the other locked their lips together and used his body to pin him further into the bed, making the unstable thing shake again. Fei didn't flinch this time, as his mind was long gone, clouded by the pleasure of how Saryuu was practically devouring his face.

"Are you sure?" Saryuu panted once he pulled away, but not as heavily as Fei who was gulping for air to ease his burning lungs. "There's no going back. Your family and friends…"

"I…" Fei waited a little longer until he could talk properly again. "The one that gets left behind is the most painful." His eyes gave a bitter glint as he remembered to how he was back as a child. Every night, he could remember himself crying to sleep, afraid that when he wakes the next day his father would be gone and he'll be left alone in this world.

"I've nearly experienced it and it's not a good feeling. That's why I don't want anyone else to feel that way. It doesn't matter if I can't age. I want to be with you and continue to look after my relatives. I won't abandon either of you." He smiled. "Unless you take back about me not being able to visit my village."

"That would depend on how long you stay with them." Saryuu chuckled jokingly before he began to bite at the soft cheek. The greenette yelped when he suddenly felt his obi loosened. With a swift pull by Saryuu, his kimono came loose and nearly revealed all of his naked body if he hadn't been fast enough to grab the fabric and keep it around him.


"Don't worry." Saryuu chuckled as his eyes ravished the boy. "I plan to go nice and slow." He purred, causing Fei to tremble as Saryuu pressed his body back down onto his. After he stole another kiss, he began planting hickies onto the milk white shoulder exposed to him. The hand that wasn't supporting his weight slowly peeled the fabric aside, revealing the sinfully delicious legs which he began to caress.

Fei's body quivered when Saryuu pushed his hip down, making the greenette suddenly aware of how their members were pushing against each other's. He could feel Saryuu's through the thin fabrics separating them. The other's cock was impossibly hard and from what he could feel against his own, rather large too. Just the thoughts caused his own to begin to harden. He tried to distract himself by thinking up random things, but it was too late. He felt embarrassment taking over him, knowing full well that Saryuu could feel his growing erection. He turned his head to bury his face into the bed. It was the only place he could hide his shame with the room's unnatural brightness – or half of it, with his hands occupied with keeping his kimono together. Saryuu didn't help the situation at all. In fact, he was making it worse by raking his eyes over him the entire time. Those lavender eyes never once looked away as though he was trying to memorize every expression the greenette would make. This made Fei want nothing more than to crawl somewhere where no one would ever find him.

"Fei, don't look away." Saryuu whispered as he leaned down and assaulted the neck exposed to him. Although the sensation tempted Fei to turn his head back and feel Saryuu more, he didn't. He didn't want Saryuu to see his face at all, so his companion did the next thing that came to mind. He reached down and grabbed the greenette's supple butt cheek. Before the greenette could react his hip was lifted off the bed just as Saryuu grinded his own hip down. The friction of their members rubbing together caused the greenette's head to snap back up with a long, throaty moan.

Saryuu hurriedly took advantage of this chance to capture his lips before the he could try and hide his face again. As Fei was distracted, he didn't realize how high up the other hand that had been caressing his leg had slid up to until it began to slide towards his inner tight. Fei instinctively tried to clamp his legs shut, but was met with the obstacles in the form of Saryuu Evan's legs. The white haired boy shifted his knees; slowly pushing the pale limbs hooked around him further apart as his fingers...

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After the intense activity, Fei was left quivering from the intense pleasure he had experienced as he rested on top of Saryuu. As the two bathed in the afterglow, Fei jolted when he felt the warmth inside him beginning to fizzle. His legs that were tangled together with Saryuu's twitched when something prickled him from inside.

His breathing that had just begun to ease started to speed up again. His heartbeats increased at an alarming rate as his body twitched when he felt another tingling sensation. It was as though something was trying to take control over his body.

"S-Saru…" Fei gasped, panicking at what was happening.

"It's alright." Saryuu hushed as he ran his hand up and down the greenette's back. "Don't fight it, Fei. Let the feeling take you away."

Fei stared at Saru. His green eyes were beginning to dim as his eyelids slowly drew down. He parted his lips, but his voice never had the chance to come out before he fell limp into Saryuu's arm.

The Mountain Deity held onto the boy, enjoying the feeling of the other's warmth and the comfortable walls wrapped loosely around his softened member. He wished he could stay like this forever, but unfortunately, fate was not on his side when he felt the weight on top of him beginning to lighten. He quickly pulled himself out of Fei and threw the blanket over them. The white haired teen didn't show any hint of surprised when his lover began to shrink and the skin against his began growing out soft fur. Saryuu sat up and watched as the greenette became smaller and smaller until he was cradling the boy in his arms like a newborn child.

The Second Stage Child's eyes illuminated. The light in the room was instantly switched off and the curtain peeled apart once more. The soft ray of the full moon slide through the window and lit the dark room. Saryuu held the bundle gently in his hand and gazed to the moon outside the window. When he peeled the blanket apart, he smiled when he found himself staring at a small white rabbit sleeping peacefully in his arms.

"A rabbit under a full moon…" Saryuu mumbled as he carefully caressed the soft fur before his hand began to emit a glow of green light that shrouded the small creature.

"From now on, your new name will become Fei Lune."


"Ugh…" The small, green haired boy groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. At first, his sight was blurred, but he quickly rubbed it away upon a warm breeze blowing by his face. When he opened his eyes, he gasped upon the sight of the fireflies dancing by his face. Glancing around, the boy found himself in a field of glowing yellow flowers with beautiful tall trees bearing various fruits he has never seen before. To his far left, there was a river reflecting the silver glow of the moon.

"Where am I?" The greenette gasped in awe. He looked down at one of the glowing white flower with curious eyes, never having seen anything like it before.

"You are in where no human is allowed." A deep voice suddenly spoke, startling the boy who turned around and gasped.

Standing behind him was the largest animal he had ever seen. It resembled a monstrous gorilla with long white fur sticking from its back. Its skin was in a light blue tone with muscular chest and crimson fists that looked as though they could smash boulders into tiny bits. It stared down at the human child with golden, pupil-less eyes that seemed to glow like the surrounding flowers.

For a moment, the greenette looked as though he was going to cry at the sight of the beast, instead, his eyes lit up as he quickly took out a small scroll. The boy looked down at the poor drawing, then back up only to brighten up even more.

To say the gorilla was surprised was an understatement. The beast had seen many reactions from beings that saw its form, but never such pure smile of joy like the one the child was wearing.

"Are you Mountain Deity-sama?" The gorilla didn't reply. It simply stared down at the boy. "If you are, can you please help my father?"

"Are you not afraid of me, boy?" The beast asked after another a moment of silence. The boy blinked in confusion.

"Why?" The child tilted his head to the side in such innocent way that it could be considered a cute act. "Mountain Deity-sama is good, right?"

"And how would you know if I'm a deity?" The gorilla questioned before it suddenly snarled, revealing its giant fangs that could easily tear the boy's body apart. The beast was obviously trying to intimidate the child, but once again to the creature's surprise, the boy just smiled even wider.

There wasn't a hint of fear expressed in those minty green eyes.

"Because you brought me here right?" The child asked. "You saved me from the cold and you look kind, so you're a good person."

The beast stilled as it took in those words. Although it was a childish reason, there was a hidden wisdom behind those words. The boy was definitely well educated seeing how he had a wide range of vocabulary for his age. There was a pureness inside him like none other the beast had seen in those foolish humans before.

"You don't call a gorilla person, boy." The beast commented flatly.

"R-really?" The child asked, seeming to beginning to panic for the first time the beast saw him. The boy quickly ducked his head and began mumbling a string of apologies to the beast. "I'm sorry! I-I guess calling Deity-sama a person is rude since Deity-sama isn't a person…"

"That's not my point." A clear, crisp voice unlike the huskily deep one the child was getting used to respond. The greenette snapped his head up and was surprised to find a tall, white haired teen standing before him. He wore strange clothes the child had never seen before and was looking down at him with sharp, lavender eyes.

The child blinked at the stranger. He slowly looked around for the large beast that seemed to have vanished into thin air. The white haired teen stood there with a hand on his hip as he watched the child's face began scrunching up and then…the boy began to wail.

Whatever reaction the teen was expecting, it was definitely not this.

"You didn't cry when you saw a ten feet tall beast yet you cry seeing me?" He asked the young boy in disbelief, but at the same time, he also felt intruded.

The small kid just kept crying and choking out calls for the deity to come back over and over. With a sigh, the teenager strolled over to the child and swiftly scooped the petite boy into his arms.

"Stop crying already." He said, but was once again ignored. The teen sat down onto the soft grass and waited until the child tired himself out. Just as he has predicted, the boy's crying soon eased. It was either he had run out of tears or his jaw was too sore to let out any more sobs.

"Finished now?" The teen looked down at the greenette curled in his arms. With a sniff and some wiping at his chubby cheeks, the boy slowly nodded. "Then tell me, why are you looking for the Mountain Deity?"

"M-my father is sick…everyone says that he'll die…I don't want him to die…" The boy hiccupped. When the white haired teen saw tears threatening to leak again, he plucked out a nearby flower and dangled it before the child's face. Tiny golden dust rained down from the flower and landed over the black fabric of the teen's yellow dust illuminated brightly as though it was calling out for the young boy's attention. The greenette was immediately distracted as he reached out a hand and watched in awe as the glowing powder coated his fair skin.

"What is this?" He asked, blinking to the older teen in curiosity.

"Pollens." The older boy replied simply and handed the flower for the child to analyze. After hearing that short explanation, he knew what the child had came seeking the deity for. The only question now was whether the so-called deity would honour it.

"So…has big brother seen Mountain Deity-sama?" The child asked, drawing the teen from his thoughts. "Do you know where I can find him?"

The teen hummed, debating what he should do. "If I tell you that you're looking at him, are you going to believe me?"

"No." The greenette responded without sparing a second of thought and continued to stare at him with unblinking eyes.

"Oh?" The teen arched an elegant, white eyebrow. A flash of light flickered through his eyes as he stared down at the child. "And why is that?"

"Because big brother doesn't look like Mountain Deity-sama." The child explained before he held up his drawing. "Mountain Deity-sama looks like this!"

The teen took the scroll and stared down at the poor doddles of a small white monkey. He immediately choked back the urge to laugh as his gaze drifted to the boy, then back to the drawing.

"Is that how he looks like?" He asked in a small chuckle that he was unable to hold back. When he was responded by an affirmative nod, a wide smile spread over his face. He stared down at the drawing that conveyed a comforting warmth, expressing the boy's passion when he drew it.

"Usami Fei. Is that your name?" He read the child's sloppy signature at the bottom and gained another positive nod. "And you say that your father is ill?" The child nodded once more, only much weaker this time with a deep frown tugging on his lips. "…Then the Mountain Deity will help him." He said as he set the child onto the flowers and stood up.

"Really? He will?" The child asked hopefully. He beamed when the teen nodded and took a few, wide steps back.

"However," a bluish-black mist suddenly came out of nowhere behind the older boy's back and wrapped around his body. Fei jumped back with a startled yelp when the darkness suddenly expanded and tower over him. When it burst apart only a short second after, the small child gapped as he found himself staring at the giant beast from before.

"B-big brother?" He gapped, not expecting the human looking person to suddenly transform, and into the Mountain Deity no less.

"In return, you will become my bride on your sixteenth year, under the night of the first sakura blossom."

"Bride?" The boy instantly knew what was being asked out of him. He had read many fairy tales and knew the meaning of that word. "But…is that alright?"

"What is?" The tall gorilla asked.

"Can Mountain Deity-sama marry human? In the stories, princes and princesses can't marry peasant because they're different…different…" The child frowned as he took a while before he finally remembered the word. "Status!"

"…Status." The beast stared, seeming to be lost in words.

"Yeah! Deity-samas are like kings right? If a Deity-sama marries a human then Deity-sama will be punished by other Deity-sama!" The child exclaimed with frantic waves of his hands.

The gorilla trailed his eyes over the child before he leaned down until his large face was only inches away from the human.

"You're worried of my wellbeing?"

"Of course!" The greenette smiled brightly. "I like Mountain Deity-sama! I don't want Mountain Deity-sama to be punished."

"Pfft…" The gorilla choked out before he suddenly howled in a booming laughter that literally shook the earth. The birds around the area screeched as they flew into the sky, alarmed by their ruler's sudden outburst. As the ground shook, the golden pollens within the flowers were released into the air, replacing the lights of the fireflies that had all hid in fright.

The greenette watched as the giant gorilla turned into black mist and vanished, taking the form of the white haired teenager once more. Never stopping in his laughter, the teen dropped into the flowers. He was laughing so hard that a tear had escaped the corner of his eyes. The child crept up to him, watching in curiosity as the teen slowly calmed down.

"Big– I mean, Mountain Deity-sama?" The said deity opened his eyes to find the small child hovering over him and looking a bit worried.

"You're really interesting." The teen mumbled as he reached up and stroked the baby soft cheek. "Become my bride and stay by my side, Fei. If you do that, I will prolong your father's life."

"But Mountain Deity-sama will–!"

"Nothing will happen to me." He cut the boy off with a smile. "I'm the Mountain Deity after all."

"Really?" Fei asked hopefully.


"Then I'll become Mountain Deity-sama's bride!" The child laughed, all his previous worries gone as he threw himself onto the teen. The Mountain Deity grinned at the reply as he embraced the child, pulling the smaller body close against his.

"Then let's seal the contract." He said before he leaned in and captured those untouched lips in a light kiss. Being only an innocent child that didn't know the significance of such kiss, Fei thought the action was equivalent to the goodnight kisses his father usually gave him. So smiling at that, the child pushed his head forward to give the deity a goodnight kiss back. Needless to say, the teen was surprised but he knew that the child most likely misunderstood the meaning behind their actions.

"Meia." He called once he pulled away from the child. A girl with purple hair appeared in that instance, standing before the two in a straight posture.

"Bring Fei some water from the spring."

"The spring?" The girl seemed a bit unsure as she looked over the kid. However, not daring to question his reason, she vanished, leaving just as fast as she had appeared.

"She disappeared!" Fei gapped in awe at the sight.

"It's call teleportation." The white haired boy explained.

"Tell-a-potion?" The small child repeated with much difficulty on the complicated word.

"Teleportation. It's an ability of ours to move from one location to another at a high speed."

"Then that big sister just now is another Deity-sama?" The greenette asked in excitement, but was disappointed when the deity shook his head negatively. Just as he was about to ask more, the girl returned with a bamboo container in her hand. She handed it to the white haired teen respectively before stepping back.

"Fei, listen to me closely." The teen shifted the small child around in his arms so that the boy could get a clearer view of the item in his hand.

"This contains the sacred water that can heal any kind of illness. It doesn't matter whether your father finishes everything inside or not. As long as he takes a sip, it will be enough to cure him. After he does so, I want you to burn this together with the spring water inside."

"Burn? Why?" Fei couldn't help but ask.

"Because this can't fall into human's hands." The teen explained slowly. He needs to make sure the child understand every word he says. "The healing power is extremely strong. Even with the leftover container, simply filling it up with normal water will grant it the same power to heal. There is no telling what it could be used for if it falls into the wrong hands. The spring water is weak against fire. It will evaporate the instant it comes in contact with heat which is why you must burn it."

"Ok." The small boy carefully took the container into his small hands. The smile was gone from his face, showing that he understood the seriousness behind it. "I understand."

"Good. Now, it's time you leave this place." At the mention of leaving, Fei quickly looked up to the older teen with sadness glazed over his eyes.

"I have to leave now?"

"Aren't you in a hurry to save your father?" The teen questioned and the green haired boy slowly nodded at that.

"Then…can I come back and play with Deity-sama?"

"I'm afraid that won't be possible." The white haired boy replied. "The only reason you're here now is because I made a one-time exception to the rule of Feida."


"It's the name of the world you see right now. It's where my kinds live, hidden by a barrier impossible for humans to find. The air within here is pure with natural healing capabilities." He explained as he gently touched the child's foot that was once filled with frostbite. "Everything that grows and lives here can create what human called miracles. It's a blessed place that can be fed to a certain type of darkness that only exists within a human's heart, which is why your specie is not to enter under any circumstances."

"But–" The child tried to protest, but was stopped when the teen pressed a finger to his small lips.

"That is why I must erase your memory." The deity said as he gently caressed the soft green locks. "Everything you see tonight must remain here."

"Erase my memory?" The child gasped. "T-then I won't remember Mountain Deity-sama?" Tears came to his eyes when the white haired boy shook his head negatively.

"The only thing you will remember is our deal and the instruction for this." The teen pointed at the container that the greenette was clutching onto tightly.

"T-then…how will I–"

"I will come for you." The teen gently kissed the spot between the child's knitted eyebrow. "I will bring you back on the promised night, Fei. Only when you become one of us will I return your memories." The hand massaging the child's scalp then began to illuminate in bright green light, shrouding the child's vision before everything became black.


Fei slowly woke from the string of long, forgotten memories. He moaned softly at the uncomfortable light beaming at him through his closed eyelids. He buried his face into the warm softness beneath him, only to stop when he heard the faint drumming sound of heartbeat.

"…Huh?" He mumbled tiredly as his eyes slowly parted. Fei blinked once, then twice before he realized how he was staring right into a pair of loving lavender eyes.

"Morning." The white haired boy greeted as he leaned forward and kissed Fei between the eyebrows, a spot where the greenette now realized the other liked to kiss at.

"Saru…" Fei whispered as he took in the boy who was properly dressed in the foreign clothes he had first seen him in. His eyes drifted down and noticed the old scroll Saryuu had been admiring. The teen immediately recognized it was his drawing – the one he had brought with him when he first met Saryuu.

"This is–!" He gasped, waking from his drowsiness as he stared at the nostalgic drawing. "I thought I lost it…You had it all along?"

Saryuu didn't reply. Instead, he only flashed Fei a smile before he carefully rolled up the scroll. With his power, he levitated his love's artwork and placed it onto a shelf on the other side of the large room.

"You remember now?" He asked, cupping the greenette's chin and brought his face up so he could place a kiss on those tender lips. The kiss was kept light, lasting only for some short seconds before they both broke apart from each other.

Fei slowly answered with a nod before looking up to meet Saryuu's eyes. "When you said you fell in love with me when we first met…did you mean all the way back then?"

"Yes." The deity wasn't ashamed to admit as he played with the green locks. "At first, I merely saved you out of curiosity as to why a child like you was looking so desperately for me in the middle of winter. But after spending the little time with you, I felt a pull towards that I had never felt before. You were different than any humans I've met. For starters, you were the first one that laughed seeing my other form and cry in this one. Humans usually have it the other way around."

Fei's face flushed in embarrassment as he was reminded of how he had behaved when he was nothing but a naïve little kid. "T-that was because I didn't know who you were. So," he hurriedly changed the topic, "which is your real form?"

"Both are." Saryuu replied. "The Second Stage Children are naturally born with two forms. That's why when receiving my gene, animals gain a human form and humans gain an animal one – though you're the only human I've ever turned."

"What?" Fei quickly sat up but momentarily froze when the bed shook again. He looked down before he mentally told himself that it would not collapse. "So you mean that I can turn into a fox like Shi– I mean…" He paused a bit to try and recall his long-time companion's real name. "Yuuchi?"

"Something like that." Saryuu chuckled. He wasn't going to tell Fei what he had turned into during the night. It would be more fun to let him figure out that surprise himself. "I will teach you about your changes later. For now, it's time to get up, Fei Lune."

Fei stared at Saryuu in confusion at the foreign word attached to his name.

"When you're reborn into a Second Stage Children, you must be given a new name that will identity you as such." Saryuu explained. "In our language, Lune means moon. That will be your family name from now on, but with the humans, you will always be Usami."

"Moon." Fei smiled fondly at the meaning. "Then does Evan have a special meaning too?"

"No." Saryuu chuckled as he climbed off the bed. "Our naming system is quite different than what you're accustomed to. Our names don't have to be actual words; therefore there doesn't need to be any specific meaning behind them."

Fei nodded as he proceeded to get out of the bed as well, only to stop when he caught sight of the clothes he wore for the first time. It was the same strange clothing Saryuu was wearing, only a bit different. It consisted of only black and white with an orange haori* of some kind.

As Fei admired the strange clothes, a sudden realization dawn him.

"S-Saru? Who d-dressed me?" Fei stammered. He watched as Saryuu pulled open the door, making the wood swing open rather than sliding. However, Fei couldn't find himself to be surprised anymore by the unusual sights. The only thing he wanted right now was answers.

When Saryuu didn't say anything but threw back a wide smirk, Fei's face burst into dozens shades of crimson.

"Wait, Saru!" Fei shouted as he leaped off the bed, shivering when his feet touched the cold ground. He looked down and found a very bizarre pair of black sandals beside him. He looked around, not seeing the geta* he was wearing yesterday. Knowing he couldn't go bare feet, he slipped his foot into the strange material and was surprised by how comfortable it felt.

"This is no time to be admiring." He mumbled to himself and hurried after the white haired boy who had left. When he came into a grand hall, he found the deity at the very end and wondered exactly how he had gotten there in such short time. Heaving out a sigh, Fei ran down the long hallway when another thought struck him. His body didn't hurt at all…there wasn't even the slightest bit of soreness from the intense activity last night.

"It's one of our Second Stage Children's ability." Saryuu said and Fei jumped when he found Saryuu suddenly standing behind him.

"Saru?" He looked at the empty spot Saryuu was standing just a second ago before back to the boy, wondering how he had gotten there so quickly. "How did you–?"

"Teleportation." Saryuu spoke the familiar word and the greenette instantly understood through his regained memory.

"Our bodies heal much faster than human." The deity explained as he wrapped an arm around the greenette's waist and led him down the hall, towards the pair of tall doors at the end. "That's why you're not feeling any pain. Your body has already recovered overnight."

"Then can you read minds as well?" Fei asked, wondering how was it that Saryuu knew what he was thinking.

"No." Saryuu chuckled and tightened his hold on his wife. "You just wear your thoughts on your sleeve."

As the two arrived at the end, the doors automatically began to open. When it parted all the way, miniature sounds of explosions rang through the air, startling the greenette as colourful ribbons showered down on him.

"Welcome to Ragnarok, Fei!" Those words were screamed out in sync by all the Second Stage Children he had met yesterday. They were lined up at the doorway, every one of them wearing unique clothes and board smiles gracing their faces.

High above them, hanging from the tall ceiling, Fei smiled at the sight of his name written on the largest and longest scroll he has ever seen.

"Welcome to your new home, Fei." Saryuu said as he leaned down and pecked Fei's cheek.

Fei blushed at what Saryuu was doing in front of so many people but he couldn't help but smile just as wide. He took the hand offered to him. With a tug from his new lover, he was led inside, to the people who will all become a large part to his life.

Haori – Is a jacket worn over kimono. The collar is meant to hang straight down along your chest.

Geta – A form of traditional Japanese footwear that resemble both clogs and flip-flops.

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Originally, the little preview below is just a sneak peek into my next development. However, I am pleased to announce that Broken Fang is already out! It can be found in my profile, rated M due to the war theme, blood and, well, something else. I hope everyone enjoy!

Broken Fangs

Summary: Long ago, the emperor of the vampire race was overthrown through the combined power of the opposing vampire clans and the human army. Twelve years had passed since then and the emperor has woken from his long slumber. Another war is quickly approaching and a green haired human boy is caught right in the middle of it. How exactly is he involved and what do both humans and vampires want from him?

Sneak peek into Chapter 1 - Broken Song

A loud rumble came from the green haired teen, causing him to look down in embarrassment as some passing girls in high school uniforms giggled at him. He tugged up his blue scarf a little and shivered at the cool air.

"I can't believe I forgot to stock up on food." The boy groaned as his stomach growled again, almost as though it was agreeing with him. He sighed and leaned his umbrella towards the direction of where the wind was blowing to block the incoming rain. Upon seeing light from the corner of his eyes, Fei turned and realized that he was walking by the window to McDonald. He peered through the glass, looking inside to see young children eating and smiling happily with their parents.

"Mommy, Daddy, hurry up!" Fei turned to see a small boy jumping up and down at the doorway to the fast food restaurant. He was shaking his umbrella in excitement as his parents made their way to him.

"Slow down, honey." The woman said sweetly, but the second the man opened the door, the boy had dashed inside. The pale teen watched as the couple exchanged loving smiles before they walked in after their son.

"Parents and friends…" The greenette mumbled quietly as he recalled the group of girls he had passed by. He turned to continue his path before he was distracted. However, not seeing where he was going, he ended up colliding against something. If not for a hand that had reached out to grab him, he would have surely joined his umbrella in the puddle.

"I'm sorry." He quickly apologized when he realized that he had bumped into a person. "I wasn't watching where I was…" his voice got lost in his throat when he saw that the one he had walked into was another teenager.

The person had snow white hair and was wearing a pair of black goggles over his eyes despite how it was a grayish day without much sunlight. He couldn't help but shivered when he saw his own image being reflected in those lenses. He didn't know why, but he suddenly felt very conscious and that made him extremely nervous.

It was only when he saw the stranger's lips moving did he realize that the other was speaking. "I-I'm sorry, what did you say?" He asked lamely and immediately felt very stupid for doing so. If the person didn't know he was staring, the green haired teen was sure that he did now.

"I said," the white haired boy smiled kindly, not seeming the least bothered by needing to repeat his words, "that if you don't pick up your umbrella soon, you'll be soaked."

The green haired teen stilled. He blinked up at the other once, then twice before he realized that his umbrella was missing. He looked up, finding himself under shelter of the other boy's black parasol and what's more, he was pressed close against the stranger's chest by the arm around his waist that had prevented him from falling.

"S-sorry!" The greenette quickly pulled himself away from the warm hold. Flushed in embarrassment, he hastily bent down to pick up his umbrella, not seeing the small amount of water that had gathered inside. Just when the white haired teen was about to call out to stop him, he held the umbrella upright. The rain water showered down, causing the pale skinned boy to jump as he felt cold droplets running down his scalp.

"That's why I told you that you'll be soaked." The goggle wearing boy chuckled.

"I-I'm…" By now, the green haired teen's embarrassment had raised to the point where he wanted to hide in a hole and never surface again. Not thinking straight, he blurted out another apology in attempt to cover his awkwardness. When his brain registered what he just said, he felt the desperate urge to look for that hole.

He wondered why he kept apologizing. For some odd reason, he couldn't seem to calm down at all. He was panicking and was completely being overwhelmed by his nervousness. There was something about this boy that agitated him in a way he had never felt before.

"Is 'sorry'the only word you can say?" The teen was now laughing out in amusement.

By reflex, the green haired boy had nearly apologized again, but he caught himself in time and shut his mouth. His mint green eyes drifted around to show his unease. Then finally unable to take it anymore, he ran. He faintly thought he had heard the call of his name, but he didn't care. Right now, the only thing he wanted was to get away, not wanting to embarrass himself any further than he already had.

The white haired teen stood in the same spot he had always been as he watched the boy who had walked into him vanished into the crowds.

"Ah-ah~" A loud sigh echoed through the air.

The teen didn't show any reactions as a boy with chocolate tan skin and pink hair walked out of the alley behind him. His hands were shoved into his pockets, seeming not care at all of the cold droplets soaking his being.

"You scared him away." The pink haired boy laughed with a light growl rumbling from his throat.

"Garsha, why are you here?" The white haired teen asked, though it sounded more like a demand. Any trace of the warmness his voice had previously displayed vanished.

"Looking for you of course." Garsha snorted as he pulled both of his hands behind his head. "Your entire coven is freakin' out looking for you when they discovered how you had vanished. With the location of your exit, none of them can come out without risking exposure to the sunlight, so they asked me."

The tan boy let his Carolina blue eyes drift over to the building that the greenette had vanished behind. "So that was the brat? He doesn't seem to like you much, does he?"

"It's only natural." The white haired boy responded as he gently pulled the dark goggles over his soft white hair. His eyes parted, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes in three shades of colours. The pupils were clear white and his irises were in the dim colour of imperial purple with thick, black rings at the border of the irises.

"After all," those eyes narrowed towards the roof of the hotel on the other side of the street, "I'm only a stranger to him now."


"What?" The man with long gray hair and crimson eyes stared into the screen displaying a face of a bearded soldier.

"Impossible!" The man with greasy blond hair sitting on the opposite side of the circular table exclaimed. "He was dead! There was no way he could survive!"

"B-but it's true, sir! I saw him with my own eyes!" The bearded man on the screen exclaimed before he slapped a hand over his mouth when he realized the volume he had spoken in. He turned to the left, seeming to be checking something off-screen before letting out a slow sigh of relieve.

"Show us." The crimson eyed man ordered.

With a quick nod from the bearded man, the screen shifted around to display image of the two figures in the distance. The camera zoomed in until the image of the pink haired teen was clearly captured, but the other wasn't visible at all due to the umbrella blocking the camera's line of sight.

"That boy!" The rather chubby man with white hair and glasses shouted. "Chairman! That's Garsha Wolfein, the leader of the Tsukigami Clan!"

"The current dominating werewolf clan of Japan?" A brown haired man with sharp facial features yelled as whispers began to travel through the room.

"Zoom in on the other one." The chairman ordered. The screen shifted to the right to display where the umbrella carrying person is—or at least, where he should have been.

"Where did he go?" One of the men asked, but he soon received his response when a blood curling cry echoed through the speaker. A second later, crimson fluid sprayed across the screen. Some of the men turned green, knowing exactly what those crimson fluids were.

They stared in silent, their hearts pounding heavily as the screen began to shift.

What they saw nearly sent all of the elderly men into heart attacks. There, displayed on the screen was a white haired youth that they were all too familiar with. He was grinning at them with his eyes glowing eerily. Something no human should be capable of doing.

"Hello, oji-san tachi*." The boy greeted in a light and casual tone. "It's been only twelve years and I must say, I could hardly recognize you all. Humans age so quickly, don't you agree?"

"Saryuu Evan!" The man with spectacles wheezed. He looked to be on a dangerous line of hyperventilating.

"Impossi—you died." The blond stressed the word, as though by doing so it would become reality.

"That's what you hope isn't it, oji-san?" Saryuu smiled brightly. "But unfortunately for you, I'm very much alive."

"What are you planning, Saryuu?" The chairman demanded. "After that battle twelve years ago, Feida vanished from the trace of Japan."

"Feida didn't vanish." The teen hummed. "We have always been here, you're simply not looking hard enough. That stunts you, El Dorado, had pulled merely put me to sleep for a fair amount of time. I have just woken about half a month ago, and guess what I found?" He sang before his smile morphed into a scowl that sent most of them stumbling back in fear. "I found that you humans stole something important of mine."

"And I take it that the 'something' you're referring to is Fei Lune?" The chairman narrowed his eyes to match the other's glare. "What do you want with that child?"

"That should be my line."Saryuu hissed darkly. "What purpose do you have kidnapping him?"

"You're the kidnappers here!" The blond man interrupted, only to be silenced by an even more sinister look from the teenager in the screen.

"Fei Lune is the child of Asurei Lune." The chairman said, not affected by the dark look the teen was wearing. "We are simply bringing him back to where he belongs, and protecting him from–"

"Protect?" The youth laughed as though the leader of the group of aging men had made a joke, "So your definition of protect was to throw him into a planned out life filled with heavy surveillance and solitude? Asurei Lune must be rolling in his grave."

"How dare you!" The blond tried to argue again, but stopped, this time by the chairman who held up his hand.

"Fei is just a child and a human no less." The chairman's calculating red eyes never left the screen. "What exactly do you want from him, Saryuu?"

"I don't need to explain myself to you inferior humans. Fei will return to me."

"You won't get Fei."

"Who's going to stop me, oji-san tachi?" Saryuu laughed before the screen became black.

Oji-san tachi – Oji-san means middle age men and tachi represents plural. I don't know how to write this phrase in English so I just kept it to the Japanese. I know in the anime it was translated into "mister", but it felt a bit weird on using it in the sentences.