Epilogue: The Victors' Bar

1 year later

I join Chaff at our usual spot. A bottle of whiskey waits for me at my seat.

"Starting without me?" I joke.

Chaff looks at me and laughs. "When did I ever stop?"

"Good point!" I pour myself a glass. Then I raise it up to clink Chaff's. "Cheers!"

I look up at the screen. Hmm…Three must have died last night. This year's Games have been extraordinarily long. Four tributes remain. The boy from 1, the girl from 3 and both of the tributes from 5 are all still alive.

A voice next to me complains. "So how much longer are they gonna draw this thing out?"

I turn to my left. The gorgeous girl, with the flowing blonde hair, pulls up the chair next to mine. "Well at least no one is singing this year," I point out.

She manages a small smile. "There's not much to sing for anymore I'm afraid," she says. There's an emptiness in her eye. It's a very familiar look. The same look I see whenever I look in the mirror.

"I have a solution for that," I say with a slur. I pour two glasses. One for myself and one for Livia. "Bottoms up!"

The End

End Notes:

Livia Thorne will return!

Enter the Inferno to find out how